DIARY 2011


06/03/11 New Movie Cards added to my collection: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (2), Star Wars Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: A New Hope Limited Edition, Star Wars Return of the Jedi Limited Edition, Star Wars The Ewok Adventures, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars The Clone Wars Complete Season One,  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince  Look for the word NEW Some Conventions have been added (a lot actually) on the Convention Listings Page.  More to follow. If you have any  you'd like me to add, feel free to send me an email with the name of the convention, the date, city/state/country etc it's in and if possible (not necessary but would make my life easier, the complete guest list). Thanks! I still have to remove items from my collection and hope to do this in the next couple days along with more convention info.


06/02/11 NEWS: A couple additions to my Poster collection on the Family Site.

                   An in person autograph: Susan Kilrain (Astronaut)

                   Through a friend: Karen Miller (Star Wars Author) (1391)

                    NEWS: One dealer has been pulled from my Resources section because of SUSPECTED potential forgery or passing on forged items (in my personal opinion, the latter). Also, on the Xlist, we have added a link to another autograph lawsuit which is interesting.  Many thanks to Autograph Pros for passing that on. Since both sides have had legal issues (the other party is also names on the Xlist page), you can take what you will from this.... I will not claim to be an expert and have an opinion on either side. My site aims to give you proof, so that you may decide on your own. We have also added NE Autographs from the watch list to the actual Xlist. If I could, I'd make a new section called DELIBERATELY, WILLFULLY and KNOWINGLY FORGING items. 100% of every item on their site and their auctions is fake. ALL OF THEM. I've never ever seen such blatant behavior like this before and they need to be PROSECUTED. DO NOT buy from them EVER. In addition, another warning on the Xlist about Dejavu Enterprises is given. DO NOT buy from these people! You know my peeve about them. They do not honor COA's, and they sell mostly bogus stuff. Just because they sell expensive items or are located in Hollywood, does NOT mean they are good items. Never ever, buy autographs without doing  your homework. What is your homework? Stop here to see if they are on the Xlist/Watch list. If not, then stop by my databases to compare signatures to see how close the match will be. From there, email people who might be expert on the subject to verify. But my goodness, stop buying crap off Ebay!


I still need to do t he convention listings and remove items from my collection I've given away, but I am caught up fully now minus those two things!


05/27/11 Signatures for the Database are now online:

                6 New  in the Actors Signature Page: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jon Hamm, William Shatner (2nd Exemplar), Sylvester Stallone and Mark Wahlberg.

                7 New in the Actresses Signature Page: Queen Latifah, Demi Lovato, Anna Paquin, Suzanna Somers (2nd Exemplar), Hillary Swank, Allison Sweeney and Emma Watson

                8 New in the Authors/Editors/Publishers Signatures Page: James Ellroy, Jane Goodall, Bill Keller, Robert Kiyosaki, Ray Kurzweil, Terry McMillan, James Patterson (2nd Exemplar) and Salmon Rushdie (2nd Exemplar)

                1 New in the Baseball Signatures Page: Starlin Castro

                2 New in the Business Signatures Page: Elon Musk and Roland Smith

                2 New in the Directors/Producers Signature Page: M Night Shyamalan

                1 New in the Fashion Designer's Signatures Page: Ralph Lauren

                1 New in the Football Signatures Page: Roger Goodell

                2 New in the Golf Signatures Page: Brian Davis and Phil Mikelson

                1 New in the Historical/Religious/Military Signatures Page: Dalai Lama

                5 New in the Home/Garden/Fitness/Health/Food Signatures Page: Bob Green, Jillian Michaels, Dr Mehmet Oz, John P Reed and David Tutera

                6 New in the Music Signatures Page: Billie Joe Armstrong, Amy Grant, Julianne Hough, Queen Latifah, Demi Lovato and Martina McBride

                2 New in the Other Signatures Page: Jane Goodall (2nd Exemplar), Stephen Hawking, Ray Kurzweil

                3 New in the Political Signatures Page: Charlie Crist, John F Kennedy (2nd Exemplar) and Condoleezza Rice

                1 New in the Skating Signatures Page: Kristi Yamaguchi

                2 New in the Racing Signatures Page: Matt Kenseth and Reed Sorenson

                3 New in the Talk Show/News Signatures Page: Tom Bergeron, Nancy Grace, Jorge Ramos

                1 on a NEW page: Dancing/Theatre/Circus Signatures Page: Julianne Hough

                1 on a NEW page: Tennis Signatures Page: Andy Roddick

                1 on a NEW page: Soccer Signatures Page: Thierry Henry

                2 on a NEW page: Reality Show/Famous for Nothing Page: Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian

                0 on a NEW page: Radio/Local/Theatre Signatures Page: (I've moved several from the "Other Signatures page" onto this page though). 

I've had to reorganize the "Other Signatures" page to accommodate my new labeling. So some on that page are now gone and on their appropriate pages. For example, the author page now will include Editors and Publishers.  The Home and Garden Page will now include Fitness, Food, Health, The Historical Signatures page is now Historical/Military/Religious page and the Talk show page now includes News people.  Soccer is Football in other countries... so hopefully those looking will remember that. I've also added those new pages.


I've added some signatures to the Profiles in History Database:

                   New in the Actors Signature Page: John Drew, William Gillette and Alfred Hitchcock (2nd Exemplar)

                   New in the Actresses Signature Page: Billie Burke, Lillie Langtry and Lillian Russell

                   New in the Directors/Producers Page: Alfred Hitchcock (2nd exemplar)

                   New in the Music Signatures Pages: Victor Herbert


I've added a link on two templates: General/Other Autographs Template and Britcoms Autograph Template


Autograph Purchases: Peter Mullan (Harry Potter)

NEWS: My Harry Potter redemption card came in so I swapped it out to show the one with the signature: Rade Serbedzija

Personal Message: Dave, I've mailed you off a packet... please let me know when it arrives.


I need to remove a few things from my collection next so people will stop asking me about it (I've given stuff away) and I will update conventions next and one annotation on the Xlist. Other than  that, I am about caught up now! I have two concerts to do but I don't know the names of the bands, so for now I'll put them on the back burner.


05/22/11  Some more updates: ON THE FAMILY SITE

                                    1) REO Speedwagon Concert Photos

                                    2) Pat Benetar Concert Photos

                                    3) Foghat Concert Photos

                                    4) Earth, Wind and Fire Concert Photos

                                    5) Virginia Beach Dolphins

                                    6) American Music Fest Page Update


               UPDATES ON THIS SITE:


                                    1) Star Wars Weekends 2010 and 2011 has been updated and I've added promo posters from previous years as well giving it a slight "facelift" to look a little more streamlines. Enjoy.

                                    2) Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments one for 2008, all of 2009, all of 2010, both 2009 & 2010 ComicCon exclusives and 2011 names. Photos when I can find "box" images. Look for the word NEW

                                    3) Star Wars Trilogy autographs added to the collection: Koo Stark (Star Wars A New Hope), Gil Taylor (Star Wars Crew), Stacie Nichols (1383), Chris Romano (1384), Lydia Green (1385), Daniel Rodgers (1386), Debbie Dixon (1387), Kaye Power McGowan (1388), Christopher Muncke (1389) and Terry Cade (1390) - Need 10 more! (it may be possible, Stacie Nichols, Chris Romano and Lydia Green were already counted...); I will just say I am off +/- 10 to allow for counting errors..

                                    4) Harry Potter Autographs added to the collection: Bindy Johal (Harry Potter Goblin), Mark Sealey (Harry Potter Goblin), Darren Horan (Harry Potter Goblin), Scott English (Harry Potter Goblin)

                                    5) NEWS Thought I'd share a photo of my birthday cake: It was supposed to have Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean on it, but it has Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter images on the film strips... click image for larger view. My birthday is the same day as George Lucas...


That's it for now.  Next up is signatures for the databases... Items I've removed (given to collectors), and more...


05/11/11  Some more updates:  On the Family site:

                                    1)  Trip to Jamestown, VA

                                    2)  Trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA

                                    3)  Blackbeard Festival

                                    3)  Trip to Bluebird Gap Farm, VA

                                    4)  Trip to Langley Speedway racing

                                    5)  Trip to the VA Beach Auto Show and John Schneider Autograph Signing

                                    6)  Trip to the Quantico National Museum of the US Marine Corps

                                    7)  Trip to Raleigh, NC: Pullen Park: Andy Griffith Statue, Train, Park, Carousel

                                    8)  Trip to the Antiques Roadshow and Raleigh Convention Center

                                    9)  The Gordon Lightfoot concert that didn't happen

                                   10) Blue Oyster Cult Concert

                                   11) A new Mermaid has been added to the Norfolk Mermaid page and a correction made to one of the names (Thanks Karyl).

                                   12) Betty White Autograph signing at Binn's, Williamsburg, VA

                                   13) I changed the colors on the Index page

                                   14)  A link added to my South Dakota page as a special request from a little girl... ;) I did not put the word NEW this time; it's just the very bottom link (because that page has very little to no chance of ever being updated again).                                  


                         Updates on this site:

                                    1) Star Wars through the mail success:  Paul Kite (Star Wars)

                                    2) Star Wars Purchased autographs: Sebastian Dewing (1373), Dave Holland (1374), Craig Stratton (1375), Annette Jones (1376), Terry Richards (1377), Derek Chafer (1378), Laurie Goode, Tony Allen, Keith Swaden (1379), Kit Hillier (1380), Larry Shepard (1381) and Malcolm Weaving (1382) - I hope I can make it to 1400 by year's end.

                                    3) General In person Autographs: Racing: Casey Wyatt (car 23), Mark Wertz (car 55), Richard Storm  (car 07) and Stephen Berry (car 99)

                                    4) A while ago, I won a prize from the local TV station... a free prescreening of the newest Harry Potter movie. As usual, something happened and I was unable to go and ended up giving my passes to someone else. Like Gordon Lightfoot and my other won contest (see below). But I kept the winning ticket for posterity:


                                    5) NEWS: at the end of May of 2010 I won backstage passes, front row seats, free parking and a gift bag and photos etc. for an REO Speedwagon concert at Wolftrap in Vienna, VA.  I was unable to accept it because we had already planned our Harry Potter/Universal trip and the tickets/hotel was non-refundable. I saved the email for posterity and I got something in consolation (see below):

                                    6) Special item: Bryan Hitt signed drumstick.  (I couldn't meet them, but Bryan beat the hell out of the drums and sent me one of the sticks from the concert I missed!).

                                    7) NEWS: For Dom: Steel City Con July 29-31, 2011 Fri 2-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm Monroeville Convention Center Celebrity Guests:   Lindsay Wagner, Margot Kidder, Jeremy Bulloch, Betsy Russell, Torrie Wilson, Dennis Haskins, Richard LeParmentier ( am putting this on the old Conventions Listings page but for now, it's the only thing on there till I do that update - coming next update). If you have a convention you'd like listed, feel free to email me: dahoov2@cox.net


That's all for now. I will have another update shortly ... back in a couple days with a couple more autographs, SWW's, a few family site concerts,  and other items.


05/02/11  A new year and I am sure if anyone out there is reading this by some miracle, you noticed I hadn't updated the site in about a year. Although I made a couple posts prior, they were far from complete. So the back log is insane. So sorry, my heart wasn't in it anymore. But I felt compelled to update, so if anyone is out there, here is one LARGE update!:

               UPDATES ON THE FAMILY SITE www.dahoovsplace.com I've updated the following:

                                 1) Trip to Salem, Massachusetts. Includes Old houses and architecture, black cat, Witch's House, First Church of Salem, 2 Cemeteries, Old Town Friendship ship, Customs House, House of Seven Gables, East India Good store, and other famous homes, Revere Bell and misc.

                                 2) Trip to Boson, Massachusetts includes Paul Revere House, Statues, Architecture, Cemetery, Old North Church, Fenueil Hall, Quincy Market, Museum of Fine Arts, etc.

                                 3) Trip to Foxboro, MA (Gillette Stadium)

                                 4) Trip to Orlando, Florida Includes: Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Holy Land Experience, Lowes Royal Pacific Resort, Universal City Walk, Orlando Airport/Plane photos

                                 5) Trip to Washington Nationals Game, Stadium and two in person autographs (see below)

                                 6) Trip to Patriotic Festival (Hall and Oates Concert will be put on separate)

                                 7) Trip to Norfolk Zoo

                                 8) Trip to Virginia Living Museum,

                                 9) Trip to Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Museum

                               10) Promo cards in the collections area: 3 in the TV Promo Cards (Heroes, Stargate Universe and Star Wars Clone Wars Rise of the Bounty Hunters P3) and 2 in the Other promo cards (The Art of Ralph McQuarrie and Star Wars Galaxy Card promo). Look for the word NEW

                               11) Posters in the Poster collections area: a couple new posters in the Star Wars Poster Collection (CV freebies: Family Guy and Titan magazine double sided) and a couple new in the Other Posters Collection (2011 Oscars Advertising poster, 2010 National Bookfest Poster), and a couple in the Movie Poster Collection: MacGruber and Just Wright.. Look for the word NEW

                               12) Animation Cel added to the Collection (Spongebob Squarepants). Look for the word NEW


                Updates ON THIS SITE:

                                 1) Harry Potter Autograph Purchases: Clemence Posey (Fleur Delacour), Henry Lloyd Hughes (Roger Davies), Georgina Leonidas (Katie Bell), Frank Dillane (Young Tom Riddle), Amber Evans (Twin Girl #1), Ruby Evans (Twin Girl #2), Evanna Lynch (Evanna Lynch), Andy Linden (Mundungus Fletcher), Guy Henry (Pius Thicknesse), Simon McBurney (Voice of Kreacher), David O'Hara (Albert Runcorn), Rade Serbedzija (Gregorovitch),  Martin Ballantyne (Mundungus Fletcher's Associate), Mike Newell (Director), Harry Taylor (Train Station Guard and Crew), Gary Oldman (Sirius Black)

                                 2) Harry Potter Via Trade: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

                                 3) Harry Potter TTM: Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy) and Richenda Crookes (Rumored Witch in Diagon Alley),

                                 4) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory TTM success: Todd Boyce (TV Reporter)

                                 5) General Autographs In Person: Betty White (actress), John Schneider (Actor/Dukes of Hazzard), Sean Marshall (Baseball), Joe Beimel (Baseball), Styx (Rock Band), Kenny Loggins (Rock Star). Average White Band (Rock group)

                                 6) General Autographs Purchase: Martin Sheen, Jeff Cohen (Goonies), Peter Boyle (Santa Clause 1-3, Scooby Doo and Cosby Show), Gerald Ford (US President)

                                 7) General Autographs gift from friend: John Massey (Local TV)

                                 8) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory purchase: Jack Albertson (Grandpa Joe)

                                 9) Star Wars through the mail:  Henry Guillroy (Star Wars Author/Cartoons) (1360), Eric Arnold (Author) (1361) and Charles Martinet (Video Games) (1362)     

                                 10) Star Wars Purchase: Jon Bon Jovi (Rock Star/Spaceballs/Star Wars "other"-purchased from friend) (1363), Ben Burtt (Star Wars Sound/Crew etc CV Thanks for your help Josh) and Leonard Nimoy (Documentaries) (1364)This was a private signing.

                                 11) Troy Purchase: Trevor Eve

                                 12) Star Wars via friends: Stephanie English (Hoth Rebel Controller), Michael Henbury (Ewok),  Chris Cox (Video Games), April Stewart (1365) (Video Games), Victoria Rose Sampson (1366) (Jedi Crew), Frank Henson (Stunts/Several characters), Robert O' Mahoney (1367) (Star Wars New Hope Pilot Red 10), Jason Ives (Ep I Parade Scene Extra) (1368), Bunny Carter (Artist) (1369), Ray Hassett (ESB Actor) (1370), Vinod Rams (Artist) (1371), Karen Lay (Ewok) (1372)

                                 13) I've acquired some new Star Wars Weekend items - Items here are for comparison purposes, so if you buy a signed one, you know if it's legit or not:

                               Star Wars Weekends 2007: Ray Park (Preprint), Kenny Baker (Preprint), Jeremy Bulloch (Preprint), Jay Laga'aia (Preprint), Daniel Logan (Preprint), Daniel Logan (Actually signed),  Bonnie Piesse (Preprint), Anthony Daniels (Unsigned), Warwick Davis (Preprint).

                               Star Wars Weekends 2008: Matthew Wood (unsigned), Warwick Davis (Preprint), Jeremy Bulloch (Preprint), Jake Lloyd (Preprint), Dave Prowse (Preprint), Dave Filoni (Preprint), Peter Mayhew (Preprint) and Peter Mayhew (actually signed).

                               Star Wars Weekends 2009: Ray Park (Preprint), Ray Park, (Actually Signed), Jeremy Bulloch, (Preprint), Jay Laga'aia (Preprint), Dave Prowse (Preprint), Dave Filoni (Preprint), Ashley Eckstein (Preprint), Warwick Davis (Preprint), Matthew Wood (Preprint)

                 More updates to follow. Like I said, I am months behind.

                                14) Star Wars Events Index was updated to reflect above

                                15) Kevin J Anderson appearances: May 12-15 Hollywood Writers of the Future Awards, June 17-19 Sydney Australia Supanova, June 24-26 Perth, Australia, Supanova, July 21-24 San Diego Comic Con and September 2-5 Atlanta, GA Dragon Con

                                16) It's that time again, beware of Dejavu Enterprises. I take the time every time they mail me, to warn you about their forgeries and they do NOT redeem those COA's, even if you got proof. So Do NOT purchase from them! They run out of Hollywood, but that does not give them credence!  If you see fakes there, email them and tell them I sent you and that you will never buy from them and warn everyone you can about them!


I have yet begun to scratch the surface but that's enough for one day! I'll keep working; come back in a few days for more because I want to do another large update and it'll take me that long to do it probably. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in Barrie Holland sigs from CIII or a Ryan Nelson signed (authentic Artbox Autograph) from Harry Potter, please contact me. I am willing to sell some extras... contact with fair offers. Normally I wouldn't but my collection is getting too large.  The worse that can happen is I say no right? I sometimes like two or three of something depending on what it is, but I am more ready to unload some stuff now. I have a TON of Bookmarks (every last one is different and I have more than 100 of them) ... all of those are for sale; buy one or all in one lot. ALL my promo cards are for sale. Make and offer on one or all. I also am willing to sell my Hallmark Ornaments...and I have a TON of books. Older paperbacks, many BRAND NEW never read... also still have that R2D2 phone I no longer have room for. Any fair offers accepted.