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James Binnicker NEW

Warren E Burger

George Bush

Sandra Day O'Connor

Ralph E Eberhart

Mohamed El Baradei

Michael B Donley NEW

Paul W Essex

Ronald R Fogleman

Tommy Franks

Sir Edmund Hillary

John D Hopper NEW

Thomas Jefferson

Lydon B Johnson

Dali Lama

Jane Lemay Lodge NEW

Arthur MacArthur Jr

Douglas MacArthur

John McCain

Keith D McCartney

Michael D McGinty

Bert Mizusawa

Thomas Nelson

R James Nicholson

Chester Nimitz

Oliver North

Barack Obama

Michelle Obama

General John G Pershing

General David Petraeus

John Potter

Eleanor Roosevelt

Michael E Ryan

Norton A Schwartz NEW

Margaret Thatcher

Keith Thurgood

Desmond Tutu

Loyd S "Chip" Utterback NEW

George Washington

Chuck Yeager

Muhammad Yunus

CMSGT (RET) James (Jim) Binnicker (Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force 1986-1990)

Source: AFEES Paper for Charities

July 2012 NEW

Warren E Burger (Former Supreme Court Justice)

Source: Mini booklet of The Constitution of the United States (Forward)

September 2006

George H. W. Bush (41st President of US)

Source: Easton Press Catalog

March 2010

Sandra Day O'Connor (Supreme Court Justice)

Source: Easton Press Catalog

June 2010

Michael B Donley (Secretary of the Air Force 2008- present)

Source: AFEES Paper for Charities

July 2012 NEW

Mohamed El Baradei (International Atomic Energy Agency/Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

Source: Time Magazine

August 2009


Major General Paul W Essex (Commander, Army and Air Force Exchange Service) Source: AFEES mail ad campaign

September 2006


General Ralph E Eberhart (USAF Vice Chief of Staff; Commander in Chief US Space Command etc) Source: Official Military Certificate

August 2006

Ronald R Fogleman (USAF Chief of Staff) Source: Official Air Force Certificate

August 2006

General Tommy Franks (US Army Retired; most known as General during Desert Storm)

Source: Easton Press Catalog

June 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary (Explorer Mount Everest)

Source: Easton Press Catalog

September 2008


LT. General (RET) John D Hopper Jr (Joint Chief of Staff/CMDR AF Academy)

Source: AFEES Paper for Charities

July 2012 NEW

Lyndon B Johnson (Former President of the USA)

Source: Document in MacArthur Memorial/Museum and Quantico Marine Museum

March 2009 and September 2009

Thomas Jefferson (3rd President of US and Writer of Constitution)

Source: Monticello Pamphlet

June 2007

Jane Lemay Lodge (Daughter of General Curtis Lemay and director of charitable Aid charities for Military/Retirees)

Source: AFEES Paper for Charities

July 2012 NEW

Arthur McArthur Jr (Father of Douglas MacArthur and 3 star US General Medal of Honor Winner etc)

Source: Document in MacArthur Memorial/Museum

March 2009

His Holiness Dalai Lama (Dalai Lama Tibetan Religious Figure)

Resource: Time Magazine 10 Questions

June 2010 

General Douglas MacArthur (Famous WWII Supreme Commander of Allied Forces/Highest Ranking 5 star General Ever)

Source: Document in MacArthur Memorial/Museum

March 2009

John McCain (US Arizona Senator, US Navy infamous Vietnam POW and Presidential Republican Candidate 2008) Source:  Mail Absentee Voting Ballot/Ad

September 2008

Major General Keith McCartney (USAF) Source: Military Paperwork from the 1980's

July 2006

Lt. General Michael D McGinty (USAF) Source: Old Military Paperwork from 1980's

July 2006

Bert Mizusawa (Brigadier General US Army Deputy to the Commanding General, Multinational Corps-Iraq/Running for Congress in VA)  

Mail Ad for Congress

May 2010

Thomas Nelson (Delegate Continental Congress, Brigadier General and Commander of Forces of Virginia, Governor) Source: Official Landmark Brochure

July 2006

R James Nicholson (Secretary of Veteran Affairs under President George W Bush)

Source: Veteran paperwork

September 2006


Chester W Nimitz (Naval Fleet Admiral/Commander in Chief of US Pacific Fleet for all Allied Forces during WWII)

Source: WWII End of War Document from General MacArthur Memorial/Museum

March 2009

Oliver North (US Marine Lt. Colonel; most known for Iran Contra Hearings)

Source: Easton Press Catalog

June 2008

Barack Obama (First African American President)

Source: First Day Cover Ad; Sunday Paper

December 2008


Michelle Obama (First African American First Lady)

Source: First Day Cover Ad; Sunday Paper

December 2008

General John G Pershing (Highest Ranking Officer ever/served in 5 Wars)

Source: Museum letter; VA War Museum

February 2009

David H Petraeus (General US Army/Commander over Coalition Forces in Iraq)

Source: Military Commissary Magazine

March 2009

John E Potter (Postmaster General)

Source: USPS Mail Pamphlet

February 2008

Eleanor Roosevelt (First Lady) Source: The official website for the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project

November 2007

Michael E Ryan (USAF Chief of Staff; Ass't to Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, Commander, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and commander, Allied Air Forces Central Europe) Source: Official Military Certificate

August 2006  

General (RET 2012) Norton A Schwartz (Air Force Chief of Staff 2008-2012)

Source AFEES Paper for Charities

July 2012 NEW

Margaret Thatcher (First woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)

Source: Easton Press Catalog

December 2008

Keith L Thurgood (US Army Reserves/Head AFEES)

Source: AFEES ad

September 2007

Desmond Tutu (Religious Cleric/Political Activist/Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

Source: Easton Press Catalog and Time Magazine Article

May 2010 and March 2010

Lt. General (RET) Chip Utterback (Commander Pacific Command/Cmdr 13th AF)

Source: AFEES paper for Charities

July 2012 NEW

George Washington (First President of the United States of America)

Source: Coin Ad Good Housekeeping Magazine

March 2007  


Chuck Yeager (Aviation Pioneer)

Source:  Official Website of Chuck Yeager

December 2007

Muhammad Yunus (Economist/Advisor/Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

Source: Time Magazine

September 2009