DIARY 2010

06/23/10 Well, I got a years plus worth of updates to do. SOOOO, with that said, I'll do my best to do them by categories (I may have more on some categories but I'll do huge chunks at one time). On the Signature Database (more to follow):   Actors Signature Page: Jon Favreau, Rob Lowe, Robert Wagner, and Paul Newman (Second Exemplar). Actresses Signature Page: America Ferrera, Courtney Thorne-Smith (second Exemplar), Cindy Crawford (Second and Third Exemplars), Daisy Fuentes, Gabrielle Reece and Sarah Silverman. Author Signatures Page: H Alan Day, Taylor Branch, A. E. Hotchner, E. L. Doctorow, Elmore Leonard and Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Business Signatures Page: Fisk Johnson. Comedian/Comediennes Signatures Page: Sarah Silverman. Director/Producer Signatures Page: Jerry Bruckheimer, George Romero, Ken Burns, Jon Favreau and Matt Groening. Film Crew Signatures Page: Elmore Leonard, Ken Burns and Matt Groening. Football Signatures Page: Joe Montana (Second Exemplar) and Frank Gifford.  Models Signatures Page: Cindy Crawford (Second and Third Exemplars). Olympics Signatures Page: Tanith Belbin and Lindsey Vonn. Music Signatures Page: Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, David Grohl, Eric Singer, Gene Simmons (Second Exemplar), Joe Perry (Second Exemplar), Maxwell, Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, Shakira, Tommy Thayer and Willie Nelson. Home and Garden Signatures Page: Rachael Ray (Second Exemplar), Tyler Florence (Second Exemplar) and Michael Pollan. Political Signatures Page: George W Bush, Sandra Day O'Connor, Mohamed El Baradei, Robert Groves, Lyndon Johnson (Second Exemplar), Kofi Annan, Sean Parnell, Ron Paul, Henry Paulson, Karl Rove, Robert J Wittman (second Exemplar), Desmond Tutu, and Muhammad Yunus. Historical/Political Signatures: George Bush, Sandra Day O'Connor, Mohamed El Baradei, Bert Mizusawa, Desmond Tutu and Muhammad Yunis. Talk Show/News Signatures Page: Tom Brokaw, Suze Orman and Diane Sawyer. Other Signatures Page: Bill Keller, Jane Goodall, Suze Orman and Caroll Shelby.


I updated the Family Site:  Concerts: Styx, Foreigner, Kansas, Hall and Oates, Guava Jam, Kiss, Loggins and Messina, Gabe Dixon Band, Heart, Buckcherry, Nantucket and I realized that on last years Bob Dylan, John Mellancamp and Willie Nelson concert, the warm up act was left offline: The WiyosI also noted that we never did get a chance to see ZZ Top and Aerosmith... though we still go that unused ticket (Steve Tyler got hurt). That is the concerts up to one year ago that we went to. We will have potentially a couple more.  Possible are: The Go Go's, Credence Clearwater Revisited (Apparently that's the new name because of different members) and later on REO Speedwagon and Pat Benetar. Wouldn't you know it. I WON backstage meet and greet passes for REO Speedwagon along with other prizes like front row tickets, free parking, gifts, an autograph and photo op with the band. BUT we cannot go. It's the same weekend we are going to Universal Studios. I am totally bummed. I had to bow out and let them give my fabulous prize away!!! I never win anything THAT cool!  Well, last year was the biggest prize we ever won in our lives: Scott won a free recliner at Colonial Downs on Father's day. We attended the weekend before Father's Day this year so no more chances for that (we came home losers as well from that track).


I will post more. Right now I am so overwhelmed with how much there is still to post that I was at a standstill. But I decided instead of tackling by dates, I'd tackle by subject.  So next up will be some autographs, some more signatures for the signature database and some Festivals/Events on the Family Site. 


01/17/10 And more updates from the previous several months continue: In persons: John Irving (Author), James Patterson (Author), John Grisham (Author) and Charles Santore (Artist) which I got at National Bookfest back in September. I made a page about that and of course added that poster  and another to my poster collection (under Posters then Other Posters).  In addition to that, I added to promo cards to my promo card area (Under Promo Card and then under TV promo Cards) and finally a Screening Ticket to that section as well (under cast/crew Screening tickets etc).  As always look for the word NEW.  Although I published the screening ticket, it doesn't appear on the site?  I don't know what is wrong... so if it's not showing you might have to come back later to view.

     Signatures added to the Actors Signatures page (Another exemplar of Harrison Ford and Jeremy Piven) in the Signature Database.  Another exemplar added of Oprah to the  Talk Show/News Signature Page

     Mail success: Donald Ryan (Archeologist/Egyptologist).

     FOR SALE: Jessie Cave Harry Potter Authentic Autographed card.  30.00 postage paid.  See below for other offers (01/15/10) email me at dahoov2@cox.net

     A lot more coming.  See ya tomorrow.


01/16/10 The updates continue.  One the Signature Database: a new signature on the Basketball Signatures Page (Candace Parker).  A signature on the Directors Signature Page (Jason Reitman), A few signatures on the Other Signatures Page (Tony Hawk second exemplar, Dr Mehmet Oz, Denise Austen second exemplar and Maria Duvall).  Two signatures on the Talk Show/News Signature Page: Brian Williams and Al Roker. A second printed exemplar for Ashton Kutcher on the Actors Signature Page. One signature on the Football Signatures Page (Steve Hutchinson) and one signature on the Business Signtures Page (Robert Kiyoski). As usual, look for the word NEW

     Two more Harry Potter purchases: Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and Anna Shaffer (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

     Via a friend: Morgan Sheperd (Nascar) signed card.

     A lot more coming.  See ya tomorrow.


01/15/10 I have updated some purchased Harry Potter Autographs:  Amelda Brown (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince),  Dave Legeno (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince/Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Elarica Gallagher (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince), Isabella Laughland (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Jessie Cave (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Ralph Ineson (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince), Suzanne Toase (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince), Ryan Nelson (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), Louis Cordice (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and Ian Whyte (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).  I also have gotten one through the mail successesNatalia Tena (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

     Another purchase: Sarah Palin (Former Alaskan Governor/Vice Presidential Candidate) signed book.

     I have added signatures to the Actors Signatures page in the Signature Database (Ashton Kutcher, Daniel Radcliffe, Ewan McGregor and Zac Efron). 

     I have added signatures to the Authors Signatures page in the Signature Database (Garrison Keillor, James Patterson and James D Watson).

     FOR SALE: Ryan Nelson signed authentic Autographed card (Artbox Update).  20.00 Postage paid and Natalia Tena authentic Autographed card (Artbox Update) 40.00 postage paid (USA only; if elsewhere, add 5.00 US).  Email me at dahoov2@cox.net if interested. Also two Hallmark Ornaments, brand new in box: The Adventure Begins Star Wars ornament 2007 (Magic ornament retails 32.00) and A Jedi Legacy Revealed Star Wars ornament 2007 (Magic ornament retails 28.00).  Email me if interested and make an offer or I'll research and give a fair price. I'll consider other offers.

     Come back tomorrow for more updates.


01/14/10  A new year and I am sure if anyone out there is reading this by some miracle, you noticed I hadn't updated the site in 6 months.  Well that's all changing with the new year and for the next couple weeks, small bits will be updated at a time.  Today I start with the fact I answered 195 saved emails from October.  I hadn't been responding to emails for a couple of months and I do apologize.  I had a lot of "stuff" to deal with in my life.  Although I still have the same baggage, I do want to make an effort, so I have updated ONE convention listing.  Please note a lot of stuff is outdated and I'll be working on this in a couple weeks.  For now I have many other updates to do.   It's in April.  Please do send me listings.  Now that my email is down to zero, if I have missed emailing you, please re-contact me.  I will not say the site will undergo changes; it's too large and I would need a team to help me do that. But I may change things here and there and notify on this page as I do it.

     On the family site I have made a link correction on the Massachusetts page of the family site. Thanks to the lady who sent me the error.  I'll actually be visiting Boston this spring so I'll be adding stuff from our trip there.  We also plan trips to Orlando, which reminds me I need to make a Celebration page for that.  I am not sure I'll be attending Celebration.  We shall see.  There is potentially a trip planned to Phoenix, Arizona as well.

    As far as collecting goes, I haven't done much of it.  But come back tomorrow for some updates on some items I have received over the course of a few months.  Like I said, small updates I hope daily.