08/04/09 Quick addendum to yesterday: Becky, I have sent your scans off; so go print them off quickly and call me please. I have received paperwork and the answer is "No" they will not sign... There is a new autograph place link added to the site; seems like a way good deal and pretty legit thus far.   


08/03/09 Hi all, I have a ton to report but am soooo far behind that I can't update everything. I'll start listing some stuff here and then come back each day as I do a little more to catch up!  I apologize to all. I was hundreds of emails behind but have caught up with all but one or two there.  I have the mermaids to do (sorry to the person who asked me to to this a month ago...) and that'll be a week or two probably as I've got a lot to do still.  I also just finished the link for you Bobby, but I accidentally deleted the wrong Bobby in my email so I can't tell you.  If you are reading this the new link for your autograph Store is on the General Autographs template and also in the Resources Area.  To all reading, this looks to be a promising site. I have not had time to authenticate like I should but a friend looked at it for me and said it looked fairly authentic as from what he could tell.  Thanks to him for checking it out for me.  To Dave Prowse's site, apologies for continually missing the authentications; I am so far behind all the time it's gone before I get to it.  To Vicky, Missy and Robin, photos are on the way.  To Jessica, I got an autograph for you so email me if you read this as I lost your contact info.  To Tris, sorry took me so long to get to your email.  Hope you didn't miss the item you wanted. Ok onto the updates and many are NOT done yet, so come back for the links later if interested:

:One purchase: Ryan Nelson (Harry Potter). We've come back from a trip to Raleigh North Carolina including Pullen Park (and the Statue of Andy and Opie as well as the Carousel and Train) and the Antiques Roadshow.  Read my blog about it on www.myspace.com/dahoov2.  I've put photos online from our trip on the family site:  In person successes and concert photos of: Average White Band. I made a page for them as well as the two local bands: Tidewater Drive and Gator Allmond and the Spice of Life Band. These bands took place at Fort Monroe (please help save the Fort by writing to the President, your Congressmen and Senators; this fort is the ONLY in tact 5 sided fort that fully survives in AMAZING condition. It's the only fort with a moat! Famous battles were fought here.  It was home to slaves, soldiers and Native Americans too! In addition, it's buildings were homes to General Lee, and a jail cell where Jefferson Davis was is there as well as the items marking Edgar Allen Poe's service there when he wrote some of his most famous poems) There is so much history there.  And if you've been, you'll also note a lighthouse more than 100 years old and these remarkable old trees line the entire base. Granted, the base is run down. But much of it should be saved/conserved.  New signatures on the Signature database: one on the Basketball Signatures Page and one on the Authors Signature Page. There is a new person listed on the Xlist. Beware when buying autographed items from them.  Speaking of bewaring from forgers, this is the annual reminder not to buy from Dejavu Enterprises out of Hollywood Ca.  They sold me a fake (my very first item) and it to date was my most expensive purchase and they refused to refund my money.  So when they remind me of their presence, I take this opportunity to remind YOU not to buy from them! And I'll do that till my end, unless they refund me... FOR SALE: Harry Potter authentic autographed card of Ryan Nelson aka Creepy boy.  Comes in plastic holder; postage paid for those in the USA or add 2.00 for overseas (14.50 US Dollars) for 12.50.  I will accept Pay Pal, Money Orders and cash. Thanks. Via a friend: Morgan Shepherd (Racing), Chris Cox (Star Wars Video Games), Vinod Ramo (1358) (Star Wars Artist). Mail success: Paul Kite (Star Wars) (1359).  The Aerosmith Concert was cancelled to be rescheduled so that'll be reported later than expected.  We visited Washington DC and the Nationals Game vs. The Cubs and I made a page about that on the family site as well. In addition, while at the game, we got in person autographs from two players: Sean Marshall of the Cubs (Pitcher) who was traded a week later to another team and one of the Nationals Pitchers Joe Beimel.  We attended some other concerts and pages to come about those on the family site as well this week:  Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson and the Wiyos. Please come back for updates later on all this stuff. Kevin Anderson book signing schedule: AUGUST 5th, Boston MA Boston Public Library, AUGUST 6th Cambridge MA Harvard Coop, AUGUST 7th Greenwich CT Just Books, AUGUST 8th NEW HAVEN CT, AUGUST 9th Long Island NY Book Revue, AUGUST 10th, Princeton NJ Chicklet Books, AUGUST 11th, Philadelphia Free Library of Philadelphia, AUGUST 12th, Washington DC Borders Bailey's Crossroads, AUGUST 13th, Bethesda, MD Barnes and Noble, AUGUST 14th, Pittsburgh PA Mystery Lovers Bookshop, AUGUST 15th, Cleveland, OH Joseph-Beth Booksellers, AUGUST 16th, Buffalo, NY Talking Leaves, AUGUST 17th, Toronto ON HB Fenn, AUGUST 20th Boulder CO Boulder Bookshop (Kevin only) and Sept 3-7 DragonCon (Kevin and Rebecca Moesta)


06/25/09 One new signature added to the signature database on the Director's Signatures Page (Spike Lee). I realized I must've not put one on the site I got a long time ago Apple Brook (Harry Potter).  So that's added.  I got one TTM today:  Robert Jarvis (Harry Potter). That's it for now but more early next week.


06/18/09 I just realized that I never put on here my purchase:  Gerald Ford (Former US President) signed book.  We attended an Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood concert and put some stuff for that online as well as some US Embassies on my page I created for that (there's a TON on there now); I have about a dozen or so to go and the project is complete except for about 10 or so which are located elsewhere (a handful in New York City, one in Maryland, one in Hawaii and I think one in Detroit and a couple not represented at all in the US).  However almost every country in the world is represented here!  I've also added many statues for you to peruse in case you visit you'll want to pick some to see.  They are:  Benito Juarez, Bernardo de Galvez, David Farragut, Jose San de Mart, Jose Artigas, Don Quixote, Lions of the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial, Boundary Markers of the National Builder's Museum, Simon Bolivar, John Witherspoon, Francis Asbury and an Indonesian Statue in front of the Indonesian Ambassador's home.  I added photos of buildings too: additions to the already existing page of the Watergate hotel and Offices, the Peirce Mill, The National Building Museum, Department of the Interior, Constitutional Hall, The Carnegie Institution of Washington and the Art Museum of the Americas. I also added one image to the unclassified or miscellaneous page. I added one new autograph through a friend: Megan Udall (Star Wars).  I've put a little clip of part of a son from the Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood concert online on my Myspace page as well as a cat clip of my cats being cute.  On the Signature database, signatures added to the Authors Signature Page (second exemplar for Janet Evanovich); and one on the "Other Signatures Page" (Robert Ballard) and I added the pamphlet to the  Nauticus page. 


06/11/09 One ttm success: Jean Simmons (Actress).  Two purchases:  Jay Sanders (Star Wars Radio Dramas) (1357), Betty Ford (Former US First Lady) and Richard M Nixon (Former US President). Also, a new forger added to the Xlist look for the story and the word NEW.  In addition, some signatures added to the Signature Database; one on the Actor's Signature Page (John Krasinski) Political Signatures Page (Bill Bolling), one on the Miscellaneous Signatures Page (Perez Hilton) and one on the Directors/Producer's Signatures Page (Michael Bay).  We went to Nauticus, USS Wisconsin and USS Wisconsin Museum in Norfolk, VA and made a page about that and also added a new mermaid to the Mermaids of Norfolk, VA page - both on the family site. While at the Nauticus, we saw a yacht with a helicopter on it, so I took a photo of that on the same page and did some digging on whom it might belong to (it has to be someone pretty well known because it looked like a multi-million dollar yacht...and I was right).


05/28/09 Two new signatures added to the Signature database. One on the Talk Show Hosts Signatures Page (Larry King) and one on the Music Signature Page (Amanda Shaw).


05/20/09 A few updates to report.  A new cel (Chilly Willy) added to my Animation Cel collection and as a byproduct of that, a new signature added to the General Autographs area of Walter Lantz (Animation Artist).  A purchase:  Jack Albertson (Willy Wonka).  Signatures added to the Signature Database:  One on the Racing Signatures Page (second exemplar for Jamie McMurray), one on the Political Signatures Page (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Liberian President), Two on the Designer Signatures Page (Stacy London and Lilly Pulitzer) and two signatures on the "Other" signatures Page (Lily Pulitzer and Jim Cramer).  One signature on the Directors/Producers Signature Page (he is also added to the Film Crew Signatures Page) (J J Abrams).  More concerts coming and I'll be making pages for them on the family site:  Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellancamp.  We are also seeing Aerosmith and ZZ Top too so pages will be made about that. In addition we have some pretty cool tickets.... we are headed to the Antiques Roadshow!  I'll be making a page about that and our visit to Raleigh NC (coming soon).  So watch for those things. I have mailed items to Holger and Tris and Barb.  Watch for those. I am caught up on emails so if I owe anyone anything...     FOR SALE: many issues of Star Wars insider 2.00 each.  Many Star Wars paperbacks, many new 2.50 each.  Hardcover books 3.00 each.  Many Star Wars bookmarks whole set of more than 100 (120-125 I think) 100.00 or 2.00 each.  R2-D2 phone 20.00; Dave Dorman metal card set in tin, autographed 15.00 OBO, Felix Silla signed Wicket/Leia figures form the 1990's 12.50 OBO, Hot Wheels cars (promo items still in packages/on cards) make offer; Cereal toys a whole lot of them in plastic 5.00 OBO, Books of all sorts (email me and I'll make a list), China, Liberty/Atlas/Warranted 22k all scenes of colonial or Victorian couples, courting/courtship scenes ... all from the 1940s-1950's including plates, cups, saucers, salt/pepper shakers, sugar bowl, trinket boxes.  MANY cassette tapes from many different rock groups.  1.00 each.  Probably have over 100 of them.  Frank Sinatra Album 33 RPM, make offer.  Animation cels of Speed Racer (later version in the 90's) with drawing, TMNT (model cel) with background, Tenshi Neuron Japanese Animation cel with drawing.  I've also sports cards including a couple near rookie or rookie cards.  Email me if anything interests you for scans or details.  MANY more things.


04/29/09 Update: I added one new convention on the Convention Listings Page; look for the word NEW.  A few small things to report.  First ttm success: Andrew Lawden (Star Wars)  (second time; this is many years old!) and Ian Abercrombie (Star Wars Animated Series and Video Games) and as a result I made a Clone Wars Video Game credit list on the 2008 Video Games Page. (1355).  One purchase:  Alan Flying (Star Wars) (1356).  NEWS:  Kevin Anderson appearances: July 17-19, Omaha NE OSFest, July 23-26 San Diego, CA Comic Con, Sept 3-7 Atlanta, GA DragonCon. NEWS Bea Arthur passed away a few days ago.  She was of course known in the Star Wars realm for her role in the Star Wars Holiday Special. I've updated the Star Wars Weekends Page for guests and info.  We went to the Children's Museum in Portsmouth, VA with our grandbaby and made a page about that.  Alas, I forgot the camera battery and so no photos.  However, I sill made a page about it (if we go back ever, we'll take photos).  Some new signatures added to the Signature Database:  One on the Actors Signatures Page (Michael J Fox), two on the Actresses Signature Page (Brook Shields and Faith Ford), Four on the Authors Signatures Page: (Oscar Hijuelos, Amy Tan, Scott Turow and John Updike). One on the Home and Garden Signatures Page (Peter Walsh), two on the Olympics Signature Page (Carl Lewis and Dara Torres), and three on the Music Signatures Page (Brooks and Dunn and 2nd exemplar for Taylor Swift).  We traded our Milwaukee Brewers tickets in for Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs (THANKS be to the VP) so I changed out the ticket for that on the family site. I'll post some convention info later as well as anything else I didn't have time for. 


04/07/09 Three more through purchases: Peter Wyborn (Star Wars) (1346), Sang Jun Lee (Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean) (1347) and Greg Rizzi (Star Wars) (1348) Lenny Henry (Harry Potter), Polly Adams (Actress) and Elizabeth Spriggs (Harry Potter).  One more coming eventually... TTM Success: Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter); Some new Ewoks:  Pam Grizz (Star Wars) (1349), Ray Armstrong (Star Wars) (1350), Nancy McLean (Star Wars) (1151), Chris Romano (Star Wars) (1352), Lydia Green (Star Wars) (1353), Stacy Nichols (Star Wars) (1354), Going to some concerts/Events and pre-making pages (starting them and putting online and will update with photos/graphs later).  One is for Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina Concerts, another for a Washington Nationals Game, and we just went to the Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, VA so photos/info on that is online on the Family Site. Some new signatures added to the Signature Database:  one on the Business Signatures Page (Ford CEO Alan Mullally), one on the Historical/Military Signatures Page (General David Petraeus), one on the Designers Signatures Page (David Aaron), one on the Actors Signatures Page (Clive Owen), one on the Comedy Signatures Page (Amy Poehler) and one on the Actresses Signature Page (Amy Poehler).  One new link added to the Home Page and General Autographs area. Look for the word NEW.  A couple new conventions and one update on the Convention Listings page.  Look for the words NEW and UPDATED. I am caught up on emails; if I owe you a response or something else, you'll have to re-email me!  Thanks!


03/20/09  Well a couple small things to report.  NEWS: Someone told me Dave Prowse has Prostate Cancer. Our love and respect and best wishes to him. http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Movies/03/18/darth.vader.cancer/index.htmlA new mermaid added to my Mermaid page on the family site Also, some convention listings NEW and UPDATED so check that out.  NEWS: I have a HUGE list of for sale autographs if anyone is interested (not mine but a friend).  Email me for list and email address. 


03/19/09 Sorry, no postings in nearly a month!  Not into it any more but I have a buildup of stuff so here goes: Well we went to the Olivia Newton John Concert Friday March 6th but didn't manage and autograph or any photos; so all I have is a small write up on that page.  I also got out Saturday to go to Norfolk and we went  to the General MacArthur Memorial and have a page of that up as well.  We also took while out there a few more photos of new the Norfolk Mermaids and so they are now added to that page. A new Animation Cel added to my collection.  All of those on the family site.  Through purchase: Antoine Fuqua (King Arthur), James Eckhouse (Star Wars Radio Dramas) (1345) Chuck Jones (Animation) and Steven Spiers (Star Wars Phantom Menace). Through a friend: John Sylla (Star Wars), Tom Sylla (Star Wars), I have four more coming soon (I bought three from a friend and one through Mark that hasn't happened yet).  I updated the Convention Listings page finally (sorry about the delay). Look for the words NEW and UPDATED. I updated the Xlist in the "Forgers in the News" section.  Look for the word NEW.  Some new signatures added to the Signature Database on the Political Signatures Page (Nancy Pelosi, Bobby Jindal, Dean Rusk, Mamye BaCaote, Lyndon Johnson and another Obama Exemplar); A few on the Historical/Military Signatures Page (Arthur McArthur Jr, Douglas McArthur, Chester Nimitz, Lyndon Johnson).  one on the Actors Signature Page (Danny Boyle), one on the Baseball Signatures Page (Ryan Howard), one on the Basketball Signatures Page (Chris Paul) and one of the Music Signatures Page (Van Morrison) and finally, a new category:  Royal Signatures Page (Empress Nagako).  FOR SALE: Antoine Fuqua signed 8x10 from Autographworld (bought two by accident and so will sell one for most of my money back).  Price 15.00 Postage Paid to US or 17.50 for other countries.  Or send 14.00 and a SASE.  Antoine is a director more famous for King Arthur and Training Day.  Up and coming . . . Many thanks to Daniel too... he is the one who gave me the Sylla signatures because I lost one of them.  Remember, if anyone is interested, Daniel might have more items still left for sale. Email me if interested and I'll give you his contact information.


02/23/09 A few new conventions added or updated on the convention listings page.  Look for the words NEW and UPDATED.  A couple emails regarding people who claim they know me or that I am sanctioning things they are selling:  I'm NOT.  Please contact me directly if someone says I  know them and have recommended them for anything.....  I don't want you getting ripped off!  A couple new sigs added to the signature database. One is a second exemplar for Barack Obama and another for Nancy Pelosi on the Political Signatures Page and Historical Signatures Page; and one for the Actors Signature page (Danny Boyle).  I am headed in a couple months to the Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood concert; please be sure to check out those pages (I'll update with photos later) on the family site.


02/19/09 The  Virginia War Museum is up on the family site.  Also new signatures added to the Signature Database on the Political Signatures Page (Henry Kissinger) and one on the Military/Historical Signatures Page (General John Pershing). I still have to do the conventions.... please come back tomorrow.


02/17/09 Not much to report since I've really not been collecting per se.  However, a few things in the past few weeks to report.  A few signatures added to the Signature Database.  One in the Political Signatures Page (Dick Cheney).  Two in the Actors Signature page (Mickey Rourke and Sidney Poitier), one on the Actresses Signature Page (Patty Duke), one on the Authors Signature Page (Vincent Bugliosi), two on the Designers Signature page (Diane Gieman and Giorgio Armani) and one on the Music Signatures Page (Smokey Robinson), four on the Basketball Signature Page (Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson) and one on the Miscellaneous Signatures Page (Henry Louis Gates JR).  Mail autographs: Nika Futterman (Clone Wars) (1343), Ashley Eckstein (Clone Wars) (1344), Glynn Jones (Star Wars), Trevor Jones (Star Wars) and Kandace Morris (Harry Potter). In person autographs: Three Tuskegee Airmen. Purchases: Steve Garvey (Baseball), Steve Grogan (Football), George H W Bush (US President) and Brent Scowcroft (UN Security Advisor).  A few conventions added to the Convention Listings Page. Look for the word NEW.  In addition, we attended the Virginia War Museum and made a page about that on the family site as well as a page of the upcoming Olivia Newton John Concert (if we take photos or manage an in person, I'll update again later as well).  NEWS:  My good collecting friend Daniel is selling his autograph collection (mostly Star Wars but some Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings).  He too is a casualty of the recession and also has lost interest in collecting like most of the older collectors.  Reason varies, but the climate is different today and it's not fun anymore!  Anyway, if you are interested, please email and I'll send you a link to what he's got for sale as well as his email. Come back tomorrow for the listings. I didn't have time tonight...


01/19/09 A few things to report. A few new sigs added to the Signature database:  One to the Actresses Signature Page (Faith Ford); One to the Business Signatures Page and Other Signatures page (Hugh Hefner), and one to the Music Signature Page (Will-I-Am).  While going through photos I forgot to add a couple from our trip to the Family site so a new photo I found at my mother's house from Mexico is online there and a couple from Providence, RI online on the Rhode Island page. I guess I'd not posted the signatures below (Stephen Cooper and Albert Wilkinson) so those are now online).  I also got a new ttm success: Lisa Wood (Harry Potter).


01/13/09 The Christopher Lee link on the Prequel Template has been fixed to reflect his current website.  Thanks to Trevor for the heads up.  Two mail successes:  Stephen Cooper (SW Crew) (Already had) and Albert Wilkinson (Willy Wonka and possibly Star Wars) (1342). I have seen after the fact that Mr. Wilkinson potentially was a droid and a Jawa in Star Wars... however, I have not confirmed that myself and I mostly wanted his signature for my Willy Wonka collection.  The Oompa Loompas were great! 


01/07/09  Well, Happy New Year to all. This is the year of getting rid of the poisons in your life and focusing on not being worried as well as concentrating on yourself.  Well balanced is the key.  YOU make happiness.  So cleanse the soul like I did by telling off all those you wanted and be free.  It is the miracle I needed years ago!  With that said, I hope this is a better autograph year but it'll start slow as I've got a lot of personal stuff to attend to.  Much of that being family matters and stuff we'd never thought we'd have to deal with.  However, at this time, life is great! 

    Now onto business.  Brandon, I sent and email telling you your Xmas card was an RTS but even your email bounced. I am guessing you have moved!  So if you read this, rock on and hope you had a nice holiday.

   A new official site added to the Star Wars Trilogy template per someone who requested it.  Look for the word NEW

   I have a couple new sigs on the Signature Database; one on the Actor's Signature page (Frank Sinatra), one on the Music Signatures page (same one), one on the Actresses Signatures page (Tina Sinatra), one on the Racing Signatures page (Marcos Ambrose), one on the Football Signatures page (Michael Strahan), Four to the Political Signatures page (Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Margaret Thatcher and Ban Ki-Moon), three on the Historical Signatures Page (Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Margaret Thatcher), one on the Artist Signatures page (August Bartholdi), several to the Authors Signatures Page (William J Bennett, Mitch Albom, Joseph Ellis, John Grogan, Max Lucado, Gregory Maguire), three new signatures to the Space Signatures Page (Jim Lovell,  Gene Kranz, Jeffrey Kluger). 

     'Tis the time of year again when the company that sold my hubby a forged expensive graph, sends me a catalog.  They would not refund me.  They rip people off.  So every time they send me a catalog, I am reminded to make that annual post reminding people NOT to buy from them.  They are Deja Vu Collector's Gallery and are located in California. I will bad talk them to the end of time, till they refund me.  So do NOT buy from them.  They are forgers.

     Only one ttm autograph to report: Meinhardt Raabe (Wizard of Oz).  Thanks to him for signing. Please note that Mr. Raabe does charge a nominal fee.  For info, feel free to email me.

     That's all for now, but in the next couple days, I'll do that stats for last year.  So please come back for that and potentially more updates to the Convention listings.