12/22/08  One signature added to the Actresses signature page (Mia Farrow) on the Signature Database.  I've sent out 8 requests... seems last batch I did was back in September.  I'll be away for a week or so, so see ya then, but in the meantime, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and safety and health in 2009.


12/18/08  Just a quick update on the Signature database:  two new author signatures added to the Authors signatures page, one new signature added to the Business Signatures page, one new signature added to the Talk Show Signatures page and one new signature added to the Political Signatures page.


12/09/08 Several new conventions added to the Conventions listings.  Look for the words UPDATED and NEW If you have a convention you'd like listed, email: dahoov2@cox.net


12/08/08 WOW~  it's been a long time... but sorry, there's noting to report. I basically quit collecting.  I have a lot of personal stuff going on with family and am in the middle of other things outside of collecting.   I bought some new appliances for the house and took a few days on that (and some minor redecorating) as well as having the kids and my grandbaby here for a couple days over Thanksgiving.  Mostly though is my lack of interest any more in collecting though.  My focus now is mainly family problems, football pools, a massive family genealogy project, a family photo project,  a home inventory project, a stock investment game, and occasionally updating facebook or myspace and just taking care of personal business.  I do have a few things to report.  Mail successes from Cheryl Ladd (Partridge Family/Charlie's Angels) and a Peter Donald Badalamenti II (Pirates of the Caribbean) and purchases of Natalia Tena (Harry Potter),  Derek Hough (Harry Potter) and Sam Jackson (Star Wars).  I also have a few signatures to add to the signature database: two on the Actors Signature Page (Paul Newman and Ron Howard). Three on the Miscellaneous Signatures page (Annie Leibovitz, Ted Turner and Raffi Minasia). Two on the Directors/Producers Signatures Page (Ted Turner/Ron Howard).  If anyone is still interested in addresses or anything to buy or trade or wants to see if anything ever does come in for me, please keep coming back.  I don't plan to dis the site entirely just yet.  I'll still post a few more months before I decide whether or not to spend the money to keep it going.  I'm adding some new conventions shortly, so look for that in the next couple days.  In the meantime, two new conventions were added to the Convention Listings; look for the word NEW


10/08/08 Wow, nearly a month!  So sorry.  Not that many read this anymore!  But I trudge on, even if it's just me who reads it, I like it.  Anyway, we went on a trip recently for a couple days (mini vacation) and I've made some pages about it on the family site Mimslyn Inn, Luray Caverns, Car and Carraige Museum, Singing Tower, Luray Zoo, Confederate Statue (Barbee), Shenandoah National Park/Blue Ridge Parkway, Massanutten one Room Schoolhouse/Slave Block/Howitzer, and the civil War Battlegrounds/Farmhouse/Museum "Hall of Valor" and the Woodrow Wilson House. I've added a few names to the signature database.  Four on the Political Signatures Page and Historical and Military Signatures page (several new exemplars and two new names George HW Bush and Woodrow Wilson), another exemplar for Cheryl Ladd on the Actresses Signatures page and another actress (Lucille Ball), and two on the Designers page (Harry Slatkin and another exemplar for Oscar de Larenta), one on the Miscellaneous page (Head of PETA Ingrid Newkirk), and one on the Football Signatures page (Ray Schoenke). I've added a couple new graphs to the collection: via Antique store purchase: Lucille Ball (preprint), and ttm successes from: Marshall Manesh (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Todd Andrews (Star Wars Artist) (1341).  We added a new mermaid to the mermaids of Norfolk page on the family site.  In addition, I've added a new convention to the conventions page Look for the word NEW and thanks to the person submitting it.


10/18/08 The Gerald Ford signature is online.  A new ttm success:  Marshall Manesh (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Two new Virginia Beach Dolphins are online on the family site.  I had forgotten to mention I also attended a John McCain/Sarah Palin Rally to match the Obama one and I've put video, photos and a blog about that online on my myspace page www.myspace.com/dahoov2.  I have finally bit the dust and started the facebook page.  So anyone who wants me to add them as a friend is free to check that out (not much there yet but I'll work on it eventually). A couple new signatures added to the signature database on the Actresses Signature Page and Music Signatures Page (both Queen Latifah) and one on the Football Signatures Page (Ray Schoenke). I will be unavailable via email October 23rd-October 25th.  I'll try to respond to past emails within two days after, but if I don't get to you, please be patient.


10/15/08 Well, it's been a while, so I guess I'll update!  First, 10 new signatures added to the Signature database on the Authors Signature page, one signature added to the Artists Signatures Page (Mort Kunstler), two signatures added to the Space Signatures page (Buzz Aldrin, Walt Cunningham), one signature added to the Other Signatures Page (Lance Armstrong), and one new exemplar signature added to the Political Signatures page (Jimmy Carter).  Look for the word NEW A couple new graphs:  mail successes from: Takayo Fischer (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Dave Filoni (Star Wars Clone Wars Movie) (1340). Purchases: Martin Short (Santa Clause 3-I've put this on the Santa Clause 2 page for now), Julianne Hough (Harry Potter/Dancing with the Stars), Laura Bush (First Lady of the USA) and Jenna Bush (Daughter of President George and First Lady Laura Bush) and Gerald Ford (Ex President of the USA). I changed Ed Stefanik's page to it's proper page (apparently, I had an outdated page listed).  Thanks Ed.  Visit his site and others via my Resources area.


10/05/08 The last of the Washington DC pages are online:  Warren G Harding Home, the Ronald Regan/International Trade Building and the Misc page (currently just has the Squirrels story).  The James Payton sigs are online (sorry, forgot to post them), and another ttm success to report: Lauren Maher (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Three signatures added to the Music Signatures pages on the signature database (Dionne Warwick, Mariah Carey and Peter Yarrow).  We went to a Barack Obama Rally yesterday and have some photos online, but they are not on this site or the family site... they are online on my myspace page.  So see them, as well as two short less than a minute videos of the event and my blog about it, go to: www.myspace.com/dahoov2 Sadly, we did not get close enough to get an autograph. There were thousands there and we were there several hours beforehand as it was.  If he came near the crowd, it'd of been after we left.  I do have some more signatures for the signature database and also, a couple new graphs coming (when they are here, I'll post them).


10/03/08  I have worked on more items.  First, a ttm success:  James Payton (Harry Potter).  Next, a signature was listed on the  Signature database on the Music Signatures Page (Dionne Warwick).  A continuation of the Washington  DC trip updates . . . pages for Ulysses S Grant Monument, Naval Peace Memorial, Oscar Strauss Monument, Andrew Jackson Statue, Environmental Protection Agency/Ariel Rios Building, Department of Commerce Building/Herbert Hoover Building, Baron von Steuben Statue, Comte de Rochambeau Statue, James A Garfield Statue, George B McClellan Statue, Kazakhstan Independence Statue and Taft Bridge/Lion Statues/Eagle Lampposts. That nearly concludes this past trips doings; I have two more pages to add.  .. more next year! There are literally hundreds if not thousands of things to report on in DC. NEWS: It may be too late, but this weekend, tomorrow and Sunday is a convention in Belfast Ireland.  Gerald Home, Paul Blake and Dave Prowse are guests.  It's a W5, Odyssey in Belfast.  11-5 on Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday.  Be there!  I have another graph or two to report and a couple signatures for the Signature Database and a report maybe from tomorrow (surprise; we'll see if I get anything from it or even snap a photo etc).  So come back tomorrow!


10/01/08 Several updates.  First, I attended National Bookfest (and of course added to my page-scroll down this year to see Salman Rushdie, Dionne Warwick, Tiki Barber and a couple general images) and obtained three in person sigs: Dionne Warwick (Singer/Children's Author), Salmon Rushdie (Author) and Jan Brett (Children's Illustrator).  The latter one was on a new poster that is on my family site on the "other posters" page.  I added a new DVD to my collection. If anyone is interested cataloguing their DVD's, there's a site:  www.dvdspot.com (it's fantastic).  I just discovered a brand new site (will grow large so get in early); it's:  www.bookhuddle.com where you can catalog books.  It'll take me a long time to do mine, but I have my autographed books collection starting to go up now. I have over 40 books listed this morning with a long way to go.  I think they'll expand to be more like DVD spot, where  you can compare you collections to others.  There are also boards for disc41ussing varying books, topics or collections.  Join now; both are free and really cool sites.  While in DC, I got added a large number of Foreign Embassies to my collection over 45!  There is only about 35 remaining total and next time I go, I hope to get  2/3 of them.  I also added four new photos of the White House and in the photos is a neat one: Protesters, showing why America is great.  Where else can you say what is on the main sign and do it in front of the White House no less, with no fear! THAT is why America rocks. I also added a few new photos for the National Air and Space Center and we went to the National Aquarium and I made a page about that.   We'd stumbled upon the Washington Nationals Stadium so I took a couple photos through the windshield and made a page of that. I updated the US Capitol with a photo of protesters, and I updated the National Botanical Gardens with photos of new outdoor sculptures.  More photos this week (buildings and statues).  One purchase: James Walters (Harry Potter). Three new signatures added to my Star Wars collection via a friend (THANK YOU):  Sean Williams (Star Wars author), Kim Forrest (Star Wars Video Game crew) (1338), Dave Knott (Star Wars Video Game crew) (1339). In order to put these on, I had to make a 2008 Video Games page (It's the only game on there, so if you know more, please email).  I have another more to report this week; I just don't have time to do it now.  Come back later!


09/19/08 UPDATE: More conventions added so if you visited today, come back because a few more.  Thanks for those who submitted. I had to finish up a few more sigs to clear off my desk so on the regular signature database, Another exemplar added to the Actress Signatures Page (Jacqueline Smith), two added to the Home/Garden Signature Page (Ty Pennington and Bob Villa), One added to the Military/Historical Signatures Page (Sir Edmund Hillary), Four new signatures added to the Authors Signatures Page and one added to the Basketball Signatures Page. The 2008 Star Wars Weekends Poster was found and is now online on the Star Wars Weekends Page. RTS for Henry Gilroy (Star Wars). Successes: Matt Lanter (Star Wars Clone Wars) (1336) and William Wu (Star Wars Author) (1337). A few new conventions on the convention listings page  (Look for the words NEW and UPDATED). but I have a lot more to add soon.  Thanks to the person submitting it.


09/18/08 A few things to report.  First, RTS for Dominic Scott Key (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Next, three mail successes:  William C Dietz (Star Wars Author) (1333), Russell G Chong (Star Wars Clone Wars Crew) (1334) and Edie Mirman (Star Wars Video Games) (1335).  A massive update on the Profiles In History/Signature House Auction Database:  15 New actors and 2 new exemplars on the Actors Signature Page.  7 New actresses and 3 new exemplars on the Actresses  Signatures Page. 4 new Author Signatures added to the Authors Signature Page.  1 new signature added to the Artists Signatures Page. 14 New signatures on the Film Crew Signatures Page. 2 New signatures and 2 new exemplars on the Directors/Producers Signatures Page. 3 New signatures and 1 new exemplar added to the Music Signatures Page. I will be updating the other signature database tomorrow with a few more.


A public thanks (but no names mentioned) to the lone rebel out there fighting forgery (more than myself).  My kudos to you for your thankless job... it'd be thanked should people know who you were and what you've done, but better blessed for the goodness whilst being humble.  I am caught up on emails so if I owe you one... please re-email.  Thanks.


09/15/08  Haven't been on here for a while because there's not too much to report and I had to let it build up.  I got one RTS for Valerie Leon (British Sitcom), I got two mail successes:  Ryder Wyndham (1332) (Star Wars Author) and Nathan Hamill (Star Wars) Boy was this one old!  One new signature added to the signature database under Historical Signatures Page and Political Signature pages. A new exemplar for Jennifer Lopez on the Music Signature Page and Actress signature page.  I got the Charles Hughes redemption card back (signed now) and have added that onto his page in the Harry Potter section.  The concert for Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby we were going to go to was cancelled due to tropical storm Hanna... so nothing more for concerts this year I think.  We do have some other events coming soon.  Thank you to Sir JOW for his help on my Embassies page. He identified Syria's Embassy and that's annotated by the word "NEW". He also identified the Islamic Center which I thought might have been an embassy.  I've left the photo on though.  I still have one remaining unidentified Embassy; so if anyone is familiar with those, please look and help me identify.   I'll be heading up to DC shortly and will add to my collection.  I apologize for the delay in responding; I also have had some health issues... we'll see where that goes but there may be a large lapse late this year or early next year. My thanks also to Tris for his help with an in person (may be coming soon). A new Mermaid added to the Mermaid page on the family site.  I have another photo to add, but it's not that good so next time I got back, I'll take a camera with me (this one was bad enough having to use the camera phone).  My thanks again to Alan for his help on the Mermaid project!  I do have another signature to add to the signature database tomorrow. So come back for that. 


09/01/08 Some more updates.  We went to American Music festival and updated that page with a couple new photos.  While there, we saw Triple Shot, a local band, and have updated their page as well.  They were on before Starship (featuring Mickey Thomas) and I've updated their page too (we had seen them before but never took photos).  As you may know, this is the group formerly known as Jefferson  Airplane then Jefferson Starship then Starship... and there's an offshoot band called Jefferson Starship the Next Generation which was spun off by Paul Canter.  Grace Slick is long gone from the group as is Marty Balin, who had a great solo career. While there, I did spot a new Dolphin, so I added that to the Dolphin page. All of that is on my personal family site:  www.dahoovsplace.com We took small video files from the Starship and Peter Frampton concerts, and though not complete, they show how good they still are.  Those video files, along with a new look, some new photos and a new blog (about the current election process) are now on my myspace page:  www.myspace.com/dahoov2 One new signature was added to the signature database on the Talk show Host Signature page and the same signature also will be on the Actresses Signature page. A reminder: if anyone is interested in joining our growing autograph group, please email for details.  We have a questionnaire and rules page and after approval, you could be on your way to sharing in the best autograph collecting group on the net.  email me at: dahoov2@cox.net or go to: http://groups.google.com/group/Collecting-Autographs-TTM  One purchase: Takayo Fischer (Pirates of the Caribbean 3)


08/28/08 I am way behind in some old business, so let me take care of all that today:

   Thanks David C from the UK for his Ebay updates on some of the scammers. It's taken me a month to research but I am able to list the aka aliases of the deceitful Andy's.soulbox's crony pals; at least on the watch list.  Their scam is simple.  List a lot of auctions then every so many hundred, list one expensive item and deliver with recorded delivery an "empty box".  Then they claim to Pay Pal they don't get paid... and they did and they show their receipt as proof.  Of course the receiver complains, but they signed for the item and are usually the one out the money as they can't prove it was an "empty box".  When the negative feedback clears up, they list again and the cycle continues.  Now, it appears, even there were name changes (see Xlist) as well as accomplices under different ID's helping by listing items for him or using their addresses as the return address.  So be VERY careful.  If you ordered something you suspect isn't right, possibly have the mailman watch you open the box, or someone else to witness it and be your affidavit... take photos and immediately contact the postal service and file a complaint, as well as Ebay and Pay Pal.  Even if they do nothing, record it anyway.  Lastly on this subject, I may not be the premiere collector site I once was, but it does appear this site is doing some good.  I've been informed I've scared off this guy.  So please, use the Xlist and keep submitting to it (with proof though).  I don't want YOU to get ripped off!

   Thanks Michelle... the Bryan Adams page on the family site is now including the band members names and page.  I appreciate it.

   Thanks to Alan... I have fixed the Mermaid page (names) on the family site and have found a new collecting partner on that front.  Though he's WAY up on me!  lol

   Thanks to Dave O... I got the gift today and will be sending you something special too.  THANK you for being so sweet.

   Thanks to Scott D... for those interested in movie props, he is willing to sell his items and I can send you a list or his email.  So if interested, email me at dahoov2@cox.net

   Thanks to Dan for the memories. I just submitted three photos to his site of Rocky Point Amusement park.  So for those into abandoned, demolished or old amusement parks of yesteryear or if you are from Rhode Island and want to relive the past, visit Dan's site here: http://home.att.net/~d.bavaro/wsb/html/view.cgi-image.html--logo.html .  He includes Crescent Park, Jolly Chollys and more.

    If I've forgotten to thank anyone, I apologize.  Email and scold me! 

    Mail success:  Brad Sherwood (Whose Line Is it Anyway).  Great one and he and Colin have now signed for me, so I am ecstatic.

    I've sent off a lot of requests (well they'll be out by week's end so fingers crossed!).  They are mostly Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars.


08/21/08 A few new things to report.  We went to a concert this past weekend and photos online for that: Peter Frampton (Scroll down to bottom for new photos/pick image).  No graphs (he ignored everyone but I did get a pick - now I've sort of got a collection going).  I did get a couple ttm success:  Ardal O'Hanlon (My Hero) and Jenna Fischer (The Office).  Purchase: Dan Quayle signed Easton Press book (ex-Vice President).  Two signatures added to the signature database on the Actresses signature page and the music signature page News:  Kevin Anderson schedule for signing: September he'll be with Brian for the Dune tour in Seattle WA at University Books on the 16th, Seattle at Third Place Books on the 17th, Portland Oregon on the 18th at Powell's books, Sacramento, CA at Barnes and Noble on the 21st, San Francisco CA on the 22nd at Borderlands, Mountain View, CA on the 23rd of September at Books, Inc, on the 24th at Half Moon Bay, CA at the Bay Book Company, 26th of September at Huntington Beach, CA at Barnes and Noble, 27th of September in Burbank, CA at Dark Delicacies, and on the 28th in West Hollywood, CA at the West Hollywood Book Fair, and on the 29th in San Diego, CA at Mysterious Galaxy.  He'll be appearing alone on the 30th in Lone Tree, Colorado at Barnes and Noble and in October in Nashville, TN at David Kidd.  On the 3rd of October, he'll be in Dayton OH at Books and Co and on the 4th in Raleigh, NC (TBD), on the 5th in Gainsboro, NC (TBD) and ending in St Louis MO at Left Bank Books on the 6th of October.  He'll be at DragonCon August 28-September 1st and October 14-15th, at the Nebraska Library Festival in Lincoln, NE. I added DragonCon to the Convention Listings page.  If you know about appearances or new conventions or have an update, feel free to email me at: dahoov2@cox.net.


08/15/08 A few things to report.  First, we attended some concerts and got some fantastic close up photos.  No graphs this time (only got one pick from Cheap Trick).  But we invite you to check it out and if you would like to see larger versions of the photos (high res etc), just email (same for any on the family site).  The concert pages are:  Journey, Cheap Trick and Heart.  One purchase:  Rosalyn Carter and Jimmy Carter (former First Lady and US President).  The David Thewlis is online. Two mail successes:  Dee Bradley Baker (Star Wars Cartoons/Video Games) (1330) and Pop Mhan (Star Wars artist) (1331).  Two signatures added to the signature database on the Actresses page.  Chad, your items were finally mailed (sorry, day later than I told you; I was unable to get to the post office). Watch for another update this weekend.  I am way behind, there's a few more to come and emails to catch up on. I added Spaceballs cartoon, and two Clone Wars new shows/film to the Cartoons/Animated index page (still working on it).  Do you know of other animated Star Wars TV shows, films, cartoons, videos etc not listed on this site?  If so, please email! In addition, I've added a ton of new games to the Video game index, but I've not made individual pages for them as I've not been able to verify those are actually in existence.  If you know for sure they were and can show me a link or photo, please email.  Likewise, if you've more information about more games (including VHS, DVD, Online, Cell Phone, MAC, PC, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, Intellivision, Atari or any other system, please do email me the information as this site is the most collective and informative site for compilations.  PLEASE do help!  There's always too many new books, games, films etc to put online but if you know anything I've not listed, please email and I'll add them.  Just send me the IMDB links.  Thanks. That's all for now.


08/12/08 We went to a concert this past weekend and I've made a page for it here: The Guess Who.  In person graphs from the band are online there and also here: Guess who (Rock Band). Purchase: David Thewlis Authentic Autographed card (Harry Potter). Three concerts tonight and hope to have photos/page for them this week but in the process or doing some new work on my main bathroom, so I'll do it SOMETIME this week! The Warren Berlinger and Nicholas Blane Autographs are now online as well.


08/05/08 I know some have been emailing regarding my for sale stuff which is cool, but let me say that no, not everything on my site is for sale.  If I've duplicates, I'd consider trading etc.  However, I've a list of only prequel stuff at this time for Star Wars and it's mostly printouts, custom cards etc, index cards etc.  There one or two 8x10's/trading cards but mostly just hard to find names. It depends on your goal.  If you're only collecting 8x10's, you'll never get most of these names in your collection. So up to you all if you want to pass up rarer names.  I had to give up the 8x10 idea many years ago as I knew my collection would not be half of what it is only going with that (besides, with the exception or one or two collectors out there, I don't see any special collections; everyone has what everyone else does and most of them were purchases.  I don't consider that awe-inspiring or special but that's my opinion.  For anyone interested in being on my email list when I do other lists, let me know.  Eventually in the coming weeks I'll be doing trilogy and others.

Onto other news.  I had to remove a Star Wars authors' signature because he asked me to.  Sometimes people Google themselves and get concerned about forgery/netharious doings.  I understand (but there are millions of graphs all over the place and so far, never heard of a case of anyone forging checks or other such thing from autograph sites; but I guess the possibility IS there no matter how remote) .  

Only two items to report.  One ttm success from: Nicholas Blane (Harry Potter) and one purchase: Warren Berlinger (Star Wars (?)/Dukes of Hazzard) (1329).  Now Mr. Berlinger has been rumored to be Windy in the cut scenes and so  I got the graph hoping it's him and counting him till proven otherwise (I have one other like that as well). I've tried to finagle a person to quiz him for me during and event once but the person didn't have the opportunity to do so; I wrote with no success and I've yet to find info if he indeed was in the cut scene, so if anyone finds out anything, please email?!  Thanks.


07/24/08  Two 2008 Star wars Weekends items added to the Star Wars Events area and another for 2008 that is actually signed (Matt Wood). If you are interested in one of the Celebration photos, let me know. Reminder, I am still collecting the ones I don't have (signed, preprinted, unsigned etc); so if you have some, maybe we can work out a trade or you are willing to sell (for reasonable price).  I only use the preprinted ones for reference, so I won't pay much for them  as they are worthless for resale.  Thanks.  Josh, your item WAS mailed.  Just later than I mentioned.  I had it on the desk for several days and when your item arrived, I did mail it (this morning).  Another ttm success today and it's a neat one (this one is for my hubby):  Steve Carell (the Office)


07/23/08 We went to a Rick Springfield concert last weekend as well as the Foreigner/Bryan Adams concert;  So I made a page for it on the family site (photos but I couldn't manage a graph). I bought two things: Ian McKellan (Lord of  the Rings), Two Star Wars weekends photos (reference items), and a Charles Hughes redemption card (I guess it's my first one, and hope it's not expired and I can get the graph) (Harry Potter).  A new signature added to the signature database on the Author Signatures page. Two ttm successes: Joe D'Amato (Pirates of the Caribbean Crew) and Johanna D'Amato (Harry Potter crew).  They were kind enough to sign for me even though my request might have been strange!  Look for the word NEW Another new ILM item added to the Collectibles area on the Invitations and Greeting Cards page.  I am heading to National Bookfest in Washington DC in September.  I can't guarantee things to people this trip sorry.  I have five items I want to get and it'll be hard to do them all as it is, because of the way the venue is set up.  But here's the link in case anyone is going or wants something really bad (if so, make me an offer).  I will make a page for National Bookfest on the family site and have started one now and I know I'll be getting the poster, so I already added it on the Poster page Click the "Other Posters" link and look for the word NEW I am looking for Star Wars Weekends photos (preprinted, unsigned and signed).  If you have extra, let me know and we can work a trade.  I have two coming to the collection later this week, so come back for that.  I am still missing a lot. I'll let you know about the Charles Hughes graph if I ever get it and if he signs/how it works.  We were supposed to go to a Grand Funk Railroad concert this weekend but it's ify if we'll go as we have our grandbaby's first birthday party to go to.  We'll see. I won't be posting till later this week, but come back as there should be several new things/events.


07/21/08 We went to a Foreigner and Bryan Adams concert.  We got to meet them and I did manage to get some in person sigs from both Foreigner and Bryan Adams.  So I've made pages for both Foreigner and Bryan Adams on the family site and also autograph pages for them on this site.  In addition, because I got some posters, I've added them to the poster collection (click Other Posters and look for the word NEW) . I already had a signed CD last time we went to a foreigner concert, so if anyone is interested in the signed CD (signed by 5 members of the band including Jason Bonham of Led Zepplin and Mick Jones, original founder of Foreigner), email me and we can work out a deal.  NEWS: Jumpcon imploded and all events are cancelled. More stuff to post, so come back tomorrow.


07/18/08 One item added to the ILM collectibles page (invite). 


07/17/08 one ttm success:  Perry King  (again!) (Star Wars Radio Dramas).  Guess he was making up for that lost time!  Very nice of him.  One purchase: William Melling (Harry Potter).  We have some events planned this weekend so come back for potential updates on those (busy weekend).


07/16/08 one ttm success:  Perry King (Star wars Radio Dramas).  This one took nearly 7 years and 4 months to come back!  WOW.


07/14/08 I am way behind still! But am all caught up this evening on emails.  So if you didn't get a response, you know what to do... email again cause you may have been accidentally deleted or I didn't get it. So sorry.  Been really busy.  Mark and Jessica, your items have been mailed.  Thanks.  Josh, tomorrow I'll have yours ready to go.  I apologize for the extra couple days... I am also catching up on phone calls so Harry, Claire, Tracy and Wayne, we'll be calling today (Jeremy you need to CALL HOME). Ok; a couple of small updates though, one ttm success:  Maria Lyons (Star Wars Crew/Shaak-Ti) (1328).  A couple new signatures added to the signature database in the Olympics Signature page and the Music Signature Page. Look for the word NEW. News: Though this looks like a promising series of conventions with some big named celebrities, Jumpcon celebrities are canceling left and right and the possibility of cancellations looks imminent.  Stay tuned for further info. One new mermaid added to the Norfolk Mermaids on the family site. We discovered the mermaid in Willoughby Spit and I took some images of that beach so I made a page for Willoughby Spit. I'll be going to concerts Friday and Saturday so hopefully we'll have photos (and maybe graphs?) to post this coming weekend.  So come back!  Got conventions or other news or something you'd like to promote or for me to post, feel free to email.  I will catch up eventually on the signature database and the addresses... but am still bogged.


07/08/08  Hello again.  I'm still behind, so trying still to catch up.  Bear with me.  Two ttm success:  Sam Beazley (Harry Potter) and L Q Jones (Actor/Dukes of Hazzard). The Thomas Yeates graph is online (forgot to put it on last week sorry). We went to the VA Aquarium and did a small page on it as well as the Dolphins (painted Sculpture in and around VA Beach like the Norfolk Mermaids) for our family site. Please note: the following autographs are gone: Karen Minshull, Christopher Truswell, Ian Watkin, Simon Larsen, Eliana Dona, Dylan Lewis, Chantal Freer, Scott Hinds, David Stiff, Masa Yamaguchi, Jacqui Louez, Zuraya Hamilton, and Adrian Dunbar (will post tomorrow) and Sean Astin (LOTR index card).  Please don't email about those unless there are other extra; if there is only one of something, it's staying in the collection. Thanks.  If you are interested in any others on the lists sent out, please let me know ASAP and if you've not gotten a list, please email for one. I am still way behind; I hope in a few days to catch up a lot more so please come back (may have more for the family site too depending on plans for the weekend).


07/07/08 NEWS: I have made a list of Phantom Menace autographs I'll sell.  If interested, email for list.  Get it NOW before I list on Ebay where prices will be higher probably.  All offers considered.  Well, there are a few more updates. Some ttm successes:  Bill Young (Star Wars Special Thanks) (1326), Dave Young (Star Wars crew), Rik Mayall (British Actor) and Anita Carey (Last of the Summer Wine), Drew Karpyshyn (SW Author/Video Games) (1327) and Annie Lennox (Singer/Songwriter/LOTR).  A couple new conventions either added or updates on the Convention Listings page. As always, look for the words NEW and UPDATED.  I have heard I have at least one graph on the way for the Star Wars collection, so maybe tomorrow... I apologize for the delay in email still. I am still way behind.  I still have Jessica, Fritz, Drew, Dave and a couple others to respond to.  Alas, everyone needs something that's way time consuming so that's why it's taking so long. I have more updates to do on the site/family site as well. Scans tonight.


06/28/08 On the in persons yesterday, I added photos of each on their pages; so recheck the links below.  Also added to the family site those plus a couple other photos from the even (Summerfest 2008).  So check that out as well.  Purchase: Mike Randall (Star Wars Actor) (1324), Thomas Yates (Star Wars Artist) (1325).  Mail success: Aubrey Woods (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory).  In addition, we attended a concert and made a page (well they had a page, so it's just updated with more info and photos) for REO Speedwagon; that is also on the family site (see above). In addition, there was a guy who warmed up for them and I've made a page for him as well:  Mike Proffitt.  Well my goal from LAST year for Star Wars autographs was finally achieved now (actually have another 5-6 not online so achieved a couple days ago).  I am a bit slow over the last couple days as I've had a surge of emails for some odd reason. I'll be caught up soon I hope.  Thanks for your patience.  Glen, Jessica your items are in the mail Monday morning; I was unable to do it today.  I have a few more updates; sorry so far behind, but a lot happening for a change!  Come back by Monday for rest of the updates, which I hope will catch me up (signature database, Hallmark Ornaments, Conventions etc).


06/24/08 MASSIVE UPDATE.  First, we went to a Billy Joel concert and I've uploaded some photos if anyone is interested on the family site.  Second, three ttm successes: Eric Powell (Star Wars Artist) (1301), Jack Haye (Star Wars Crew/ Podrace Spectator, Harry Potter crew and Pirates of the Caribbean crew) (1302), Tav MacDougall (Harry Potter) and Fritz Aardvark Bragpuss (Harry Potter) . Next, the Margaret Thatcher signed item has arrived and is now online. Several purchases: Amanda Connor (Star Wars Artist) (1303), Boris Vallejo (Star Wars Artist) (1304), Brian Stelfreeze (Star Wars Artist) (1305). Charles Vess (Star Wars Artist) (1306). Chris Sprouse (Star Wars Artist) (1307), Christopher Moeller (Star Wars Artist) (1308), Colleen Doran (Star Wars Artist) (1309), Cully Hamner (Star Wars Artist) (1310). Dave Stevens (Star Wars Artist) (1311), Francesco (Star Wars Artist) (1312), Frank Brunner (1313), Gene Colan (Star Wars Artist) (1314), Jason Pearson (Star Wars Artist) (1315). Jill Thompson (Star Wars Artist) (1316). Joe Jusko (Star Wars Artist) (1317), Kelley Jones (Star Wars Artist) (1318). Michael Mignola (Star Wars Artist) (1319). Ray Lago (Star Wars Artist) (1320). Sergio Aragones (Star Wars Artist) (1321), William Kaluta (Star Wars Artist) (1322) and George Perez (Star Wars Artist) (1323). NEWS:  Every so often, I get an email from a place that sold my hubby a forgery and I alert people as it was the most expensive I ever paid for anything (well he paid but same thing).  They refused to give a refund on their COA so I remember and warn people; well it's time again. DO NOT buy from Deja Vu Collector's Gallery.  They are scammers. The fact that they are based in Hollywood is NOTHING. In persons today: Roger Brown (Detroit Lions), Lee Smith (Chicago Cubs), Luis Tiant (Boston Red Sox), Darryl Dawkins (New Jersey Nets), Mark May (Washington Redskins), Shaun King (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Ickey Woods (Cincinnati Bengals). I will have more to add tomorrow (photos of the players) and a page on the family site of the event as a whole.  Plus some signatures on the signature database and any mail and purchases I may have made between now and tomorrow.  So enjoy and come back tomorrow.


06/17/08 Four ttm successes:  John Atterbury (Harry Potter), Richard Trinder (Harry Potter), Robbie Magasiva (Lord of the Rings), Montego Glover (Star Wars Video Games) (1300). The addition of Ms. Glover brings me over 1300 (a few not online or counted) as well as adding a new page for the 2007 Video Games (I haven't been keeping track of all the new games, so if  you know of more, let me know and I'll add them to the site).  A reminder of the games I have listed so far are viewable here: on the video Games page.  RTS for Ashley Ama-Baptiste (Harry Potter).  I've been on another letter writing campaign, so 17-20 more going out Monday.  Hope to see more successes soon.  Nothing happening this weekend, but next week look forward to two more updates (sports in persons we hope) and a concert update. Some news for Janet Evanovich fans... she'll be signing books June 18th in Omaha Nebraska on Dodge Street (Border's Books); June 19th, at Barnes and Noble on Willow Street in Littleton, Colorado, June 20th in Plano Texas at Barnes and Noble on Preston Road, In San Diego California Junes 21st at Border's Books on Rancho Carmel Drive and in Santa Monica, CA June 23rd at the Barnes and Noble on 3rd Street. Her latest book Fearless Fourteen will be available then.  If you need times, please email. One update on the Convention Listings page; Look for the word UPDATED.


06/09/08 We went to Harborfest again on Friday June 6th, and made a page for it (Scroll down for 2008).  While there I got a couple of In Persons:  Isaac Singleton (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Vince Lozano (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Treva Etienne was a no show due to a film he was working on.  I also got to add 5 new mermaids to the collection.  Look for the word NEW.  We went to Native American Festival in Chesapeake June 7th, 2008 and I made a page about that; then we decided to go place a bet on the Belmont Stakes but the favored horse, lost!  Not only did he lose, but it was the worst loss EVER as he came in LAST so lost quite a bit of cashola on that one!  Sunday June 8th, we went to Busch Gardens and got yet another in person autograph (photos of Jack there):  Jack Hanna (Animal expert/TV Host).  Saturday I got a ttm autograph: Peter Cartwright (Harry Potter) and this morning, two more ttm autographs: Josephine Tewson (Last of the Summer Wine) and Natalie Hallam (Harry Potter).


06/03/08 Hi all, so very sorry for not updating.  As some might know I had emergency surgery last Tuesday and only yesterday and today am I ok to sit up and stay on the PC for an extended period of time.  So I apologize and will try to update all I have today.  First, I have a few convention updates on the convention listings.  A couple ttm successes:  Colin Mocherie (Comedian Whose Line Is It Anyway), Daniel Windsor (Flying Monkey in Wizard of Oz), Nick Shim (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and an RTS for James Walters (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).  Purchase:  Margaret Thatcher signed Easton Press book.  Scan on this one shortly. An addition to the Xlist. Look for the word NEW.  Big thanks to both Davids, Scott and Michael for help with Xlist reports and convention info.  Also, Dax, your item was mailed. 11 Author Signatures, 3 Artist Signatures, 5 Political Signatures, 2 Historical/Military Signatures, 1 Space Siganture, and 1 Football Signature, added to the Signature Database. Look for the word NEW


05/20/08 The Sandra Day O'Connor signature is scanned in.  Ebay feedback changed; looks bad for me.  ONE neutral ever in my 9.5 years on Ebay and now because of that, I have instead of a perfect feedback score, a 98.4.  That's right, neutrals count as negatives now so if I were you all, I'd check my feedback ratings!  I've asked them to remove me.  So my sales items will be on this site.  If you are interested in something, feel free to make a decent offer.  I still have an extra Maria Shriver book for sale and I'll do it for 35.00 (signed first edition; obtained at a book signing).  I'll consider helping with postage...if you do media mail, I'll pay.  If not, I'll take 2.00 off priority.


05/18/08 Did you know that the library Scenes in Attack of the  Clones was filmed in Trinity College in Dublin?  Make sure to stop there on your next trip!  I've attended some events and made pages about them on the family site.  One is Greek Festival in Norfolk, VA and the other is the Annual Washington Redskins Beach Blitz (please scroll down to see 2008 event).  In person: Alex Buzbee, Dexter Manley, Tommy Davis, Greg Blache, Burl Toler, Chris Wilson, Chris Samuels, Sam Hollenbach, Chris Meidt, Lorenzo Alexander, John Eubanks, Mike Sellers, Marcus Mason, Ethan Albright, Danny Smith, Shaun Suisham, Khary Campbell, Matt Sinclair and Danny Verdum-Wheeler. (scroll down to Multi-signed and look for the words NEW and UPDATED. A very great thing as all signed my football and hat. In addition, in persons: 6 of the Redskins Cheerleaders. Via two friends: Ingrid Lacey (1298) (Star Wars Video Games) and Alex Tavoularis (1299) (Star Wars crew).  While in Norfolk, we were able to spy a few more mermaids for the Mermaid section of the Family site (there are now 20, probably less than 10% of the total amount on the loose.  Several more in fact.  There are MANY more to go, so if you know where some can be found feel free to email!  I'll be going to Jumpcon in October if anyone needs anything.  $5 per item if you want something and if  you order a lot, I'll be sure to discount up to 50%.  Here's the link: http://jumpcon.com/hampton/I normally do not charge anyone anything... however, it's the going rate now and I would like to cover at least the cost of my admission (and my helpers admission). So I apologize for charging but hope people understand.  I can make deals (trades in lieu of payment etc) so feel free to email me an offer.


05/13/08 Hope everyone had a nice mother's day.  We had the grandbaby... ok onto updates.  First, a new convention update on the Convention Listings page.  Look for the word NEW.  Also if anyone is interested in items from Fearfest in Texas in October, I know someone who will be going and will get items for a fee of $5 each item.  Let me know and I'll forward your info to them and they'll email you back.  There have been some updates on the Xlist.and the watch list (which is listed on the same page, only way down)  New names.  To date, nobody is coming off of it, just going on.  What a shame. Look for the word NEW A new site has been added to the homepage. Look for the word NEW  When doing the Van Halen page, I forgot to add the page for Ryan Shaw, so that's now done on the family siteIf anyone is interested, I have an extra Maria Shriver book signed that I'll sell for 35.00.  Email if interested at dahoov2@cox.net. Also through purchase:  Sandra Day O'Connor signed book (scan shortly).  Tomorrow I am off to sulk about my age; me and George Lucas share the same birthday! One last item; shame on the people trying to ruin Lightning Bear's source of income.  Before you do that, shouldn't you at least find out the facts?  I've emailed both Mr. Bear and Steve Sansweet about it.  I will be sending out emails to two more entities (legal department and head and one other shortly if I do not receive a response from Mr. Sansweet).  I hope to clear it up before you all go ruin yet more actor's lives or cause a class action lawsuit against Lucasfilm.  Because either way, Lucasfilm sanctioned the guest at an "official" convention and will need to refund all monies if indeed any of the actors are deemed to not have been in the films or lied about lines or other such things.  So I'll keep you posted if I get a response. If no response is forthcoming, I urge you to start an email campaign till someone starts taking responsibility for lying actors trying to cash in.  However, before you "out" someone, get the facts first so you don't ruin their lives ok?


05/05/08 Some items online.  Van Halen photos and write up.  We went to Montpelier and though not done yet (September is the opening) but we have photos anyway and of the grounds and info.  While going out (we had a busy weekend between concert, Montpelier and Parade of Homes) we also went antiquing.  After 3 large antique malls, we were getting a little tired and decided to do a fourth one... I hadn't bought anything up till that point and then bingo!  Added something to my collection.  Queen Noor signed book.  I also got an autograph football I can use when we go to Beach Blitz next weekend and a couple civil war artifacts.  I got home and my good luck continued where I ended up with my gravy under boat and a tea pot, the rarest items to find, in my china.  My set is now complete (took me 25 years to complete the set).  Finally, I got two books via signings:  Julie Andrews and Maria Shriver.  I got one of each EXTRA as well (might as well, opportunity to get in person books like this are rare.  If anyone is interested, email.  I'll give you a price. Yay. I hope to start researching and doing requests hopefully tomorrow.  I hope more starts coming in soon!!!!


05/01/08 Purchase: Jim Palmiotti (1297) and Joe Quesada signed trading Card (Star Wars).  Some new promo cards added to my collection on the family site Click on "other Promo Cards" to view new ones and look for the word NEW


04/30/08 I've lent photos etc to various places on the net for their collections etc and when I went to clean out my "favorites", I decided to delete these, but I wanted to document them somewhere in case I need to go back to them some day.  Plus, someone may be interested so I decided to put two of them here.  A piece of Indian pottery of mine is located here: http://www.rarepottery.info/protect/AcomaGaryYellowCornLewis.htm Check out their site; lovely documentation and a good list of potters there in case you have some you want to compare to see is real or perhaps document for your heirs or want to buy their stuff... next is the Carousel Association: took photos for them of our local carousel... enjoy the beauty of this one of a kind carousel, where they horses are all browns and earth tones (more realism look).  http://nca-usa.org/psp/Hampton/#Was deleting bookmarks and noticed Red6's site was deleted? Anyone know what happened to it?  He had a nice collection of photos and a database with pilots and aliens etc. Oh well!  One ttm success (sort of): Chick Allen (King Arthur).  A couple new conventions added to the Conventions Listings.  Look for the word NEW   



04/24/08 I've posted two blogs on myspace.  Go here: www.myspace.com/dahoov2.  I forgot a page on the family site yesterday;  Arizona baseball game (White Sox vs. Cubs). Nice photo of hubby on there! Other than that, no new stuff since yesterday so I've got a lot of personal stuff to take care of this weekend and then next week onto requests and more signature database perhaps.  We shall see. Oh, added a page for the Tuskegee Airman because it was brought to my attention I never made a page!  There are only a few living Airmen and he may be the only Native American alive (not sure). 



04/23/08 Sorry for the long delay in posting; I've been lazy and busy. Barbara Bush is online. Rudy Giuliani is online.  New successes:  Dennis DeYoung (rock star), Suzanne DeYoung (Author, singer), Charlie Daniels (Country Singer), Bosco Hogan (King Arthur).  A person removed from my website because of forgeries.  If you want to know who it was, you'll need to email me. An event which I thought was cute came into my email... I couldn't help them much but I thought if anyone was in the area, they might want to attend (Star Wars related):  www.balloonfestival.com. A Star Wars Weekends at Disney Update on my SW Event area. Is there a 2008 poster image?  I've not been able to find one.

           I added a photo to the Norfolk Zoo page  from this past weekend (Meerkat). on my family site: www.dahoovsplace.com.  I have a few events coming up which I'm in the process of starting pages for (visit the old stuff but I'll post when I finish the photos of the new ones; in the meantime, I've just started them): Concerts:  Van Halen Concert, Billy Joel, Journey, Cheap Trick and Heart. Also Washington Redskins Beach Blitz.  Because I got graphs for Charlie Daniels and Dennis DeYoung,  I have put those on their band pages too (as well as on this site). On the Harry Potter area, I've added a new link (about the new theme park addition); Look for the word NEW. I am planning my vacation there next fall and a visit to see my friend in Florida, so if you are going too, please email me and we can meet!

           News: I've caught up on all emails except I am still waiting for the Trek Twins to email me... if you want those photos, get moving guys!  To Michiel and others who've asked for addresses, I've just decided recently not to give out any Star Wars addresses at all these days.  It's because of sites that sell things and sell info and just the lack of scruples in the Star Wars realm. It's all so sad and nasty there. People talk about one another, stab each other in the back, lie, cheat etc.  It's gotten bad I hear where "experts" are coming out of the woodwork and people are talking about pen and signature quality. It's apparently gotten to the point where people have lost their ever-loving minds, paying stupid prices they'll NEVER get back, analyzing ink, analyzing messy signatures!  I guess there is nothing left to talk about? I no longer am involved anymore. I will still help on other fronts though.  Forgeries, opinions and events and other things.  Feel free to email for anything OTHER than address information.  If you want that, go to www.startiger.com or research.

          To Sue, I'll be sending photos this week.  To Mom, package to you. To Robert, your stamps are in the mail. To Martin, your cards are in the mail. If I owe anyone else an answer or anything else, you'll have to email again. As for my TV show voice appearance, still don't know when that will be.  I've not gotten word and they seem to be replaying old shows.  It didn't go that well anyway, so don't want EVERYONE seeing it!  LOL  But for those interested, email me and I'll get a tape from it when it airs (should be May). Nothing else to mention right now; but I'll be adding more stuff later in the week I am sure.

           New signatures added to the Signature database on the Political page.  Look for the word NEW


04/10/08 Two purchases:  Barbara Bush signed book and Rudy Giuliani signed book. No mail successes in a week!  All caught up on emails with the exception of Paula and Tom/Ted.  If you have emailed and did not receive a response, it may be because of lost email so email again.  One convention update plus MANY of one con (like 100 of them) on the convention listings page (Thanks Terry).  Anyone going to Laura Bush book signing soon?  If so and you are able to help me, give me an email... I am looking for a couple signed books (at least one but two if possible). Scans shortly.


04/04/08 Purchases:  Dipika O'Neill Joti (but giving this away so will not scan.), Gavin Hale (Star Wars Crew) (1295), Steve Richard (Star Wars Crew) (1296), Kamay (Star Wars Actress),  and Kevin Nowlan (Star Wars Artist) (1297). If someone wants to trade for the Kamay Lau one, email me. Or I'll sell it cheap.  several new sigs added to the signature database  on the Baseball signatures page.


04/02/08  In person successes: America (Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell).  Great stuff.  Made a page for America on my family site in the concert area.  Though the third time seeing them, It's the first time I was able to get a graph and a photo.  Great guys; very fan friendly and class acts all the way. Mail success: Morgan Woodward (Dukes of Hazzard).  I've added a new link of a collector on the home page and the other autographs area. Two new signatures added to the signature database on the Music signatures page.


03/28/08 Want to get a RARE Star Wars item?  Interested in Isaac Grand, Jeremy Sinden or Alex McCrindle?  Or perhaps Sebastian Shaw or the RAREST of all graphs?  Email me.  2-5k each and you'll get the most authentic and rarest of graphs in existence. I see people paying 150-250 for items like Dennis Lawson, Bonnie Piesse and more. I will sell mine for 1/2 those prices if you can prove someone is trying to get those prices.  Email me and we'll make a deal... all my graphs are known to be the right and one of the best collections on the planet.  Make me an offer. I am in need of getting a new stove (my glass top cracked) and of course now my dishwasher and range are top of the line stainless so I need a fridge too and I need a custom ottoman that is about a grand... so I need the money.  Please go ahead and email me with SERIOUS inquiries only.  FREE Shipping.


03/25/08 Mail success: Robbie Gee (Pirates of the Caribbean). One new signature added to the Signature Database on the Home and Garden Signatures page and one new one added to the golf signature page.. 


03/24/08  Hi everyone; so sorry I have not updated in a while. I have been really busy personally and with the new project for this site... another signature database.  This one is based on high profile auction houses (most notably Profiles in History/Signature House).  Although not "official" sigs (endorsements approved by the celebrities) these signatures look great as far as authenticity and I felt they would be useful to those looking to compare to their sigs/or items they would like to buy.  Anyway, there is a disclaimer before you enter; so I hope you'll read it and then use the database.  It took me a week to set it up and it consists of three auctions only so far. I have many many many more to put on there.  There will be probably a couple thousand when done.  As of now, there are a couple hundred.  So enjoy and click HERE to see it.  You will also be able to access on the home page and the signature database front page.  Later I'll add the link to every template; for now, I wanted to get it up and running...  Okay, onto updates. I do have some updating to do with links, items ttm and this week a concert.  I've no time at the moment, but will try to finish those tomorrow and then continue building the database.  I'll get the link missing below added shortly; please read the post below as I am not sure I actually had uploaded the post.


03/12/08 Mail successes: Clifton James (Dukes of Hazzard), Glenn Beck (Radio/TV Conservative Talk Show Host) and David Nakayama (Star Wars Artist) (1294). RTS for Drew Karpyshyn (Star Wars Artist).     


03/11/08 For Sale: I have an extra program from Williamsburg Film Festival.  We are trying to recoup our admission... so price on it is 40.00 plus shipping or 45.00 postage paid.  It contains 10 signatures and that's less than 5.00 each (4.50 each; what a deal).  The LeGarde Twins are worth that for Star Trek fans alone (rare; unable to locate) and Lee Meriwether and Richard Herd are Trek people too... as well as Roger Davis who does NOT sign by mail and always charges 20.00 or more.  SO, offer is open to any interested party.  In persons:  Chicago White Sox players on a ball (I have turned my hubby into a seeker now as well) The players are Brian Anderson, Josh Fields and Pablo Ozuna. RTS for Denise Ream (AGAIN) (Star Wars crew/extra).  To yet another home address.  Oh well.  I give.  Mail success: Bernard Fox (Partridge Family, Dukes of Hazzard, Doctor Bombay in Bewitched).


03/09/08  A few to report. First the RTS's:  Taso Stavrakis (again).  this time to a home in CA.  Also RTS for Rick Zombo (Star Wars Comics).  Successes: Nina Talbot (Partridge Family), Brent Anderson (Star Wars Artist) (1292), Bob Herron (Stunt Man; Star Wars Empire of Dreams Special Thanks) (1293), John Crawford (Dukes of Hazzard, "Lost in Space"; The Waltons, The Longest Day) Williamsburg Festival  is completed. Several more conventions added to the Convention Listings page.  Look for the word NEW  One name added to a signature database on the Actor's signature page. Look for the word NEW One purchase: Sandra Payne (Waiting for God). I am about caught up now.  Thanks to the people submitting convention info. If anyone is looking for help at http://www.memorabilia.co.uk/ let me know. I may have someone who is willing to help.


03/08/08 This will be a huge update as I've gotten a lot the past week or so. A couple things to report. Mail successes from:  Joan Kenmore (Wizard of Oz), J B Blanc (Pirates of the Caribbean), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters and Dukes of Hazzard etc), and Richard Schaal (many things but for my purposes Dukes of Hazzard and Partridge Family).  RTS for Eddie Money PO Box PO Box 1994 San Francisco, CA 94101 and one I forgot to report before:  Taso Stavrakis (another person's home in Florida). Purchases: Jason Piper (Harry Potter), Timothy Bateson (Harry Potter) and Owen Teale (King Arthur).  In person successes from: Lesley Aletter (Stunt Double/Actress),  Roger Davis (Alias Smith and Jones, Dark Shadows etc), Richard Devon (Ewok Cartoons, Westerns), Richard Herd (China Syndrome, Seinfeld, Star Trek etc), Tom and Ted LeGarde (Star Trek/Singers, Gene Lesser (Westerns and Script writer), Lee Meriwether (Miss America, Barnaby Jones, Catwoman, Star Trek etc), Don Kay Reynolds (Pro Horse Trainer LOTR, and Westerns), Jacqueline Scott (Westerns "Empire of the Ants", Gregory Walcott (TV Westerns),  For those who ordered, I'll send shortly. I am busy still catching up. I did most emails and now updating this site. New signings added to the Convention Listings page Look for the word NEW.  Some signatures added to the Signature Database on the Actors Signature Page and the Actress Signature Page.  Two new posters added to the Family site on the Movie Posters and Other Posters Pages. (same page; but you will have to click the links marked "Movie Posters" and "Other Posters").  I've made a page about Williamsburg Festival on the Family Site as well (actually I have to add a bit more so may be online tomorrow so check back if you are checking this Saturday).  A note about signature verifications etc.  I've been getting some emails occasionally for authentication of historical and sports memorabilia. I am not good at those; this is a Star Wars site and I can help with other things, but those areas specifically I am clueless.  Unless I get something in person and can let you look at the scan, that's the best I can offer.  And if you have a document that is real important, best to go to a museum, major auction house like Christie's or Sotheby's and get authentication.  Also, Antiques Roadshow may come to your area.  However, those emailing with copies of say "Declaration of Independence", you most likely have a touristy thing.  There are original copies and prints that may have SOME value, but most likely you have one of a million copies.  And we autograph collectors cannot authenticate "real vs. facsimile" sigs via the internet.  Those have to be done IN PERSON.  We can say yes, it looks like the sig, but there's no way to tell facsimiles (most of the time unless we know of exemplars that are in mass production) from the real deal... there are tests to be run with light and magnification.  Please keep that in mind.  One more thing... ANOTHER large update tomorrow as mail came late today.


03/01/08  News.  Two apologies. I may not be able to attend Williamsburg Film Festival this week due the Van Halen/Trip to Phoenix fiasco.  It's all now conflicts with our Film Festival plans.  If I can go, it'll be very quick on a Thursday and I am not sure I can do it because of work conflicts... so I apologize for those interested.  Second, i have not checked my Star Wars autograph collecting site emails in almost two years!  I have been notified I had nearly 3,000 emails backlogged!  I cannot go through these.  I have had to delete them.  However, if you emailed under that account, I do ask that you please email me at my most used account: dahoov2@cox.net   I do apologize for the inconvenience and if you hit upon any page on this site that references the other email, please notify me so I can remove it.  Thank you and I didn't mean to ignore anyone.  Same with the problem of the deleted emails.  Occasionally, a stray "regular" email ends up in my trash and I've not figured out why just yet.  I ignore nobody... so if you've not been answered, I do apologize and please re-email at dahoov2@cox.net.  Thank you.  I'll update in a couple days


02/26/08 Purchases: Zahi Hawass signed book (Egyptologist) and Ray Winstone (King Arthur). Two ttm:  Doug Beason (Star Wars Author) (1291) and an Olympian (US Yachting Team).  I am not posting it as she is a friend of my husband and isn't used to the spotlight; but thanks to her for signing!  A couple new conventions added to the convention listings page.  Some new signatures added to the signature database on the Miscellaneous signatures page and the music signature page, one on Historical/Military signature page and one on the Home and Garden page. If anyone in New York city is reading this and can do me a favor, I am very much in want of an autograph at a Barnes and Noble.  For your help, I'll buy you a copy of what is being signed (a CD).  Any help would be appreciated.  Please email.  MASSIVE conventions added to the Convention Listings. Look for the word NEW.  I will be headed to Williamsburg Film Festival and a couple other events.  I can help if I CAN.  One Star Wars and one LOTR guy (minor but rare) will be at the Williamsburg Film Festival.  Email if you need something.


02/13/08 Three new conventions added to the website on the convention listings page.  Look for the word NEW.  Thanks to the people submitting that and if you have a convention you want listed, just send the link, date and place.  Thanks.  The Steacy autograph is online.  Two new ttm autographs came in: Jonathan Dicks (Star Wars) and Anthony Smee (Star Wars). Several pages are online at www.dahoovsplace.com from our trip this past weekend in Washington DC.  They are: Foreign Embassies (I've listed more than 50 new photos!, HRH Princess Martha of Norway/Sweden statue, another Gandhi Statue photo, Buffalo Statues, Rober Emmet Statue, Daniel Webster Statue, Old Stone House, St Patrick's Church, Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum and the Winfield Scott Statue. I still have the documentary to do, but have been super busy. I am way behind in my emails.  I noticed a couple emails of fiends are being dumped into my trash accidentally so if you've emailed me and didn't get an answer, that's probably it.  I do have filters, but some of it I don't know why it's been going there.  Anyway, apologies to anyone who didn't get a response; please email again.  No slight was intended.  As of right now, I still have about 34 emails to do stuff with, so hang in there if you wrote in the last two days.  Does anyone know where to get Star Wars Lego men, the 501st ones?  If so, please email; someone was asking about them.


02/08/08  News:  Star Wars Artist John Alvin passes away.  Our condolences to his family and friends.  it's a sad loss for the Star Wars community as well.  Conventions listings updated.  Look for the words NEW and UPDATED.  My thanks to the three people submitting information. I've yet to add the documentary someone asked me to my Documentary pages, but I will next week I promise. I apologize for the long delay, I just have a lot to do.  Mail success: Ken Steacy (Star Wars Artist) (1290). A new poster will be added to my dahoovsplace poster area Monday as well.  Scan in a couple days. I have places to go this weekend.  I'll have an update on the Siganture database and other things to add as well.  So please come back.  If you have any conventions to add, news to report, signatures for the database or anything else to contribute to the site, let me know. From the post on 1/18, a lot of that stuff has been deleted because is sold by now.  I have other new items for sale:


1 Tie Fighter/Falcon Mini Hallmark Ornaments new in box (5.00 plus shipping)

a ton of Star Wars insider magazines

A ton of Star Wars novels (Some brand new never read)

a few Miscellaneous magazines (Star Wars related like the Vanity Fair one)

a TON of Star Wars bookmarks (a hundred or so)

Dave Dorman signed metallic Cards

GoBot MIP Vintage from 1984


Make good offers and any or all of these things can be yours.  Come back in a couple days for the Poster update, the signature database update, the Steacy sig, the documentary update and more.



01/30/08  The Miles Jupp and Reggie Lee graphs are online.  One mail success:  Brian Turner (Star Wars Crew) (1289). A couple new signatures added to the signature database in the Music Signtures page (Isaac Hayes).  I still have some items left on Ebay.  Some sold.  Please email me if interested in Star Wars CIII Vader figures, Jorg Sacul figure, GoBot (Vintage), TMNT Donatello (Michelangelo sold), Voltron Sold.  Airbrush kit sold.  Airwolf Helicopter (Vintage and VERY rare has a bid); Large lot of items (Star Wars) sold.  Tusken Raider sold; but have Mini Tie and Falcon still available; Dave Dorman signed metallic cards (actually signed; not a facsimile). Ebay ID dahoov2.  Following animation cels listed shortly:  TMNT, Speed Racer, Fat Albert and still have the Japanese Anime one.  Free stuff mostly gone but still have:  ImagineCon program, Vampire program, Devil Wears Prada promo, Frisbee "Stepford Wives", Posters of "The Dark is Rising, a couple bookmarks for Battlefield Earth and a couple bookmarks for "Mr Magorium's Magic Emporium/The Dark is Rising", Armageddon promo cards (sealed in pack) and Bandits promo bill. If interested in any of these things, email me and send me SASE and I'll send you which items your want FREE.  After my auctions end, these things will be trashed if not taken. More items for sale shortly on Ebay include books, software and a few more toy lots.


01/25/08  I do have some things to report.  First, second exemplar on the Actor's Signature page (Bruce Willis) and third Exemplar on the Director/s Signature page (George Lucas).  Two through the mail successes for:  Miles Jupp (Harry Potter) and Reggie Lee (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Scans shortly.  I have a few items on Ebay right now.  One Star Wars Hallmark Ornament (Mini TIE and Falcon) new, One Princess Leia and Ewok figure set signed by Felix Silla (MIP), One Celebration III Talking Darth Vader (MOC), One Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello action figure (MOC), on Japanese GORGEOUS animation cel, one airbrush set (new in package), and one lot of Star Wars "junk".  Ads, comics, cards, promos, coin, playing cards, posters, convention passes, lanyards and other stuff.  Please get it all cheap... I am wanting to clear all my crap out. I sold two items already sorry (Tusken Raider Hallmark Limited Edition Ornament and the Vintage Voltron in box).  I will have more items if these sell.  I have an R2-D2 Telephone, a TON of Star Wars books and other things to go.  Please email me if interested or bid on Ebay.  Id is dahoov2.  I am very backlogged in emails and very busy for the next few days. PLEASE be patient,  FREE to anyone who sends me a self addressed-stamped envelope:  Transformers stickers (6; new in package), Osmosis Jones magnet, Devil Wears Prada card promo, Armageddon promo cards new in package, Battlefield Earth bookmarks, The Dark is Rising/Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Bookmarks, a LOTR poster (actually came from Columbia House but folded poster on one side and videos for sale on other; still nice to get signed), Two LOTR postcards in so so condition, an Imagine Con program from 2000, a Vampire the Masquerade brochure (nice inside), several "The Dark is Rising" posters (folded but new).  You can take one or all of the items. Please email me with what you want and I'll let you know how much you need to put on the SASE. 



01/18/08  Two RTS's:  A ROJ pilot (new so no name mentioned), Tom Calabrese (home address no longer valid) (Ewok Movie) and one mail success:  Jason Felix (Star Wars Artist) (1287). Two mail successes from:  Chris Adamson (Pirates of the Caribbean) and George P Wilbur (Ewok Films) (1288).  New sigs added to the signature database:  One on the football signatures page (Dan Marino), one on the music signatures page and actress signatures pages (Jennifer Lopez) and one on the "Other" page (Dr. Phil). Look for the words NEW. One new convention added to the Convention Listings page. Look for the word NEW If you know of other conventions, please submit and help fans everywhere.  In addition, I am caught up on emails.  I have started a third hobby:  Genealogy.  I am doing a family tree.  Visitors are welcome to view the tree using a password so if interested, email me.  My new page for that is http://dahoov2.tribalpages.com/; maybe we are related! So I have several hobbies now and am quite busy with personal stuff.  For instance today, I deserve a pat on the back!  I got rid of like 30 pairs of shoes!  I feel "elated". I am considering going back in and getting rid of a few more too as I've still got 28-30 pairs left.  But half; that's a lot for a woman to toss away! In the process of cleaning one closet, I've come across collectibles... if anyone is interested, let me know.  Here are some of the items (all new)


A small container of cereal toys (sealed in packages)

a bunch of new sealed in packages Hot Wheels cars

a long truck (foot long) from Kellogg's with Tony the Tiger on it and Terry Labonte facsimile sig

some stuffed toys  (Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, PrimeCo doll) all new with tags etc.

some key chains (Tony the Tiger x2, Enron)

Some cracker Jacks baseball cards, some not opened

Darth Vader Talking figure (Celebration III)

R2-D2 noise/movement telephone

Felix Silla signed figure (but is signed wrongly on a Wicket/Leia) set.  Nice though.



If anyone is interested, just make an offer....any offer...I am not attached to any of these items; trades accepted as well.  I can throw together "lots" if you want several items. Or all for a low price.



01/12/08 A few new conventions added to the Convention listings.  A couple new autographs. One via a friend:  Phillipa Boyens (LOTR) and one by mail:  Todd Nauk (Star Wars Artist) (1285), John Peel (Star Wars Author) (1286) and Hilton McRae (Star Wars).  Very exciting graphs they bother were for me today so I was pretty happy.  Many thanks to M for his help and friendship. Cathy Monroe is finally online.  A new dealer link added to the resources area. (look in the dealers area for the word NEW).  One new signature added to the Artists Signatures page (Charles Shultz) on the Signature Database I am not caught up on email so if you are waiting to hear from me and haven't, you should email again.  I am on my third batch of requests (another 20).  They're not coming back too fast but oh well.  I'll do at least 100 total before I will take a break, so that means probably another 15 or 20 before I stop for a few weeks.


01/08/08 A few small updates.  First, there are some Star Wars events of note.  First, http://www.starwars-theexhibition.com/index.html This is for London, Brussels and Sweden only though.  Unlucky us in the US. But in Chicago, Where Science meets Star Wars: http://www.msichicago.org/temp_exhibit/starwars/index.html.  News via a collector:  Lisa Umbarger says she was NOT an Ewok.  Why she signed then is beyond us...  It is recommended you NOT pay an absurd amount for a person not verifies such as this.  A new name has been added to the watch list.  Thanks Dave (we missed you). Some new conventions listed on the Convention Listings page. Two new signatures added to the signature database.  One in the Actresses page and one on the Other Page.



01/06/08  Well the new year started off pretty good for me.  Three new ttm autographs:  Kenneth Flint (Star Wars Author) (1280), Sean Stewart (Star Wars Author) (1281), Esther Friesner (Star Wars Author) (1282) and purchases: Cathy Monroe (1283), Sergio Marini (Star Wars) (1284) and Paul Weston (Star Wars) (This was just an upgrade). Scan's shortly. Stats for 2007: SENT 162 (My lowest amount sent in the last 10 years)

Of those 162, 11 were RTS's for a total of 7%

There were 68 successes, with two coming THIS year (2008 so don't know if that counts). To be fair, 33 of these were in December so most of those haven't had a chance to come back yet. Not including the 2 that came back this year that's a 42% rate, which is actually up from the previous two years!

83 No responses which is 51% Most of those non responders were King Arthur, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Star Wars.

One of the RTS's were one who said they weren't in Star Wars (but the just forgot) one refusal to sign from Pam Rose (Star Wars).

I started Star Wars with 1222 unique Star Wars signatures and I ended the year with 1279, so I amassed 57 different signature in 2008 (my lowest by FAR of all previous years). Of those 57 New names, 34 were by mail and 6 of those by friends.  That means I bought 23 Star Wars graphs in the previous year, about 2 per month.  I didn't keep tabs of any other films, but I do know that it was a BAD year for Pirates, King Arthur, Scooby Doo, Haunted Mansion, Troy and Lord of the Rings.  Bad year indeed. I would like to get more than last year, so trying for 1350.  Since I got 5 new ones already this month, that means 66 items I need to hope for!  Fingers crossed!  By the way, I did get a few "other" Star Wars signatures, of which I had already but had upgraded.  I think there were more than a dozen of those.