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Free Screen Captures


Screencap Heaven

Screencap Paradise

Cap That Screencaps

Extravaganza Screencaps

Secret Confessions Screencaps

Electric Dragonfly

Stargate-SG1 Caps

Black Glass CSI Screencaps

Dreamy Screencaps - Dozen or so films

Xena and Hercules Screencaps

Serenity Screencaps

Firefly Screencaps

West Wing Screencaps

Ninth Doctor - Dr Who Screencaps

Lord of the Rings Screencaps

Screencappiness - Buffy, Angel and Alias Screencaps

Capaddict - Current TV shows

Lost Screencaps

Chronicles of Narnia Screencaps

Prison Break Screencaps

Disney Animated Screencaps

Star Trek Film Screencaps

Seperntoria Film and TV Screencaps

Free Photos For printing


Hi-Res Celebrity-Photos

(general hi-res images of many celebs)


Celebrity Galleries Submissions

(Paparazzi type submissions)


Celebrity Pictures Archive

(has lots of ads & watermarks but tons of images)


 Superior Pics

(very high quality large photos but some not; you'll search end of bio for wallpapers)


At Pictures

(click the celeb then the photo gallery pic and then the specific pic for larger one...medium-high quality)


Perfect People

(large gallery; not all hi-res, but they tell you image size up front so you know exactly what you're getting)



(some not so large but very large database to choose from;  some are large enough for 8x10)


Visual Addiction

(site crops out backgrounds/makes them white; so-so quality/sizes and Photoshop job but some music groups)


Elegance Pixelfied

(uses magazines etc; has a lot of celebs and some very nice photos-not 8x10; but some can be made to size)


Last Beautiful Girls

(male, female, movies etc; medium to decent scans)


HQ Photos

(in French; photos reachable on left side by clicking montage-if you don't know who photos are you're in trouble.  Mostly women/TV shows, hi-res images though)


Celebrity City NEW

(forum that will probably require you to register; but does have a lot of images and people ask for requests)


Hollywood's Best NEW

(forum that has male, female and general scans people post)


Out Now NEW

(newer films; posters and some promo images; you need to click on the photos to enlarge them but most enlarge to hi-res or medium-hi res)


Movie Publicity NEW

(New Line film; nice but you have to know where to click;

click any project then above on black bar, click artwork or photos, then download images - no right click to save)


Cine Pix NEW

(Non English Site but easy to find the photos: online press kits and publicity photos of  20th Century Fox films)


Freeze Dried Movies NEW

(Click on the movie, look further down the page to see images, trailers and synopsis etc; click on images and then the folder; has images and nice poster images from new films)




Ladies Gallery

(takes long time to load/only good for medium resolution; not 8x10 prints - only female celebs)


Actress Archives

(Smaller physically, but saved at higher DPI; can be enlarged - only female celebs)




Star Wars Archive

(mostly prequels but nice hi-res scans and wallpapers and some Prequel Screencaps)



(Harry Potter  - over 3,000 images, but you will have to dig and look through to find the hi-res ones; though there are some very nice ones when you do find them)


War of the Ring

(Lord of the Rings images -thousands with many good hi-quality images and screen captures)




Movie Web

(hi-res publicity film shots; mostly upcoming films; you'll need to click each film then scroll to get to link for photos, time consuming but worth it - annoying popup ads)


Kino Movies

(very high quality poster images from new films and some hi-res photos; it's non English, but good; recommended - though time consuming if you can't read the language)


Dark Horizons

( high quality film images of upcoming films; mostly publicity kit shots which are also found on Movie Web/there is a few on each not on the other, so worth checking both)


Movie Reporter

(Hi Quality images-some screen caps but they look good-of newly released films; like Dark Horizons and Movie Web, but includes some older and foreign films)


Rotten Tomatoes

(Movie Gallery photos; mostly promo pics but some poster images as well)




All Posters

(mainstream Posters, prints and photos)



(offers discount for bulk buying)


Celebrity 8x10's

(Popular Culture/Contemporary Celebs)


Movie Eye

(also sells address access)


Photo Classics

(has inexpensive photos for sale)


A Wrinkle in Time

(Film, Actors, Actresses etc)


Celebrity 8x10s Spencer's

(movie, TV, Actors, Actresses, Models, Sports and Political also celeb gossip blog)


Celebrity Photos

(art prints, posters and even poster frames)


John Shepler

(Movies, music, sports, art prints, old photos)


Movie Market/Movie Store

(most well known amongst collectors because of it's large selection)


Movie Market UK

(UK version of above weblink)


Stateside Stills UK

(newest popular stills)




Celebrity Screensavers

(not  many but high quality-you'll need to download them)


Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon V and Sci-Fi Wallpapers

(Large galleries of favorite sci-fi movies)


Desktop Exchange

(nice free Star Wars,  Harry Potter, popular TV, models, Sports, Film and other Wallpapers; wide variety of each)


Cinematic Wallpapers

(nice wallpapers from the most popular films)

Places for Printing Photos






Web Photos


Matercolor Labs











(the highest quality photos I've ever seen)