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How I display my Star Wars Stuff


Things Scanned in


Hallmark Ornaments

Star Wars Bookmarks

1-32    33- 64     65-97    98-129     SW Kids

Star Wars/Lucasfilm Tickets/Invitations *** (Charity ones)

Star Tours Park Concept Drawings

Misc Rare Cast/Crew Collectibles

Star Wars Convention Passes/Badges ***

Star Wars Fan Club Packet/Hot Wheels Cars ***

Star Wars Advertisement Stand-ups

Star Wars Media/Booklist ***

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Things not scanned in my collection


4 Hamilton Plates

Gift Wrap (few roles) ***

Star Wars Crew T-Shirts (given by crew members)

Puzzles (3 metallic Framed; one 1977 one; 2 Hallmark Large; 2 Slivers) *** (Slivers only)

Frito Lay AOTC Game/Puzzle Pieces ***

Star Wars lobby cards/photos/postcards ***

Paper Advertising *** (Everything I have in one sale)

Comics (just 3 or 4 good ones left) ***

Star Wars Ep I 2 Decks in Tin Playing cards ***

Dave Dorman signed Tin Cards ***

Star Wars Hippos/Applause PVC Figurines ***

George Secul Figures (5 other signed figures) ***

Posters *** (Ep II one/CCG game Ad ones/Fan Club)

Various Promo Cards and Inserts from sets below ***

Widevision Series 1 cards (complete set)

Widevision Series 2 cards (complete set)

Star Wars Evolution Cards (complete set)

Star Wars Galaxy Series 1 cards (complete set)

Star Wars Galaxy Series 2 cards (complete set)

Grab bag of extra cards from sets above ***

Cereal Pens (2) ***

Light up Celebration II Pen

R2-D2 Beanie ***

Ewok Plush (Star Tours)

R2-D2 Telephone ***

Willits Cels (4)  *** (Have one to offer)

Star Wars Signed Lithos (Have 3 will sell 1 Framed ***)

2 Loose Figures (Yoda, Chewy and ESB Trooper) ***

Star Wars Stampers (Complete set of 5) ***

Star Wars Magazines

Star Wars Interactive Board Game

Star Wars Lego Sets (many)

Star Wars PC Games (many)

Star Wars Monopoly Game

Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Game

Star Wars Tazos (UK) ***

Star Wars Cereal Busts (UK) ***

KFC Pogs ***

2 Metal Figures from game ***

Star Wars stickers/folders/notebook/agenda/Journals  (disposable)

Computer Mouse pad/Wrist rest (disposable)

Thousands of autographs *** (see individual names and email if interested)


Will Trade for/Wanted


Star Wars 10th Anniversary Plate

2 Missing Happy Hippos

2002 Hallmark Obi Wan Ornament

Cast/Crew specific stuff

Any Autographs I don't have




Posters ***

Promo Cards ***


Animation Cels


Note:  I will trade one - many things for one right item or price!  Also, if something is not scanned in and you wanna see, or you want to know what comics, promo cards or anything else I have, just email me at:


I'll accept any reasonable offer; am wanting to clean house.

How I Display my Star Wars Stuff in my home

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