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15  Frequently Asked Questions


1) Do you have a list of addresses you can share?


A. Yes and no.  I have a list of addresses.  Some I can give out and these are already available for you on my site. Others I cannot.  Of the ones I cannot, some of those I can barter with and others I can never give out.  I do NOT give out my address lists. I don't give out home addresses, addresses I was asked not to or personal email addresses.  Occasionally, a celebrity may be ill, very young  or whatnot,  and I may decide it not good to give out the address.  I am not the internet police, but it's my personal convictions that matter to me.  It's my choice and I hope you would respect that choice.  


2) Do you want something in return for your generosity?


A.  Yes and no.  I believe all collectors should share, but only those who are responsible and who develop a good relationship with the rest of the Star Wars  community. If I trade or give you any information I ask in return you be responsible with the information I give you.  Should you want to barter for the ones I can barter with, you should give something in return. It's only fair.   I may also ask that you do not pass the address along and you can instruct me to do the same.  I limit the bartering to whom I believe will be responsible. Not just anyone gets addresses.  I'm selective.  I hope that you will not be hurt if I say no.  I have to know you.  Remember, I've seen the worst come out of collectors, and I want to make this a hobby that is fun and respectable.


3) Why can't you give some addresses out?


A. I can't give out some addresses because of one or two reasons: Either I have found the star and contacted them and they asked me not to or a fellow collector has given me the address and asked me not to.  I will not break a confidence or promise.  I will tell you the reason why if you ask me.  I of course will honor you in the same way. Some I won't because they are home addresses.  Others I have problems with.  For example, I feel a young child shouldn't be too burdened. Or someone may be in the hospital and needs to get better.  You may not agree with me on this, but I am the one with the responsibility on my shoulders, so that's my decision.


4) Do you sell addresses? Why not?


A. No.  I don't believe in it. If it can be found by me on the Internet, then it can be found by anyone and is public property.


5) Do you sell your autographs?


A.  Yes & no.  I will not sell unless it's something I purchased.  Of those that aren't purchases (majority of the collection) I'll trade if I have extras. I've promised the stars I wouldn't sell & I don't think it's right to sell something you  got for free. That's profiting off of someone else's generosity and it just isn't right. If a celebrity gifts me with his/her signature, I would be profiting off their name.  If anyone should profit off their name, it should be them. However, if I've bought an autograph then I am entitled to resell it. 


6) Would you trade?  If so, how would a trade work?


A. Yes, I'll trade. I'll have posted a list of trades available on this site with detailed descriptions.  I realize some of my autographs may be inscribed or possibly not in perfect condition due to being received in that condition. Therefore, I am sometimes willing to trade 2 for 1 etc or mine or opposite. Everything depends on the rarity of the ones I have or am trying to get.  I understand which ones are rarer and gather you do, so we should be cordial during the trade.  If I think something is rare and you don't, we either work it out or the deal ends.  I believe in fairness and being cordial.  I don't think highly of people who overvalue their collections.  I have been collecting a long time and know values, so if you are a new collector, bear that in mind.  If you don't like the trade offer, you don't have to accept it.  Please don't be upset if you don't like the deal... it's how much the trade means to me... and it should be the same for you.  If you don't want to trade because you think my offer was unfair, I promise not to be mad or huffy.  It should be an amicable exchange!


7) You have something I want but I have nothing you want! What can we do?


A.  Well, I may be willing to trade an autograph for a couple addresses! I might hold the item for you for a limited time if you have something coming up.  Or maybe you have an address you can't give out but would write the star for me and get me an autograph I want.  There might be something we can work out so no fear!


8) I have something you want but you don't have anything I need. Can we do something about that?


A.  Do you need an address I have?  Maybe I can fork up a couple for an autograph you have.  Maybe you'll sell the autograph?  Or maybe you can hold it for me if I have promising information for you.  I am sure we can work something out!  


9) What about the stuff on your site?  Can I borrow images etc.?


A.  Yes.  I really don't care unless you are gonna take an autograph I have and post it as yours.  or if you are going to perpetuate a forgery or something.  I've borrowed my images from others and the ones I've made, I don't care all that much.  It would be nice if you told me first though.  I ask that you not steal my site and my ideas though!  Be kind and just ask me first.   


10)   I'd like my link on your site.  Will you put it there?


A. I only put the best here.  I'd be happy to put your site on it if it is unique, has good information and can help others.  I ask that you link me too.  However, I don't do banners.  I just don't have the space.  You can banner me if you'd like, but sorry, I cannot do the same.  I just don't want to ruin my format and I have a lot of links already.  Ad free rocks!


11) How often do you update?


A. I update the address diary within a day or two after my successes/failures. I update credits, addresses & scans within the site weekly & add new stuff/change stuff periodically as time permits. Keep coming back! You'll never know what you'll find!  Sometimes, I go on a whim and add a new page or series of pages.... but alas, some times time passes and nothing is new


12)  Can you hook me up with a modeling agency?  Talent agency?  Can you help me talk to the director of... or can you get me into Skywalker Ranch? 


A.  No.  I can direct you to people that can MAYBE or I can help you research what you need, but I am not affiliated with any major motion picture studio or agency. I run a website and that's all.  My connections are in the collecting area only.


13)  I am looking for an old movie and I don't know where to buy it.  Where Can I get it?


A.  Sorry, I only published names of old films I liked or that intrigued me when I set up my "family site".  I only list the films!  I can suggest you try www.Ebay.com, www.columbiahouse.com or www.amazon.com .  If you can't find it there, do a Google search with the title of the movie in quotes and the word 'purchase' after it.  A lot of movies are out of print and can only be found in specialty stores or used in auctions.


14) Hi Mr. Trump, Ms. Black or Mr. Bloom... Can I have....


A.  Sorry, I am not the celebrity in question. I am just an autograph collector who has their signature.  Also, if you are trying to solicit ideas or solicit the celebrities for cash, the answer is no, I will not donate personally.  I abhor solicitors and spam and my mission is to boycott those who ask.  I pick and choose my charities as they fit my personal choices.


15)  I have questions still! What can I do?


A. E-mail me! dahoov2@cox.net