Note: There were preprinted and real autographs given at Star Wars Weekends.  Be aware of that when purchasing off of people.  Be specific when asking about them.  Ask: Did the celebrity use a pen/maker and sign the photo in front of you?  Don't ask "Did you get these in person".  Some sellers on Ebay will say yes.  The fact is technically, the park helpers passed Auto-penned or preprinted photos out and so did the celebrities.  So technically, yes, they did get it in person!  BE VERY CAREFUL.  Know also these things are rare is legit.  Maybe 100-250 max were signed per person per year. If you know where I can purchase any, please let me know. 


1997 Disney Weekends Photos

1997 Anthony Daniels and Dave Prowse.  Both are un-signed.


1997 photo of Peter Mayhew (signed). Not a preprint; is in my collection.