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12/31/07 Last post for the year!  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.  Couple small updates.  First ttm: Mike Edmonds (Star Wars).  This one only took 6 years, 2 months and 5 days!  Thanks Mr. Edmonds; glad I haven't moved.  Through a friend:  Vass Anderson (Star Wars) (1278) and David Scott (Star Wars Crew) (1279).  Remember, I have a few not online so I am really at 1284-1285 but I'll just count the 1278 for the year.  Short of my first goal of 1300 but over my second goal of 1275.  Goal for next year will be 1350.  I haven't received any of the batch I've sent out within the past couple weeks yet, but of that 34 only one RTS which I resent.  I hope the new year will bring lots of those. I have another batch of 21 started. BIG names this time.  Should stir interest if any respond.  One new name added to the signature database on the Music signatures page (Eddie Money).  See ya in the new year (I am behind in emails and have tons of addresses to go through yet so thanks for your patience and I know I owe a few letters to friends.  I will do them shortly.


12/22/07 One item via purchase:  Paul Bettany (Knight's Tale, Da Vinci Code etc).  One signature ttm:  Sebastian Dickins (1277) One signature added to the local or Misc signature page (radio host).  I thank everyone for all the nice cards I received at Christmas. I got quite a few and only forgot two or three who I didn't have addresses for but they responded electronically, so I did as well ... anyway, your thoughts are appreciated very much!  One RTS from the batch I just sent out:  Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens c/o Martin Shapiro Agency 8927 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048 "Unknown Reason: Unable to Forward".  II am resending to another address.  I wish everyone a Happy and blessed New Year!  I'll be collecting more this year I think.  We shall see. I did get a self-inking "Air Mail" stamp for Christmas and a few foreign stamps from a friend, so that'll help! One signature added to the signature database on the Local signature page or Misc Signature page and one signature added to the Historical Signatures page.


12/11/07 Too much here again so not too much collecting going on.  I do have some minor updates.  Three purchases:  George Harris (Harry Potter) and Rachael Harris (Haunted Mansion) and Wallace Shawn (Haunted Mansion).  Some signatures added to the signature database:  One in the Home and Garden signature page (Martha Stewart), some on the Music signature page (Eagles: Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Tim Schmidt), and many, many more to follow, mostly historical and military and big named old time celebs to follow in a special page.  Also, a couple new links posted for my friend Ken's site and for wrestling.  They are on the Index page and the Generic Autographs page.  I have just mailed my Christmas cards but for a couple people I didn't have an address, so I apologize and will just extend my wishes here to you.  Happy Holidays and I wish you good health, happiness and love.   My many thanks for the Christmas cards received; this small gesture is something that makes me feel life is still worth living, so it means a LOT that people have thought of me!  Many, many thanks!  I hope people will get back into "communication" with others.  You have no idea how much it all means; it does work. So continue to spread cheer and love.  Too tired or busy or not; better late than never!  It's so true.  Remember, you are loved right back and can affect someone (even the smallest thing can save someone from going over the edge as I have found out). 


12/0307 5 Scans are online from previous post.  Also, today ttm:  Alex Norton (Pirates of the Caribbean). Added a new link to the Front page and the General Autographs Page.  A unique Star Wars collector site on  the Star Wars Portal also added.  Thanks to Bob and Todd for the submissions. I regret I have had to turn two others down (they have to relate to my site in order to be included).  Sorry.  Also thanks for the notification of dead links (I'll fix those shortly).   Here's something to get behind; calling all Star Wars fans... start your lobbying now!:  http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20155748,00.html Also, made a page about a show we attended:  It was an improv show starring Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood.  Very fun.  We saw that this past Saturday. 



11/29/07  Wow; longer times between updates.  Few new purchases added to collection: Maureen Charlton (Ewok) (1273), David Field (Imperial) (1274), Wendy Allen (Rebel) (1275), David Church (Rebel) (1276).  Also added a new animation cel (Model cel) of Winnie the Pooh (click Animation Cel Link).  Nothing has been happening autograph wise and I've still not gotten back into it.  I do appreciate the few emails I've gotten though.  Even back in contact with two ex collectors from years ago~  They apparently aren't into collecting either, but it's nice to keep those communication lines going just in case.  Anyway, on the personal front, two week from tomorrow Jeremy graduates finally!  Scott will also!  Amazing... took Scott forever.  Kind of like me; too many moves and college transfers and credits lost we had both given up.  But Scott put the pedal to the metal and finally finished.  He ends up with a BS in Business Management and Jeremy ends up with a degree in 3-D Modeling/Animation.  As for me, I still have a year left (they make you take a year at least at any school even if you were one credit from a degree...).  I don't know if I'll ever go back.  With all these thousands we owe; it could be a lot of years before I finish!  Scott will enter the masters program and Jeremy will not; he'll be looking for full time employment sometime in the next week or so... We will have a difficult time in the next three weeks or so doing updates because I have the grandbaby for a while and then the graduations and project show as well as Christmas.  We'll be really busy.  But I'll try to answer emails within a day or so; please be patient as always!  Love to all... Scans later today.


11/19/07 I wanted to spread a word about customer service. I have been trying to locate a fiber optic curtain to use at my son's booth for college. This is very important to our theme and this booth is the culmination of 4 years of college and potential employment.  So it's a huge deal. I found this company called Ampa Entertainment.  www.ampaentertainment.com  and they seemed to have what we need and the only place I could locate this specific item within our state.  So I emailed them to see if they rent it.  They first tried to bilk me out of money praying on my naiveness of pricing. I had researched rentals and purchases of these curtains online they were about 1200 up to buy (but I did not say to rent or buy) and they wrote back "our items are similar in price" which obviously had to refer to a rental price because that's what I was asking about. I  was confused if they realized I wanted a rental price, and told them I could not afford that much and would like to rent for a day and would be willing to spend what one company charges for a week rental, about 112-124 dollars.  I'd rather pick it up in this state rather than mail.  They informed me they could not help me.  So I wrote back and asked their hours, saying I couldn't afford it but I'd like to go up and look at their store, so what are their hours on the weekend. I get an email back saying "we can't help you". That's all they said.  I wrote back and said that was rude.  They didn't explain anything. Were they NOT a prop store (their ad says you can rent a column for 75.00 or a potted plant or grass skirted cabana etc for parties.  It looked like a warehouse store to me, though they did have lighting specialists and carpenters etc.  I am not sure but seemed to me a store?  Apparently I am too small potatoes for them so they don't want to deal with me.  At least that was what I was left thinking, but you'd think you'd get back something nice, like "sorry, we are in the business of huge events and cannot accommodate small rentals etc as we do major events with large budgets, but here's the name of someone who could help you... " anything nice with some information about their company's refusal or being polite would have sufficed!  So after this rejection email,  I tell them that was a rude response and not necessary.  I then I get this my response to my third and what I though final email: 


sorry you feel that way...

ampa has done everything we could for you.  we have real people with real jobs.

good luck



It's not addressed to me, it's not signed, it's not properly structured and it's seemingly ruder than the second response!  Now, I don't know how other people run their businesses, but there is no call for this.  You never know who you are making upset?  What if I was responsible for running a huge event coming up?  How is this sort of response good for their business?  I will pass on to my fellow show promoters NOT to rent or purchase from Ampa Entertainment.  They are rude people who apparently try to bilk you and are rude to their clients.  I will be sending emails to the show promoters to make them aware of this business and their customer service failure. To anyone reading this doing a show in Richmond, VA, do NOT use them!  The person who responded was named Ted.  Hopefully he's not the owner, but I fear he may be.  If you would like the name of someone who may be able to help for your convention/trade show needs, I'll be researching and developing information for that.  Hopefully I'll be able to work out a datasheet for it.  Please email if you have contact inforamtion for the Virginia area.  I'll do my best to help you and the next convention we work/attend or promote.


11/14/07 Four new signatures added to the signature database; one in Baseball signatures (Ted Williams), one in Historical Signatures (Eleanor Roosevelt), one in Music Signatures (Johnny Cash) and one in Home and Garden Signature (Sister Schubert). I still have probably a hundred to put on; so if you are looking for someone specific, let me know.


11/13/07 I forgot to mention if anyone needs the new Jeanne Cavelos email (Star Wars author related); please feel free to email.  FINALLY caught up on emails except to find the scene in Pirates from Paul.... that might be a while yet. I've just been not collecting and been concentrated on family now.  Scott and Jeremy will both graduate college the end of this year we believe.  New Grandbaby visits more often now.  Holidays are coming so ... I didn't want people to think I am ignoring them or this site.  So I'll just hope I get back on track soon.  If you have anything you'd like posted (relating to collecting), feel free to email and I'll do my best to accommodate.


11/05/07 My interest in the hobby has waned so much I am hardly posting.  So sorry.  A few things added to the Signature database: one on the actresses Signature page (Pamela Sue Martin) and one (second exemplar) on the music signature page (Shania Twain) and one on the Actors signature page (Ed Begley Jr).

 I got one ttm successes from Clint Carleson (LOTR) and Richard Chasemore (Star Wars Artist).  In addition, a new page on the family site for Franklin Delano Roosevelt House.  I have taken up a new hobby of some coin collecting... but don't plan to get into it TOO much.  I have a new grandbaby and will be spending more time on that... still will answer emails, chat with anyone about this and update as needed.  Keep sending in updates.  One new convention update on the convention listings page. I will be attending this event barring emergencies/conflicts.  If anyone wants something, email; I MIGHT be able to help.


10/21/07 A couple small things to report.  First, in person for Dr. Laura last night.  Went to go see Talkfest (made a page for it) and George Noory and Glenn Beck were there as well (we didn't see the others; Clark Howard and Sean Hannity).  They went away fast as they had plane trips, but was fun listening to them. Two new conventions and three updated conventions on the Convention Listings page. One new Embassy on the family site.  I've added a new mermaid to the Mermaids page (also on the family site).  I am all caught up on this week's email so if I didn't respond, please re-email.


10/13/07 Nothing much to report.  One purchase of Pam Rose (Star Wars).  I think I've already counted her sig...but now have removed the letter. NEWS: Jeanne Cavelos will be at the following: World Fantasy Convention Nov. 2-4, in Saratoga Springs, NY.  That and another convention update on the Convention Listings page. One signature added to the artists signature page.


10/05/07 A new signature added to the Signature database on the Political Signatures page. Look for the word NEW  In person meeting but I didn't get a signature.  Ed Begley Jr. (did take a photo though) so I'll add that to his signature page...I already had his signature and it didn't seem the time to ask for an autograph because of the situation.  It was kind of crowded and there were a lot of people wanting  to talk to him.  I had so many questions, thoughts and ideas to share, but I couldn't monopolize...so we just asked one or two questions and took a photo.  Maybe I'll write him but I know he's busy. I've added a new link to the Generics Autograph area and the Homepage.  Look for the word NEW. One ttm success from Tim Preece (Waiting for God)


10/04/07 A couple things to report.  First NEWS: Christine Hewitt passed away from cancer. Very sad to hear that and this site wishes all the best for the family. Ms Hewitt wasn't great at signing by mail but she did do a few conventions and a lot of fans got to meet her.  Next, two purchases:  Steve Hytner (Haunted Mansion) and Garrett Hedlund (Troy) to my collection.  In person autographs:  Harry Turtledove (Author) and Mercer Mayer (Artist) at National Bookfest.  I tried to get Joyce Carol Oates, but she would not sign my bookplate, insisting that she sign only her new book.  I was talking to this nice man in line and he had this really nice anthology book that all the other authors of the books had signed (very limited edition) and only she hadn't signed it.  If he is out there, please email me to let me know if she signed.  I forgot to wait to see if she signed for you... if not, that's terrible!  I hope people will boycott her next book. A fan is a fan; whether they have the latest book or another or didn't want to lug around books all day.  Doesn't mean they are selling stuff!  If you are worried about that, only sign one item and dedicate it.  Gee whiz.  Very disappointing.  Who was NOT disappointing though was Harry Turtledove.  He signed my bookplate and I can't wait to check out his other works.  While at Bookfest, I got a new Poster to add to my collection and when I got home, I got mail from somewhere and two new posters added to the collection more!  so Two movie posters added, one "other" poster added, and Cukr posted I have a better image, so one Star Wars Poster updated . While in DC, we went Embassy photo taking, so I've added a TON (30) of new embassy photos on the family site. I may have more coming as I've still got a dozen unidentified ones to try and figure out.  Also on the family site, updated photos of the Vietnam Wall Memorial and memorial statue, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, National Bookfest. National Museum of Natural History, National Archives and new photos of John Ericsson Memorial, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Philip Sheridan Statue, Dupont Fountain, US Naval Memorial, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Agriculture, and Potomac River Park. Now that's a lot of updating!  If you are interested in going to Washington DC, I think I've a pretty comprehensive site for it!  Enjoy. More tomorrow.


09/27/07  Well, I've not been collecting or dealing with this site or anything at all... so not much to report. I do have a few new items via purchase:  David Boller (1268) signed coloring book (Star Wars artist) , Mike Baron and Allen Nunis (1269) signed comic (Star Wars artist), Timothy Bradstreet (1270) signed comic (Star Wars artist) and via a friend: Michael Atiyeh (1271) (Star Wars Artist) and Nick Laws (1272) (Star Wars crew).  I have decided to do some more requests, but I've just been in the dumps about collecting.  I WILL do this batch though.  I have dozens on the desk for months now.  Anyway, this will be done in October as Jeremy is going back to college for the last class and Scott will be finishing up his degree as well same time.  Also, we are headed out to DC this weekend, so we'll have more photos to add of that to the family site as well as a couple new graphs and a poster to add to the collection maybe.  Thanks to the person who reported the Lee Starkey error.  I had her as George Harrison's daughter and she's actually Ringo Starr's daughter.  It's fixed now.  Thanks again. I've added an official signature to the signature Database (2nd exemplar) on the Actors signature page. Thanks to Dave Prowse and the site for that.  I am late posting this but a friend has a very nice multi-signed item for sale... it's an  EPISODE I - Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Jake Lloyd, Brian Blessed, Steven Spiers, Ray Griffiths, Benedict Taylor, Warwick Davies, Ray Park, Jerome Blake, Hugh Quarshie, Alan Ruscoe and Steve Coppinger.  All signatures except Brian Blessed were obtained in person; the Blessed was obtained in the mail after personal correspondence.  If interested, please contact Chris at:  chrislodder@hotmail.com or myself and I'll pass it on to him. I guess it'll be too hard to reach 1300 by year's end, but I'll be at 1275 at minimum.  I'll push for 1300.


09/14/07 Hello again.  A very quick update.  No new news to report on the autograph front, but I did have a couple small updates.  I've added a new name to the 'watch list'.  This was submitted by Dave Prowse (site).  I can't in good conscience put this dealer on the Xlist, but I did see at least three new (since his last sales batch) forgeries.  That is not to say that this person is forging anything; it simply means be very careful in what you buy, as they do have mixtures in there.  So check out the watch list and look for the word NEW.  I've also added a couple new names to the signature database.  One new signature on the Author page and one new signature on the Artists page. Look for the word NEW I have changed Mike Kirby to Mark Kirby but have not changed the name of the HTML page but I do know that is a problem.  I just don't want to have to find all the links to that but on the Star Wars index and his bio, I've put the correct name.  Thanks to the person who told me about that.  I've removed two Harry Potter items I had traded.  Other than that, that's all for now! Have a nice weekend.


09/10/07 Ok, I think I'm caught up with email.  My thanks to Barb for the graph; April Love (author) and photos/page online for Grand Funk Railroad and War and Bay Days.  In addition, I got in persons from Grand Funk Railroad: Tim Cashion (Keyboardist) and Don Brewer (Drummer).  I didn't have anything to get signed, so I got this paper Geico Gecko fan they were giving away there.  LOL  Better than nothing.  I should've taken my old 45 record!  While at the concert, we found ourselves standing near Bruce Hornsby but didn't get a graph ;(  Also online a new "General" sig for the signature database on the Historical signature page  I have caught up on emails and only have one to answer (see tomorrow; Xlist possible posting).


09/07/07 Quick update.  I did post a couple updated and new conventions on the Convention Listings page.  Look for the words UPDATED and NEW. Thanks to both Pauls for the info.  To Marlies, I just sent your photos and will have the last one tomorrow. A new link has been added to the Generic Autographs template and the home page.  My thanks to Dave.  I've fixed the Melissa and Tiffany Kurtz page and the Alec Guinness page (added new credits and expounded on the fact he was in these as archival footage).  That's all for today.  I promise to finish up emails tomorrow. I owe a couple people stuff... and if anyone has corrections for me to make on the site, feel free to email.  Don't forget that Harry Potter petition below.  Thanks!


09/06/07 Well several new graphs into the collection today:  Syd Wragg (1262) (Star Wars ANH), Paul Jerricho (1263) (Star Wars ESB), Stephanie English (1264) (Star Wars ESB), Marilyn Turk (1265) (Star Wars ESB and ROTJ), Quentin Pierre (1266) (Star Wars ESB and ROTJ), Mike Huston (1267) (Star Wars ESB), and Emily Dale (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). My thanks to my friends Robert and Dax for their help.  Alas, Natalia Teena so missing that one still and Bronagh Gallagher cancelled so no upgrades there.  I did get one in the mail as well:  Michala Banas (Scooby Doo).  long time since I added to that film series!  Visited the Steve Miller Band concert at American Music Fest and special guest Star Grant Austin Taylor (young new rocker - age 12).  See other concerts by going HERE. See other Festivals by going HERE.  I've made pages for them all so visit those on the family site. I've rescanned the Leigh Brackett letter in for better clarity.  Lastly, I am a Harry Potter fan.  For those who read the books and who know me I ask a favor.  Please sign the following petition:  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/DeathlyHallowsEpilogue/index.html What this is, is a petition that is intended to reach JK Rowling and will ask her to please publish her original full version of the epilogue of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".  Many fans would like more closure and she's already told in some interviews that the original epilogue was much longer and had more resolution.  We want to see it!  So I ask fans everywhere to please sign.  Thank you.  I have a couple conventions, a couple corrections and I have to remove a couple traded graphs, so come back for those changes, as well as concert photos from Grand Funk Railroad and War as well as Hampton Bay Days photos.  I am behind in email as usual, and will try to catch up tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.  Thanks to Margarite for the photos, Paul and Jess for the info.  I'll try to get to everyone else by tomorrow or the weekend.  Thanks!


08/27/07  Long time no write.  It's just not my first priority I guess these days.  I'll do a short update as NOTHING is happening in the Star Wars or autograph world.  A couple items from friends eventually to come adding a couple more to the collection.  I've had a item a couple weeks ago:  Chris Cox (1259) (Star Wars).  I purchased a good one!  Leigh Brackett (1260) (Star Wars) which is kind of a rarity.  Nice find there as she passed away a long time ago.  I purchases another:  Matt Lucas (1261) and I've got a batch more coming soon from London Film and Comic Con.  If all goes well another 6 more for the Star Wars collection and two more for the Harry Potter collections!  I've done a trade too so two Harry Potter items are gone (Edward Tudor Pole and Paul Davies) but I have an in person Sarah Jessica Parker.  My thanks to Barb, Dax, Robert, Pete and Holger for their help over the past couple weeks.  I've added a couple signatures to the signature database on the Actresses signature page (Jacqueline Smith), Designer's Signature Page (Chris Madden) and the Football signature page (Michael Vick).


08/09/07 Eddie Money page/photos online on the family site.  Kevin J Anderson's Dune Book Tour (most likely will sign SW and others as well): August 10 Beaverton, Oregon at Powell's books 7 PM; August 11 Tigard, Oregon at Borders Books 5 PM; August 13 Sacremento, CA Barnes and Noble 7 PM; August 14 San Francisco, CA Borderlands Books 7 PM; August 15th San Francisco, CA Verity Preview Room 7 PM; August 16 Half Moon Bay, CA Bay book Company; August 16 Livermore, CA Public Library 7 PM; Pasadena, CA Vroman's Bookstore 7 PM; August 18 Huntington Beach, CA Barnes and Noble 2 PM; August 19 Burbank, CA Dark Delicacies 2 PM; August 20 West Hollywood, CA Book Soup 7 PM; August 21 San Diego, CA Mysterious Galaxy Books 7 PM.  Also convention: August 30-2 September:  DragonCon. The guest list for that convention has been updated on the convention listings page.


08/07/07 Okay, nothing to post about so been offline. I've virtually stopped all collecting.  However, I will update for anyone who might still be caring... one new convention added to the convention listings. Thanks to the person who submitted it.  One new name added to the Music signatures on the signature database.  I'm working on concert photos/page for Eddie Money.  Please come back tomorrow for that.


07/27/07 A new convention and a couple updates on the Convention Listings page.  A purchase:  Danielle Tabor (Harry Potter). One ttm success from James Dreyfus (My Hero). I've finished reading the Harry Potter book... if anyone wants to discuss, just email.  Went to concert Saturday (Dennis De Young) at Busch Gardens. I've made an update on Busch Gardens and I've made a page for Dennis. I've added a new link to the General Autographs area and the Home page. Look for the word NEW   This weekend we'll be out but nothing to post about, however following weekend another concert (Eddie Money). I've answered all email up till today so think only Nothing much happening on the Star Wars front; I think the hobby is dead.  Oh well!  I'll keep posting though; just infrequently like I've done the last three or so weeks.  Unless you have something to share or add or fix etc, then email and I'll post fast as I can!  


07/19/07 There's been nothing to report really, so I've not been posting.  But I do have one today:  ttm success from Jonathan Oliver (Star Wars).   A second exemplar for Arnold Palmer on the Golf Signatures page.  I hear CE wasn't that great, but I've also been told they did sell a lot.  Amazing it's not on Ebay.... I've not seen any of the photos.  We're headed out this weekend to take in Busch Gardens and a concert so that will be updated soon; I'll be reading the next Harry Potter book this weekend, so who knows... I heard bad things about the book already!  I don't like what I heard at all.... oh well.  We shall see.  I hope to get back into signings and more stuff later on this year.  I hope so~


07/12/07 Two additions today and I'll try to get to more, but maybe later this week.  Right now, I've added the Tusken Raider limited edition Hallmark image and info in the collectibles area on the Hallmark Ornaments page. NEWS: A special guest is added to the Celebration Europe Guest page but he will not be in the official signing area and will not be on the coupon system... please make sure to stop by and get more than one because you get a LOT for your money and you also are contributing to charity at the same time!  Brilliant.... so be sure to bring extra cash! Go to the Celebration Europe page now for info~


07/10/07 A new Poster added to my collection.  Three new signatures added to the Music Signature page (thanks Mike); they are Ace Frehley (4th Exemplar), Gene Simmons and Peter Criss.  Not that it matters but I did update some Celebration Europe guests (my interest for this is super low, so I've not been enthusiastic updating; so sorry).  Three new conventions and updated convention on the Conventions Listing page (thanks Dominic and Jason).  Do you have scans for the database?  Conventions to add or update?  Please feel free to email. I am a little slow responding lately, but I promise to get to them all.  Speaking of email; I was over 86 emails saved to answer and today I spent a good 5 hours doing so.  I only have two left to answer; so please be patient as I probably will stop for now. I have to log out.  Thanks for your patience.  If you know the guest prices (coupons) for the Celebration Europe guests, please email.


07/09/07 A few new things on the family site:  Assateague Horses and Lighthouse, the Mermaids of Norfolk (I am collecting photos of them). I got one ttm success from Milton Johns (Captain Bewill Star Wars).  I added four new signatures to the Signature Database in the Actresses Signature Page (Natalie Portman), Talk Show signatures page (Leeza Gibbons 2nd Exemplar), Fashion Designers page (Adrian Delafield) and Music Signature Page (LeAnn Rimes). 


07/08/07 Sorry for the long time in updates. There's nothing to report. I've not been buying or sending out autograph requests and I've not been getting anything. I am a little disenchanted with Star Wars and most of collecting because of the money involved; it's all so tainted and no longer fun.  I just don't see why you'd be proud of PURCHASING an autograph.  Anyone can do that!  Anyway, I've taken a break and working on personal fun like reading and playing some new video games, catching movies and going places.  Speaking of personal fun, I have found time to update some of the family site.  Tonight I added The Little River Band (third time we've seen them), The Connells, Beatle Mania Again and an excursion to the Norfolk Tides. The Tides page was published, but when I went in, it didn't show. I can't figure out why. I'll try to this weekend.  Thanks for your patience. I will have more to add in the next few days and then I hope I have more to report on this site.  Hey, has anyone played the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Game? I need help. I am 99% done and missing just one small item to finish the game.  If you can help, please send and email to dahoov2@cox.net.


06/30/07 Online is the Michie Tavern and Meadow Run Grist Mill page from when we went to Monticello as well as Summerfest, though we already put that on this site (I added it to the family site because it was an event/festival).  So those are on the family site.  Thomas Jefferson's signature added to the Historical and Military Signatures page on the Signature database. Through the mail successes:  Joseph C Phillips (Cosby) and Andrew Lawden (Star Wars Federation Soldier/Qui Gon Double) (1258).  I am making a section for the Cosby show.  Should be finished soon.  I'll be headed out this weekend to another event, so that will be added soon. Someone sent me a scan for the signature database which I'll add soon with others.  Sorry for the delay.


06/26/07 We went on a trip to Monticello  on the 16th of June (home of Thomas Jefferson) and made a page about that on the Family Site.  A new actor signature (Brad Garrett) has been added to the Actors Signature page on the Signature database. SPECIAL OFFER: If anyone needs anything from Memorabilia or London Film and comic Con, please email as soon as possible dahoov2@cox.net. Someone I know is willing to help for a very low fee and will take orders.  I have been busy with book reading, video games, concerts and events and personal stuff, so haven't been into collecting lately; I do apologize for lack of updates or autograph stuff that I planned to do.  I hope to eventually get the bug again.  We shall see, It goes in spurts.



06/17/07 A signature added to the Authors Signature page. In persons: Roger Brown (Football - Detroit Lions), Keith Byars (Football - Philadelphia Eagles), Mark May (Football - Washington Redskins), LC Greenwood (Football - Pittsburgh Steelers), Everson Walls (Football - Dallas Cowboys), Lee Smith (Baseball - Cubs), Luis Tiant (Baseball - Boston Red Sox) from an even on the 12th of June.. One item via exchange: Al Lampert (1257) (Imperial Officer Star Wars).  I have updated or added (look for NEW and UPDATED) on the convention listings page.  Do you know of a convention or event where celebrities might appear (to sign autographs)?  If so, please email dahoov2@cox.net with the details.  I have updated the Celebration Europe Guest page.  I am not as into keeping this up, but if you have inside information about a guest going that is not listed, please email details.  It helps those who are interested.  I will have more signatures for the database, more addresses for this year to add shortly.  I will make pages individually for each player above because I have photos of them signing that I'll put with each one and I have extra stuff to add to the Roger Brown and the Mark May pages.  So to view those, go to my Generic Autograph area and scroll down to sports and click the names you want.  Look for the word NEW

06/11/07 Ttm successes:  Martin Nigel Davey (King Arthur) and Gerry O'Brien (King Arthur).  He's got a new film he's co-produced called Expresso... premiered at Cannes; here's the site:  www.expresso.co.ukTwo new movie poster cards added to my collection on my other site. click Movie Poster cards and look for the words NEW  Steely Dan concert photo (only one)  on the 8th of June and write up (BAD experience) online as well.  We ended up skipping Harborfest this year with Kool and the Gang... we just were tired and it looked overcast.  The Nancy McLean items are online finally sorry for the delay.  Several Football sigs are on the signature database. One signature added to both the Actors Signature Page and the Directors/Producers signature page (both same name though)


06/06/07 Look below as I've put in the medal of honor signature and Malcolm Tween. I'll do Nancy's shortly.  I've updated the convention listings.  Look for the words NEW and UPDATED.  On the Hallmark ornaments, there is a fourth item that will be out in July but nobody has published it yet.  It's supposed to be a Tusken Raider and in limited quantities.  I'll post it as soon as I have a photo and information on price etc.


06/05/07  Wow; I've not posted in a while.  Sorry; nothing interesting to do these days on here and we were rendering stuff on all the PC's and that's taking days... anyway, a nice update should be worth the wait.  First we went to a Huey Lewis and the News concert on the first of June, and didn't try for graphs this time because I already had gotten him in person before.  There was a Navy Band before that which I took only a couple photos of.  They are called Four Star Edition. A couple other photos of the Patriotic Festival (misc photos of neither concert) are online.  Saturday, we were going to go to see Sugar Ray but we heard threats of tropical storm and I was tired from the American Indian Festival  on the 2nd of June and the mall trip.  So we didn't go to that. At the American Indian Festival, I got a chance for an in person autograph... a Congressional Medal of Honor winner/Tuskegee Airman (no page made till I find out his name).  It was so cool meeting a living legend. I thought of about 5 great questions to ask when I got to the car, but at the time, I just asked him to sign and thanked him.  Purchase: Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean). Through the mail success:  Olivia Higginbottom (Harry Potter) and one other: Nancy McLean (Star Wars Ewok/E. T.) (1252).  Star Wars Celebration CIV items:  Debbie Lee Carrington (Star Wars Ewok), Kevin Thompson (Star Wars Ewok), Lightning Bear (Star Wars Biker Scout), Andy Secombe (Watto), Nina Fallon (Star Wars Extra) (1252), Anthony Forrest (Star Wars Deak in Cut scenes) (1253), Jon Berg (Star Wars Duros/crew) (1254) and a purchase after the fact: Malcolm Tween (1255) (Star Wars Artist).  In addition, courtesy of Matt, Pat Gorman (Star Wars Stormtrooper) (1256).  I had all the names at CIV else wise except Mat Lucas.  Maybe some other time.  I got the others as an upgrade.  As of today, I am caught up with emails. I shouldn't owe anyone anything, but if you didn't get a response, please re-email. There are new Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments coming out this month.  Only three this time, for which I am grateful and because two of them are very expensive!  One is the most expensive I've seen to date, and I think the other is a tie for the most expensive of the past, at 28.00.  Wow.  Rest of Scans tomorrow (Tween, McLean and Medal winner if I get the information from them that I need... all are waiting on something or another).  More updates to follow.


05/26/07 I have a lot of updating still, but today a lot of new autographs to add.  Via purchase:  Mike Kirby (Star Wars Rebel Trooper) (1249), Deep Roy (Star Wars Yoda Double), Leroy James (Star Wars Ep I Trooper) (1250), Peter Geddis (Star Wars Captain Antilles), Katie Leung (Harry Potter Cho Chang).  Via a friend:  Todd Strasser (Star Wars Author), Sigbjørn Henanger (Star Wars Rebel Trooper ESB-obtained in person) and Jim Krueger (Star Wars Comics) (1251). Through the mail: Paul Marc Davis (Harry Potter Ghost). I heard Matt did a great job with picking up autographs; too bad he was scorned on another site; people missed out on CHEAP items.  He also managed to meet crew and others while there.  He worked with a couple of the celebs and had a lot of fun.  I hope if he offers to help again, people will trust their OWN instincts.  Personally, he's helped me out immensely.  Can't wait to see what he's brought back. 


05/21/07 I've not been in the mood for updating to be honest; collecting isn't fun these days, but I did update the CIV News page, and I went to an event called the Washington Redskins Beach Blitz on the 19th. , which I have photos and autographs online for.  First the page of photos/info and tomorrow I'll do the autographs.  I was only able to obtain ONE set of autographs... so sad how badly this thing was run.  The only graphs I was able to get were: Ade Jimoh, Randy Thomas, Sam Hollenbach, Gary Carter, Greg Blache, Taylor Whitley and two cheerleaders  who I think are Shaina and Anabel.  Not sure of the second one... could be Jessica.  I added some poster images to Star Wars Weekends 2007.  I added a pamphlet image to the Air Show (forgot to scan that in before).  That poster added to the poster page on dahoovsplace.com



05/16/07 I have updated a few signatures on the signature database and have a ton more to add... for now, one added to the Business section, one added to the Designers section ... many more to come still. Two small images added to the Celebration Europe Guest list page. More guests and more news for CIV guest update for CIV and  CIV News update online


05/14/07 I hope everyone had a nice mothers day.  Thanks to Mike, Mark, Holger, Chuck and Tracy, Steve, Rosella, Mary Jo and Kelly, Anna, BS, and everyone else who sent me birthday e-cards and such.  I appreciated all of them and was blown away this year that so many remembered!  Also note it's George Lucas' birthday as well!!!  I am so far behind in updates.  I do apologize; it's been really difficult for me to get motivated. One through purchase: Little River Band.  Nice item for little money but the best part is it was for charity!   I did get one by mail this morning: Nayef Rashed (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)  and I realized a week or so ago I got one I never reported: Karie Wahlgren (1248)  (Star Wars Video Games). Dan Madsen will be signing at the Official Pix Booth he and any other information can be found on the guest list: CIV page.  Update no the CIV News  Warwick Davis at CIV Europe see the CIV Europe guest page.  We did go to the Parade of homes on the 12th.


05/09/07 guest update for CIV and  CIV News update online


05/08/07 guest update for CIV and  CIV News update online


05/07/07 guest update for CIV and  CIV News update online. One RTS for Sarah Cook (British Sitcoms) c/o spotlight 7 Leicester Place, London, England (not with the agency). One ttm success for Karie Wahlgren (1248) (Star Wars Video games). Scan Shortly.


05/03/07 Ok, sorry for the lack of large updates; when I got ready to do all this stuff, I fell, tore up my foot (two weeks and still not healed) and got sick... and in the midst of this a lot of personal stuff going on and now planning for an event tomorrow.  However, there is a nice guest update for CIV online which includes Artists, crew and NON Star Wars guests as well as an unofficially announce guest (by accident?)!  I've also updated the Kansas concert photos page (we've seen them 5 times already so no biggie, but I do have some nice images.


005/01/07 Langley AFB  Air Show photos online.  Also, Tim Reamer online.  One mail success:  David Schofield (Pirates of the Caribbean). 


04/30/07 CIV news update online. One artist added to the CIV Guest list as well.   Kansas concert online from show we attended on the 27th.  Also, Langley AFB  Air Show photos/event online.  Mail success a couple days ago I forgot to mention:  Tim Reamer (SW Poster Artist).  (1247).  NEWS:  Ron Philips, Ewok, sadly passed away at age 96. It is only this past year that people found him.  I am fortunate to have his sig as do a couple others.  Sadly, since only 4 people max have this signature, it'll be hard for them to part with and I caution others that there are only a half dozen in existence total, , so you won't see any on Ebay etc; if you do, they are forgeries..  Come back later for rest of scans/updates.  I have to go out for a bit but will be online in a few hours finishing the updates.


04/26/07 Added another CIV News update


04/23/07 Update: Added another CIV News update. Purchase: David Cassidy (Partridge Family).  May be more updates this evening...


04/21/07 Read both days (today and yesterday) as I forgot to upload yesterday's update till today!  Added another CIV News update, and got one ttm success from Clive Russell (King Arthur).


04/20/07  A few new official actors sites listed on the Trilogy section (did that days ago and forgot to post).  Also, new crew guest added to the CIV guest page (nobody knows about that one yet). Short blurb on the CIV News page.   RTS:  Alexandra Purvis (Santa Clause 2) 380-440 W Hastings, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L1, CANADA  Mail success: Lorenzo De Angelis (King Arthur). 


04/19/07  Conventions  updated.  Look for the word NEW and UPDATED If you want your convention added, just send a polite email and will be happy to do so! I'd planned to do more but last couple days, series of mishaps that led to a slight injury which are making it tough... LOL  Fell down the steps...hurt my butt and my foot.  My butt, thank God has a lot of padding so... foot not so lucky! David Morris online.  Two mail successes: Grant Gould (Star Wars Artist) (1245) was kind. He is one of my most wanted to meet at CIV but I am not going ;(  Speaking of CIV artists, a new round added and I must say, a couple more of my favorites (Amy Provonost and Chris Trevas) and hooray for the sheer amount of women attending!  I see a couple other intriguing "new" artists (new to me) and they look exciting!  so those new CIV guests are online also updated CREW guest!.  CIV news added too! Other success is Paul Brooke (Star Wars Rancor Keeper) who was kind to re-sign for me (upgrade to my collection).  Now I have nice photos.  In addition, two purchases:  Malcolm Tierney (Star Wars) and Bruce Spence (Star Wars) which are both upgrades as well.  If I can, I'll try to update the addresses and signature database tomorrow.  Well, for now, I do consider having a Pam Rose (Star Wars) sig... sort of (1246).  She did sign the letter. Not my choice of items, but I'll count it till I get a replacement. At this time, I am caught up on all emails except Paula who I'll get to soon.  Thanks.  also, thanks to Jen for emailing me convention info.  That's all for now. I'll try to update more later.


04/17/07  Well, as you know, the last round of Star Wars guests were announced for CIV.  There will be between 1-3 more Guests of Honors, but they will not confirm for a couple weeks yet. CIV is a just over a month from now, so this is it unless crew and more artists are mentioned.  I've seen no crew roaming around announcements, which is my favorite part!  They also announced the photos, which you can view on www.officialpix.com.  A few new ones and some standards 'same old, same old" too.  I am hopefully able to get a few... I don't need more than three names max (if that) but I'll probably upgrade a couple other things. I think the cartoon people are TOO HIGH in price.  Just mho.  If anyone needs the best deal in town on getting graphs from there, email and I'll hook you up.  Been way behind again today and will be all week due to personal issues, so sorry for the delay in updating.


04/16/07 Several updates forthcoming. It's just a lot of personal issues, so I am a bit behind.  Working on a conventions updated, more Celebration updating, addresses, Signature Database... emails and requests and a "special" project which will have Star Wars fans hopefully excited about.  I think those still collecting will want to stay tuned... because it's hopefully HUGE.  That's all we can say right now.  One success in the mail:  David Morris (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).  Sarah's sigs are online (by the way, if you've not been to see her work, she'll be a CIV and what is so great this year is the amount of women there!).  YAY for the lady artists who I think personally easily rival any man there.  All are fantastic and I am trying not to play favorites because each is different and good in some way.  But check the ladies out!  To Paula, Jen and whomever else emailed me for help etc, I apologize I am behind.  But I will try to be all caught up in the next day or two.  Thanks for your patience. Come back later for some of the scans and updates.


04/12/07 More artists at CIV listed on the CIV guest page.. look for the ***  One success:  Sarah Wilkinson (SW Artist) (1244).  Scan soon.  She does a whole different perspective that is cool. 


04/11/07 UPDATE:  New guests listed at CIV... see the Guest list page and look for the *** Refusal: Pam Rose (extra; weird girl  cantina scene in New Hope) who said she is signed on with Sci-fi convention guests and cannot sign.  Well the truth is, she CAN sign, as they can all, but they don't want to sign because of money issues.  Or they think they can't sign which is wrong (that would  open up a legal can of worms).  Sometimes, they are under the impression they can't sign for fans if they do a convention or sign official cards etc.  Nothing is further from the truth. The odd thing was this request was sent weeks before she even appeared on sci-fi convention guests!  New guests on the CIV guest page.  Look for the *** in the artists section.  Should be more guests on the actors side later this evening. 


04/10/07 RTS: Star Wars new guy..."Not the right person". Since it was a wrong person, no sense of putting the address. Oh well, at least I tried!  I will try to find another option for mailing as he at least sent me my photos back.  Mail success:  Chow Yun Fat (Pirates of the Caribbean 3),  CIV News update online and one artist added to the CIV Guest list.. 


04/07/07  Mail successes:  Menis Yousry (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Blair Dunlop (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Steve Anderson (Star Wars Artist) (1243). Jeremy is home...taking one semester off before he takes that LAST class and graduates college.  I hope taking an extra YEAR plus a semester is worth it... he better apply to work at LucasArts soon!


04/06/07 Purchase: Afshan Azad (Harry Potter) I have a Harry Potter trading card for sale if anyone is interested. 25.00 which includes basic shipping.  The memorabilia item is online!  Check it out (it's spectacular!; but scroll down to props, costume link). One mail success:  Elliott Henderson-Boyle (King Arthur).  Several new artists Guests added to the CIV guest list.  Check me out on the Star Wars R2 Mailbox map... http://www.frappr.com/r2d2; my photo should be on Star Wars official site under the mailbox photo logs as well.  Congrats to Mark Dermul for being involved on a CIV panel in Europe!  Go Mark!  Mark and the gang has been in Norway, doing a tour of Empire Strikes Back filming locations.  I hear they are having a wonderful time.  Congrats to them.  Mark, we next need a trip to Italy!  I may go for that one!  Norway was a little cold for me.  I don't see here where I mentioned my Myspace page.  If you have a MySpace page and would like to exchange friend links, here's my page:  www.myspace.com/dahoov2.   Jeremy will be coming home for a little while... oy.  We got tickets for a couple events today.  Steely Dan concert in July and a Washington Redskins event in May.  Looks like a fun summer already! Scan later for Elliott.


04/05/07 Mail successes:  Wally Wingert (voice legend; Star Wars Video Games), (1240). Deborah J Ross (SW Author) (1241), Burnell Tucker (Star Wars Del Goren, Wyron Serper), Barry Atkinson (SW Crew Droids Cartoons) (1242).  In reality, I am only 2-3 away from 1250 (a few aren't counted because they are not online and were old ones before I did my counting.  Huge thanks to all the signers who were all very generous.  Special thanks to Mr. Atkinson though... I have done a new batch of requests (about 20 more) so we'll see how that goes. I would like to have 1250 by George Lucas' and my birthday... Can I?  I hope!  I'd like to have 1300 by year's end. I hope so!  thanks to everyone for the prayers and thoughts.  For reasons I can't explain other than from God, and probably through other people helping with their thoughts, I feel strangely calm and at peace.  Oh, got a new 19" monitor today so thrilled that I'll have (comes with integrated speakers) full sound finally (my speakers weren't working well...only one worked and that was ify) and it matches everything else now...and is better for my eyes.  So nice relief.  I have a lot of updates to do and I wish to get to them soon including more conventions, more CIV stuff, more Signature Database stuff, addresses for February and March etc. I will try soon but I have a lot going on. Will try to get them on in the next three days.  Thanks for your patience.  One memorabilia item added to my Props.  Scan tomorrow for that.


04/03/07 Some updates to the signature database:  one on the Actors Signature page, one on the actresses signature page and six new ones on the Film Crew signature page.  More to follow as I do them slowly. Mail success:  Sara Kirkpatrick (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Apparently, I am the first one to ask for an autograph!  Cool; we both made each other smile I think!  The C. B. Cebulski  sig is online.


04/02/07  I apologize again; i couldn't do all the updating I wanted due to a death in the family and another family issue.  I will do a small update: One RTS for William Fichtner 335 N Maple Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 "Insufficient address". I am thinking I am missing a suite number?  One mail success: C. B. Cebulski (Star Wars Comic Author/Comic Author) (1239).  CIV News update online. Regarding Ms. Monroe, it's a shame she is THAT desperate to be someone or get money.  She's going about it wrongly.  I would strongly suggest she contact someone such as myself with knowledge about the realm of collecting and how she can most benefit herself AND the fans.  She obviously does not right now have the balance of the Force and that's her problem. Scan and more updates tomorrow.  Did you catch Joey Fatone doing his Star Wars routine in Dancing with the Stars?  Cute...  At least some celebs admit their geekness!  All Hail Joey!


04/01/07 More updates coming in the next days but thought I'd get a couple things on.  We were gone this weekend to DC and I added a new page for the US Air Force Memorial. Since I am Ex-Air Force, I had to visit.  So enjoy that page.  Saturday I got one success via mail:  Deborah Weston (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).  I don't have time for more updates, but more tomorrow.  Also, sorry publicly to Dax.  The lost stamps are mortifying. 


03/30/07 A lot to update.  First, CIV news update.  Talk surrounds the next guests... we know who some will be.  Purchase:  Harrison Ford (Star Wars) signed photo.  Mail successes:  Kevin Eldon (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Roger Frost (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Alan Devine (King Arthur), Todd Strasser (Star Wars author) (1237), Jack McKenzie (Star Wars Cal Alder) and John Helms (Star Wars crew) (1238). I was so excited to get so many today and Mr. McKenzie is one of the classiest actors around.  Nice all around human being... I should do more polls; he's probably still considered one of the all time favorite mail signers for his kindness to fans.  I have a lot more signatures for the signature database coming up and a few conventions to add, but I am busy with emails, personal stuff, updating the site and sending requests. I barely have time to update everything I need to.  I appreciate your patience and if you have anything for submission (links, guests for CIV, conventions, signatures for the database, news on anything... just feel free to email.


03/29/07 Guest updates on the CIV guest list.... a couple fun surprises at least this time.  I don't need one autograph from CIV, but at least I can get a couple upgrades.  That's nice.  Finally!  At least 4 or 5 I'd like to upgrade.  For others, I am sure you are a little more thrilled!  If anyone needs anything at CIV, email. 


03/28/07 Very exciting mail day for me!  Jerry Oltion (Star Wars Author) (1233), Stuart Freeborn (Star Wars crew), Kay Freeborn (Star Wars crew) (1234), Robert Prescott (Spaceballs) (1235) and Thomas Meehan (Spaceballs/Broadway icon) (1236). Small update on the CIV news page


03/27/07 Several signatures added to the Signature Database.  One on the Historical Signatures page, one on the Miscellaneous page, 7 on the Film crew pageLook for the word NEW.  A small update on the Star Wars Events Index, under Star Wars Weekends at Disney 2007. 


03/26/07 First, Oscar James and Michael J Ellwell are online.  Mail successes:  Jerry Harte (Star Wars) who was kind to sign again, 7 years later (no wonder he's one of about 10 most beloved Star Wars actors/signers; he so classy) and Mark Heap (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Want to see an R2-D2 mailbox?  Here's some temporary photos we took yesterday; they are temporary and will be removed sometime soon.  If' you'd like to see a large photo of it (hi-res), email me.


03/25/07 Some Star Wars CIV updates online in the news section. RTS: Rick Hurst (Dukes of Hazzard) 1230 Horn Avenue #401, West Hollywood, CA 90062-2120.  Mail successes: Oscar James (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Michael J Ellwell (Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl). Mr. Ellwell informs me he's got his own Pirate flick due out about April 1st called "Scurvy Dog's Pieces of Eight".  You can find this on www.Amazon.com, www.PirateScurvyDog.com and www.Customflicks.com.  It may also be going to video stores soon as well. Scans tomorrow.


03/23/07 Mail success:  Hubertus Geller (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).  Thanks Mr. Geller for signing, it made my day too! I should go back and rewrite but am out of stamps.  One new guest added to the CIV guest page.  If you know of artists attending CIV, please let me know. I'll post so all know as these are not posted by official sources all the time. 

I joined the mainstream culture and made a my space page. If anyone wants to add a friend, let me know. I am new and look pathetic right now! 


03/22/07 Mail success: Earle Hyman (Actor/Cosby Show).   CIV Europe guest page updated (panels). Via a bookstore signings:  Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Young Frankenstein and tons more).


03/21/07  Mail semi-success I guess:  Daniel Radcliffe Preprint (Harry Potter).  He won't sign c/o the play either... oh well. Small update on the CIV Europe guest page and CIV News page.


03/20/01 special update... a word to the unwise: A friend of mine was being kind and is offering to get stuff at CIV for collectors wanting stuff but either 1) being unable to get there themselves or 2) not wanting to pay crazy fees from other online places.  I think it's a nice thing.  You can collect yet sell your items that were purchased and charge a small fee for your time; there is NOTHING WRONG in that.  What is wrong, is bullying people. Someone literally physically threatened him with bodily harm, threatened to steal his possessions if he attends CIV and then sent him pornography of some guys ugly butt, bent over, cheeks spread apart. Classy right?  Mature?  There are actual laws against this and I've advised him what to do. We actually have a pretty good idea who the guy is that did this (he left a trace even though his ID was made up) and it's someone who listened to a seller who is apparently too smart to do it himself (let the others take the heat for him right?). He is upset this kid will make a couple dollars for his time at CIV.  SAD that a grown man will engage in immature doings with a kid.  Those of you doing this person's bidding beware.  You could be in SERIOUS trouble.  Is it worth it?  And lastly, I'd like to send a message to all the people out there listening to RUMORS and bad things about collectors.  WHY would you listen?  Make decisions on that person for YOURSELF.  Unless you know a person, you cannot judge by listening to rumor and innuendo. This same seller has done this to me and several others too. YOU could be next.  I also think it's pretty darn sad when you will attack innocent people who NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU. I would strongly urge you to stay out of other people's business especially when you CAN be prosecuted for this.


03/20/07 Happy Spring!  Couple successes:  Star Wars one I can't mention right now (1232) (here for the count purpose only).  Also mail successes from:  Brian McGlinchey (King Arthur) and Dessie Gallagher (Knight's Tale/Pirates of the Caribbean).  Very excited and I want to thank both signers (hopefully Mr. Gallagher will sign the other envelope as I sent a Pirates image).  Some new signatures added to the signature database.  I have a TON of others to include much later. It'll take me a long time to do them, so I'll do them a few at a time.  First a second Paul Newman example added to the actors signature page;  one added to the talk show hosts page (Leeza Gibbons); One added to the actresses page (Halle Berry) and finally for today, one added to the Home and Garden signature page (Phoebe Fontaine). CIV guests soon...


03/18/07 Another short update on the  CIV news page and CIV Europe Guest page (look for word NEW). RTS: Chow Yun Fat (Pirates of the Caribbean) 21F Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong "Address incomplete".


03/17/07 A short news update on the CIV news page.  There probably will not be an announcement tonight for CIV guests because of Dallas Comic Con.  If there is, I'll post late this evening.  Otherwise, it looks to be Monday or so before another announcement will be forthcoming.  NEWS: I have spare New Zealand Stamps available for sale if anyone is interested.  For those collecting Lord of the Rings, now is your chance to get what you need... it's hard to get these...  I have sent a ton of requests out (close to 150 this year alone and HOPE some respond.  After emailing a dozen people, I am severely disappointed that only one responded.


03/15/07 A new link added to three sections (good, might be worth posting to remind people of these areas):  Photo Resources Area, Address Area, and the Resource Area I'll try to list all search engines and such on these resource areas. Sorry to the others I can't use... even that was pushing it.  New address for ICM on the New York and Los Angeles Address page.  Please make a note of it.


03/13/07 Well, I am due for an update.  A little behind.  First, there are some guest announcements for Celebration IV Europe.  Please see the Guest list.  There is an official announcement for Star Wars Weekends at Disney as well, so catch the list on my SWW page, which lists the events and guests There is a new convention added to the convention listings page. Also SWW added there too.  Look for the words NEW  Celebration IV Europe News will be on the CIV news page as well. I'll just combine them and I did a short update for Europe on the news page. I also updated the Celebration Index.  I did get one ttm success from Louisa Lytton (Harry Potter/Eastenders). A new signature added to the Signature Database on the Other Signatures page.  Look for the  word NEW To the people asking me to link them, I have to evaluate and by weeks end I'll make my decision. I've been getting a few of these a week, but some don't fit the needs of this site.  To Anna, your Canadian Stamps will be mailed soon (this week) and to Dax, please email me regarding your order.  To those ordering New Zealand Stamps, I anticipate them being here by weeks end.  For people interested in foreign stamps, you can contact me and next time I order I will contact you to see what you need.  I will require only the cost of the postage, the pay pal fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope or postage reimbursement to you... I don't over charge.  I think I am the only person on the net never to profit off this hobby!  I've sent out a lot of requests, so hope to have more to report soon.


03/09/07 Update:  Three new CIV guests in attendance.  Same old ones though...  See the CIV guest list.  A small update on the CIV news page.  The Star Wars Weekend photos have been scanned and are online to view.  This time, it's 2005 preprints. I only had one from before and all unsigned ones.  I am looking for the following if there are any in existence (even if you do not want to part with them but know there are some in existence, I'd love to know).  Thanks again to Sylvia for helping the Star Wars community out. Anyway, there are the ones I am interested in: 


2006 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

Jeremy Bulloch unsigned and actually signed

Warwick Davis unsigned and actually signed

Jake Lloyd unsigned and actually signed

Jay Laga'aia unsigned and actually signed

Peter Mayhew unsigned and actually signed

Rick McCallum unsigned and actually signed

Temeura Morrison unsigned and actually signed

Orli Shoshan unsigned and actually signed

Matt Wood unsigned and actually signed


2005 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

Rob Coleman Preprint

Warwick Davis Preprint

Peter Mayhew Preprint

Warren Fu unsigned

ALL actually signed (especially interested in Brian Gernand and John Goodson).


2004 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

Jake Lloyd Preprint

Peter Mayhew unsigned

Andy Secombe unsigned

Warwick Davis unsigned

Jerome Blake unsigned and actually signed

Jeremy Bulloch unsigned and actually signed

Mike Quinn unsigned and actually signed

Amy Allen unsigned and actually signed

Anthony Daniels preprinted and actually signed


2003 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

Andy Secombe unsigned and actually signed

Anthony Daniels preprinted and actually signed

Billy Dee Williams Black Tux preprinted and Black Tux actually signed

Billy Dee Williams Variation unsigned and Variation actually signed

Jeremy Bulloch unsigned and actually signed

Michonne Bourriague unsigned and actually signed

Mike Quinn unsigned

Peter Mayhew unsigned and actually signed

Silas Carson unsigned

Temeura Morrison unsigned and actually signed

Warwick Davis unsigned and actually signed

Joel Edgerton unsigned, preprinted and actually signed (I think he may have cancelled but unsure)


2002 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

There was no SWW in 2002 but if you know of any that may have been made potentially, please let me know.


2001 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

Email me with what you have


2000 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

Email me with what you have


1999 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

There was no SWW in 2002 but if you know of any that may have been made potentially, please let me know.


1998 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

There was no SWW in 2002 but if you know of any that may have been made potentially, please let me know.


1997 (contingent upon if these exist or not)

Email me with what you have.  This was the first Star Wars Weekends.


03/05/07 I have added 8 new Star Wars Weekend photos to my collection via purchase.  Thanks Sylvia for the offer.  If you have ones I don't have and would like to part with them, let me know. Though collectors do not like these and they aren't really worth much, I hope that by putting them online, the signature comparison value is something to the readers here.  Scans when they arrive.  Mail success: Philip Whitchurch (My Hero).  A new entry on the family site for Ripley's Believe It or Not museum and 4-D Adventure.  Small update on the Celebration IV news page


03/04/07 News: John Ratzenberger will be on "Dancing with the Stars".  Mr. Ratzenberger was Major Derlin in ESB.  Update on the Star Wars Celebration IV guest list (some new artists and the first known author, one unique and a new guest of honor!).  If you know of any artists, authors, crew or others attending this event, feel free to email; the people want to know! Another update on the CIV news page.  Have questions about anything CIV related or news to share?  Email!  Mail success: Noel Le Bon (Knight's Tale).  I sent the wrong photo, so may resend correctly this time. For Sale: New Zealand Stamps: 10 2.00 New Zealand Stamps and 5 1.50 stamps.  Face value plus SASE.  If interested, email.  Another batch sent out, so maybe more will return.


03/02/07 Update:  I noticed Christian Simpson was in Harry Potter, so I made a page for him on my Potter Section.  Small update on the Star Wars Celebration IV guest list (an artist) and small update on the news page.


03/01/07 Four new signatures added to the Business signatures page. Look for the word NEW Celebration IV guest update. Look for the * which denotes the latest round of guests added. NEWS: I thought I had posted this a couple months back but guess not.  So even though it's very old news, thanks to a friend, he reminded me that John Ghavan (Ewok) passed away in May of last year.  Of course he is missed. I am totally caught up on emails (Daniel I'll respond today). So if I owe anyone anything, please email again because I deleted everything.... Mail successes:  Stephen Root (Office Space etc) and Chris Cresswell (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).


02/27/07 Mail successes: Donny Burns (1231) (Star Wars Droids Cartoon) and Graham McTavish (King Arthur). 


Graham McTavish


02/25/07 Purchases: Noel Hawkins (1229) (Star Wars Stormtrooper), Dean Mitchell (Star Wars Cellheim Anujo) (1230), Rohan Nichol (Star Wars Captain Antilles). Chris Rankin (Harry Potter), Jed Brophy (Lord of the Rings), John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings), Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) and Geoffrey Holder (Charlie and the Chocolate Factor/James Bond). The CIV guest list has new information on it, as does the CIV News page News: I got an email from Max Peterson who says (I separated the word alot to a lot):


"Hi this is Max Patterson and I was Dave Prowse's assistant for many years.

I'd like to correct a statement on the autograph page. Never has a fake autograph been sent out from the Dave Prowse fan club address. They are either mailed to him when he's traveling abroad or by him here personally while staying with us. Dave always signs everything personally and insist on it. Sometime things aren't returned however because a lot of people don't think to include return address.
That's all


This controversy I believe was in 2000 or 2001 when I wrote to Dave at two addresses (one in London and one in NC) and the same day or days apart I received two sets of index cards, one from each place with two different looking signatures.  I posted them, saying I thought is was odd and it may be secretarial.  Then, Wattographs insisted I had a fake and accused me of purposely misleading people, so I put the statement in, saying there was potentially some secretarials coming from the North Carolina address and that most likely, Mr. Peterson was signing on behalf of Mr. Prowse.  At the time, I didn't like the controversy because I had donated money to Mr. Prowse's charity.  So to clear it up, for the record, Mr. Peterson says Dave signs EVERYTHING.  I have not heard from Mr. Prowse himself, but I post the information here and you have both sides now and can do with it as you will. Errors: Two pages have been fixed on the Star Wars page; thanks to Martin for letting me know (Dom DeLuise page now works and spelling error on John Hurt page).


Noel Hawkins


Dean Mitchell


Chris Rankin


Jed Brophy


John Rhys Davies


Billy Boyd


Geoffrey Holder


02/23/07  Update: all new Guests for Celebration IV are online. One new name added to the Actor's Signature Page,  3 new signatures added to the Designers signature page, and one new signature added to the Music Signatures page on the signature database. Look for the word NEW.  One new link added to the Generic Autographs area and the home page. Look for the word NEW Mail successes:  Jeff MacGregor (1227) (Author/Spaceballs), Paul Whitehouse (Harry Potter), Mark Sullivan (1228) (Star Wars crew).  RTS sort of (he said he didn't work on the Star Wars cartoons, but is credited; so some confusion I need to fix):  Chris Wiggins.  I may resend.  A new guest has been added to the Celebration IV page and tonight, another update will be added (come back for that). Guest list in a couple hours... come back soon.


Paul Whitehouse



02/18/07 A little late on posting; been busy.  So sorry.  NEWS: Peter Ellenshaw, brilliantly talented Matte Painter has passed away.  He was a nice man too and will be missed.  Our prayers to his family.  CIV guest update online.  TTM success: Annette Badland (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).  No mail today as it's President's Day.  I have more to update later this week, so come back soon. Mr. Stiff, your photos will be mailed Wednesday and Greg, so will your disk.  Thanks so much for your help.  Also thanks to Martin for the link, and Jon for his past help recently.  Everyone else who emailed updates of one form or another, I certainly appreciate it!


Annette Badland


02/13/07  A new store added to the Ongoing Store signings. Look for the word NEW.  A couple new links added to the Photo Resource area. Look for the word NEW.  One new signature added to the database on the Cartoon/Artist Signature page.  Look for the word NEW


02/12/07  New signature added to the music signature page (Lee Ann Womack) Look for the word NEW. New links on the Celebrity Photo Resource area; look for the word NEW.  A couple new conventions added to the Convention listings page look for the words NEW. Small update on the Celebration IV news page. Mail successes:  David Stiff (Wookie/Basketball Player) (1226) and Patrick Duggan (My Hero).


David Stiff


Patrick Duggan


02/11/07 One new convention and one Update on the Convention Listings (one is a new Star Wars person). Look for the word NEW Two new updates on the Ongoing Store Signings; look for the word NEW. NEWS: a whole new section added to the site called: Photo Resources.  This will be where you find links to the best places to get photos for your collection.  Categories include: ScreenCaps, Celebrity Pics, Women Celeb Pics, Movie/Poster Images, Specific Film Images, Wallpapers/Screensavers, Places to buy Celebrity photos, Places to print from a lab. These are the best (highest resolution/largest databases) I could find. I hope it'll be useful and you will contribute your own links.  Please note that the photo resources (places to buy and print photos has been removed from the Resources Template area. See below for the David Schneider and Glynnis Talken scans. RTS: Thomas Meehan (Spaceballs, Tony Award Winner for Annie etc).  I won't post address as it was a home address. Reason: "No Mail Receptacle" Ok, I have a problem. I have lost information on the server because of an unknown problem and some updates are missing that had been updating. I have no way to recover these things, which include:  New York and Los Angeles Agencies address change, and the Celebration IV Guest list. I managed to recreate the Celebration IV news and even added more I think; so take a look at that. A few other things are lost as well that will cause me to do more work.  I apologize for the inconvenience and if you have the CIV guest list I posted, please email.


02/08/07 January 2007 Addresses online. I'll be deleting some of the diary entries at some time this year (getting rid of "updates" etc.  As I go even now, I am streamlining the posts just a little, deleting personal comments, so make sure you have read and caught up on everything.  Mail successes:  Glynnis Talken (Star Wars Audio Books) (1225) and David Schneider (Knight's Tale).  Thanks to the person who gave me the Glynnis Talken information. I appreciate it! 


Glynnis Talken


David Schneider


02/06/07 Addresses for October, November and December 2006 online!  Mail successes:  Issy Van Randwyck (Waiting for God) and Brian Deacon (Star Wars Video Games) (1224).  RTS's: Leonard Stone (Willy Wonka) c/o Cunningham, Escott and Dipene 10635 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 130, Los Angeles, CA 90035 (no reason checked) and RTS: Milan Cheylov (Star Wars Cartoon) c/o Genesis 8530 Wilshire Blvd 3rd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90211 ("Attempted Not Known" and "Unable to Forward").


Issy Van Randwyck (Play venue no longer valid)


Brian Deacon


02/03/07 New signatures added to the Signature Database on the Golfing Signatures page and Business signatures page.  Purchases:  Peter Boyle (Santa Clause 2, Everyone Loves Raymond), Peggy Rea (Dukes of Hazzard), Miranda Richardson (Harry Potter) and Roger Lloyd Pack (Harry Potter).  Mail successes Joann Fletcher (Archeologist/Egyptologist), Scott Handy (Knight’s Tale), Trevor Bannister (Last of the Summer Wine), Jim McManus (Harry Potter), Warwick Davis (Star Wars/Harry Potter) and Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion). Mr Klebba doesn't mind signing, but would like a donation to his charity which the address is is at the bottom of this post.  A Star Wars signature has been added to my collection but I cannot post who it is at this time (1223).  RTS: Earl Finn (Spaceballs) c/o an address in TX that is a home address.  Not 'the' Earl Finn, so I won’t post the address. NEWS: A new feature added to the site: Ongoing Store Signings.  For example, some bookstores, sport shops or record stores list upcoming appearances.  These will be on a permanent list that will eventually be listed by state and then category. I have sent out a second batch of 28 requests. NEWS: I have started the guest list page and as always, am the first site to give you full guest updates.  So far, no official guests have been names but I do have a current list of confirmed artists and reps:  Celebration IV Guest List page. Also, an update on the Celebration IV News page.


Peter Boyle (deceased)


Peggy Rea (deceased)


Miranda Richardson


Roger Lloyd Pack


Scott Handy


Trevor Bannister


Jim McManus


Warwick Davis


Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy  DO NOT send autograph requests here. I will post Mr. Klebba's address at a future date (shortly; in Feb/March).  This is for donations only.

5289 NE Elam Young Parkway Suite F-100

Hillsboro, OR 97214 


01/24/07 September Addresses online.  One new signature added to: Designers Signature page. A new signature added to: Business Signature page. A new convention added to the Convention Listings page. A second batch of requests out now; over 50 out now. I am adding a new area to the site for photos (screen cap links and photos). That'll be on in a few days.  It'll be your #1 portal to the best sites for your collecting needs.


01/20/07 August Addresses online.  A few new names added to the signature database, two on: Actresses signature page (Diahann Carroll and Beverly Garland), one on: Actors Signature page (Burt Reynolds) and a new section added: Voice Artists Signature Page (Dan Barton).  Mail success:  Richard Leaf (Harry Potter). 


Richard Leaf

T C G Artist Management
Fourth Floor

6 Langley Street

London WC2H 9JA



01/17/06 July Addresses online. Minor changes (added a couple new names and annotated some deceased actors on the Star Wars Made for TV movies page.


01/16/07 June Addresses online. One signature added to the Business Signature page.


01/14/06 May Addresses online.  A new link added to: Resources area, the Generic Autographs area, and Home page. Purchase: Frankie Anderson (Star Wars). I've done a batch of 26 to go out Monday. One new name added to the X-list in a "forgers in the news area"; look for a post about him below the list.


Franki Anderson (I am not sure if she's just charging now though she's signed in the past)

c/o Act Of Life

46B Banner Road


Bristol BS6 5LZ

United Kingdom


01/13/06 I just realized I never did a 2006 year end review so here it is: Stats: I added 62 different Star Wars autographs to the collection and 11 "repeat" successes. I sent out 197 requests in 2006. I had 21 RTS's (11% RTS Rate). 57 successes (29% success rate) and a 60% Non response rate for a total of 78 non responders. 59 purchases. Most of those were Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I bought more autographs in 2006 than I have for like three years combined!  60% non response rate is horrible!  I had 26 In person, with the bulk (15) being from Williamsburg Film Festival.  Then another 8 from the Navy Base program. Then Elliott Sadler and 2 at National Bookfest. April Addresses are online.  RTS: Joann Fletcher (Egyptologist) c/o University of York, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD United Kingdom.


01/11/07  March addresses online. Convention updates online (MASSIVE one). One new signature added to: signature database on actors signature page (James Best) and one on Home and Garden Page (Jerry Baker).


01/10/07  February  Addresses online. Purchases: Olivia Higginbottom (Harry Potter), Miranda Richardson (Harry Potter), Peter Boyle (Santa Clause 2) and Peggy Rea (Dukes of Hazzard). If interested in dealer (private sales), email David at: hanil@comcast.net.Tell him your most wanted, and he'll make you a list of what he's got. News: Sneaky Pete Kleinow has passed away.  He worked on Empire Strikes Back on Special Effects, but is known mostly as a very well known musician, playing for rock's largest bands from the 60's-90's.


Olivia Higginbottom (did not answer my letter to date; think she is not responding since she signed Harry Potter cards).

c/o The Spotlight

7 Leicester Place

London, WC2H 7RJ



Miranda Richardson (my letter went unanswered so I can't guarantee she'll sign)

c/o Kerry Gardner

7 St. Georges Squares

London SW1V 2HX

United Kingdom


Peter Boyle (Deceased, sorry)


Peggy Rea (Deceased, sorry)


01/06/07 January  Addresses online. Purchase: William F Buckley Jr. (first edition book) and John Leigh (Lord of the Rings Hama). National Bookfest poster added to collection: poster page.


William F Buckley (I haven't ever tried him so don't know if he'll sign)

c/o National Review
215 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10016


John Leigh (did not answer my mail so don't know if he'll sign)

Karen Kay Management

PO Box 446

Auckland 1

New Zealand

01/01/07 News: Tournament of Roses Parade this morning commemorated 30 years of Star Wars and George Lucas is the Grand Marshall... (two floats, 501st and Howard Kazanjian was a judge and the 501st): Welcome Chuck and Tracy!