12/31/05 I didn't reach my goal of 1250 Star Wars sigs.  116 Star Wars autographs this year.  207 would've been awesome... oh well.  1250 will be my goal for new year.


12/28/05 Embassy photos and Native American Museum photos to post on my Washington DC pages on www.dahoovsplace.com in 2006.. RTS: Chris Gossett (Star Wars Artist). Mail success: Christopher Whittingham (Harry Potter). Trades: Simon Bishop (1158) (Star Wars Crew), Genevieve O'Reilly (1159) (Star Wars Actress).


Genevieve O'Reilly (She doesn't sign by mail, but here ya go anyway)

/o Paradigm
360 N. Crescent Dr., N. Building
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


12/24/05 Happy Holidays everyone! Mail success: Gloria Manon (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). 


Gloria Manon

In Both Ears
6200 SW Virginia Avenue, Suite 210
Portland Oregon 97239


12/20/05  News:  No mail but to Freddie and Theresa, I got an RTS for your card!  So please email so I can get your new address.  Mail success: Phil Feiner (1157) (Star Wars Crew) News:  John Pedrick, Ewok, has passed away. News: Jerome Blake is ill.  Our prayers to both families and for the best for Mr. Blake.


12/16/05 Thanks Steve!  Got your card today.  RTS: Andrew Lupton (LOTR). 


12/14/05 Via a friend:  Katie Leung (Harry Potter) Thanks Will. 


12/13/05 Purchase: Eddie Murphy (Haunted Mansion).   


Eddie Murphy (I don't think Mr. Murphy signs by mail, but here you go anyway)

/o M L Management Associates Inc
125 W. 55th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10019


12/06/05 Via friend:  Dave Sosalla (1153) (Star Wars Return of the Jedi Crew/Spaceballs crew), Christopher Tucker (1154) (Star Wars Crew), Loucas Louca (1155) (Star Wars Ep I Naboo Civilian), and Terence Mustoo (1156) (Star Wars Pilot).  Jim,  your items went out and Kris, yours is on the way too.  


12/05/05 Purchases: Dennis Muren (1152) (Star Wars Crew) and Angelica Mandy (Harry Potter).


Angelica Mandy

Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street
London W1D 1BS
United Kingdom


Dennis Muren (Mr. Muren has not signed by mail but here ya go anyway)

PO Box 2459

San Rafael, CA 94912


12/03/05 Mail successes:  Holly Brisley (Scooby Doo) and Eric Bauerfeld  (Star Wars). Purchases: Jeff Rawle (Harry Potter), Predrag Bjelac (Harry Potter) and Dawn French (Harry Potter). Personal News: As I shiver in the cold, they can't come out for another week to install my heating system. Three and a half weeks without heat.  Well, my gas bill should be lower anywhere...where are my gloves...


Holly Brisley



Predrag Bjelac (I don't think he signs; he never answered my 2 letters)

c/o ICM Artists
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street
London, W1D 1BS



Jeff Rawle

Jonathan Altaras Associates Limited
11 Garrick Street, Covent Garden
London WC2E 9AR



Dawn French

c/o PFD
Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London, WC2B 5HA



12/02/05 Mail: UK stamps. Been without heat for a couple weeks here!  The process of getting a new central heat/AC system is horrendous.  Three estimates took a week alone and all were pretty far apart from one another...and then an electrical problem which means I need a whole new rewiring of the house.  Total damage is about 10k for the two.


12/01/05 Mail success: Derek Mears (Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion).  RTS: Alexandra Purvis (Santa Clause 2). Purchase: Wizard of Oz poster signed by Karl Slover and Mickey Carroll. Another doctor appt and no resolve with my eyes, which again got a tiny bit worse.  Next appt is Jan 2nd for those wondering how I am.


Mickey Carroll  (Mickey charges for sigs; I don't know if he'll sign)

2921 Moniteau
Normandy, MO 63121


11/22/05 Mail successes: Jim Cody Williams (Pirates of the Caribbean). Purchase: Danny Bonaduce (actor, Radio personality, Partridge Family).  


Danny Bonaduce

c/o International Creative Management
8942 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


11/18/05 Mail successes: Duggie Brown (British Sitcoms), Troy MacKinder (Scooby Doo) (he tells me I am his first autograph request!) and Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean 2). 


Duggie Brown

c/o Sharon Ashcroft Management Ltd
Dean Clough
Halifax HX3 5AX

United Kingdom


Naomie Harris

c/o ARG
4 Great Portland Street
London W1W 8PA



11/17/05 Purchase: Wayne Pygram (1151) (Star Wars Ep III), Sheila Matthews Allen (Lost in Space) and  Shannyn Sossamon (Knights Tale). 


Shannyn Sossamon (I do not know if she signs; if you send and she does, please let me know)

/o Dash Group
550 N Larchmont Blvd, Ste 201
Los Angeles, CA 90004


Wayne Pygram (I don't think he signs by mail, but here ya go anyway)



11/12/05 Mail successes: Jeanne Lauren (1150) (Star Wars crew), Frank Middlemass (British Sitcoms), Sean Button (Uruk Hai/Stunts LOTR), Tack Daniel (Uruk Hai/Stunts LOTR) and finally George Leech (Star Wars Stunts) to replace the trade item. 


Frank Middlemass

Scott Marshall Partners LTD
2nd Floor, 15 Little Portland Street

London W1W 8BW


11/09/05 Mail success: Roy Barraclough (British Sitcoms). I find the British people the most kind thus far (generally speaking of course; many others have been fantastic too) but the majority of those responding are indeed the British!  So THANK YOU.  I have indeed noticed. 


Roy Barraclough

Gavin Barker Associates
2d Wimpole Street
London W1G 0EB



11/07/05 Rob and Martin items mailed. Mail successes:  Barry McEvoy (Pirates of the Caribbean 2) and Guy Chapman (Pirates of the Caribbean 2). On post on a board today irked me...talking about nobody posting addresses and successes. But the two people whining admitted to sending ONE out and a handful for the entire year.  And they admitted to waiting for others to post addresses to get successes for himself.  I leave you with this sentiment: If you are part of the problem, you should not whine. Be part of the solution. 


Guy Chapman



11/05/05 RTS: Colin Hunt (Star Wars). Mail success: Nigel Terry (Troy). 


Nigel Terry

c/o Incoming Mail
BBC Television Centre
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ


11/02/05 News: prices of postage will go up to 39 cents for a first class stamp.  Also, priority mail, delivery confirmation and other services are indeed going up. This may be the last nail in the coffin to which is bogging down autograph collecting. RTS: Nelson Hall.  Let's face it, he doesn't like fans and doesn't want to sign.  I know two letters reached him... so time to give up that ship!  Mail success: Bob Roe (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). 


10/31/05 Two RTS's and one I think is for insufficient postage (my bad). I'll resend that. The other I have a new address for, so I'll re-try. RTS: Ian McIntyre (Pirates of the Caribbean) and RTS: Paul Cagney (Pirates of the Caribbean). Mail success: Eric Bauerfeld (1149) (SW Voice of Bib Fortuna and Admiral Ackbar). News: Celebrity deaths: Alf Joint (Stunts), Dave Tomblin (first Assistant Director the Trilogies) and John Hollis (Lobot), sadly passed away (Hollis earlier this month and Alf Joint the end of July.  


10/27/05 News: the David Wenham I noticed looks like a secretarial. I believe my other ones are his sig but this looks nothing like the other two... therefore; he may be using a secretary either outside New Zealand or altogether now.  RTS: Gloria Manon (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). Mail success (?): David Wenham (Lord of the Rings/Van Helsing). Mail successes: Dominic Pace (1147) (Stars of Star Wars Documentary) and Louis Katz (1148) (Star Wars EP I and II crew). 


David Wenham

c/o Artists Independent Network

c/o Vanessa Pereira

32 Tavistock Street

London WC2E 7PB

United Kingdom


10/25/05  News: Bill Hootkins passed from Pancreatic cancer. He was 58. His first film role was in 1977, playing Jedi fighter Jek Porkins in George Lucas' Star Wars. Though the part was small, it had a big impact. He joked in a Whatsonstage.com interview two years ago: “In a sense, my career's been downhill ever since. Fans still come to greet me at the stage door with action figures of my character and embarrassing photographs for me to sign.”

10/24/05 RTS: Barry McEvoy (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Mail success: Martin Rezard (1146) (SW Crew). I apologize for delays. I am having difficulty with my eyesight and it's getting worse. For now, I am seeing a doctor and they don't know what is wrong...but I apologize as it's just difficult for me. 


10/20/05  Mail successes: Bernard Hill (Lord of the Rings) and Mark Dodson (1145) (Star Wars Voice of Salacious Crumb). RTS: Chris Gossett (Star Wars Comics).  


10/18/05 I have to cut down using the PC due to an eye issue and so things will be on continued delay for a few months till the doctor gets a grip on what's happening.  


10/12/05  Mail: The Star Wars "Wal Mart" early bird special has arrived.


10/09/05 I'm currently working on some new promo cards I got for that collection. Purchase: Paul Theroux signed first edition leather Franklin Library book. 


Paul Theroux



10/07/05 In person: Bill Buckner (Baseball). Purchase: Joan Sims (As Time Goes By).  Note:  Joan Sims is deceased so no address available.


Bill Buckner (WARNING: Potential home address and I do not know if you'll get a response at all)

3 McDonald Circle

Andover MA 01810


10/06/05 Purchase:  Peter Best (Harry Potter Executioner).


10/05/05 Purchase: 1st edition leather Tom Wolfe book "Bonfire of the Vanities". RTS: Martin Rezard (Star Wars Crew) Bay Street Coogee NSW 2034 Australia. "Left Address"


Tom Wolfe



10/02/05 Personal News: back from the doctor and he can't do the surgery today.  It'll be a minimum of three more visits (weeks) if he can do it at all.  I am very disappointed; although nervous, I was ready... Purchase: Bill Owen (Last of the Summer Wine) and Booksigning: Caroline Kennedy signed book. I'll be offline tomorrow and possibly the next day depending as I am having to go to the eye surgeon again. A little nervous... Note: Bill Owen is deceased so no address available.


09/27/05  Photos online from Washington DC will be able to be seen in 2006 at www.dahoovsplace.com  National Bookfest Misc photos, Protest Photos, Misc Author photos.  Also, Iwo Jima Statue, International Spy Museum and  Ford's Theatre/Lincoln Museum. Purchase: Michael Aldridge  (Last of the Summer Wine) and Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings). 


Miranda Otto (she no longer signs by mail; at the most you MIGHT get a preprint)

/o Shanahan Mgmt.

129 Bourke Street

Woolloomooloo NSW 2011



09/26/05 We went to Washington DC again for National Bookfest.  In person signatures: David Baldacci (10 time best selling Author), David McCullough (Historian/Author/Pulitzer Winner), Laurie Smith (CNN reporter/Trading Spaces Designer/Author), Leeza Gibbons (Television host/Author), Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries), R L Stine (Children's Books...Goosebumps etc), Neil Gaiman (DC Comics/Novelist) had the LONGEST line (McCullough and Tom Wolfe were crazy, but this was ridiculous!), Andrea Mitchell (Journalist/News Correspondent), and Jerry Pinkney  (Illustrator). Online is also the brochure pages that we got signed.  Mail success: Peter Friedman (1144) (Star Wars Radio Dramas). 


David Baldacci



Laurie Smith

c/o William Morris Agency

One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, California 90212


Leeza Gibbons

c/o William Morris Agency

One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, California 90212



Meg Cabot



R. L. Stine

225 W. 71st Street

 New York, NY 10023



Neil Gaiman



Andrea Mitchell

4001 Nebraska Avenue

Washington DC 20016

Jerry Pinkney
c/o Penguin Young Readers Group
345 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014


09/23/05  We'll be gone for the weekend again; see ya Monday .  Mail success: Colin Higgins (Star Wars The Wrong Wedge). 


09/22/05 Purchase: Don Matheson (Lost in Space). News: gotta Eye appointment in VA Beach.


09/21/05  Happy Anniversary sweetie!  Trades: Rodney Bane (Lord of the Rings), Kelly Corbishley (Lord of the Rings), Rosella Hart (Lord of the Rings), Matthew Hegan (Lord of the Rings), Miranda Rivers (Lord of the Rings), Chris Ryan (Lord of the Rings) Matthew Saville (Lord of the Rings), Robert Tripe (Lord of the Rings), and Matt Wilson (Lord of the Rings) Tony Dawe (1140) (Jedi Crew and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Frank Billington-Marks (1141) (Star Wars Return of the Jedi Crew), Derek Lyons (1142) (Star Wars Ep IV Actor), Sacha Tarter (1143) (Star Wars Ep I Actress), Tony Christian (Harry Potter Stunts/Slytherin Beater) and Jeff Rawle (Harry Potter Amos Diggory).


Rodney Bane (Gail Cowan may no longer be forwarding fan mail)

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue Rd North


New Zealand


Miranda Rivers (Gail Cowan may no longer be forwarding fan mail)

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue Rd North


New Zealand


Chris Ryan (Gail Cowan may no longer be forwarding fan mail)

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue Rd North


New Zealand


Matthew Saville (Gail Cowan may no longer be forwarding fan mail)

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue Rd North


New Zealand


Robert Tripe (Gail Cowan may no longer be forwarding fan mail)

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue Rd North


New Zealand


Matt Wilson (Gail Cowan may no longer be forwarding fan mail)

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue Rd North


New Zealand


Sacha Tartar

c/o PFD

Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA


Tony Christian



Jeff Rawle

Jonathan Altaras Associates Limited
11 Garrick Street, Covent Garden
London WC2E 9AR



09/20/05 Patent information added to the Disclaimer page.


09/19/05 Freebie: promo card.  In person: Fred Lynn (baseball). He's nice; chatted, let us take a photo etc. He's a former Red Sox player, Golden Glove winner (twice I think), MVP and Rookie of the Year in 75. Only player to hold both distinctions in the same year.  Why he's not in the hall of fame is beyond me!  Trade/Exchange:  Brad Shield (1137) (Star Wars crew) and Sigbjørn Henanger (1138) (Star Wars Hoth Trooper). Mail Success: Jacqui Louez (1139) (Star Wars Senator Jaequito).


Fred Lynn (I didn't try this, so I wouldn't know if it works)

7336 El Fuerte St.
Carlsbad, CA 92009


09/15/05 Mail success:  Brian David (Pirates Of The Caribbean 2).


09/13/05 Purchase: Vitina Marcus (Lost in Space).


Vitina Marcus (she charges; you can buy items on her site)



09/11/05 Happy Birthday Jeremy! 


09/10/05 Rob and Holger, your items were mailed a day or two ago.  Joe and Tim, you're items are mailed today.  I'll be mailing your items Kris, Monday or Tuesday. 


09/09/01 Mail success: Joe Walsh (Eagles and exciting one for me)!


Joe Walsh

c/o JWFC
PO Box 1188
Easton, PA 18044


09/07/05 RTS: Jerry Gauny (Pirates of the Caribbean) c/o WBH Management in Encino CA "Address Unknown".


09/06/05  Hi everyone; I am back from a mini vacation.  Again in 2006 at www.dahoovsplace.com you can see photos of:  Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Bodie Island Lighthouse, Elizabethan Gardens, North Carolina Aquarium, Fort Raleigh/Lost Colony and The Wright Brothers Monument  Freebie: promo card. Purchase: Dee Hartford (Lost in Space).  


09/01/05 News: Michael Sheard, died of cancer. Mr. Sheard was fan friendly and he'll be missed. I am leaving on vacation for three days.  In the meantime, I wish everyone a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Stay safe! 


08/29/05 Back from the weekend. Steve Miller Concert great, but no chance of getting Steve Miller's autograph and no photos either as our camera didn't work. To boot, I got stung by a bee, we were lost for many hours (5 times we got lost!). We got a lot of photos in DC of the National Cathedral and some of the Embassies in DC.  Did you know Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan are buried in the National Cathedral? So is Woodrow Wilson and his wife.  But mainly, did you know the National Cathedral sports a statue of Darth Vader?  Amazing!  Photos of that will be on the 2006 new site www.dahoovsplace.com Well, off to get my cat in a bit. He's very sick... and very old. Purchases: Leonard Stone, Michael Ansara, Malachi Throne, Sherry Jackson, Kevin Hagen and Francine York. Note: Kevin Hagen is deceased and no address is available; sorry.


Leonard Stone

c/o CESD Talent Agency
10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Michael Ansara

4624 Park Mirasol
Calabasas, CA 91302-1731


Malachi Throne

Classic Trek
11805 Mayfield Avenue #306
Los Angeles, CA 90049


Francine York

c/o The Levin Agency
8484 Wilshire Blvd., #750
Beverly Hills, CA, 90211


08/26/05  I'll be away till Monday (Heading to DC).  So I cannot return emails. News: Nathan Jones (wrestler/actor/Troy won't sign ttm. 


08/24/05 Mail successes: Nick Markel (1134) (Ep II Crew), Joylon Bambridge (1135) (Ep I Crew) and Kristy Wright (1136) (Handmaiden Ep III). 


08/22/05 RTS: Chris Sullivan (Pirates of the Caribbean). "Wrong Person". Mail success: Franziska Troegner (Mrs. Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). We attended: REO Speedwagon  and Stingrays concert: photos in 2006 on www.dahoovsplace.com


Franziska Troegner

c/o ZBF Agentur Berlin
Friedrichstraße 39
10969 Berlin



08/14/05 RTS: Sean Michael Tighe (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Mail success: Dorne Huebler (1133) (Star Wars Crew).


08/10/05  I tried to email Mr. Nelson to thank him for signing, but over 2 weeks and 4 emails, your mailbox is still full!  I give.  Thanks for signing and hope you read this. 


08/09/05 Mail success: Michael Carter (Bib Fortuna) from July of 2000, making that request over 5 years old! 


Michael Carter

/o Emptage Hallett
24 Poland Street
London W1F 8QL



08/08/05 One item from someone who sent this to me as a thank you gift:  Marton Csokas signed LOTR photo.  Purchase: Bryan O'Byrne (1132) (Spaceballs). My O'Byrne is deceased so no address available.


Marton Csokas (Marton did not answer any of my SEVEN attempts (different addresses; so he probably will not respond to you either; but here ya go anyway)

c/o Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-182


08/06/05  Mail success: Eileen Essell (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).


08/04/05  Mail success: (5 years, 4 months and one week old)! Celia Imrie (Star Wars Ep I)


Celia Imrie

c/o BBC Television Centre

Wood Lane

London W12 7RJ

United Kingdom


08/02/05  Mail successes: Adam Godley (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Ben Scott (1131) (Star Wars Crew).   


08/01/05  Mail: A friend sent a couple pins and coins from the UK. Thanks Jason!  Mail successes: Louis Dempsey (Troy) and Fred Toft (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Thanks so much to them, as my air conditioning is on it's third day of non-existence, I welcomed something to lift my spirits!  These surely did.


07/31/05 Purchases: Jordan Fry (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and James Fox (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). RTS: Brazil J Grisaffi III (Pirates of the Caribbean) c/o Sherry Young Model and Talent Agency (Forwarding Time Expired). Mail success: Rick English (stuntman on Harry Potter, King Arthur, Alexander, Batman etc). Oh, thanks to Dan and Kelly for their nice exchanges and telling me about their items... Thanks too Dan for sending the nice photo of Mike Savva. Very kind of you.  Also, still hoping Gary B will email ... I still want to thank him for those SWW photos.


Jordan Fry

c/o Dramatic Artists Agency
250 South San Fernando Blvd., Ste. 301
Burbank, CA, 91502


James Fox

c/o PFD
Drury House
34/43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA



Rick English



07/29/05 Mail success: Finneus Egan (Pirates of the Caribbean), Glen David Miller (1129) (Hardware Wars) and David Ankrum (Star Wars Voice of Wedge) (1130). 


Finneus Egan

c/o CESD Talent Agency
10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90025


07/28/05  I got this in my inbox twice today from two separate emails, but the person thinks he's writing to two celebs:


"I am great fan of your work and I know you might not get time to read this, and are probabally bored with people e-mailing you or busy at the moment. I was hoping, if its not to much trouble that I could get a copy of your autograph I would really appreicate it. Look foward to your future work."

Thanks a lot,
Your biggest fan.

Name withheld to not embarrass


Let's dissect this:

1) He doesn't name the celeb at all

2) He doesn't mention the celebs work or anything; who the heck is he writing to?  Sounds like he wants any autograph from anyone

3) He misspelled three words in two sentences.  Two words:  SPELL CHECK

4) The grammar well, um, sucks!

5) Apparently, everyone he writes to he proclaims he is their "biggest fan". 

6) He gives his address assuming the person will pay postage, send something that is signed, buy envelopes and travel to the post office.  Wow! 


That's a lot wrong for two sentences! This is another thing killing the hobby.  ALWAYS provide proper postage, something to sign and never give your address unless they ask you to.  Always ask if it's ok if you send them something so you can foot the postage. It's called not making assumptions and being KIND and POLITE.  MANNERS PEOPLE!  Sorry, just upsetting seeing this over and over. News: Rob and Matt B, your items are mailed. Mail success:  Ralph Nelson Jr. (1128) (Star Wars Crew)


07/25/05 News: I've heard, but have not confirmed, that Mike Cottrell, passed away. Mike is related to Michaela and both were in Star Wars. Thanks W for that. THANK YOU to Gary B who mailed me a surprise package. Gary, I no longer have your email. If I do, I can't find it.  Can you email me?  THANKS!  As a result of his kindness, I have added 12 new Star Wars Weekend items to the collection.  Sometimes I get down on all the negative that happens then someone does a random act like this and restores my faith in how decent and kind people can be. RTS: Craig Thompson (Pirates of the Caribbean). Via my friend Matt: Anthony Smee (1126) (Star Wars Officer) and Marton Csokas (1127) (Star Wars Poggle the Lesser/Lord of the Rings)


Marton Csokas (Marton did not answer any of my SEVEN attempts (different addresses; so he probably will not respond to you either; but here ya go anyway)

c/o Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-1825


07/24/05 News:  It now appears Michael Culver stopped signing ttm.  He is charging 20.00 now! See what I mean?  More than 75% of the actors now are not are now signing or charging. My thanks to Ulrich, Tim, Aurélien and the other person who emailed with the convention updatesRTS: Bruce Spence, c/o Lisa Mann Creative Management Suite 2 Level 1 99 Spring Street, Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022, Australia. Also, A "Wrong Person" for Michael W Williams (Pirates of the Caribbean). Mail successes: John Cleese (British Actor/Harry Potter) and Tim Wylton (British Sitcoms).  Someone said I had the wrong photo of John Mollo.  I know he had convincing evidence (it's a photo somewhere in a book and the name says Ben Burtt whereas the one on IMDB says John Mollo). In addition, he knows someone who knows Ben or John and said that the photo I got signed wasn't him.  I wondered why Mr. Mollo would sign a photo that's not his.  Then I got a current photo of Mr. Mollo courtesy of a friend.... well look for yourself...he's older, but does he not look the same? Opinions? That's all for today!


John Cleese

/o David Wilkinson Associates
115 Hazlebury Road
London SW6 2LX



07/20/05 Purchase: Geraldine Somerville (Harry Potter).  Wes McGann (1123) (Star Wars Naboo Pilot), Alison Guilford (1124) (Star Wars Alien Citizen) and  Dan Turner (1125) (Star Wars Stand in/crew). News:  David Bowers is charging.  News: Rune V (Hoth Troopers) won't respond, will refuse mail and apparently only will sell his signature, referring to another site selling them.  Time to start boycotting these people as it's getting beyond ridiculous.  EVERYONE wants money.  What gets me, is we the fans pay to see the films, and help by giving them more free publicity (like right now).  We spend the time to write a genuine letter, pay postage, send items and envelopes ... everything.  All they have to do is be happy they have a fan, sign and put it in the mail at no cost to them.  We make their day by giving them accolades and what do we get?  Nothing but sadness and rejection and told to hand over money.  This is horrible!  Some are super nice.  For those, I remember almost every letter and watch for their names in the credits.  I tell others about them too!  So I appreciate those who sign and do my best to return the favor by promoting or writing to producers etc on their behalf (to keep them on shows etc).. My thanks for the likes of people like Warwick Davis, Jeremy Bulloch, Kenny Baker and others who not only respond by mail but also do conventions to supplement their income. They have class.  The thing is the others don't realize is not all fans can go to Australia, the UK, US, Norway or where to go to a convention or meet them in person.  Not all of us can afford to buy an autograph from everyone. Not with almost everyone charging!  What they also don't realize is Jeremy Bulloch and Warwick Davis have MORE fans because of this.  They are revered in ways others won't be and it's not because of the character they play...it's because of THEIR character!  When I get opportunities to meet them, I'll do it and try to buy something BECAUSE they were so nice. Most others tell me they agree and these are the most successful convention guests.  So to the people who won't sign ... I hope this helps.


Geraldine Somerville (she never answered me, so I cannot guarantee a response)

c/o ARG
4 Great Portland Street
London W1W 8PA



07/17/05 Mail successes: Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Finding Neverland), Tux Akindoyeni (1122) (Star Wars Jedi) and Bob Blackwell (Hobbit) Purchases: Philip Jackson (British Sitcoms), Stephen Lewis (British Sitcoms) and Kathy Staff (British Sitcoms). 


Freddie Highmore

c/o Artists Rights Group Ltd.

4 Great Poland Street

London W1W 8PA



Philip Jackson

c/o Markham & Froggatt Ltd
4 Windmill Street
London W1T 2HZ



Steven Lewis

c/o The Spotlight
7 Leicester Place
London, WC2H 7RJ



Kathy Staff

c/o Curtis Brown Ltd
Haymarket House
28 - 29 Haymarket
London, SW1Y 4SP



07/16/05 Tim, Gerald and Zach, your items are mailed.  


07/15/05 One item through a friend:  Christian Slater.  Thanks Leon!  and RTS: Jeremy Pelzer which was sent to a second address and still returned "No longer at this address; Addressee unknown".   Trade: George Leech (1121), but it's a terrible item.  So for this reason, I must get on my soap box a little.  For those new to collecting, here are some tips:

1) Don't clip signatures.  If an item is inscribed, though not the most desirable autograph to have, it's better than having a clipped signature or in this case, a signature where the inscription is cut out.  Depending on WHAT the autograph is, yes, inscriptions make it worth less. It's akin to defacing a painting or stripping a piece of good furniture.  So, DON'T hack up autographs!  Where the inscription marks the value 25-50% depending, the clipped item is worse....50-75%! Not that I sell anything...

2) Never write on the front of the autograph at all!  In this case, they drew around a ruler or something straight and drew a square/rectangle to cut out the inscription.  Again, this is defacing it.  If you want to write something on it, use pencil, do it small in the back, or better yet, use a post it affixed to the back with the information.

3)  Never Glue items! This one had tiny photos on it. and all were glued to a backboard.

4) Though a lot of people print out their own items (me too) you should try to make them standard sizes if possible.  3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 as these will fit easily into specially sold sleeves, be easier to sell. I know sometimes it's difficult to do this, but if possible, it will help to sell or trade etc...if they are normal sizes.

5) Homemade photos:  These are up in the air. I personally do these, and think they only affect value minimally.  I think a lot of times it helps in some ways because dealers will get professional items, but collectors use these and often times, this helps identify that and legitimatize a signature.  So I don't say anything too negative about this except that if you are going to make these, try to do them in decent quality.  For example, if you have some jpg at 72 dpi, don't try to size a small one to 8x10.  Just make it the smallest "normal" size possible. 

6) To keep relationships going, if you are trading items, please be honest about it.  Though the person may not want it, you will still the door open for further trades and when you need help down the road.... well, most will be more willing to help when they know they are dealing with honest people.  So that one thing you got will not be worth it in the long haul!


Christian Slater (I tried with no luck so I cannot guarantee a reply)

c/o Untitled Entertainment
331 N Maple Dr, Fl 2
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


07/13/05 Mail success: Peter Geddis (1120) (Star Wars Captain Antilles).    


07/12/05 Trade/Exchange:  Kendra Wall (Star Wars Ewok) (1116), Carole Morris (Star Wars Ewok) (1117), Dhruv Chanchani (1118) (Star Wars Kitster) and Star Wars Weekend photo signed by Jeremy Bulloch.  Mail success: Odd Johan Nelvik (1119) (Star Wars Hoth Trooper). My thanks to Gerald, Ulrich (for Convention info), and Martin.  


07/11/05  Purchases: Cathy Ernster (1104)  (Star Wars Extra Parade scene), Brian Howard (1105) (Naboo foot soldier, battle droid, Podrace tech, and Lott Dodd Ass't) and  Philip Wiegratz (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).. Mail success: Zoe Saldana. Via a friend: item signed by 11 ILM crew members.  I cannot thank Tim enough. The names on the 11 sig item are: Charles Alleneck  (1106), Derrick Carlin (1107), C Michael Easton (1108) (Also worked on Harry Potter), Jean-Denis Haas (1109), Peter Kelly (1110), Shawn Kelly (Cast and crew), Kevin Martel (1111), Chris Mitchell (1112), Rick O'Connor (1113), Jay Rennie (1114) and Andy Buecker (1115). Oh, thanks to Thomas and Dan C.  


Zoe Saldana

c/o Lori Danziger Personal Management
40 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10003


07/09/05 Mail success:  Francesca Hunt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).  Exchange: Steven Galloway (1102) (AOTC Crew) and Rebecca Short (1103) (SW Documentary). News: I got ripped off of the Geraldine Somerville item.  The ID of the culprit who ripped me off is collectiblesignatures. Don't buy from him.


Francesca Hunt

c/o PFD
Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London, WC2B 5HA



07/07/05  Trade: Star Wars Weekends signed photo.  Mail success: Georgie Smith (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).    


07/01/05 RTS: Adam Howard (SW crew), c/o his lawyers office


06/30/05 Purchases: Two new Disney SW Weekend photos, cast/crew screening ticket from Alexander and Tom Hanks signed cast/crew screening ticket from Apollo 13. I cannot verify the signature at this point. Via a friend: Alethea McGrath signed photo. Thanks to Daniel, who has always been great. Mail success: Bernard Steen (Star Wars Hoth Trooper) (1101) and Chico Andrade (British Sitcom "Waiting for God") 


06/22/05 Mail successes: Bernard Lord (Lord of the Rings) and Grant Imahara (Star Wars Crew) (1100).  Talented ... Did you see the Junkyard episode where ILM went up against the Jim Henson team?  Nail biting to the end ... I thought it'd be a blow away from the beginning, but goes to show you how good Henson's team was as well. 


06/19/05 Purchase: Preprinted signatures: Jim Morris (ex President Lucas Digital), George Lucas (Star Wars Creator) and Mich Chau (President Lucasfilm). They're not actual sigs, so they won't be counted, but will be  here for you to compare to only.  Mail success: Manuel Cauchi (Troy) and Michael J Pollard (Lost in Space).  In person failure: Stephen Baldwin.  Mostly because we got there so late due to a phone call from a family member.  I forgot to put my card back in my camera (still plugged into PC). So not only did I not get an autograph, I didn't even get a photo!  


George Lucas (he won't sign but here ya go anyway)

c/o Lucasfilm Ltd.
PO Box 2009
San Rafael, CA 94912


Mich Chau (Ms. Chau won't sign either but here ya go anyway)

c/o Lucasfilm Ltd.
PO Box 2009
San Rafael, CA 94912


06/18/05 Purchase: Ian Hart (Harry Potter). Mail success: Tim Curry (Clue, Spam-a-lot, Rocky Horror etc). 


Ian Hart (I've had no luck with him by mail; but here ya go anyway)

c/o ARG
4 Great Portland Street
London W1W 8PA



Tim Curry (I wrote c/o a play so cannot guarantee this address will work the play is long closed sorry)

c/o Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401


06/13/05 Mail: Star Wars Fan Club package.  Why do they even bother with this.  Most of the fans are adults and a iron on ADVERTISEMENT and a sticker and a bunch of ads are crap.  What would be better would to be a free magazine, a real poster (not an advertising one), a real patch, iron on or some promo cards or something of some substance.  They call this a benefit?  It's nothing but crap.  How about a free book?  Comic?  Greeting card, or something someone would actually buy and use?  Pencil?  Pen? Coloring book?  How about a coupon for a free pack of CCG/TCG or a discount on SW merchandise bought in actual stores like Toys R Us and Waldenbooks? Geez, I could do a better job than they do! 


06/12/05 News: We went to Blackbeard Festival  we took site down, so come back late 2006 to www.dahoovsplace.com to see images. Also we went to Harbourfest and saw  Mary Wilson (of the Supremes) so photos will be added in 2006 on the site above. Purchases: Jennifer Tilly (Haunted Mansion) and Alfie Enoch (Harry Potter). In person: Mary Wilson Lastly, we went to Battle of Big Bethel (Civil War Re-enactment) and  Endview Plantation photos. and those photos will be on the site listed above in 2006.


Mary Wilson (I don't know if Ms. Wilson signs through mail but she's nice in person)

c/o Mary Wilson Enterprises, Inc.
Robert Doig
18917 Nordhoff Street, Suite 10
Northridge, CA 91324-3798


Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer doesn't sign by mail; but here ya go anyway)

c/o T.M.C.E.
7985 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 550
West Hollywood, CA 90046


06/10/05 Mail success: James Purefoy (Actor; Knight's Tale etc)  RTS: Keith Richards (Rolling Stones/Pirates of the Caribbean 2); c/o the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, 500 S Buena Vista, Hollywood, CA.  


James Purefoy

c/o ICM Artists
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street
London, W1D 1BS



06/09/05 Mail success: Whoopie Goldberg (comedienne/actress).  


Whoopie Goldberg

One Ho Productions
Tribeca Film Center
375 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10013


06/08/05 Exchange: Edward Peel (1098) (SW Extra), Martin Gant (1099) (ESB Crew) and Richard Freeman (Lord of the Rings Soldier). 


06/06/05  News: Boy, have I been sick as a dog!  I was laid out all weekend and am still sick.  Actually, I thought it was just a cold, but it got way worse and seems like I went through the fever part twice and the sore throat part twice... sorry for not posting.   


06/04/05 Mail success: Paddy Ward (British Sitcoms/possibly Pirates of the Caribbean). Why I say "possibly" is because there was a sentence in his note that seemed to hint at it. I can't find a credit or rumor anywhere about it, so if you know anything, please email!


Paddy Ward

c/o Burnett Granger Associates ltd
3 Clifford Street
London, W1S 2LF



06/01/05  New site feature: Signature Database.


05/30/05  Star Wars Weekends at Disney items for my collection: Andy Secombe, Warwick Davis and Peter Mayhew signed photos and a lot of preprints.  Also unsigned photos of Dave Prowse and Anthony Daniels. Purchase: Thora Hird (British Sitcom "Last of the Summer Wine").  Note: Thora Hird is deceased so no address available.


Andrew Secombe

c/o PFD
Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA



Warwick Davis

PO Box 511
Peterborough PE2 76Q

United Kingdom


Peter Mayhew  (Peter Mayhew charges and does conventions)



Dave Prowse (Dave Prowse charges and does conventions)



Anthony Daniels (Anthony Daniels doesn't sign by mail at all; you'll have to get his signature at conventions)



05/26/05 Purchase: Paul Frees (1097), (Hardware Wars/Ewoks Cartoons). Note: Paul Frees is deceased so no address available...


05/24/05 Mail success:  Frances Turner.  Long story behind this...I wrote to Kate Turner from Star Wars and reached the one listed for Star Wars, but she wasn't the one from Star Wars: She was Frances one year old daughter~  Frances told me she was in King Kong and that she'd be happy to sign and so I sent back to her (also asked her if  she was in Lord of the Rings, but she said no).  Via a friend:  Theo Kypri (Harry Potter Lord Stunts. Theo was Voldemort during the Unicorn scene in Sorcerer's Stone; and he was also in Pirates of the Caribbean). I want to thank Paul for his efforts on that one... it was not easy to get the sig!


05/19/05 Mail success: Henry Lloyd Hughes (Harry Potter) and Clint Elvy (Lord of the Rings).


Clint Elvy

c/o Odd Management Ltd
PO Box 90860
Auckland Mail Centre


New Zealand


05/16/05 Mail success: Rick McCallum (Star Wars Producer). 


Rick McCallum

Industrial Light + Magic
PO Box 2459
San Rafael, CA 94912


05/15/04  Saturday's mail successes: Campbell Rouselle (Lord of the Rings) and Coinneach Alexander (1096) (Star Wars Ep III) and a RTS for Michael J Pollard (Lost in Space). I also  went to a place I refer to as "Big Head Park" which is actually "President's Park".  I am redoing the family site; I'll post the pages/photos in the 2006 on www.dahoovsplace.com  My thanks to Anna, who sent me some CD's and a magazine from Ireland of Star Wars stuff! 


Campbell Rouselle

Talent Banque Ltd

PO Box 8954, Symonds Street

New Zealand


05/13/05 Mail success:  Duncan Young (1095) (Star Wars crew). 


05/12/05 Mail success: Jeff Kingsford (Lord of the Rings). 


05/10/05 Mail success: Chris O'DonnellRTS: Rick Hall (Star Wars Radio Drama) and RTS: James Eckhouse (Star Wars Radio Dramas) both c/o Talentworks, 3500 W. Olive Avenue Ste. 1400 Burbank, CA 91505


Chris O'Donnell

2029 Century Park East
Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90067


05/08/05 Mail success: Arte Johnson (comedian/actor/Lost in Space). 


Arte Johnson

2725 Bottlebrush Dr

Los Angeles CA 90024


05/06/05 Mail success: Tim Hardwood (1093) (Star Wars Naboo Foot soldier) and Andrew Harkes (1094) (Star Wars Radio Dramas).  


05/02/05 Online: Celebrity photos from Celebration IIINews:  there's a forger on Ebay copying things from this site.  Many of the celebs will no longer sign, have only signed for me and/or a friend and have stated that to me; this FORGER on Ebay is selling 'signatures that are impossible for him to have obtained. In one case, I get a signature and a week later it's on Ebay. The person has not been known before and a week later, it's on Ebay...and he claims to have gotten it on person?  He apparently found this guy, flew to another country, got a worthless signature, flew back to his own country, listed the item on Ebay for lots more than it's value.  Possible?  NO. Here's his ID and stay clear!  filmzauber88 I urge all of you to stay clear of this forger and thief.


05/01/05 Online: Online candid Celeb photos (not in the queues) Final autographs online: multi-signed Jabba's Palace, and signed action figures: Matt Wood, Orli Shoshan and Bodie Taylor.  Mail successes: Owen Finnegan (Pirates of the Caribbean) (photos ruined); and Olive Levi (1092) (Revenge of the Sith-Senator).


Matt Wood (ILM Probably won't pass on fan mail; funky stuff goes on there; but here ya go anyway)

Industrial Light + Magic
Attn: Fan Mail
PO Box 2459
San Rafael, CA 94912


Orli Shoshan



04/30/05 Online: autographs I got at CIII iall Star Wars: Caroline Blakiston (Mon Mothma), Ralph Brown (Ric Olie), Christine Hewitt (Tonnika Twin), Barrie Holland (You Rebel Scum Officer), Gerald Home (Teesek/Mon Calamari), Jay Laga'aia (Captain Typho), Bai Ling (Senator Ep III), Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett), Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti), Bodie Taylor (Clone Trooper), Simon Williamson (Gamorean Guard and Max Rebo) and Matt Wood (General Grievous/Sound Designer) (1091). Online: photos (unsigned) of Michael Kingma (General Tarful).  Mail successes: Ted Nugent (rock star) and Chester Moore (Crypto Zoologist/Author).  Thanks Chester! Finally, online: photos from Celebration III entitled "miscellaneous"


Caroline Blakiston

c/o CDA
19 Sydney News
London SW3 6HL



Ralph Brown

c/o ARG
4 Great Portland Street
London W1W 8PA



Barrie Holland (Barrie now does conventions; he may not sign by mail anymore)



Gerald Home



Jay Laga'aia (Jay doesn't sign by mail that I know of; but here ya go anyway)

/o June Cann Management
73 Jersey Road
Woollahra NSW 2025



Bai Ling (She doesn't sign by mail but here ya go anyway)

c/o Special Artist Agency
9465 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 890
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Daniel Logan (Daniel doesn't sign by mail but here ya go anyway)

c/o CESD Talent Agency
10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Orli Shoshan



Matt Wood (ILM Probably won't pass on fan mail; funky stuff goes on there; but here ya go anyway)

Industrial Light + Magic
Attn: Fan Mail
PO Box 2459
San Rafael, CA 94912


Ted Nugent (I have no idea if he signs; this address is untested)

c/o Nugent USA
4008 West Michigan Avenue
Jackson, MI 49202


Chester Moore



04/29/05  All items mailed now including new orders and figures (except two people who wanted figures still didn't pay). Online:  Costumed people and crowds . . . and artist signatures I obtained in person (Matt got two of them for me; thanks Matt) at CIII:  Hans Jensen (artist), Richard Chasemore (1076) (artist) and Tsuneo Sanda (1077) (Artist). Also, crew autographs I obtained in person: Dave Elsey (1078) (Creature Shop Supervisor), Lou Elsey (1079) (Creature SFX), Roger Guyett (1080) (Visual Effects Supervisor), Erik Tiemens (1081) (Concept Design Supervisor), Ryan Church (1082) (Concept Design Supervisor), Mike Murnane (1083) (Concept Sculptor), Robert E Barnes (1084) (Concept Sculptor), Derek Thompson (concept art), Warren Fu (Concept Art/Storyboards) and Feng Zhu (1085) (Concept Art). Exchange:  Joe Hutsko (1086) (Author), Kevin Burns (1087) (Empire of Dreams Producer), Thaine Morris (1088) (Star Wars crew) and Ted Moehnke (1089) (Star Wars crew). In person: Elvis Stormtrooper (Misc. Star Wars) (1090). Mail success: Daniel J Travanti (Hill Street Blues/Lost in Space).


Richard Chasemore (I contacted once with no response; so cannot guarantee a response)



Tsuneo Sanda



Erik Tiemens



Ryan Church



Derek Thompson



Warren Fu



Feng Zhu



Daniel J Travanti

14205 Sunset Blvd

Pacific Palisades CA 90272


04/28/05 News: I am having problems with the storefront. Though it's not officially online, people are finding it and several people are ordering stuff .  I am NOT getting the Pay Pal payments supposedly sent.  I am missing a code which Pay Pal needs.  We are trying to work it out.  However, in the meantime, I have removed the store entirely.  If you want something, let me know and pay Pay Pal separately; not by clicking the Pay Pal buttons in the store. News: Rest of items mailed except for those who didn't pay yet for Vader figures. Online: photos Lucas Show , Rick McCallum Show and the Artists show.  Mail successes: Audrey Landers (Chorus Line) and Mario Capellari (1074) (Star Wars Crew), Robert Hardy (Harry Potter Cornelius Fudge). Gift from a great guy: Brad Pitt (Troy). In person at CIII:  Matt Stover (1075) (Author Star Wars). Online: promo cards I obtained while at CIII and the button they gave out.


Robert Hardy

c/o Chatto & Linnit
Prince Of Wales Coventry Street
London W1V 7FE



Brad Pitt (I got mine from someone and I don't think Brad signs by mail but here ya go anyway)

Plan B
9150 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 350
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


04/27/05 Online:  Lucas Archive photos and diary for CIII Sunday  


04/26/05 Online: Celebration III diary from Friday and Saturday and promo items at CIII. RTS: Camille Hagen (Spaceballs) and RTS: Paul Sutera (Rumored LOTR).  Paul's say Vacant while Camille's says "Unable to Forward". Mail successes: Stephen Dillane (King Arthur) and Alexander Anderson (LOTR Human King Ring Bearer).  News: Mr. Anderson passed away later in 2005


Stephen Dillane

c/o Michelle Braidman Associates
3rd Floor Suite10-11 Lower John Street
London W1F 9EB



04/25/05  I am baaaack!  CIII diary online (first two days). Everyone got everything except Michael Kingma, who was a no show. I heard he was detained at customs. Another person told us he was scheduled for surgery or something like that, but the customs thing probably was right. The only people I did not meet are a few of the crew members and also I never did see Warwick Davis ... I pretty much met everyone else. Great time, no lost items. I want to thank all those fantastic fans and celebs.  It was great meeting people from all over (I guess that was most fun for me). I had a great time with several people (the two guys in line the first day from Puerto Rico was fun, and Danny who is Rob's friend, I was gonna go talk to you when you were at the table near Gerald, but people kept snagging me to talk...then we had to catch our flight ... I was gonna ask you about the volunteer part, so if you're reading this, email me and let me know!.  Rob and I got disconnected after day one ... And thanks Chester (who works with Ted Nugent) ... email me because I may have something for you ... and to the guy I met from Germany who was at Gerald's table, and the sculptor guy who did the fan sculpture ... and to anyone else who we spoke with, feel free to email anytime. Matt, thanks for holding my spot and great fun we got to see Lucas!  We thought you were all fantastic, enthusiastic, funny and great to talk to!  We had a great time even in the airports.  Mostly, I enjoyed meeting Toby and Gerald who were my inspiration to go. 


04/19/05  Last post till April 25th. On our way to CIII!  Mail success: Tom England (1073) (Star Wars Hoth Rebel Commander). See ya soon!


04/17/05  Mail successes: Robert Wilfort (Harry Potter Photographer) and Tiana Benjamin (Harry Potter Angelina Johnson).  


Robert Wilfort

c/o Curtis Brown Ltd
Haymarket House
28 - 29 Haymarket
London, SW1Y 4SP



Tiana Benjamin

c/o Susan Angel & Kevin Francis Ltd
1st Floor
12 D'Arblay Street
London W1F 8DU



04/16/05 RTS: Whoopie Goldberg (Actress/Comedienne) c/o The Big Whoop Los Angeles, CA. At least I got my Pagemaster photo back. In person: Andrew Dan Jumbo (Carpenter Trading Space).  Very congenial and funny. Took a photo with me and signed a small photo.  A class act if there ever was one. 


Andrew Dan Jumbo (Mine was in person so I can't guarantee a response)

While You Were Out

c/o BBC Productions

432 West 45th Street

New York, New York 10036


04/15/05  RTS: Anna Hewlett (Lord of the Rings).  Mail successes:  Janet Evanoivich (Author), Scott Hinds, (Star Wars Nein Numb), Paul Chapman (As Time Goes By Stephen) and Ralph P Martin (Pirates of the Caribbean Mr Brown). 


Janet Evanovich



Scott Hinds



Paul Chapman

c/o The Spotlight
7 Leicester Place
London, WC2H 7RJ



Ralph P Martin

c/o Schiowitz Clay Inc
1680 Vine St Ste 614
Los Angeles, CA 90028


04/13/05  Mail success: Ian Mune (Lord of the Rings Bounder), Karl Johnson (1072) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) and John Leguizamo (Actor Moulin Rouge etc).


John Leguizamo

c/o William Morris Agency

151 El Camino Dr.

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


04/12/05  Mail successes: Jynine James (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Salt Nuts Girl) and Angus Barnett (Pirates of the Caribbean) (sent me artifacts from film).  


Angus Barnett

c/o Gardner Herrity ltd
Douglas House
16-18 Douglas Street
London SW1P 4PB



04/11/05  Mail successes: Grant Roa (LOTR Uruk Hai), Andrew Kelly (1070) (Star Wars Crew) and Masa Yamaguchi (1071) (Star Wars Senator).


04/10/05  Purchases: Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter Professor Sprout) and Chris Rankin (Harry Potter Percy Weasley) (who said he sign but didn't and when reminded by email promised again and didn't and who I sent another letter he would and didn't) and Freddie Prinze Jr (Scooby Doo). 


Chris Rankin



Miriam Margolyes she never answered me so no guarantees of a success

PFD Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London, England WC2B 5HA



Freddie Prinze Jr  I've never written to Freddie so no guarantees he'll sign

c/o BWR

9100 Wilshire Boulevard

6th Floor West Tower

Beverly Hills, California 90212


04/08/05 RTS: Ron West (Star Wars Radio Dramas) and RTS: Andrew Hawkes (Star Wars Radio Dramas).  Mail success: Lyle Waggoner (Actor/Lost in Space). 


Lyle Waggoner

1124 Oak Mirage Place
Westlake Village, CA 91362-5622


04/05/05  Mail successes: Sean Gilder (King Arthur) and Steve Slanec (Star Wars crew) (1069). 


Sean Gilder

Scott Marshall Partners Ltd
Suite 9, 54 Poland Street
London W1F 7NJ



04/04/05 Trade: David Gatward Ferguson (LOTR Uruk) and Lynden Berryman (LOTR Uruk).  


04/03/05  Mail success Janet Henfrey (As Time Goes By Mrs. Bale). 


Janet Henfrey

c/o Ken McReddie ltd
21 Barrett Street
London, W1U 1BD



04/02/05 Midnight madness sale: Lava Vader and  mail in Wal-Mart Early Bird set.  I opted to skip Holographic Yoda in lieu of sleep. What I noted at these events was the UNDERWHELMING fervor.  No one hardly was there!  Purchases: Jennifer Tilly (Haunted Mansion) and David Krumholtz (Santa Clause 2).  


Jennifer Tilly  she never answered my letter so no guarantee she'll respond

c/o Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401


David Krumholtz he never answered my letter so no guarantees he'll respond

c/o Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401


04/01/05 Mail successRichard Edge (LOTR Gondorian Soldier). 


Richard Edge

c/o Auckland Actors
PO Box 56
460 Dominion Road

New Zealand


03/29/05 Other Mail: Target postcard advertising Star Wars Toys Personal News: Power outage!  I didn't have power for 7 and a half hours.  In person success:  Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants Hall of Fame linebacker. Mail successes: Brian Magerkurth (1068) (Star Wars Crew) and Geoffrey Palmer (As Time Goes By Lionel). 


Geoffrey Palmer

c/o Marmont Management

Langham House

308 Regent Street

London: W1R 5AL



03/25/05 Taking preorders for Celebration UP TO April 10th.  Now, you can get your items from me for only $3 an item. There is no place else that will be this cheap.   Also, with me, you will pay exact shipping.  No handling fees.  If you have any questions, email. 


03/24/05 Exchanges: Steve Romanko (1061) (Star Wars Crew), TN Tumbusch (1062) (Star Wars Author), Seeta Indrani (1063) (Star Wars Video Games), John Midgley (1064) (Star Wars Crew), Jamie Glover (1065) (Star Wars Video Games), Billy Brown (1066) (Star Wars Video Games), Matthieu Grospiron (1067) (Star Wars Crew). 


Seeta Indrani



03/21/05 Mail success: Ursula K LeGuin (Science Fiction Author). 


Ursula K LeGuin



03/20/05 Mail success: Rachel Reenstra (1060) (Star Wars Video Games)


Rachel Reenstra

c/o Tisherman Agency
6767 Forest Lawn Drive #101
Los Angeles, CA 90068


03/18/05  Mail success: Pat Kinevane (King Arthur). 


Pate Kinevane

c/o The Lisa Richards Agency

46 Upper Baggot Street

Dublin 4



03/15/05  Mail success: Robert Fyfe (Last of the Summer Wine).    


03/13/05 Some new TV promo cards and some Movie Promo cards.  Purchase: Joel Tobeck (LOTR Orc).   


03/11/05 RTS: Kate Turner (Star Wars Crew).  "Wrong Kate Turner".


03/08/05  Mail success: Tim Lion (1059) (Star Wars crew). 


03/07/05  Personal News: We had another death in the family (Scott's only uncle) so I may be hard to reach for a bit.  RTS: Justin Johnson (Star Wars crew) c/o Marmonth Management Langham House, 308 Regent Street, London W1B 3AT.  Semi-success:  Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings Eowyn) preprinted photo. Mail success: Moira Brooker (As Time Goes By Judy).


Miranda Otto

PFD Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London, WC2B 5HA



03/05/05 Via a friend: Chris Hennah (LOTR crew), Dan Hennah (LOTR crew/Man of Rohan), Julian Khazzouh (1058) (Star Wars Wookie) and Corey Burton (Clone Wars cartoons/Video Games).  Purchase: "America" album (signed by Lee "Dewey" Bunnell and Gerry Beckley. Mail successes: Jean Fergusson (Last of the Summer Wine), Dora Bryan (Last of the Summer Wine) and Daniel Hill (Waiting for God Harvey).   I am headed to CIII.  I've booked the plane tickets, hotel room, rental car and bought the passes.  I'll take orders from everyone, but I will NOT receive items that are large, previously signed, or odd shaped.  I only accept licensed items or take orders for photos that will be available at the convention. Due to the amount of money I have spent to go. Because of my costs, a small fee of $3 per item is attached to orders.  If interested, please email me with our want list and details. I'll accept Pay Pal only if the fee is paid.  If ordering several photos, I'll reduce the price of what I charge extra.  Do not send items that you can't stand to "lose" in case an accident happens. Want a Vader exclusive figure?  I may get a few and so the if interested.


Corey Burton



Dora Bryan

c/o Burnett Granger Associates
3 Clifford Street
London, W1S 2LF



03/04/05 Purchase: John Rhys Davies (LOTR Gimli/Tree beard)


John Rhys Davies

Emptage Hallett

24 Poland Street

London WV1 3DD



02/28/05 Mail successes:  Burt Kwouk (Last of the Summer Wine/James Bond) and Quinton Flynn (Droid Works Video Game) (1057).


Burt Kwouk

c/o London Management
2-4 Noel Street
London W1V 3RB



Quinton Flynn

10635 Santa Monica Blvd. #130
Los Angeles, CA 90025


02/26/05 Mail success: Mike Grady (Last of the Summer Wine Barry). Purchase: Brian Forster (Partridge Family Chris). Anyone got a Jeremy Gelbwaks address?


02/25/05 Mail success: Juliette Kaplan (Last of the Summer Wine Pearl).


Juliette Kaplan



02/24/05 UACC Hall of shame list added to the consumer area. News: Stay clear of anything on Ebay by Irene Sokolas...she's selling fakes. UACC has information now....  However, do NOT bid on items... read ENTIRE listing to make sure you don't see her name attached.  She sells under several ID's and is claiming to be a UACC member. Mail successes:  Philip Bretherton (As Time Goes By Alistair) and Frank Thornton (Last of the Summer Wine/Are You Being Served)


Frank Thornton

c/o David Daly Associates
586a King`s Road
London SW6 2DX



Philip Bretherton

c/o Rhubarb Agency
Bakerloo Chambers
304 Edgware Road
London W2 1DY



02/21/05 Mail successes: Brian Wilde (Last of the Summer Wine Foggy), Sarah Thomas (Last of the Summer Wine Glenda), Keith Clifford (Last of the Summer Wine Billy Hardcastle), Tom Owen (Last of the Summer Wine Tom Simmonite) and Jean Alexander (Last of the Summer Wine Auntie Wainwright).  David Michaels (As Time Goes By: Harry) and Stellan Skarsgard King Arthur Cerdic). 


Brian Wilde

c/o The Spotlight
7 Leicester Place
London WC2H 7RJ



Jean Alexander

c/o Joan Reddin
Hazel Cottage
Frogg's Island
Wheeler End
Bucks HP14 3NL

United Kingdom


Stellan Skarsgard

c/o Jeri Scott Management
211 South Beverly Dr., Ste. 112
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


02/20/05  Purchases: Richard Devon (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) and Genevieve Gaunt (Harry Potter)


02/18/05  Via www.bountyhunter.be a gorgeous 8x10 of Julian Glover (Troy, Harry Potter and Star Wars).  Mail successes: Alex King (Appollian Guard - Troy) and Vincent Regan (Eudora - Troy). 


Julian Glover

200 Fulham Road

London SW10 9PN



Vincent Regan

c/o Conway Van Gelder Ltd
3rd Floor, 18/21 Jermyn Street
London SW1Y 6HP



Alex King

c/o Gavin Barker Associates
2d Wimpole Street
London, W1G 0EB



02/17/05  Purchase: Bill Mumy (Lost in Space).  Mail success: Brian Murphy (Last of the Summer Wine).


Bill Mumy you can purchase a sig on his site



02/14/05 Mail successes: Frankie Fitzgerald (Troy) and Jane Freeman (Last of the Summer Wine). 


Frankie Fitzgerald

c/o Associated International Management

1 Blythe Road, London, W14 0HG



02/13/04 I've been ill, and lost my computer. And I didn't just fry out the processor, but I lost my entire hard drive! I backed up my address lists, sites and a few other important things, but it was a month prior.  So I lost all information the past month.  Also, I lost my ENTIRE address book in my email area, as well as saved emails.  So.... if anyone is owed emails or is expecting to hear from me but hasn't, please email. The tragedy is so bad for what I lost, that I am devastated and have spent the last week rebuilding.  However, I can't rebuild a lot of it . . . I do however, have a nice new PC. It's faster at 2.93 GHZ and 512K RAM.  I already had a 160 gig hard drive, but now I've 220 gigs total.  AND some other new stuff like a new wireless optical mouse and a keyboard with fingerprint ID!  Neat stuff..... I'm all set now.  I lost all my bookmarks, three weeks worth of recipe typing (25 years worth of clippings and cards I'd saved and never used hardly), all my friends addresses...  It's heartbreaking. Mail successes: Scott Hinds (1056) (Star Wars Nien Numb) and Joshua Richards (Troy).


Joshua Richards

c/o Emptage Hallett
24 Poland Street
London W1F 8QL



02/07/05 Exchanges: Tom Delmar (1049) (Star Wars Stunts), Mike Valentine (1050) (Star Wars Crew/King Arthur), Elizabeth Conboy (1051) (Star Wars Video Games), Jeremy Barlow (1052) (Star Wars Comics). Duncan Blackman (1053) (Star Wars Crew/Pirates of the Caribbean), Eric Christensen (1054) (Star Wars/Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean Crew).  RTS: Campbell Rouselle (LOTR Stunts/Various Characters) P.O. Box 1189 Levin 5500 Wellington, New Zealand. Misc Mail: Debbie Lee Carrington (Star Wars Ewok) sent me a postcard announcing her new project: www.emeradlnuts.com; vote for her.  Mail successes Tim Chipping (Troy) and Warren Fu (Star Wars Concept artist) (1055). New page up Ask the Experts Page


Elizabeth Conboy

c/o Hobson's Voices

62 Cheswick High Road
London W4 1SY



Debbie Lee Carrington  Not sure if this is still valid as of 2006

c\o Jonis

8147 Tunney Ave.

Reseda, CA 91335


Warren Fu



02/04/05 Mail success: Lucinda Dryzek (Pirates of the Caribbean)


02/03/05  Mail success:  Adoni Maropis (Troy)   


Adoni Maropis

The Culbertson Group
8430 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 210
West Hollywood, CA  90069


02/01/05 The KOTOR II added to the Video Game Area.


01/31/05   Purchase Top Cat animation cel  Mail success: Tobias McKinney (Pirates of the Caribbean). 


Tobias McKinney

c/o Cunningham Escott Dipene
10635 Santa Monica Blvd. #130/135
Los Angeles, CA 90025


01/30/05  News:  I am starting a "reference service" for collectors wanting expert advice in certain areas of collecting. I'm looking for collectors who are not afraid to offer advice to other collectors on signature verification.  For example:  Disney, Sports, Xena, Buffy, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Golden era of Hollywood, Music; anything you specialize in.  You must be willing to take forwarded emails from fans/collectors on signature verification and you must be knowledgeable in the field...either having collected for many years, or get all your signatures in person. In return, you will have your site listed on mine, you can refer people to me for my specialties and there may be some form of either a web ring or something else which will garner attention for you.  Applicants will be screened. Please email me if interested.


01/28/05  Mail success: Tyler Mane  Ajax (Troy). Exchanges: Emily Berry (Star Wars Video Games) (1044), David Robb (Star Wars Video Games) (1045), Joshua Ortega (Star Wars Author) (1046), Wayne Humfleet (Star Wars Author) (1047), Jim Hearn (Star Wars Cartoons) (1048) and Craig Burns (Star Wars Crew).


Tyler Mane



Joshua Ortego



01/26/05  Mail successes: James Cosmo (Troy) and Ken Bones (Troy).


01/25/05  Mail success: Vince Lozano (Pirates of the Caribbean) 


Vince Lozano



01/23/05  Mail successes: Victoria Benyon-Coles (LOTR Orc), Jackie Alexander (LOTR Elf), Julie Christie (Troy and Harry Potter). Purchases:  Colin Farrell (Actor/Alexander) and Rose Byrne (Star Wars Dorme/Troy).


Julie Christie

PFD Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London, WC2B 5HA



Colin Farrell  I never tried writing, so can't guarantee a response

c/o CAA

9830 Wilshire Boulevard

Beverly Hills, CA 90212



Rose Byrne I wrote to an Aussie Agent, but here she's here now

c/o William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Beverly Hills,
CA 90212 USA


01/17/05  News: My mother in law passed way so, this will be offline for about a week.


01/14/05   The British Sitcom area is completed. There is a new home page or index page. Many thanks to Jason for help with the 5p stamps Purchase: Susan Dey (LA Law/Partridge Family).   


01/13/05  I've been experiencing PC problems, my internet connection was gone for 2 and a half days and my scanner died. I have a new scanner and couldn't get my PC to read it.  Even my ISP didn't know what was wrong, but after a few pieces of new equipment (card, hub and cable) and it STILL wasn't working, we finally got a more experienced tech to figure out the problem. Exchange: Vance Hartwell (LOTR crew). I received a Chrome Jango Fett Bust #3980 of 5,000. News:  Royal mail will no longer accept foreign stamp orders as they can't track internationally. Mail success: Hugh Dancy (King Arthur). 


Hugh Dancy

PFD Drury House

34-43 Russell St.

London WC2B 5HA



01/11/05  Mail success: Peter Sallis (Last of the Summer Wine).  


Peter Sallis  Note:  Mr. Sallis has vision impairment and is finding it more difficult to answer fan mail; be kind...

Jonathan Altaras Associates 

2 Goodwins Court

London: WC2N 4LL



01/09/05 Went to Washington DC yesterday (to bring Jeremy home) and went to two places: National Geographic Museum and the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Debbie Allen was in the facility, but I didn't see her. We visited in December a light display called Celebration in Lights  In 2006, these will be online at www.dahoovsplace.com.  Purchases:  Suzanne Crough (Partridge Family) and Aisha Tyler (Santa Clause). 


Aisha Tyler

c/o Roar Management
2450 Broadway, Suite 600
Santa Monica, CA 90404



01/07/04 Mail success: Sarah McLeod (Hobbit LOTR).  Via a friend:  Geoff Allen (LOTR Gondorian Soldier, Orc and Uruk), Betty Adams (LOTR Hobbit) and Michael Stearne (LOTR Uruk-Hai). I'll be offline for the next day and a half; I'll be in DC again. 


Sarah McLeod

Actors PO Box 56460

Dominion Road


New Zealand


01/06/05 Mail successes: Jim Tavare (Harry Potter) signed one image.


Jim Tavare



01/05/05  Mail successes: Chris Reid (LOTR Uruk-Hai) and Fletcher Moules (1043) (Star Wars Crew). Site stats: Total number for 2004 was 1042, 42past my goal. My goal for this year is only 1150. In 2005 I'll continue on with other projects and send out less and buy less.