12/27/04  Mail successes:  Kenneth Wannberg (1042) (Star Wars music) and Miranda Rivers (LOTR extra/crew). 


12/26/04  Purchased Autographs that I got hubby for Christmas online: William "The Fridge" Perry signed helmet (Chicago Bears) and Mike Singletary (Chicago Bears) signed Jersey (Chicago Bears). And a book signed by:  Clive Cussler (Author) Clive no longer signs by mail; you'll have to catch him at a book signing, Dirk Cussler (Author) and Lisa Castelli (illustrator).


William "The Fridge Perry"  We have not tried this, so cannot guarantee a success

c/o Offices Of William 'The Fridge' Perry
9328 Westover Club Circle
Windermere, FL  34786


Mike Singletary We have not tried this, so cannot guarantee a success

22 Polo Drive

South Barrington, IL 60010


12/23/04 Graham Crowden (British Actor) and James Horan (1041) (Star Wars Video Games). Heating disaster...guys have been here all day..


Graham Crowden

c/o British Equity

Guild House

Upper St. Martin's Lane

London SC2H 9EG



James Horan



12/21/04 Mail success: Tamara Phillips (Star Wars Video Games) (1040).  


12/19/04 Mail successes: Mako (Pearl Harbour, Rising Sun and ton more) (can't find address think I forgot to write it down; sorry)


12/17/04 Mail success: Cat Taber (1039) (Star Wars Video Game).


Cat Taber

c/o Sandie Schnarr Talent
8500 Melrose Avenue #212
West Hollywood, CA 90069


12/15/04 Mail successes: Conrad Buff (Star Wars Crew) (1037) and Alan Ladd Jr. (great actor and Star Wars purposes former Studio Chief Fox Studios) (1038). 


12/13/04 Mail success: Brian George (Star Wars Video Games) (1036). 


12/11/04 On my other site, two new items:  Frodo Lives Lord of the Rings button and Lord of the Rings Publisher Anniversary Poster   


12/10/04 Mail successes: Ron Turcott (Jockey who rode Secretariat) signed my Bobble head (sent cash), Stephanie Cole (Waiting for God Diana), Jon Braver (Stuntman Haunted Mansion) and William Hoyland (1035) (Star Wars Starship Captain). 


Stephanie Cole

c/o Conway Van Gelder, 3rd floor

18 Jermyn St

London SW17 6HP



12/09/04  Reject: Items returned by Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge). No explanation. Sent to ICM Beverly Hills, CA.  Mail success: Van Ling (Star Wars P II DVD) (1034). 


Van Ling



12/07/04 Purchase Viggo Mortensen (LOTR Aragon) Note; Viggo stopped signing by mail a long time ago.  Went to Brett Butler (Comedienne) show Saturday night and saw her and another comedian named Odyssey. Did not get a sig (though I heard she's approachable). I just couldn't wait outside for two hours while she did another show as I had a couple Daiquiris and it was cold out! In person: Alan Lee (LOTR crew). Met him in DC yesterday.  At the event, he signed anything, talked, and allowed photos. Nice man!


12/04/04 RTS for Jason Court (Star Wars Video Games) 8430 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste 200; West Hollywood, CA 90069. "Not at this Agency" Will resend.  Mail Success: Aaron Sowd (Star Wars Artist) (1033). Will be gone tonight and all day Monday and unable to return emails till Tuesday. 


Aaron Sowd



12/03/04 Mail success: Louis Doyle (Harry Potter Ernie McMillan). Cut from the Chamber of Secrets, but scene is on the DVD.  Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean Producer) returned my photos unsigned, but sent a poster signed!


Gore Verbinski


9701 Wilshire Blvd. 10th Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


12/02/04  RTS for Kenneth Wannberg (Star Wars crew) 1749 10th Street #5 Santa Monica, CA 90404 "Forwarding order expired"; will resend to second address on label.


11/27/04  Purchase: Verne Troyer (Austin Powers/Harry Potter Bank Goblin; stay clear of official fan club; they kept my check and never sent me anything or responded to my emails).  Thanks to the person who sent me Star Wars Weekends items for 2000 and 2004 Unfortunately, I could not email you because I do not have your email address.... (if you are reading this, email me please). Mail semi-success: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen preprint (sorry to my nieces). Mail successes: Pam Ferris (Harry Potter Aunt Marge) and Rosamund Pike (James Bond) (was Rumored to be in Harry Potter but wasn't).   


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen



Pam Ferris

C/o Hamilton Hodell
24 Hanway Street


Rosamund Pike

c/o PFD

Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London WC2B 5HA



11/20/04 In person: Ben Vereen (Dancer/Singer/Actor) at a local play in Phoebus; he signed a program.  Purchases: Robyn Malcolm (LOTR Morwen) and Bernard Hill (LOTR King Theoden)


Ben Vereen I do not know if he signs by mail so no guarantees

c/o Mr. Mike Pick
MPI Agency
9255 Sunset Blvd., #407
Los Angeles, CA 90069



Bernard Hill

ICM Oxford House

76 Oxford Street

London W1NOAX

United Kingdom


11/15/04 Purchase: Bret McKenzie (LOTR Figwit) Chrome autograph card.


11/14/04  Purchase: Karl Urban (LOTR Eomer) signed Topps card. Mail success: Emma Deakin (LOTR Hobbit).


Karl Urban

c/o Graham Dunster

PO Box 56 - 460

Dominion Road


New Zealand


Emma Deakin

c/o Karen Kay Mgmt.

PO Box 446

Auckland 1

New Zealand


11/10/04 Mail success: Iaon Grufford (King Arthur) and it may be a semi-success as it appears him mom may be signing for him (my opinion based on the letter signature and comparisons). The 2001 Diary is online.


Iaon Grufford

24 Hanway Street

London W1T 1UH



11/06/04 Mail success: Nathaniel Lees (LOTR Ugluk via play which closed; sorry). Exchange: Another John Bach (LOTR Madril) and Caroline De Souza (Bail Organa's Aide Sheltay Retrac/Bodyguard ) (1032). Hubby gifted me with 2 Hallmark Ornaments


Nathaniel Lees

Karen Kay Management Limited

PO Box 446

Auckland 1

New Zealand


John Bach

c/o Garricks

5 The Old School House

The Lanterns

Bridge Lane

London SW11 3AD

United Kingdom


11/05/04  Dave Barclay (Star Wars Puppeteer) Three years to come back!


Dave Barclay



11/04/04  The Celebrity Production Company Address page is up (see Address area).  Purchase of Mark McGrath from UACC, but got him only a couple days ago!


Mark McGrath

William Morris Agency  
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


11/03/04  The Artist/Author area is online.    


11/01/04 All time low record for me with kids on Halloween.  9! Mail successes:  Michael Owens (Star Wars Crew) (1031), Ralph Johnson (LOTR Hugin Emissary from Laketown) and Mark McGrath (Scooby Doo). 


Ralph Johnson

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue North Road



New Zealand


Mark McGrath

William Morris Agency  
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


10/28/04  Multi-Signed Area is online.  Mail success: Val Kilmer (Actor) (sorry, success was at a play and it's closed so no contact info). Trades: Dan Schaefer (Star Wars Artist) (1027), Dennis Bartlett (Star Wars Crew) (1028), Jon Sorenson (Star Wars Crew) (1029) and Robert Clotworthy (Star Wars Documentary) (1030). 


Val Kilmer



10/27/04 Mail successes: Sue Murphy (1026) (Ewok Cartoons). 


Sue Murphy



10/26/04 Mail success: Ken Stott (King Arthur). 


Ken Stott

c/o ARG

4 Great Poland Street

London W1W 8PA



10/25/04 Video Game section is online.


10/23/04 The Aubree Miller (1024) (Star Wars Ewok films Cindel) photos are in and they're gorgeous. Mailing now for those who paid.  My thanks to Ms. Miller and DG promotions for their help in getting these for us. Mail success:  Craig Burns (1025) (Star Wars crew).


10/17/04 Mail success:  Jeremy Howard (Haunted Mansion/Galaxy Quest/MIB II/Grinch etc).


10/16/04 Purchases: Keisha Castle-Hughes (1023) (Queen Ep III); Mail success: Daisy Bates (Harry Potter Lady Moving Painting). 


Keisha Castle Hughes

Graham Dunster

Auckland Actors

PO Box 56460

Dominion Road


New Zealand


Daisy Bates

Artists Independent Network
32 Tavistock Street
London WC2E 7PB



10/14/04 Generic Autographs section completed. RTS for Olive Levi (Star Wars Senator Fema Baab).  Return to Sender "Left this address". Those who ordered Aubree Miller's (Star Wars Ewok films; Cindel) sig, she's got them and is ready to send them back.  Will be here by next week. 


10/12/04  Mail:  I received 5 envelopes in the mail and got excited ... at first.  The 8x10 was not mine, but a neighbors.  Oh well I thought, I've four others. I opened #2 and it was Reject for Stellan Skarsgard (King Arthur) but the photos were unsigned with no explanation c/o ICM CA.  I opened #3 and it was another Reject: for Til Schweiger (King Arthur) and it was an identical response.  Unsigned with no explanation.  Also from ICM CA.  I opened envelope #4 and it was my Chief Chirpa (Star Wars Ewok) images unsigned with a note saying "Sorry, I am not the Jane Busby you are looking for". Last envelope was a mail success: Lynne Hazelden (1022) (Star Wars Pilot).


10/11/04 I finished the Conventions and Events Area and the Consumer Articles area.  Mail success:  Kory Juul (1020) (Star Wars and LOTR crew) and Aitch (1021) (New Hope interrogation trooper). Sadly, we lost quite a bit of money at the races Sunday, but had a great time anyway; the Turf Club isn't much better; we were up there and it's just a little quieter and a bit better service and less time waiting for placing a bet.  Also free program. Other than that, it's not something to pay for often. 


10/08/04  Purchase via Collectormania: Royd Tolkein (LOTR Soldier). Mail success: David Lester (Star Wars Crew) (1019). I've finished the address area. It contains Agency addresses, Theatre addresses, Film and TV Studio Addresses, Guild Addresses, Celebrity Email and Address sites, Directory information (Yellow, white pages, reverse directories) and company addresses. 


Royd Tolkein



10/07/04 Mail successes: David Lester (1017) (Star Wars Crew), Roger Barton (1018) (Star Wars Crew), an RTS for Ed Jones (Star Wars crew), and Chris Parker (Harry Potter Stunt Double).


Chris Parker

c/o Eastenders

Elstree Centre

Claredon Road


Herts WD6 1JF



10/04/04 Topps Heritage cards came and I pulled a sketch card of Randy Martinez.  I already met him in person and have his signature. Personal News: I Have finished my civic duty today with Grand Jury duty.  I was one of the 7 lucky winners to sit and decide all 99 cases for indictment.  Glad it's over and never realized how much crime resides here.  Sad.  Mail success: John Bach (LOTR Madril).  On this it's odd as he signed just his character name and not his actual name. Does this count as an autograph?  Mail success: Barry Robertson (1016) (Star Wars Gamorean Guard).   


Randy Martinez



John Bach

c/o Garricks

5 The Old School House

The Lanterns

Bridge Lane

London SW11 3AD



10/01/04 Mail success: Emma Thompson (Harry Potter) RTS for Anthony Forrest (Star Wars Fixer deleted scenes) That's like 5 now .... I give up on him and his pseudo.  Waiting on word for the Aubree items.  I'll give it two more days then call her; Thanks for your patience.


Emma Thompson

c/o Hamilton Hodell 

24 Hanway Street

London W1T 1UH

United Kingdom


09/29/04  Mail successes: Charlotte Skeoch (Harry Potter) and Mad Mikkelsen (King Arthur). 


Mads Mikkelsen

c/o Ulrich Mollen Jorgensen

Peblinge Dossering 18 KLD

2200 Copenhagen



09/28/04  Washington Redskins lost but it was a neat experience; it was my first professional football game!  There was NO CHANCE for any autographs because of the multitudes there. Not sure how much FedEx field holds, but a LOT. Half time entertainment was Tim McGraw who sang one song.  Purchase: Richard Harris (Harry Potter Professor Albus Dumbledore; deceased).  Mail success: Alan Bennett (Star Wars Ewok and  Harry Potter Goblin).  Request was one week shy of three years old!  I also came home to a jury summons! 


Alan Bennett

Willow Personal Management Ltd.

151 Main Street




United Kingdom


09/25/04  Mail success: Michael York (Romeo and Juliet and too many films to mention).  Will not be here 27th due to Redskins Game in Maryland.


Michael York

9100 Cordell Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90069


09/23/04  Mail success: Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean). 


09/21/04  RTS for Lata Ryan (Star Wars crew) c/o ICM . Personal News: Won tickets and transportation to a Redskins game!   


09/18/04 Mail successes: Ekow Quartey (Harry Potter Student) and Pete Romano (Star Wars Crew). 


09/17/04 Mail successes: Bruce Green (Star Wars crew) (1014) and Robert LaBonge (Star Wars crew) (1015)


09/16/04 Mail successes: Louis G Friedman (Star Wars crew) (1011), Andrew Berton Jr. (Star Wars crew) (1012) and Ian Bryce (Star Wars and Battle for Endor crew) (1013)


09/15/04  RTS: Jeff MacGregor (Spaceballs) and RTS: Ray Winstone (King Arthur) Envelope said "Not Accepting Mail".  Mail successes: Saffron Burrows (Troy) and Danielle Taylor (Harry Potter).


Saffron Burrows

Drury House

34-43 Russell St

London,WC2B 5HA



09/14/04  Purchases: Sarah McLeod (LOTR Rosie) and Richard Harris (Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore; deceased). 


Sarah McLeod

Actors PO Box 56460

Dominion Road


New Zealand


09/13/04  Went to DC the 11th & 12th, (my son's 21st birthday), Went to the American History Museum and saw Holy Grail of props: Dorothy's ruby slippers. Also, Indiana Jones' Fedora & Jacket and a Star Trek phaser used by Leonard Nimoy. We trudged to the Capitol, and were greeted by armed guards. No going in. White House was barricaded and we could not drive by.  We then walked to the Botanical Gardens which was nice (security there as well).  After that, a trip to Union Station, and the Postal Museum (also guarded pretty well).  Some photos snapped along the way of Hirshhorn Museum, Sculpture Gardens, and National Museum of African Art.  Return to Sender from Antoine Fuqua (King Arthur), who returned my two photos unsigned with no explanation.  Mail success: Mike Benson (1006) (Star Wars Crew) and a Lord of the Rings success from someone I am not sure about. I think it may be David Aston (LOTR Gondorian Soldier).  Via a friend in person at Wizard World: Tommy Lee Edwards (1007) (Star Wars Artist) John Paul Leon (1008) (Star Wars Artist) Cynthia Cummens (1009) (Star Wars Artist) and Kalman Andrasofszky (1010) (Star Wars Artist).  


Tommy Lee Edwards



Cynthia Cummens



09/09/04 Mail successes: Brendan Gleeson (Troy and Harry Potter) and Roger Lloyd Pack (Harry Potter).  I'll be away the 11th and 12th; we're going to DC.


Brenden Gleeson

c/o The Agency 07/12/04

47 Adelaide Road

Dublin 2



Roger Lloyd Pack

c/o PFD c/o Lucy Brazier

Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London WC2B 5HA



09/06/04 Mail success Mark Wagner (Pirates of the Caribbean). 


09/05/04 Photos online (B52's, War and Little River Band) from the American Music Fest which we attended the yesterday and today.. 


09/03/04 Via a friend: Steven Boyle (1004) (Star Wars crew/Ask Aak/Passell Argente) and Richard Robinson (Star Wars Puppeteer) (1005). 


08/30/04 Trade:  Meredith Dooley (LOTR). A nice visitor to the site informed me one of my unidentified autographs was that of Pete Henderson (Grammy winning producer of Supertramp's "Breakfast in America"). I added a new section to the site:  King Arthur Autographs


Meredith Dooley

c/o Sharon Power Management

P.O. Box 54 049


New Zealand


00/23/04 Mail successes: Brian Lemay (1002) (Star Wars Ewoks Cartoons), Chantal Freer (1003) (Star Wars Handmaiden) and Diane Kruger (Troy). 


Diane Kruger

Artists Independent Network

32 Tavistock Street

London WC 2E 7PB

United Kingdom


Brian Lemay



08/21/04 Mail success:  Frank Ordaz (1000) (Star Wars Crew) and Karen Minshull (1001) (Night Club Alien Star Wars).  CELEBRATING 1,000 STAR WARS AUTOGRAPHS!


08/16/04 Mail success: Guy Siner (999) (Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars Video Games) 


Guy Siner

c/o Burnett Grange Associates Ltd.

3 Clifford Street

London W1S 2LF



08/14/04 Went to the Huey Lewis and the News concert last night in Norfolk. Photos online: photos from the concert  After, hung out just a wee bit in my new found spot (which I did not figure out last time when the Doobies played); and saw lead guitarist Stef Burns and motioned for him to come over.  What a sweetie. He nicely signed and chatted with me and two other ladies.  Anyway, we asked him to get Huey to come out for us, we called him over. He was nice; albeit giving the standard answers to the standard questions. I had something BETTER to ask him but the stupid rude lady next to me cut in front and wouldn't shut up. So told him we liked the concert and thanks and that's about it.  But both signed my hat. RTS for James Fox (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Mail success: Sam Kelly (LOTR Sillende), and Giles New (Pirates of the Caribbean)


Sam Kelly

c/o Sharon Power Management

PO Box 91 266

Auckland Mail Centre


New Zealand


Giles New

c/o  Curtis Brown Group Ltd.

Haymarket House

5th Floor

28-29 Haymarket Street

London SW1Y 4SP



Stef Burns



Huey Lewis and the News



08/12/04  Mail successes:  Martin Jarvis (Star Wars Radio Dramas)  and Desmond Ellis (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) (998)


08/09/04  Mail successes:  David Baillie (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Dylan Lewis (997) (Star Wars Patron in Dex's Diner)


08/05/04  Mail successes:  Ron James (996) (Star Wars Cartoons), and Jamie Waylett (Harry Potter Vincent Crabbe). 


Jamie Waylett

c/o HP Productions
Leavesden Studios
PO Box 3000
Leavesden, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


08/04/04  Mail success:  Freddie Davies (Harry Potter Old Man in Portrait).  Personal News: We won tickets to "The Who: Live from Isle of Wight" DVD release premiere!


Freddie Davies

c/o Stage One


Kenmore Street


Perthshire P415 2Bl

United Kingdom


08/02/04 Return to sender: David Russell (Star Wars Crew).  Mail success:  Emma Cooper (995) (Star Wars Crew).  


07/31/04  News: Carole Read (Star Wars Ewok) has passed away. Mail success:  Toad Tozer (994) (Star Wars Crew)  


07/30/04 Via Trade: Emma Watson (Harry Potter Hermione Granger) (Haven't authenticated; went on faith).


Emma Watson  Emma does not sign by mail



07/29/04 RTS for Clive Smith, Toronto, Canada (Star Wars Droids and Ewoks Cartoons crew).  News: Rumor has it Ewan McGregor is no longer signing mail.


07/28/04 News:  A new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory area is online.


07/26/04 What an exciting couple days!  We won some money at the races, got a free Bobble head, got to see a GREAT concert and it continues today with a VERY exciting full mailbox full.  Via a friend: James Kochalka (978) (Star Wars Artist), Karen Traviss (979) (Star Wars Author), Kerry Gammill (980) (Star Wars Artist), Mark Zug (981) (Star Wars Artist), Grover Gardner (982) (Star Wars Narrator Audio Books), David Gonzalez (983) (Star Wars Weequay Drummer Jabba's Palace), Yakov Smirnoff (Russian Comedian), Tim De'Ath (984) (Star Wars Crew), Mark Vargo (985) (Star Wars Crew), Neil Krepla (986) (Star Wars and Scooby Doo crew), Nick Heckstall-Smith (987) (Star Wars Crew) and Stephen Cooper (988) (Star Wars Crew) Mail successes: Zac Kohen (989) (Star Wars Naboo Officer), Hamish Roxburgh (990) (Star Wars Senator), Jim Dowdall (991) (Star Wars and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stunts), Ray De-Haan (992) (Star Wars Stunts), Doug Chamberlain (993) (Star Wars Cartoons), Tina Majorino (Andre, Corrina/Corrina/Waterworld) and David Kelly ttm from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 


Karen Traviss



Kerry Gammill



Mark Zug



Yakov Smirnoff



David Kelly

c/o Joah Brown Associates

3 Earl Road

London SW14 7JH



Tina Majorino

Susan Culley & Associates

150 South Rodeo Drive Suite 220

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2418


Jim Dowdall



07/25/04  We went to a Doobie Brothers Concert.  We weren't able to get autographs, but photos are online:  Doobie Brothers Photos.


07/23/04 Two successes include Abby Ford (Harry Potter Witch) and Lawrence Rew (Lord of the Rings Human Ring Bearer). News: Got an email from someone interested in Jack Klaff's address.  Two years or so ago, Mr. Klaff asked me not to give out his address as he didn't want to be known as an actor (and ESPECIALLY for Star Wars-something about being there one day for just a couple hours and having one line). I respect that.  Whether he signs still or not, or has changed his views I do not know.  I still stand by my promise (he only signed for me begrudgingly at the time too) so I hope you can respect that.


Abby Ford

Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA


07/20/04  News: Aubree Miller (Star Wars Ewok films Cindel) personal signing offer begins today.  There'll be a charge; so don't reserve unless you will absolutely pay. 


0719/04 Mail success: Paul Dini (977) (Star Wars Droids and Ewoks crew). 


07/17/04 Old one I found I never mentioned: Joe Garber (974) (Star Wars extra unknown) and via a friend: Frank Gravatt (Star Wars crew; also Harry Potter) (975) and Richard Graydon (976) (Star Wars Stunts).


07/16/04  Mail success: Adrienne Barbeau (signed Swamp Thing photo that was signed by Dick Durock). Mail success: Dame Judi Dench (Chocolat/As Time Goes By).


Adrienne Barbeau

PO Box 1939

North Hollywood, CA 91614


Dame Judi Dench

c/o Julian Belfrage Associates

46 Albermarle Street

London W1X 4PP



07/14/04  Purchase: Liv Tyler (LOTR Arwen).  Mail success:  Ronn Brown (973) (Star Wars, Harry Potter and LOTR crew). 


Liv Tyler  She never responded to my letter; so no guarantees she'll reply

c/o Creative Artists Agency

9830 Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


07/12/04  We attended Friday a  Rod Stewart concert. I was unable to get an autograph but I do have some photos online. RTS for Frank Ordaz (Star Wars crew).  One success today from Robert Stevenson (972) (Star Wars Documentary). 


07/09/04  Mail semi-success: Robbie Coltrane preprint (Hagrid Harry Potter).  His agent included a form letter saying "he's overwhelmed" and "too busy" 


Robbie Coltrane

c/o Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Production
Leavesden Studios
PO Box 3000
Leavesden, Hertfordshire WD2 7LT


07/08/04 Mail success Juan Luis-Sanchez (971) (Star Wars Crew and extra; also worked on Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean)


07/07/04 Mail success: Neil Fanning (voice of Scooby Doo in film). 


Neil Fanning

c/o International Casting Service

5th Floor

62 Clarence Street


NSW 2000



07/06/04 I got excited seeing a lot of packages in the mailbox only to discover all these large envelopes were something else!  A packet from a friend autographs, a packet from family, a packet from an Ebayer; all NON Autograph related but in same envelopes! RTS... for Tina Majorino (Actress Andre/Waterworld) c/o Susan Culley And Associates 150 South Rodeo Drive Suite 220; Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2418.  Mail success:  Paul Nicholas (Dougie Shears in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band).  We went to  Go Karts Plus and put photos online. 


Paul Nicholas

c/o AIM

Nederland House

7 Great Russell Street

London WC 1B 2NH



07/02/04 Mail success: Isaac Singleton (Pirates of the Caribbean). I added one I've had for a while and was debating to post.  Please don't ask me for info...the person is deceased and I do not have another and cannot tell anyone how I got it; one other collector has the only other known autograph which was given to me to pass on with instructions to give it.  It's 100% legit legal document; I've watermarked the signature because of the rarity. I was told she never signed autographs, so therefore anything other than the two known autographs will most likely be forgeries. Anyway, it's Gilda Cohen (969) (Little Aunt Beru Star Wars; deceased). Mail successes: Ray Henwood (LOTR Erland). and James Mc Bryde (970) (Star Wars Man in Dex's Diner).


Ray Henwood

c/o Robert Bruce Ugly

218 Richmond Road

Grey Lyn


New Zealand


Isaac Singleton

c/o Richard Swartz Management

2934 ½ Beverly Glen Circle #107

Bel Air, CA 90077


06/28/04 Mail success: Shane Rangi (LOTR Harad Leader/Stunts). 


06/27/04 Went to the Styxx, Peter Frampton and Nelson concert.  Photos online for that (Frampton   Styx   Nelson)   I had signatures from Styxx already, so didn't hang around after to try for them because it was way late.  We didn't get home till 12:15 and my hubby usually gets up at 4 am to go to work!  We did get to meet  and get autographs:  In person: Peter Frampton and John Regan at a CD signing in VA Beach earlier in the day. At the concert, Nelson (Gunnar and Matthew) went first and did sign after their performance. 


Peter Frampton






06/21/04 Mail success: Troy Alders (Star Wars Artist) (968)


06/20/04 RTS for a Star Wars Extra. Mail success: Brian Cox (Troy). 


Brian Cox

c/o Conway Van Gelder Ltd.

18/21 Jermyn Street 3rd Floor



United Kingdom


06/18/04 RTS for Nicole Fantl (Star Wars extra).  Mail success: Ben Fransham (LOTR Elf -Thandronen). 


Ben Fransham



06/14/04 Mail success:  Dennis Przywara (967) (Star Woids). 


06/12/04 Exchange: Jason Secto (LOTR Orophin) and Jonathon Harding (LOTR Erestor). Mail success Peter Tait (LOTR Shagrat). 


Peter Tait

c/o Robert Bruce Ugly Agency

218 Richmond Road

Grey Lyn


New Zealand


06/10/04 Purchase: Star Wars Weekends photos from 2000: Peter Mayhew (Star Wars Chewbacca), Hugh Quarshie (Star Wars Captain Panaka) and Kenny Baker (Star Wars R2-D2).


Peter Mayhew Mr. Mayhew charges but you can purchase items on his site



Kenny Baker Mr. Baker charges but you can purchase items on his site



Hugh Quarshie

c/o James Sharkey Associates Ltd.

21 Golden Square

London W1R 3PA



06/08/04  Mail success: Allan Apone (966) (Star Wars Documentaries) and Thomas Robbins (LOTR Deagol).


Thomas Robbins

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue North Road


New Zealand


06/07/04 Mail success: Mickey Dolenz (Monkees).  Do not by from the www.hpwizardstore.com after 4 emails, they did not answer.  I ordered the wrong cards and tried to cancel and hour later.  After days of emails still nothing and no cards.  I got the cards Saturday and guess what?  They didn't mail them till the third.  They knew I wanted to cancel my order since I ordered them May 18th.  So they purposely do not answer the email... First Xlist submissions added to the site. 


Mickey Dolenz (Sorry Play closed by now)

c/o Aida

The Palace Theatre

1564 Broadway

New York, NY 10036


06/03/04 RTS for a Star Wars person. 


06/01/04 Mail Success:  Nathaniel Parker (Haunted Mansion).


Nathaniel Parker

c/o Jane Brand


8942 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


05/30/04 Went to an REO Speedwagon concert at Fort Monroe, afterwards we got to see the band. We didn't see the Keyboard artist at all and missed both the lead singer and the bass guitarist. Luckily, I got my favorites in person: Brian Hitt (drummer) and Dave Amato (lead guitarist)!  Photos of the concert online too: REO photos


05/29/04 RTS for a Star War person.  Purchase: Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars Boba Fett) Star Wars Weekend Preprint.  Mail success: Martin Virgo (965) (Star Wars crew), Lee Hartley (Lord of the Rings) and Dakin Matthews (Rising Sun Professor Sanders). 


Jeremy Bulloch  Jeremy does charge 20 pounds now for a photo as of 2006

c/o The Boba Fett Fan Club

10 Birchwood Road

SW 17 92Q London



Lee Hartley

c/o Gail Cowan Management

19 Avenue North Road


New Zealand


Dakin Matthews

c/o Anne Geddes or Richard Lewis

8430 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste 200

West Hollywood, CA 90069


05/28/04 Mail success: Bronco McLouglin (964) (Stunts Star Wars and Troy).


05/27/04 Purchase: Roger Clemens (Baseball) gold card that looks like a credit card; thought it was signed. but is a preprint.. Guild Addresses and Agency addresses added to the site.


Roger Clemens

10131 Beekman Place

Houston TX 77043


05/26/04 Mail success: Bruce Phillips (LOTR Grimbold/Rohan Soldier). Beware!  Photos of his character on a Decipher card are WRONG. Added the Star Wars Portal


05/25/04 Added Troy and Haunted Mansion areas on site.   RTS today for Juan Luis-Sanchez (Star Wars crew and extra) c/o Management in Australia "Left Address". 


05/24/04 In person:  Matt Cavotta (Magic the Gathering Artist) and mail success: Dina Waters (Haunted Mansion). 


Matt Cavotta



05/22/04  RTS for Chantal Freer (Star Wars Handmaiden).  Mail success: Pernilla August (Shmi Ep I and II - requests from August 2nd, 2000). 


Pernilla August

C/O The Royal Dramatic Theatre

Box 5037 102 41




05/21/04 Trade item: Jake Lloyd signed Star Wars Weekends photo.  Mail success: Shawn Kelly (963) (Star Wars Ep I Crew/extra). 


Jake Lloyd

Osbrink Talent Agency

4605 Lankershim Blvd. #408

N. Hollywood, CA 91602


Jake Lloyd He doesn't seem to be signing by mail; he does do an occasional convention though


05/19/04 RTS today for Wallace Shawn 48th Street, New York, NY 10017 Mail success: Tim Wong (LOTR Frodo Stunt Double/Uruk-Hai). 


Tim Wong

PO Box 20-322

Te Rapa


New Zealand


05/17/04  Purchase via Collectormania. Harry Sinclair (Isildur LOTR) and Paul Norell (King of the Dead LOTR)  RTS's for 2 original Trilogy actors.


05/15/04  Mail success:  Paul Nicholson (962) (Star Wars Po Nudo) 


05/13/04  Mail success: Eliana Dona (961) (Star Wars Kell Borean and Nightclub Patron).  RTS for (Star Wars Jedi)


05/10/04 RTS for Peter Hassell (LOTR stunts/various characters) and RTS for Star Wars Ep III cast member.  He said "Please delete our name from your records" and no explanation. Mail successes: Geoffrey Sleight (Star Wars Naboo citizen) (959) and Gervais Koffi (960) (Star War  Jedi Knight)  and another mail success: David Wenham (Faramir LOTR)


David Wenham

c/o Artists Independent Network

32 Travistock Street

London WC2E 7PB



05/09/04 We went to the Mariner's Museum and Peninsula Fine Arts Center: Museum/Peninsula Fine Arts Center and Virginia Living Museum


05/08/04  Mail success:  Michael Gambon (Harry Potter Professor Dumbledore). 


Michael Gambon

c/o ICM

76 Oxford Street
London W1D 1BS


05/01/04 RTS today for Jon Snyder (Star Wars crew). 


04/30/04 Mail success: Richard Bradshaw (Star Wars stuntman) (958)


04/29/04 RTS: Bob Woods (Star Wars Naboo Courrier) "Wrong Person" Via Friend: Ben Price (Actor) signed photo (Lord of the Rings?) There was a question as to if this is the SAME Ben Price. Purchases: Candy Clark (957) (Star Wars Fan film and American Graffiti) signed photo and animation cel (Anime Norelle from Tenshi ni Narumon)


Ben Price

Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA


04/28/04 RTS for Lou Delarosa (Star Wars crew) c/o ILM "Refused: Not here Return to Sender". Mail success: Martin Heal (LOTR). 


04/21/04 A volley of email exchanges between myself and a person selling Lord of the Rings signed playing cards; she stated a company gives her COA's. I got info on the company, turns out their number is unpublished and they're NOT on the the net. No one I've asked ever heard of them. The sigs are ALL forged.  Her justification was she bought them from someone who wanted to get rid of their inventory and she was told they were HAND SIGNED and since they are... So what's she saying then is that she knows they are not signed by the celeb but hand signed by someone else so that's ok? The third party issuing the COA is "International Authentication Services". Stay clear of signed playing cards. Exchange: Brian Sergent (LOTR Ted Sandyman), Sandro Kopp (LOTR Gondorian soldier, Rohirrim rider, Army of the Dead,  Orc, Haradrim, a Corsair, Helms Deep Elf and a Uruk-Hai), Greg Cooke (LOTR Orc/Crowd Noises), Shirley Cooper (Star Wars Crew) (954), Malcolm Evans (Star Wars Crew/Harry Potter Crew) (955), and Ray Tricker (Star Wars Crew) (956). 


Brian Sergent

c/o Sharon Power Management

P.O. Box 54 049


New Zealand


Sandro Kopp



04/20/04 News: Bruce Boa has passed away. RTS: Harry Potter person (minor uncredited cast member). 


04/19/04 News: Via Josh: http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/onlinepostage?campaignid=smartstampbanner&catId=600023 It's a UK postage link where you can, for a small fee, print postage out as you want it. I don't know if US people can use it.  Or what the limitations are, but it's a possibility that it could be for those not wishing to purchase 35 pounds of stamps at a time. It would not be worth it if you have to sign up for a year at 4 pounds a month for 48 pounds a year and you use only a few stamps though. News: October 2005, The Boston Museum of Science will host the Naboo Starfighter! 


04/16/04 Mail success: Peter Kuran (Star Wars crew) (953). 


04/15/04 Purchase: Ian Holm (Bilbo Baggins LOTR) Topps autographed card.  Mail success: Jeff Shank (952) (Star Wars and Harry Potter crew).


Ian Holm

Julian Belfrage Assoc

46 Albemarle St.

London, W1X 4PP



04/12/04 RTS: Stephanie Stromer (Star Wars Holiday Special).  Mail success: Paul Shapscott (Wraith that Aragon set afire in LOTR).


04/10/04  Mail successes; Ditry Daza (950) (Return of the Jedi Voices) and Joe Sinnott (951) (Star Wars Artist). 


Joe Sinnott



04/09/04 Via Fan Club: Star Wars Fan Club packet. Included was a PP letter from George Lucas stating he's not doing sequels, a PP letter from Fan Club president Lisa Stevens telling you about the packet, a Lego Poster, a $2 rebate mail-in coupon on a Luceno book, a tri-fold double sided background for your figure vignettes, a TCG poster, a 2003 Code 3 calendar (too old to use), and finally, the best item. which is worthless, a Ewoks animated series production cel.


04/07/04  RTS: Joe Jusko (Star Wars Artist). Mail successes: Daniel Cragg (948) (Star Wars Author) and John Higgins (949) (Star Wars Artist). News: Denis Lawson (Star Wars Wedge Antilles) will no longer sign Star Wars photos.


John Higgins



04/05/04 Magazine Freebie: promo card


04/04/04 Mail success: John Noble (LOTR Denethor) however, he is now appearing at conventions. 


John Noble Here's his official website in which to catch his schedule:



04/02/04 Mail success: Marsha Thomason (Haunted Mansion, Las Vegas).


04/01/04 News: Peter Diamond (Star Wars stunt coordinator/several roles) has passed away. 


03/31/04 Mail success: Tatyana Yassukovich (947) (Clone Wars Cartoon).


Tatyana Yassukovich

c/o Sutton, Bart, & Vennari
145 South Fairfax Avenue #310
Los Angeles, CA  90036


03/29/04  Mail success: Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean).  Exchanges:  Michael Kingma (Ep III), Tom Virtue (943) (Star Wars Radio Dramas), James Glennon (944) (Star Wars Crew), Paul Griffin (945) (Prequel Crew) and James Canbias (946) (Star Wars Author). 


03/26/04 Mail success via 3rd party: Ira Friedman (Prequel card/Citizen extra-Topps Publisher).


03/23/04  Mail success: Sarah Harrison (Ravenclaw student Harry Potter). RTS's: Brian Orenstein (Star Wars Ewok) "Not right person" and RTS: Masasa (Star Wars Voice artist) "Not at this Address" and RTS: Shane Rangi (LOTR Harad Leader) "No such box number" "Not at this Box Number". Mail success: Steve Blum (Star Wars video games)


Steve Blum

c/o Arlene Thorton and Associates

12711 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 490

Studio City, CA, 91604


03/18/04  Mail success:  Nina Young (Grey Lady Harry Potter)


Nina Young

c/o Incoming Mail
BBC Television Centre
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ


03/17/04  Mail success: Bruce Parkes (LOTR Bree Citizen). 


03/14/04  Via Friend: Jonathon Hales (940) (Star Wars Screenwriter) in person. RTS: Barbara Denham (Star Wars ?) "Wrong Person" and RTS: Reg Thomason (Star Wars Stormtrooper) "No Longer at this Address ".  Mail successes: Malcolm Luker (Ewok Films and Pirates of the Caribbean) (941) and Cary Stratton (942) (Spaceballs).  News:  Reg Thomason passed away in 2003


Malcolm Luker

c/o Shellist Management

2400 Highland Ave.

Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266


03/09/04  Mail success:  Kevin Michael Richardson (939) (Star Wars Clone Wars/Video Gamer). Purchase: Bob May/Jonathon Harris (Lost in Space) dual signed photo.   


Kevin Michael Richardson

c/o Cunningham, Escott and Dipene

10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 130

Los Angeles, CA, 90025


Bob May



03/08/04 News: Gilda Cohen, Cantina Alien in Star Wars, has passed away a long time ago. Her family told me and Marcus Powell is also deceased. RTS: Jon Berg (Star Wars crew and cast)  "Attempted Not Known". Mail success: Paula Killen (938) (Star Wars Video Gamer). 


Paul Killen

c/o William Morris Agency

One William Morris Place

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


03/08/04  RTS: for Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean). Mail successes: Jimmy Briscoe (935) (Star Wars Ewok film stunt man), Brian Unflat (936) (Star Wars Artist on Xmas Cards and Lucas Learning games), Samantha Bennett (937) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) and  Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer Pirates of the Caribbean) 


Jerry Bruckheimer

c/o Jerry Bruckheimer Films
1631 Tenth St.

Santa Monica CA 90404


03/06/04   RTS: Warwick Diamond. He will not sign anyway as we all know.  Mail success: Robert Hardy (Cornelius Fudge Harry Potter).


Robert Hardy

c/o Chatto & Linnit
Prince Of Wales Coventry Street
London W1V 7FE


03/04/04  Mail success: Zachary Barton (934) (Video Game Voice Artist).  Purchase:  Dick Tufeld  (Lost in Space Voice of the Robot). 


03/03/04  I've updated information on the family site's: Monopoly area.  Via cereal box: promo card (Racing)


03/01/04 News: 11 Academy Awards for LOTR. Sophia Coppola won for script, Joe Letteri from Star Wars, won too! Mail successes: Claudia Christian (933) (Actress/Star Wars Fan Film) and Charlie Cousins. (Actor/Scooby Doo). Mail success: Promo card


Charlie  Cousins

c/o L M C M

PO Box 1192

Bondi Junction 1355



Claudia Christian

8491 Sunset Blvd. #140

Los Angeles Ca. 90069


02/27/04 Exchanges: Bruce Sharman (921) (Star Wars crew), Wayne Orr (922) (Holiday Special Crew), Ron Sheldon (Holiday Special Crew) (923), Matt Haley (924) (Star Wars Artist), Eddie Knight (925) (Star Wars Crew), Marshall Arisiman (926) (Star Wars Artist), Todd Gamble (927) (Star Wars Misc), David Brown (928)  (Star Wars Crew) Peter MacDonald (929) Star Wars and Harry Potter Crew), Marques Strane (930) (Star Wars Ewok Film Marauder) and Niki Botelho (Star Wars Ewok Film) (931).  Mail success: Roy Strait (932) (Star Wars Cantina Patron).


Matt Haley




02/26/04 Purchases: June Lockhart (Lost in Space Maureen) and Paul Rubens (920) (Pee Wee Herman/Star Tours).


June Lockhart address on her site to order a pricelist of autographs



Paul Rubens he did not answer my letter so no guarantee

c/o Metropolitan Talent Agency
4526 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010


02/25/04 RTS from Wendy Crewson (Santa Clause 2). I resent it back out. Via a friend who obtained it in person: Howard Shore (Composer LOTR). 


Howard Shore he did not answer my letter so doubtful he's signing

Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency, Inc.

13245 Riverside Drive, Suite 450

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


02/21/04 Mail success: Geoffrey Rush (Pirates of the Caribbean). Trades: Rohan Nichol (918) (Star Wars Captain Antilles) and Roy Arbogast (919) (Star Wars Crew). Via cereal box: promo card (Racing). RTS: Peter Eastwood (Lord of the Rings Hobbit).  I'm not sure if the person is him and just considers himself a "nobody" or if I didn't have the right person. It's a cryptic letter. It said "I thought I would return your items to you  "I am a nobody"  Good luck in your endeavors."  And it was not signed. 


Geoffrey Rush

c/o CAA. 9830 Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


02/18/04 Purchase: Sharon Stone (917) (Actress/Star Wars Documentary) and Jonathon Harris (Lost in Space Dr Smith; deceased). My lucky day?  First I won$ 25 on a scratch ticket, then I got 4 hours sleep total last night (the most I've had in 9 days), then I got a package from my mother that was unexpected, then my fence bill, was 175.00 LOWER than the estimated repair cost, then my husband found a $500 credit MORE on our taxes! Mail success: McKenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean).


McKenzie Crook

c/o Karushi Management
5th Floor, 97-99 Dean Street
London W1D 3TE




Sharon Stone  She never answered my letter; so can't guarantee a success

PO Box 7304

N. Hollywood, CA 91603-7304


02/17/04 Still sick (9 days now) RTS: Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean) c/o Cage Group Inc, 9255 West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069-0330 and RTS: Masasa (Video Game Voice Artist) c/o Brian McCabe and Todd Justice 8285 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 1 Los Angeles, CA 90046. Mail success: Stephen Ure (LOTR Gorbag/Grishnįkh).  


02/13/04 I'll miss my chance to get Robert Wagner's & Jill St. John's autograph - I still look bad & am immobile. Mail success. Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean). 


Jack Davenport

c/o Hamilton Hodell
5th Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London, W1W 8SR



02/12/04 I look hideous with this rash ... and I can hardly move. Mail successes: Don Scardino (Star Wars Radio Dramas), Bob Sarlatte (916) (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) and Franky Mwangi (Goblin Harry Potter). 


Bob Sarlatte

c/o Voice One

665 Third Street, Suite 227
San Francisco, CA 94107


Franky Mwangi

c/o Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


02/08/04  Mail success: Damien O'Hare (Pirates of the Caribbean). 


Damien O'Hare

c/o Hamilton Hodell

24 Hanway Street

London, W1T 1UH



02/07/04 Mail successes: Todd Rippon (Harad Leader LOTR), Spencer Breslin (Santa Clause 2) and Mark Adair Rios (915) (Star Wars Radio Dramas).


Spencer Breslin

c/o Coast to Coast Talent

3350 Barham Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA, 90068-1404 


Mark Adair Rios

c/o The house of Representatives

400 South Beverly Dr., Ste. 101

Beverly Hills, CA, 90212


Todd Rippon

c/o Wellington Actors

6 Edward Street


New Zealand


02/06/04 Exchanges: Dicky Beer (913) (Star Wars Stunts) and Sandi Thompson (914) (Star Wars cast). Mail success: Richard Taylor (LOTR Crew) and Emily Jane Sturrock (LOTR crew). 


Richard Taylor

WETA Digital Ltd.
P.O. Box 15208
9-11 Manuka Street
Miramar, Wellington
New Zealand


02/04/04 Mail success (my first Pirates autograph): Treva Etienne (Pirates of the Caribbean). 


Treva Etienne

c/o The Metropolitan Talent Agency

4526 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA, 90010


02/03/04 Mail successes: Raquel Welch (Actress) and Peter Reitz (912) (Star Wars Ewok film). 


Raquel Welch

c/o Cunningham, Escott and Dipene

10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 130

Los Angeles, CA, 90025


01/30/04 Mail success:  Michael Cassidy (Star Wars and Ewok films crew) (911), Daniel Radcliffe, (Harry Potter/Harry Potter) preprint, Warwick Davis (Harry Potter Professor Flitwick) photos, and Lee Ingleby (Stan Shunpike in Harry Potter) photos. Thanks to Leon who just told me I got another Jason Isaacs item (as of 10/18/04 still have not received it though; as of 2006 sill not received)! 


Daniel Radcliff

c/o Harry Potter

Leavesden Studios
P.O. Box 3000
Leavesden, Herefordshire
United Kingdom


Warwick Davis

c/o Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


Michael Cassidy

c/o Stuntman's Assoc.

10660 Riverside Dr.

Toluca Lake, CA, 91602


Lee Ingleby

c/o Conway Van Gelder Limited

Third Floor, 18/21 Jermyn Street

London SW1Y 6HP



01/28/04 RTS: Miguel Nunez (Scooby Doo) 6312 Hollywood Blvd 3 146 Hollywood, CA 90028. There's something stamped in red, but it's smudged and illegible so I have no idea why it's an RTS. Mail success: Alan Rickman (Snape Harry Potter) Via play in US no longer valid.  Sorry. Mail success: four, five or six successes in one?  Ann Percy (LOTR) signed and helped with a few other signatures.  But alas, I cannot tell who most of them are. 


Alan Rickman  I got mine via venue so can't guarantee a success

c/o Duncan Heath

ICM Oxford House

76 Oxford St.

London W1D 1BS



01/26/04 News: Congrats to Peter Jackson, Howard Shore and everyone associated with Lord of the Rings!  Return of the King won for best song, best original score, best director and best film!  RTS: Troy Alders (Star Wars Artist) "Insufficient Address".  My bad. I forgot the PO Box number!  I'll resend. 


01/24/04 News: Celebration III is a go.  Official report is that CIII will indeed take place at the Indianapolis Convention Center April 21st-24th 2005. 


01/23/04 News: On February 14, Christopher Henry will represent ILM in receiving a special certificate of merit from the Academy as part of the 76th annual Academy Awards. Mail success: Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter Ginny Weasley). 


Bonnie Wright

c/o Peter Fraser & Dunlop
Drury House
34-43 Russell St.
London WC2B 5HA
United Kingdom


01/22/04 Mail success: Ray Trickett (LOTR Bereg).


Ray Trickett

c/o Kathryn Rawlings Actors Agency

PO Box 105 657

Auckland Central

New Zealand


01/21/04 Purchase: Marta Kristen (Lost in Space Judy). 


Marta Kristen



01/20/04 RTS: Potter Goblin (sending right back out so won't put the name yet as I am not 100% he was one). Tim Allen .(Santa Clause) b/w autopen; sent my items back unsigned. Almost thought the AP was legit for a couple seconds. Mail success: Jason Isaacs .(Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter).  


Tim Allen

Messina Baker Entertainment
955 Carrillo Drive, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90048


01/17/04  Mail success: Michael Oosterom (909) (Star Wars Video Games)  and Ali Keshavji (910) (Star Wars Cast/Crew).


Michael Oosterom

c/o Stars Agency

23 Grant St 4th Floor

San Francisco, CA, 94108


01/16/04  Mail success: Ezra Tucker (908) (Star Wars Artist). PurchaseMark Goddard (Lost in Space).   


Ezra Tucker

P.O. Box 1611
Monument, CO 80132




01/14/04 News: Thanks to Mr. Hughes for clarifying his Lord of the Rings name!  I sent a photo of Beregond to him which he graciously signed. IMDB has him as Irolas and I was confused.  Here's what Mr. Hughes said:  "I was cast as Beregond and because of the top-secret nature of the film no one would tell me if I was in or out or anything. When I finally saw the film my character had been renamed Irolas!"  This must be like the phenomena of giving Titles code names~ Mail success: John Christophers (LOTR Hobbit) signed two photos.


01/12/04 RTS: Peter Taylor (Harry Potter Man in Moving Painting) Canada Address. WRONG person.  Mail success: Bindy Johal ( Harry Potter Goblin). 


01/10/04  Mail success: Marin Heal (LOTR Orc).


01/07/04 Mail success: Chris Trevas (907) (Star Wars artist)


Chris Trevas


01/05/03  RTS: Donna Tauscher (Star Wars Author) 2005 White Avenue Nashville, TN 37204.  Purchase via convention: Brent McIntyre (LOTR Witch King/Double). 

01/03/03 Mail success: Adrian Zmed (889) (Star Wars Video Games) Exchanges: Vivienne 'Bliss' Macgillicuddy (890) (Star Wars and LOTR crew), Russell Lodge (891) (Star Wars and Harry Potter crew) Richard Hewitt (892) (Star Wars Crew) Axel Dench (893) (Star Wars Wookie), David Young (894) (Star Wars Crew), Matt Toll (895) (Star Wars Crew), Bruce Sharman (896) (Star Wars crew), Laurie Shane (897) (Star Wars crew), Rafael Ferrer (898) (Star Wars Video Games), Roy Button (899) ( Star Wars Crew), John McLeod (900) (Star Wars Crew Ewok films), Bruce Zick (901) (Star Wars Artist), Kit West (902) (Star Wars Crew), Alec Mills (903) (Star Wars Crew), Gregory Titus (904) (Artist), Richard Beban (905) (Star Wars Cartoons) and Kevin Davies (906) (Star Wars Cartoons). 

Adrian Zmed

c/o Henderson/Hogan Agency Inc

850 Seventh Avenue Suite #1003

New York, NY 10019


Gregory Titus




01/02/03  Mail successes: Timothy Omundson (886) (Star Wars Video Games) and Keith Tucker (887) (Star Wars Artist). Via a friend: Jack Klaff (Star Wars Pilot) and Robert Watts (888)  (Star Wars Extra and crew) Notes: I started 2003 with 582 different Star Wars sigs.  Half way through the year, I was almost at my goal with 707 autographs; mainly due to an exchange program with a fellow collector.  By July, I'd met the original goal of 750. I had 800 by the middle of September, so I raised the bar, hoping to get 50 more by the end of the year. I reached that goal by early November. I knew I was pushing it, but I set my final goal for 2003 to 900.  I didn't reach it, but I ended the year with 880 autographs!  20 shy of my final goal.

Timothy Omundson

c/o Michael Bircumshaw Management

5225 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 615

Los Angeles, CA, 90036


Keith Tucker


    I started collecting Lord of the Rings autographs after exciting successes from Peter Jackson and Hugo Weaving. Those and a couple from Kris, sparked me.  I started in April of 2003 with a goal of 12 signatures, and by December 31 I had 45 different ones. Harry Potter interested me.  I knew a few collectors trying that and I was smitten with a couple of men in that; so away I went. I started collecting Potter the same time as LOTR and by December 31, I had 64 different ones.  I had a great year for in persons.  I was too shy previous years, but mustered the courage and it was fun: In persons included Jerry Seinfeld, Davy Jones, Ben Jones, John Amos, Amy Wyn Pastor and Willie Tee, which was double from the previous year. Thus ends my stats for 2002.