12/31/03 Mail successes. Paul Grant (Star Wars Ewok) (885) and Art Lafleur (Santa Clause 2). We're heading out for a dinner theatre ... if you are going out, be safe. 


12/29/03 Andy Brase (Star Wars Artist) I didn't count before; he'd not done Star Wars but now has) (884) Mail success: Yûichi Sugiyama (Star Wars Holiday Special). 


12/28/03 RTS: Paul Pistore (Star Wars fan film) "Not at this address". Congrats to Mark and Rob for getting a three page spread in the Star Wars insider!  Mark's made it there before, but not on this scale!  Mail success: Pete Kleinow (882) (Star Wars Crew). Via a friend: Peter Serafinowicz (883) (Star Wars voice of Darth Maul).


Peter Serafinowicz

c/o PFD
Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London, WC2B 5HA


12/27/03 I don't have time to post mail today as I am headed to DC again. See ya shortly!


12/24/03 Purchase: Richard Schickel (880) signed book. Also, Tom Clancy (Author-book Hubby Christmas gift). Mail success: Robert Machray (881) (Star Wars Video Games) and RTS: Michael Mooney (Star Wars crew) "Wrong Michael Mooney"


Tom Clancy

PO Box 800
Huntingtown, MD 20639


12/23/03 RTS: Jeff Cohen (Goonies).  Mail success: Jay Thomas (Santa Clause 2). Signed one of my two items. 


Jay Thomas

c/o Actual Management
7 Great Russell Street
London, WC1B 3NH



12/20/03 Mail success: Peter Sutton (879), (Star Wars crew Oscar Winner). Purchase: John Noble (Lord of the Rings Denethor). 


John Noble

Rolland Management
PO Box 1510


NSW 2039



12/19/03 RTS: Graeme Campbell (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons).  Not the Graeme Campbell I thought ,,, it's another Canadian actor by the same name who KNEW the second Mr. Campbell!  However, he told me the other Mr. Campbell has passed away.


12/16/03 RTS: Alistair Browning (Lord of the Rings) c/o Circa Theatre 1 Taranaki Street PO Box 968 Wellington, New Zealand.  "No such street in Howic".  WHAT?  RTS:  Kevin Pollak (voice work in Ewok movie).  His secretary didn't know about it, opened the letter and said because Mr. Pollak didn't work on that, he couldn't sign, as much as he'd love to as he appreciates his fans. I wrote again, only sending Santa Clause 2 photos of his character Cupid which is obviously him.  Today I get them back UNSIGNED with no explanation. Obviously he doesn't doesn't care for fans like his secretary stated.


12/15/03 Mail success: Steve Lanning (877) (Star Wars crew), Calum Gittins (Lord of the Rings Haleth), Elizabeth Moody (Lord of the Rings Lobelia Sackville-Baggins)Luke Youngblood (Harry Potter Lee Jordan) and Judge Reinhold (Santa Clause 2). Purchases: Leslie Bevis (878) (Spaceballs) and Scott Adams (Author "The Dilbert Principle") - gift for hubby.


Luke Youngblood

c/o Rossmore Personal Management
Rossmore Road
London NW1 6NJ



Judge Reinhold

15332 Antioch Street #723
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


Scott Adams



Leslie Bevis  Ms. Bevis did not answer my mail so she may not sign

c/o Epstein-Wyckoff
280 S. Beverly Blvd. #400
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


12/14/03 In person: John Amos, Mr. Amos would sign one per person and only personalize. He did chat and was nice. For fun:  Star Wars Fan Films site .


John Amos I do not know if he signs by mail so no guarantees

c/o Sutton-Barth & Vennari
145 South Fairfax Ave., #310
Los Angeles, CA 90036


12/13/03 Olivia Hussey (875) (Star Wars video game-already had her sig but didn't count it). Mail success: Vanessa Robertson (876) (Star Wars crew).


Olivia Hussey

c/o Richard Schwartz Management
2934 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle, Ste. 107
Bel Air, CA 90077



12/12/03 Beware: This seller, has over a couple thousand dollars worth of bids with multiple bidders whose ID's are kept PRIVATE (Stay clear of those auctions) are selling forgeries: ultimatemovies. Mail success: Bob Bergen (Star Wars voice artist/Santa Clause 2). Via Booksigning: Jimmy Carter (former President of the USA).  Signed two of his books "Hornets Nest" at a lecture/Booksigning at the Presidential Library. 


Bob Bergen

10635 Santa Monica Blvd. Suites 130/135
Los Angeles, Ca. 90025



12/08/03 Purchase: Rick Buckler (873) (Star Wars Artist). RTS: Bruce Phillips (LOTR) "Wrong person" Mail success: Peter David (874) (Star Wars Author). RTS: David Holmes (Harry Potter) c/o Spotlight.  Mail success: Paul Klicin (Star Wars Crew).


Rick Buckler




Peter David



12/05/03 Mail successes: Jo Nelson (871) (Star Wars crew) and Richard Donat (872) (Star Wars Cartoons). 


12/04/03 News: Someone emailed saying they bought something expensive: and wanted to authenticate it.  They said the person issuing the COA was from a reputable auction house and their original photo was valued at over 5,000 pounds (7,500 US Dollars) because it was original, had a COA by a famous authenticator and was signed by Ford, Fisher and Hamill. I have bad news.  NO contemporary photo of an autograph would be that much unless your talking high art world here like something signed by say Ansel Adams or someone like that!  I told him unless taken by Annie Leibovitz or something, signed COA from Lucasfilm and signed by Lucas and Leibovitz and Ford, Fisher and Hamill and was a one of a kind photo, it's wasn't worth 1/10th as much.  I sincerely doubt the photo was "original"; Lucasfilm owns all these photos.  When you are buying something someone claims is rare, please check the COA signer out. In this case, the COA was issued by an auction house, but the signer of the COA was a Donald Frangipani. The seller I am not sure about.  Could have been the auction house or someone else entirely! You can see by simply typing his name in Google, you get this:

This is one of quite a few articles talking about the fakes this guy has done.... so remember, check out the seller and the COA issuer!  This person was ripped over SEVERAL hundreds of dollars or more.  He wouldn't say.  He just said a LOT more when I posted a random figure that was really high (several hundred).


12/02/03 RTS: Kenji Oates (Star Wars) c/o Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, CA (zip code blacked out).


12/01/03 Mail successes: Brandon Reitz (868) (Star Wars Ewok films) and Lucy Autrey Wilson (869) (Director of publishing/Voice Shadows of the Empire and Star Wars crew), answered the question of whether we are allowed to use Lucasfilm licensed images for even personal use. The answer is no, so if you want to use images for autograph signings, please contact them and get permission rather than being in trouble. Mail success:  Sam McMurray (Star Wars Radio Dramas) (870). 

    DC Trip yesterday was horrendous!  A normal 6-7 hour trip total on a medium to heavy traffic day, took a whopping 12.5 hours! We hit an accident on the way up that was an overturned oil tanker and on the way back we were 8 miles from home and had to be rerouted to another apparent accident that had 6 fire trucks and several police cars...and if that wasn't bad enough, the truck stop we ate at on the way up was HORRENDOUS in all aspects from the restrooms to the food and service, and it continued long after we left...I got ill from the food! 


11/29/03 Leaving in a few for DC; see ya soon. 


11/28/03 Mail success: Michael Bell (866) (Star Wars Voice of Commander Willard and Video Games).  Purchase: David Hargreaves (867) (Star Wars Ewok), Timothy Spall (Harry Potter Peter Pettigrew), Pam Ferris (Harry Potter Aunt Marge), Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter Hagrid), Derek Jacobi (Rumored Harry Potter) and Jeremy Sinden (Star Wars; deceased)  RTS: Rochelle Douglas (Harry Potter Alicia Spinnet) Sidcup, Kent Da14 5VW United Kingdom


Michael Bell

10635 Santa Monica Blvd. #130
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Timothy Spall

c/o Markham & Froggatt

Julian House

4 Windmill Street

London W1P 1HF



Pam Ferris

c/o Hamilton Hodell

5th Floor 66-68 Margaret Street

London, W1W 8SR



Robbie Coltrane

c/o Caroline Dawson Associates
2nd Floor, 125 Gloucester Road
London SW7 4TE


Derek Jacobi

c/o  ICM Artists
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street
London, W1D 1BS


11/26/03 Mail successes: Gerard Depardieu (Actor) and Adam Alderman (Harry Potter Goblin).


Gerard Depardieu


10 Avenue

George-V 75008




Adam Alderman

c/o Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


11/24/03 Mail successes: Ty Teiger (Star Wars Crew) and Joanne Tastula (865) (Star Wars Crew).


11/23/03 Purchase: Erin Gray (864) (Star Wars Documentary).


Erin Gray You can purchase items on her site; she also does conventions so may not sign by mail



11/22/03 Mail success: Jude Watson (863) (Star Wars author)


11/21/03 Mail success:  Bill Johnson (Lord of the Rings Old Noakes)


11/20/03 Mail success: Jimmy Vee (Harry Potter Goblin). 


Jimmy Vee

c/o Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


11/19/03  RTS for Ken Hiller (Star Wars Radio Dramas) (not the right person).  


11/18/03 Mail success: Sarah Bennett (862) (Star Wars Ewok/Harry Potter Goblin).


Sarah Bennett

c/o Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


11/17/03 RTS: Charles Davis (Star Wars Ewok Movies) 2904 Greenwich Court Apt 496 Crafton, MD 21114-2851 "Not deliverable as addressed". Mail success:  Elizabeth Taylor (Actress).  Signed ONE of my two items, Trish Foreman (860) (Star Wars Crew), James Arnold Taylor (861) (Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoons) and Sam Comery (Lord of the Rings - boy on horse and not the Eothian who is on the CCG card).


Elizabeth Taylor

PO Box 55995

Sherman Oaks CA 91413


James Arnold Taylor contact information on his site



11/15/03 We went to the Elton John concert last night (good) and I wish I could report an in person for Elton, but no. Too hard at this venue. I couldn't even find where they were coming in/out. I did see the Deftones loading equipment from the Norva, and probably could've gotten the cast of Rent if we had time from Chrysler hall, but not Elton! Mail success: Bernard Bellew:(859) (Star Wars crew). 


11/14/03 Cute Star Wars site... Star Wars Origami


11/13/03 Mail success: Will Theakston (Harry Potter Terrence Higgs) Photos were mangled by post office.


Will Theakston

Jackie Palmer Agency

30 Daws Hill Lane

High Wycombe

Buckinghamshire HP11 1PW

United Kingdom


11/12/03 News:  Art Carney passed away yesterday. Via a friend: Ronald Falk (Star Wars Dex).  RTS from Gab Facchinei (Star Wars crew) c/o Critters & Characters FX 27th Avenue; Kataoomba; NSW 2780; Australia. "Left Address" 


Ronald Falk

c/o International Casting Service

4th Floor 147a King Street


NSW 2000



11/10/03 Trades: Luke Youngblood (Harry Potter Lee Jordan) and David Heyman (Harry Potter Producer).


Luke Youngblood

c/o Rossmore Personal Management
Rossmore Road
London NW1 6NJ



11/08/03 RTS: Tiffany Brissette (Star Wars Ewok Movies): CU Museum UCB 218; U of Colorado; Boulder, CO 80309. Mail success: Tom Harris (858) (Star Wars crew). 


11/06/03 RTS: Richard Donat (Star Wars Cartoons) c/o MAI 3680 Jeanne-Mance Street Montreal Quebec H2X 2K5 Canada. Mail success: Brian Blessed (Star Wars Boss Nass).  Since I wrote 5 times over a three year time period, he must've saved all that mail. He must be sick of me by now!  I guess the lesson here is not to write more than once a year!  


Brian Blessed

c/o AIM

5 Denmark Street

London WC2H 8LP



11/04/03 Mail success: David Willis (AOTC crew) (857). 


11/03/03 Via a friend: Peter Sumner (Lt. Pol Treidum Star Wars), Matt Rowan (Orn Free Taa SW prequels) , Christopher Kirby (853) (Senator Giddean Danu Ep III), Michael Byrne (854) (Actor/Stuntman Ep III), Bruce Spence (855) (Lord of the Rings/Star Wars Ep III). In person sigs too. Via another friend: Sala Baker (Lord of the Rings) Andy Serkis  (LOTR Gollum/Sméagol), Billy Boyd  (LOTR Pippin), John Rhys-Davis  (LOTR Gimli) and Ian McKellan  (LOTR Gendalf) multi-signed poster! Mail success: Trevor Smith (856) (Star Wars Ep II model maker).  


Peter Sumner

c/o Morrissey Management Corporate Voices
77 Glebe Point Road

NSW 2037




Christopher Kirby

c/o James Laurie Management
12 Raglan Street
South Melbourne VIC



Sala Baker Mr Baker does conventions and now charges



Andy Serkis  I am not sure that as of 2005 Andy is still signing; haven't seen any more coming back

c/o Lou Coulson

37 Berwick Street, 1 Floor

London W1F 8RS

United Kingdom


Billy Boyd  Not sure if Mr. Boyd is still signing as of 2006

c/o Brunskill Management

169 Queens Gate, Suite 8a

London, SW7 5HE

United Kingdom


John Rhys Davies Not sure if Mr. Davies is still signing as of 2006

c/o Emptage Hallett

24 Poland Street

London W1F 8QL


United Kingdom


Ian McKellan Not sure if Mr. McKellan will sign anymore; haven't seen any in 2006

c/o ICM Limited

76 Oxford Street

London W1N 0AX


United Kingdom


11/01/03 Only 18 kids this Halloween. Mail success: Jayne Anne Tenggren (852) (Star Wars Crew).


10/31/03  News: Bruce Boa is very ill.  Now is NOT the time to send autograph requests. Mail success: Joel Brooks (851) (Star Wars Radio Dramas). 


10/28/03  News: A fixture in the convention world emailed me with a dilemma.  He told me he doesn't charge but he's reconsidering such as some people do NOT send items to sign and outright ask for 8x10's.  He's given personal stuff before, but even has had to pay postage and what bothered him was some of these people also turn around and resend several more items. Someone sent upwards of 10 cards in one batch!  Due to this, he's asked my opinion and I told him if they do not send proper items and postage, do NOT respond!  If they send postage and no items, I suggest he enclose a letter telling them when they send an item, he would be happy to sign. I told him most collectors would appreciate him signing free through the mail and would certainly make a concerted effort to buy a photo from a convention if they attended a convention where he was at and maybe were more likely to buy since he was so nice to them in the first place. The lack of postage, sending something to sign and lack of politeness, makes the signers want to start charging or worse yet, NOT sign. Please do NOT ruin it for others.  Please enclosed IRC's, postage from their countries or even money if you have no other options for postage.  ALWAYS include items to sign and please be polite.  Sending more than a couple items makes them think you are selling it on Ebay no matter WHAT you say in your letter. Yes, people lie to these people about who the sigs are for etc!  They say they won't sell them but they end up on Ebay. Be responsible, PLEASE!   


10/27/03 Via a friend: Warwick Davis (Harry Potter Professor Flitwick) signed photo from Dallas con. 


Warwick Davis

c/o Paul Lyon-Maris
ICM Ltd.
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street
London W1N 0AX


10/26/03 News: Sue Hammer is no longer in business, so the Ian Liston address is no longer valid. 


10/25/03  Exchanges: Joe Crowley (835) (Star Wars Crew ROJ and Ewok films), Frank Simone (836) (Star Wars Crew Ewok films), David Childers (837) (Star Wars Crew Ewok Films and ROTJ), Will Prater (838) (Star Wars Crew Ewok films), Leonard Ripps (839) (Star Wars Crew Holiday Special), Doug Boyd (840) (Star Wars Video Games), Ian Fullwood (841) ( Star Wars Artist), Rick Fichter (842) (Star Wars Crew), Christine Allsopp (843) (Star Wars Crew), Terry Madden (844) (Star Wars crew), Andrew Gersh (845) (Star Wars crew), Gerry Gavigan (846) (Star Wars crew), Marty Brenneis (847) (Star Wars Crew), Michael David Ward (Star Wars Artist) (848) Matt Cluett (849) (Star Wars Imax version crew), Bob Carrau (850) (Star Wars Ewok Cartoon crew/Ewok Film crew/Author), Richard Karn (Home Improvement) and George Lucas (Star Wars Creator).  This was obtained in an unusual circumstance with the help of two people and I can't help anyone get a signature.


Michael David Ward




Richard Karn

1427 3rd Street #205

Santa Monica, CA 90401


George Lucas  He is very unlikely to sign; he used to but is too busy now.

Lucas Film Ltd.

PO Box 2009

San Rafael, CA 94912-2009


10/24/03 In person success: Ben Jones (Cooter Dukes of Hazzard). He was at the Driver, VA Fall Festival (the whole town was two streets!). He's great!  Talked with everyone, answered everything, his wife was charming and spent a lot of time with people.  Maybe too much as not everyone could get photos I think.  Signed a couple cars for me and a photo. 


Ben Jones You can purchase items on his site



10/22/03 News: On those Star Wars Weekends at Disney autographs, check it closely with mine because the Quinn preprint is convincing; for those not understanding the concept of Preprints you can take one signature and lay it over the top of the other and it will match exactly. The signatures will be in the same place and be identical.  When I got them, I could spot immediately without a close look that they were PP's, but the Quinn one I had to look twice!  It was dark and shiny and looked like marker.  But it was indeed a PP.  How can you test?  Take a Q-Tip and dip in rubbing alcohol.  Then squeeze excess off.  Find minor part of the sig and briefly swipe the area in one direction once...  If nothing comes off, that means it's a preprint. Buying these online are hard because people list them as "hand signed" and unless you compare to my scans, you won't tell till you get them if they authentic or reprints. 


10/20/03 Mail success: Arnaud Adam (Harry Potter Cavalier ghost). Purchase Steve Oedekerk (834) (Thumb Wars).  


Steve Oedekerk



Arnaud Adam

c/o Campbell Associates
2 Chelsea Cloisters

Sloane Avenue
United Kingdom


10/17/03 Trade: David Wolper (producer Willy Wonka).  Hilton Howson (Star Wars crew/Toonbuck Toora).  Mail success :John Madden (833) (Star Wars Radio Dramas).


David Wolper



10/16/03 Purchase: Angela Cartwright (Lost in Space).  Mail success:  Ty Teiger (832) (Star Wars Crew). 


Angela Cartwright



10/15/03  Gerald Home emailed me to remind me that he was the one who played Teesek and not Graeme Hattrick. The site is fixed, but the wrong card was signed by Mr. Hattrick (my bad) and there's nothing to do about that since I no longer have information on Mr. Hattrick's whereabouts.. 


10/14/03 Mail successes: Nathaniel Lees (Lord of the Rings Ugluk), Paul Holmes (Lord of the Rings Orc) and Jed Brophy (Lord of the Rings Orc/Sharku/Snaga) Collectormania Convention Purchases: Christian Coulson (Harry Potter Tom Riddle) and Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings Merry).


Nathaniel Lees

Karen Kay Management Limited

PO Box 446

Auckland 1

New Zealand


Jed Brophy

Auckland Actors

PO Box 56460

Dominion Road


New Zealand


Christian Coulson

c/o ARG

4 Great Portland Street

London W1W 8PA




Dominic Monaghan

Fraser & Dunlop

Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London WC2B 5HA



10/12/03 In person success: Amy Wynn Pastor (Trading Spaces).  Trade: 4 new movie pins.  Free Promos: 7 new movie cards.  


10/11/03 RTS: John Noble (Lord of the Rings Denethor) c/o AA Williams MGMT  Helen Rolland P.O. Box 1397 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 Australia. News: Someone mentioned my Dave Prowse "fakes" last night, so let me make this clear again: A couple years ago I sent two requests out to Dave Prowse in the same week. I got back two successes within a day of each other.  One from North Carolina and from the UK. I was told that Dave lived in the UK and yet goes to US all the time and that's the home of his Arthritis foundation and sending a donation would yield a sig.  So I sent. The two successes were different.  4 index cards; two with one sig and two with a different looking sig.  Later on, I found out someone named Max Peterson was probably forging Dave's signature on the cards. Dave knows about this.  I have not heard if this practice is still taking place, but I would strongly suggest not mailing to the North Carolina address. News: Concerning ILM: several incidents occurred in the past where mail employees, secretaries or others were signing without permission for crew members.  Items that have come out of ILM that are proven fake (two by me personally):  Paul Martin Smith and Phil Eason.  I've seen a fake C Andrew Nelson and at least two fake Michelle Taylors when she didn't even work there or was in the country, and last night, someone mentioned David Dozoretz and Gavin Boucquet are as well. I have no proof on the latter three myself but that is what was reported to me and those Taylor sigs were not right.  The first two I know first hand.  Especially Phil Eason who I was in contact with. Sending to ILM is not good at this time. Also, friends report you'll get one of two nasty-grams: "cease and desist mailing our people" or "we are not a fan mail forwarding center"   


10/05/03 RTS: Ben Cooke (Kit Fisto) PO Box 19036 Courtenay Place, Wellington, NZ "Box Closed" "Gone Away".  Mail successes: Olivia Tennet (LOTR Freda) and Jono Manks (LOTR Ring Wraith) . Exchanges: Courtenay Taylor (822) (Star Wars Voice artist/games), Bob Mackie (823) (Star Wars Costume Design Holiday Special),  Daniel Kirk (824) (Star Wars Artist), Phil Clarke (825) (Star Wars Crew), Kristoffer Tabori (826) (Star Wars Video Games), Arthur Adams (827) (Star Wars Artist), Scott Willis (828) (Star Wars Artist), Geoff Glover (829) (Star Wars Crew), Richard Toscan (830) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) and Tony Waye (Star Wars Crew) (831)


Courtney Taylor email form on site



Bob Mackie

530 Seventh Ave., 3rd Fl.

New York, NY 10018


Daniel Kirk




Kristoffer Tabori

William Morris Agency
151 el Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


10/04/03 Mail successes: Benton Jew (820) (Star Wars crew) and Joe Liss (821) (Star Wars Radio Dramas). Personal news: I got Elton John tickets! 


10/03/03 Trade: Leanna Walsman (Star Wars Zam Wesell).  News: It seems another was ripped off by DeepSpace (Chris Macht).


Leanna Walsman she does conventions now and may not sign anymore; no guarantees

c/o Brad Lafler Mgmt

9111 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


09/30/03 RTS: Richard Donat (Star Wars Cartoons) c/o Sloane Agency 10 Roden Place Toronto, Ontario Canada M5R 1P5. Exchanges: Simon Larsen (Star Wars Jedi), Elrik Jundis (818) (Star Wars Jedi) and Ardees Jundis (819) (Star Wars crew)


09/29/03 RTS: Kent Hagen (Star Wars Documentary) 34 Meadow View Road Orinda, CA 94563.  "Attempted not known" and RTS: Marton Csokas  (Star Wars Poggle the Lesser and Lord of the Rings Celeborn) c/o Asylum 5555 Melrose Avenue Hollywood, CA 90038-3197 Mail un-success: Emma Watson (Harry Potter Hermione Granger) c/o Warner Brothers Leavesden Studios P.O. Box 3000 Leavesden, Herts, WD25 7LT UK; letter says Thanks for writing blah...busy...blah... no signature and kept my items. Trade: Simon Larsen (816) (Star Wars Jedi).  News: Star Wars Insider arrived; and there's an article about Kevin in it!  Mail successes: Bill Weston (817) (Star Wars stormtrooper) and Kenneth Branagh (Harry Potter Professor Gilderoy Lockhart).  


Kenneth Branagh

Fishmonger Films Studios Road


Middlesex TW17 OQD

United Kingdom

09/27/03 Mail success: Richard Bonehill (815) (Star Wars Stormtrooper/Snowtrooper/Rebel/other characters). He now charges 2 pounds each signature ($4 plus US) per sig. It's on YOUR item (he doesn't have anything to send you).  Also send proper amount for SASE's.  Money sent to him is for a local charity.


09/25/03 Mail success: Cecil Seaskull (814) (Star Woids)


Cecil Seaskull



09/23/03 I've been harassed countless times by someone claiming to be Thatcher Stone, a lawyer, who demanded I remove a phone number from the site that clearly belongs to Marvel Comics. A long time ago when he first said this, I called the number and someone answered Marvel Comics. A number of sites also list this number, so I told him and said that he should be nice in his next email, I'll remove it (even if not an error). He refused, escalating to threats!  Four months passed and he has never asked nicely for me to remove this number so it will remain. I don't take kindly to threats and rude behavior. I am so stressed out by this man that I am feeling ill... If you are in need of a lawyer, I would strongly urge you to seek council elsewhere; some of the threats make it seem he is NOT knowledgeable about law. If he wants the number to be removed, I will accept a polite email asking me to remove it. If he refuses, it'll stay till the end of time. Mail success: Mike Zeck (813) (Star Wars Artist) and Joshua Herdman (Harry Potter Gregory Goyle).


Mike Zeck




Joshua Herdman

Jackie Palmer Agency

20 Daws Hill Lane

High Wycombe HP11 1PW

United Kingdom


09/22/03 I am just online weeding through close to 200 emails (75% non spam because I have most now on a kill filter); The hurricane was horrendous here with millions in damage.  I woke up to see it NOT on TV anywhere.  The ONE day northeast/NY blackout got more coverage? I am one of the lucky ones without power, cable, phone and cel phone for 4 days!  Lucky because some lost even water/sewage too.  We could at least flush the toilets and take a cold shower even if the water was not fit to drink.  We had propane, bottled water and my fetish for candles and batteries was something my husband said he’ll never complain about again.  But there was no air conditioning in the sometimes stifling muggy heat and no ice for those drinks or for my withering pets.  Also, no hot coffee, no milk, no gas for the cars and thank the lord I had cash stashed away for things like instant coffee, underwear and other small things we could eat.  No one thinks about it, but the ATM’s don’t work without electricity.  As I write this, over a million people are still without power.  I saw a man begging for ice to keep his daughter’s insulin.  Many old people on respirators etc were in big trouble.  Still today sirens all day.  Curfews at night… We are alive, will NEVER take power for granted again.  I didn’t complain and still won’t.  We are safe, did not have flooding (other than a little in the back yard) our house and cars are in tact.  I saw a lot of damaged houses and cars crushed and all the piers around here are gone and many injured.  Our damage was minimal.  I think GOD was watching over us because we had a 40-50’ tall pine tree in the front…. It was uprooted and by some miracle, I watched it fall about 3’ from the window where we were sitting.  It landed between both houses, missing both!  The massive maple tree in the back yard lost a limb that I often worried about and asked some tree guys to take down less it kill my neighbors, but the guy stole my money and never came back to get the last two limbs (that was one of the two).  Well, the limb snapped off almost from the base and missed the house next door by about an inch!  It landed between their house and shed.  I lost one split rail fence and my husband was able to put the other together with salvaged pieces from the other.  The only damage we have to claim is a chain link fence.  We lost a good 20 feet that that was crushed by the falling limb.  Also we had a steel clothesline and one end of it was crushed.  We also probably lost a 200.00 of meat and food that today I’ll be throwing out.  I lost one of my three favorite remaining bushes (the snowball bush) and my Hydrangea might be able to be saved....it's just leaning a lot (along with a pine tree in the back that might/might not have to come down).  One thing at a time I guess. I have to get my husbands medicine if the pharmacy is open, try to get groceries if they’ve got anything left (all the freezer cases were empty the last stores we tried), get gas for the cars, vacuum (mud throughout the house), and most importantly, triage my 5 days worth of laundry that was smelling (from wet clothes that had been in the washer the morning of the hurricane) and clean out that rotted food. I’ll get to normalcy later in the week.  In the meantime, I’ll try to respond to emails between laundry and cleaning. Trade: William Daniels (Voice of KITT and Mr. Feeny).  Mail success: Harry Melling (Harry Potter Dudley Dursley) and Sid Ganis (812) (SW documentary). 


William Daniels

c/o 12805 Hortense Street

Studio City, CA 91604


09/17/03 RTS: Charles Lippincott (Star Wars Documentary).  Personal news:  We are currently experiencing storm warnings. We were told to evacuate, but we personally will not because all hotels up north are full and we've no relatives in the area or friends in the area we need to go to.  Shelters won't take animals and I've 3 cats; so we are riding it out. PC might be down a couple days.


09/15/03  RTS: Robin Atkin Downs (Star Wars Video Games) 7095 Hollywood Blvd. #521 Hollywood, CA 90028  REFUSED:  Commercial Mail Receiving Agency not authorized to receive mail for this addressee and RTS for Cary Stratton (Spaceballs) Trikelion Records 18533 Roscoe Blvd Ste 109 Northridge, CA 91324 "Forwarding order Expired". Mail successes: Helena Bonham Carter (Lady Jane), and Mary Dilts (Star Wars video games) (800). Exchanges: Connie Hall (Star Wars video games) (801), Paul Klicin (Star Wars crew) (802) Kerry Miller (Star Wars Crew) (803), Dave Boat (Star Wars video games) (804), Paul Rudish (Star Wars cartoon crew) (805), Raven Misnura (Star Wars artist) (806), John Cygan (Star Wars video games) (807), Jeff Light (Star Wars crew) (808), Paul Gray (Star Wars crew) (809), Ian Gibson (Star Wars artist) (810), Al Yu (Star Wars artist) (811) and Andy Brase (artist).  


Helena Bonham Carter

Fulton Entertainment

335 North Maple Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Dave Boat

c/o Sandie Schnarr Talent
8500 Melrose Avenue #212
West Hollywood, CA 90069


John Cygan

c/o Arlene Thornton Associates

12711 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 490
Studio City, CA 32767


Al Yu




09/11/03 Mail successes: Bruce Robertson (Star Wars Video Games) (799) and Sandy Wible (Star Wars CCG Card)


09/10/03 Mail successes: Tim Russ (Spaceballs) signed one item; kept other, Howard Swain (797) (Star Wars Video Games) and Nikki Gooley (798) (Star Wars  makeup).  


Tim Russ



09/09/03 Purchase: Fitz Freleng signed Pink Panther cel


09/08/03 Mail successes: Rupert Grint (Harry Potter Ron Weasley), Jennifer Hale (795) (Star Wars Video Games), Stephen Tobolowsky (Spaceballs) and Sal Viscuso (796) (Spaceballs).


Rupert Grint



Jennifer Hale




Sal Viscuso

c/o Imperium 7 9911 west
Pico Blvd. #1290

Los Angeles, CA 90035


09/06/03 Mail success/Purchase: Bjorn Johnson (794) (Star Wars crew) Bjorn isn't' credited for Ep II though he was part of the crew; he's working on Ep III too.


09/05/03 Mail success: Christina Ricci (793) (SW Documentary)


Christina Ricci I wrote c/o a play; so this address is untested

Alchemy Entertainment

9229 Sunset Blvd., Suite 720

Los Angeles, CA 90069


09/03/03 Mail success: Clinton Ulyatt (LOTR).


Clinton Ulyatt

c/o Auckland Actors
PO Box 56
460 Dominion Road

New Zealand


09/02/03  In person: Willie Tee (Local Author) Signed book "Winds of Destiny".  Our trip to DC included a tour of Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. Mail successes: Ed Gale (791) (Spaceballs) and Dey Young (792) (Spaceballs).


Willie Tee



Ed Gale




08/28/03 RTS for Ronn Cobb (Star Wars crew) 3582 Eastham Drive Los Angeles, CA 90232 "Forwarding Order Expired".


08/27/03 Mail success: Diana Sowle (Charlie mom Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory).


08/26/03 Mail successes: Corina Harman (789) (Star Wars Video Games) and Tony Auth (790) (Star Wars Artist). 


Corina Harman contact for her agency (email) is on her site



08/25/03 Via a friend: Alan Howard (Lord of the Rings Voice of One Ring) and Patrick Stewart (Actor).


Alan Howard

Julian Belfrage Associates,
46, Albemarle Street,
London WIX 4PP



Patrick Stewart  I have not tried him here and ICM is NOT fan friendly; it may be unlikely to get a success

c/o ICM

8899 Beverly Boulevard

 Los Angeles, CA 90048



08/24/03 News: There's a bogus dealer: Jakesmom2000 that sells LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean photos, starting at 40.00 each.  All Forged - All of them; Stay Clear!


08/23/03 News: Malcolm Dixon (Star Wars Ewok) photos mailed to everyone.  Please let me know when they arrive.


08/18/03 Mail successes: Wayne Kalama (Star Wars Author) (787) and Mark Sexton (Star Wars crew) (788) and RTS for George Miller (Star Wars Gamorean Guard).  News:  George Miller is deceased.


08/17/03 Warning: Joey BearPa and Bubble-N-Squeak at it again selling fake Richard Harris and SW items.  DO NOT bid from these sellers....


08/16/03 Trade: Tim McLachlan (Lord of the Rings Stunt Double Gandalf, Wormtongue and Gollum). Mail success: Cam Clarke (786) (Star Wars Video Games). 


Tim McLachlan

Karen Kay Management Ltd

PO Box 446

Auckland 1

New Zealand


Cam Clarke

145 South Fairfax Avenue Suite 310

Los Angeles, CA 90036




08/15/03 Mail successes: Ian Hughes (Return of the King Irolas), Peter Michael Goetz (785) (Star Wars Radio Dramas). 


Ian Hughes

Auckland Actors

PO Box 56460

Dominion Road

Auckland New



08/13/03 Purchase: Jerry Zaks (Spaceballs). Alan Rickman (Harry Potter Professor Snape) item arrived with other photos:  Jesse Birdsall (actor), Clive Robertson (actor) and two 4x6 NOT signed photos of James MacPherson (actor), and Kevin Whately (actor).  Mail successes: Christopher Kirby (Star Wars Giddean Danu) (783) and Zed Selcuk (Star Wars Crew/R2D2 Beneath the Dome and Star Wars Zey Nep) (784),


Alan Rickman He doesn't respond to fan mail c/o his agents I don't think; so can't guarantee a response

Endeavor Talent Agency

9701 Wilshire Blvd. 10th Floor

Beverly Hills CA 90212


Clive Robertson

c/o International Artistes
4F, Holborn Hall
193-197 High Holborn
London WC1V 7BD



08/12/03 Purchase: Dave Prowse (Star Wars Darth Vader) CII photo. 


Dave Prowse Dave does conventions and he does sell autographs on his website (below)



08/11/03 Mail successes: Peter Walpole (Star Wars crew) and Oliver Walpole (Star Wars Seek).


08/10/03 News: Went to Norfolk Tides game yesterday, we didn't get any signatures because we got there as the game was beginning (big time traffic) and it went into extra innings.... we had hoped to try for Mike Piazza and a few of the Tides. I have made pages for the Tides on our family site.


08/09/03 News: Malcolm Dixon (Ewok Star Wars) photos were received by Malcolm. They'll go to the mail Monday and they should be on the way to me in about a week. Trades: Nina Young (Harry Potter Grey Lady) and Maggie Smith (Harry Potter Professor McGonagall).


Nina Young

c/o The Narrow Road
21/22 Poland Street


Dame Maggie Smith

c/o ICM Oxford House

76 Oxford Street
London WIN 0AX

United Kingdom


08/08/03 RTS: Jeff Miller (Star Wars Documentary) 1301 Spring Oaks Circle Houston, TX 77055. One success: Tony Griffin (782) (Spaceballs).


08/06/03 Mail successes: Tony Smart (781) (Snowtrooper ESB), Megan Edwards (Lord of the Rings Mrs. Proudfoot) and Peter Corrigan (Lord of the Rings).  Here's a neat site:  http://www.starwarscutscenes.com/  


Tony Smart Email form on his site



08/04/03 RTS:  Warren Owens (Star Wars Senator Fang Zar) c/o Frog Management 2A Armstrong Street; Middlepark; VIC 3206; Australia "Left Address".  RTS: Robin Gurland (Star War Crew) 36A Hillcrest Road; Mill Valley CA 94941 "Forwarding Order Expired". Mail success: Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo) (sorry, I sent c/o the film set in Canada and that's long gone, but try the address below:


Matthew Lillard  I haven't tried so cannot guarantee a response

William Morris Agency

151 El Camino Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


08/02/03 RTS: Jay Sanders (Star Wars Radio Dramas) RTS 165 West 46th Street; New York, NY 10036 "Attempted not known" and RTS: Pernilla August  (Shim Skywalker Star Wars) 939 Eight Avenue #609; New York, NY 10019 "Attempted not known"


08/01/03 Mail successes:  Rufus Sewell (Knight's Tale/Helen of Troy) and Mark DeCarlo (780) (Thumb Wars). I will be offline for a bit as I have three contractors coming to replace the windows, install a kitchen counter, replace gutters and to check the roof/facia for water damage. Will be busy (and broke!).


07/31/03 Mail success: Craig Parker (Haldir Lord of the Rings).


Craig Parker



07/30/03 News: I've gotten several emails about a virus and then subsequent emails on how to get rid of it. I'd like to tell everyone not to panic when getting these.  Before ever attempting to remove or pass on the information to others, always check this site:  http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/hoax.html  NEVER hit reply.  Ebay says that you should never get email from them asking you to hit "reply".  You would be told to log in...via your browser.  These threats of account suspension etc are all fakes. ALL of them (no matter how convincing). RTS : Ben Cooke (Star Wars Kit Fisto) 186 Bowden Road; RD2 Albany: Auckland; New Zealand.  Mail successes:  Jo Osmond (Harry Potter Goblin) and Lisa Osmond (Harry Potter Goblin) and Lynne Wheeler (779) (Star Wars Crew).


Lisa Osmond




Jo Osmond

c/o Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


07/28/03 Purchase: Sebastian Shaw.(775) (Star Wars Anakin Skywalker; deceased) Mail successes: Hugh Mitchell (Harry Potter Colin Creevy), Sally Mortemore (Harry Potter Madam Pince), Tim Condren (776) (Star Wars Stormtrooper and stunts), Doug Robinson (777) (Star Wars Snowtrooper and stunts), Brian Blessed (Star Wars Boss Nass), Jerry Zaks (778) (Star Wars Radio Dramas).


Hugh Mitchell

Curtis Brown Group Ltd.

Haymarket House

28-29 Haymarket

London SW1Y 4SP



Sally Mortemore

Sandra Griffin Management
6 Ryde Place
Richmond Road
East Twickenham



Brian Blessed

c/o AIM

5 Denmark Street

London WC2H 8LP



07/25/03 Via a friend: Troy Denning (Star Wars Author) (766), Greg Keyes (Star Wars Author), Genndy Tartakovsky (767) (Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoons) and Wendy Froud (Star Wars Sculptor of Yoda) (768).  Mail successes: Robert Bovill (Star Wars Modelmaker) (769), Douglas Spotted Eagle (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) (770) and Dan St. Paul (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) (771).. Purchase: Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract" Animation Cel.  Purchases: Bai Ling (Star Wars Senator Bana Breemu) (772), Ethan Phillips (Star Wars Video Games) (773), Fran Drescher (Star Wars Documentary) (774) and Lou Diamond Phillips (Actor). RTS for Bai Ling (Star Wars Senator Bana Breemu) c/o APA Agency for the Performing Arts; 888 7th Avenue #602; New York, NY 10106   


Greg Keyes



Wendy Froud she did not answer me c/o her site; so cannot guarantee a response



Douglas Spotted Eagle



Bai Ling  Ms. Ling does conventions, so she might not sign; can't guarantee a success

c/o Special Artist Agency
345 N Maple Dr, #302
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Ethan Phillips

Essential Talent
6565 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 415
Hollywood, CA 90028



Fran Drescher Ms. Drescher never answered my letter so cannot guarantee a success

Uh-Oh Productions

10202 W. Washington Blvd.

Poitier Bldg. Room 3207

Culver City, CA 90232


07/24/03 Trade: Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings)


Dominic Monaghan

Peter Fraser & Dunlop

Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London WC2B 5HA



07/23/03 Mail success: Anthony Phelan (Star Wars Kaminoan Prime Minster Lama Su/Senator Ask Aak) News: The Malcolm Dixon signing is a go.  Price for Ewok photos only is 22.50 for US orders and 25.00 for Overseas orders (includes your shipping costs). 


07/22/03 Trades: Kevin Smith (765) (SW Fan Films) and Alex Ross (Star Wars Artist).  Mail success: Peter Walpole (Star Wars Crew). Purchase: Alan Rickman (Harry Potter Professor Snape)


Alex Ross



Alan Rickman He doesn't respond to fan mail c/o his agents I don't think; so can't guarantee a response

Endeavor Talent Agency

9701 Wilshire Blvd. 10th Floor

Beverly Hills CA 90212


07/20/03 Mail success Alfred Burke (Harry Potter Professor Dippet) signed one photo.  Exchanges: Tomas Giorello (744) (Star Wars Artist), Jim Anderson (745) (Star Wars Artist), Bill Wray (746) (Star Wars Artist), David Day (747) (Star Wars Artist), Andrew Pepoy (748) (Star Wars Artist), Michael Sutfin (749) (Star Wars Artist), Herb Trimpe (750) (Star Wars Artist), Rick Hoberg (751) (Star Wars Artist), Bill Selby (752) (Star Wars Artist), Christina Wald (753) (Star Wars Artist), Omaha Perez (754) (Star Wars Artist), Gary Gianni (755) (Star Wars Artist), Scott Fisher (756) (Star Wars Artist), Mike Beidler (757) (Star Wars author), Steve Niles (758) (Star Wars author), Scott Cattanach (759) (Star Wars Misc), Matthew Walters (760) (Star Wars Video games), Edward Kilham (761) (Star Wars video games), Fred Hole (762) (Star Wars crew), Ramy Moryosef (763) (Star Wars crew), Alan Tomkins (764) (Star Wars crew). 


Bill Wray email form on his site for contact



Andrew Pepoy




Herb Trimpe




Bill Selby




Christina Wald




Omaha Perez




Gary Gianni email form on the site for contact



Steve Niles
PO Box 2380
Toluca Lake, CA 91610



07/19/03 RTS: Rick Buckler (Star Wars Artist) c/o Visage Studios, 4th Floor 292 5th Avenue New York, NY 10001 "moved".  Mail success: John Dukakis (743) (Star Wars Radio Dramas).


07/17/03 Purchase: Johnny Silver (740) (Spaceballs-deceased); the backside of the Johnny Silver autograph had someone else's graph: Don Clarke (Actor).  RTS: Alan Rickman (Professor Snape Harry Potter). Photos returned unsigned with a notes saying he doesn't sign fan mail: he's "too busy".  Mail successes: Peter Blais (741) (Star Wars Ewok cartoons), M Shayne Bell (742) (Star Wars Author) and Brian Blessed (Star Wars Boss Nass).


Brian Blessed

c/o AIM

5 Denmark Street

London WC2H 8LP



07/13/03 Via cereal box: promo card from Daredevil  Personal News: Jeremy starts his Sophomore year today as I drove to the airport in the torrential rain to drop Jason off ... on his way to Navy boot camp!  However, just reserve boot camp so will only be gone 16-18 days. RTS Stephanie Stromer (Star Wars Holiday Special) "Wrong Stephanie Stromer" and RTS Julianne Balmain (Star Wars Author) c/o Chronicle books 275 Fifth street San Francisco, CA 94103 and RTS Grant Boucher (Star Wars author) CEO Station X Studios 1717 Stewart Street Santa Monica, CA 90404 and RTS James Arnold Taylor (Star Wars Cartoons); ODD because that's the address he said to send to. Address blacked out and stamped "Not at ICM Forwarding Address Unknown Return to Sender". 


07/11/03 RTS: Leonard Thomas (Star Wars Jedi).  I won't post address as it's a home address, but he's NOT in El Segundo, CA. The person KEPT my photos!


07/10/03 RTS: Brian McMurty (Star Wars Stormtrooper) " No longer at 20/20 Casting".


07/08/03 Mail success: Tony Isabella (739) (Star Wars Author). Trade:  Maggie Smith (Harry Potter Professor McGonagall), Leslie Phillips (Harry Potter Sorting Hat), John Colyer (Harry Potter Car Owner), Julie Christie (Harry Potter Madam Rosmerta) and Harry Melling (Harry Potter Dudley Dursley).


Dame Maggie Smith

c/o ICM Oxford House

76 Oxford Street
London WIN 0AX

United Kingdom


Leslie Phillips

c/o Diamond Management

31 Percy Street

London W1T 2DD

United Kingdom


Julie Christie

23 Linden Gardens

London W2 4HD



07/07/03 Having problems with Leah of Nerfhearders who stole autographs; she's not responded to my emails asking her to remove certain signatures from her site. 


07/06/03 Mail success: John Hurt (Harry Potter Mr. Ollivander/Spaceballs). 


John Hurt

c/o Julian Belfrage Associates

46 Albemarle St.

London. W1X 4PP

United Kingdom


07/05/03 In Person Story: Last night, we went to the races (won $11- whoopee) and Jason won 1.60 yow, I know, another huge one right?!. Davy Jones (Monkees/Singer) sang for an hour before the fireworks. On the last song, people were going under the chain to the stage, I whined I'd probably not get a sig, so Scott said, GO...so I did.  I went to the opposite where I was suspected he'd exit. I was right.  But he did not sign... and they whisked him away with guards in the front and back of him not letting people pass (running). As he approached the building, a guy snagged him to sign something and I caught up and asked too.  He signed three items and told the guards "last one"; when I asked, the girl got agitated and sighed making that clicking sound with her tongue.  But someone did manage to squeak another after me before he went into the building.  So I did get one out of the 4 items he signed. It did take some running and aggressiveness which I thought would make me feel funny. But I didn't.  I just felt triumphant and determined.


07/02/03 Personal News: Congrats to Jeremy, who not only finished year one of college, but also is an honor student again this semester! Convention Purchase: Leonard Whiting/Olivia Hussey (Romeo and Juliet). Mail success: Edward Tudor-Pole (Harry Potter Mr. Borgin Deleted Scenes).  Purchase: P. Craig Russell (736) (Star Wars Artist), Robert Teranishi (737) (Star Wars Artist) and Chris Chuckry (738). (Star Wars Artist)


P Craig Russell



Chris Chuckry



06/30/03 RTS: Stuart Maschwitz (Star Wars Crew) PO Box 10031 San Rafael, CA 94912-0031 "Not deliverable as addressed"


06/28/03 Purchase: David Rasche (734) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) The Playbill is also signed by: Linda Purl (Actress), Macintyre Dixon (Actor), Jack Gilpin (Actor), Deirdre Lovejoy (Actress), Debra Mooney (Actress), and Derek Smith (Actor).  Mail success: Jack Angel (735) (Video Games and Teddy in A. I.) 


Linda Purl

http://www.lindapurl.net/  she sells autographs on her site


Deirdre Lovejoy

http://www.deirdrelovejoy.com/  email form on her site for contact


06/27/03 Mail success: Toby Jones (Harry Potter Dobby the House Elf).


06/26/03  News: I came across a site which has taken signatures OFF my site and modified them for their site. There are sigs no one else collects on there except me.  And sigs no one else signed for. This site should have ASKED me. Worst of all, the person does not return emails. Mail success: Gemma Jones (Harry Potter Madam Pomfrey). 


06/23/03 Concert News: Boston was pretty good.  Half the band members were new and my only gripe was song order.  All the greatest hits in the front and all new stuff at the end.  Should've mixed it up.  I had to leave before last song due to family problem...and so I was unable to try for sigs. Mail successes: Cameron Rhodes (LOTR Farmer Maggot) and Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter Moaning Myrtle)!   


06/21/03  Mail success: Devon Murray (Harry Potter Seamus Finnegan).  Personal News: On my way to a concert tomorrow (Boston). 


Devon Murray He does conventions; not sure if he can sign by mail but here's his site and address anyway

P.0. Box 814

Co. Kildare



06/18/03  Via bookstore signing: Ms. Hilary Clinton (Senator/Ex-First Lady) book-I was the LAST person to get one!  Mail success: Zoe Wannamaker (Harry Potter Madam Hooch). 


Zoë Wanamaker 
c/o Conway Van Gelder Ltd.
3rd Floor
18-21 Jermyn Street

United Kingdom



06/17/03  RTS: Tim Bradstreet (Star Wars Artist) 935 W MacArthur Bloomington, IL 61701 Mail successes: James Phelps (Fred Weasley Harry Potter) and Oliver Phelps (George Weasley Harry Potter).  Personal News: Surprise money! something from many years ago that I apparently had a small investment in and didn't realize it... and they tell me another 400.00 is coming! News: I've gotten a response from Ms. JK Rowlings' agent.  He said she doesn't have plans to sign anything anytime in the future. 


James and Oliver Phelps

http://www.phelpsboys.com/  email form on site to contact them


06/16/03 News: MTV movie awards picked Yoda vs. Dooku in Best fight sequence. Mail successes: Julie Walters (Harry Potter Mrs. Weasley) and Lori Dungey (LOTR Mrs. Bracegirdle). 


Lori Dungey

c/o Auckland Actors

P.O. Box 56-460

Dominion Rd

Auckland 3

New Zealand


Julie Walters

c/o ICM 76 Oxford Street

London W1N 3HN



06/14/03 Mail successes: Terrence Baylor (Harry Potter Bloody Baron) and Jenny Tarren (Harry Potter Diagon Alley Witch).  Did you know she actually had the head of a real dead bat sewn to her hat?!  News: I want to reiterate... do not send any more requests (out of respect) to Mr. Phil Brown. He's unable to sign due to illness.  Your letters will go unanswered or returned to you unsigned


06/13/03 RTS for Ian Mune (LOTR Bounder) 74 Fishlock Road Tomarata Wellsford, New Zealand.  Not Here:  Not a box holder


06/12/03 Mail successes: David Bradley (Harry Potter Argus Filch) and Jim Norton (Harry Potter Mr. Mason) signed and sent a memento. 


06/11/03 Mail success: Jean Southern (Harry Potter Food Trolley Lady) Did you know all the sweets on the train scene were edible!?


06/10/03 Exchanges: Chris Slane (720) (Star Wars Artist), Eric Shanower (721) (Star Wars inker/artist), Bill Sienkiewicz (722) (Star Wars Card Artist), Nick Choles (723) (Star Wars Artist), Jeremy Jarvis (724) (Star Wars Artist), Brian Ashmore (725) (Star Wars Artist), James Nelson (726) (Star Wars Artist), John Gampert (727) (Star Wars Artist), Bob McLeod (728) (Star Wars Artist), Elizabeth Levy (729) (Star Wars Author), Bennet Guillroy (730) (Star Wars Video Gamer), Rafer Weigel (731) (Star Wars Video Gamer), William "Sandy" Wible (732) (Star Wars Decipher-card model/CCG designer) and Hamida Chebbi (733) (Star Wars crew).


Chris Slane




Erick Shanower




Bill Sienkiewicz


erc2@mac.com email for agent


Nick Choles

4234 Mohawk Dr.
Madison, WI 53711




Jeremy Jarvis




Brian Ashmore




Bob MacLeod




Elizabeth Levy




06/09/03 Mail successes: Dan Hagen (719) (Star Wars Video Games), Richard Griffiths (Harry Potter Uncle Vernon) signed wrote a lovely note and Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter Neville Longbottom) and Orlando Bloom (LOTR Legolas/Pirates of the Caribbean)!  I hope it's not secretarial because he signed a rare card. 


Matthew Lewis

Curtis Brown
Haymarket House
28-29 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4SP



Orlando Bloom No longer responds to fan mail; it's too overwhelming, so he cannot reply

c/o ICM

Oxford House

76 Oxford Street

London WID 1BS



06/07/03 News: What's this?  Now you have to pay on www.Starwars.com? (ok, you can get on free, but anything really interesting you pay for)  Doesn't Lucas make enough?  Enough is enough; stop abusing the fans!  Mail successes: Tom Knight (Harry Potter Mr. Granger) sent me a neat souvenir that is awesome (call sheet copy), Adrian Rawlings (Harry Potter James Potter) Julian Glover (Harry Potter Aragog the Spider), Hilton Howson (716) (Star Wars Toonbuck Toora AOTC) and Khendup (717) (Star Wars Ewok Voices). A nice lady I don't know, sent me: Rick Ducommun (718) (Spaceballs).


Julian Glover
200 Fulham Road
London SW10 9PN
United Kingdom

06/05/03 News:  Misc. trip photos online,  Day three of the Disney Trip (Animal Kingdom) online. and Day four (Epcot) online.  In persons:  Mike Quinn (Star Wars Nien Nunb/Ree-Yees/Sy Snootles), and Silas Carson (Ki-Adi-Mundi/Viceroy Nute Gunray Star Wars).  Mail successes: Llesle Aclaro (714) (Star Wars VFX Coordinator AOTC) and Richard Roberts (715) (Star Wars Set Decorator SW EP III). 


Mike Quinn

http://www.quinnzone.com/ Email form on site

06/04/03 News: Day one: Disney Trip online; Day 2, MGM Studios/Star Wars Weekends online; and The Backlot/AFI photos online. Mail successes: Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter Aunt Petunia), Mark Williams (Harry Potter Mr. Weasley), Derek Deadman (Harry Potter Tom The Bartender Leaky Caldron) and Sean Biggerstaff (Harry Potter Oliver Wood). 


Sean Biggerstaff



06/03/03 News: I'm back!  A little sunburned and tired, but ok.  Came home to literally 7 thousand emails.  Apparently someone tried to do stuff to me while I was away to make my PC crash.  I just deleted that and only have about 80-85 Legitimate non-spam emails to weed through.  The worse thing that happened is someone hijacked my Ebay account and I am tracking their butt down right now and I'll file appropriate police reports, my passwords have all been changed to random letter/number combinations and Ebay fees removed and Ebay notified.

      For the two who asked for posters, they were $30 each, but they came with a tube.  I did manage to get a couple of figures for who asked for those and those were $10 each.  I just got a couple postcards, a stuffed Ewok and Scott got a hat. We bought a hat for Jason and a T-Shirt for Jeremy.  I did manage to meet Silas Carson (Star Wars Ki-Adi-Mundi & Nute Gunray) (he's a cutie too) and Scott got met Mike Quinn (Star Wars Nien Nunb) again. We were only allowed, one photo of each and only the first 60-120 people got autographs.  The park employee said that was the estimate.  Mike was signing and talking more than he should the previous day, so less people got one (she thought about 50-60 people).  By the time I got the bus to the park, walked to the gate and to the area to get a wristband, the signing was full and I was number 56 (close to that 60 mark wasn't it!) for Silas and Scott as like 47 for Mike at the afternoon one hour signing.  You could NOT get two and if you wanted one of each you had to get out of one wristband line and into the other.  After I got mine, it was too late for Scott to get Silas and me Mike!  So yes, it worked out ONE per person.  All day, people were asking about wristbands and how to get them. But if you weren't there lined up in the first minutes of park opening, you weren't even close to having a chance.  I am told that's how they run all the Disney weekends...


05/29/03 RTS: Richard Griffiths (Harry Potter) 125 Gloucester Road London SW2 47E UK... "Return to sender; Not at 125 Gloucester Road".  Exchanges: Kagan McLeod (705), George Pratt (706), William Stout (707), Bruce Jones (708),  Al Feldstein,. John Van Fleet (709),  Dan Brereton (710), Vince Locke (711), Scott Hampton (712) and Michael Zulli (713).  (All are Star Wars artists). Mail success: Ray Fearon. (Harry Potter Firenze).  I have taken NON autograph requests for Disney.  I will promise to do my best to meet those requests.  See ya in a few days after I return from Florida!


Kagan McLeod



George Pratt



William Stout




Michael Zulli



John Van Fleet




Dan Brereton



Vince Locke




05/27/03 Extras: http://www.egosystem.com/starwars/anh/anh03.htm (interesting bloopers), http://www.rossiters.com/swo/anh_screenplays.html (Comprehensive Deleted scenes site)


05/25/03 Purchase: Kale Brown (704) (Star Wars Radio Dramas). RTS: Kenneth Branagh (Harry Potter) 83 Berwick Street London W1V 3PJ England "Gone Away" Mail success: Simon Fisher-Becker (Harry Potter Fat Friar)


Simon Fisher Becker

182 Brighton Road


Surrey CR5 2NF

United Kingdom



05/22/03 Another celeb from Ep II who was going to sign free for us, won't now because another offered him cash. This is ruining this hobby! RTS today from Jeff Hoff  (Star Wars Author) 500 Redwood Blvd, Novato, CA 94947.  "No longer at this address" and a not from me... no forwarding order attached.


05/21/03 News: The Khan Bonfils (Star Wars Saesee Tin) signing is cancelled.  Because it took so long to get the funds, Dave decided to pay, but an email from Mr. Bonfils agent said sorry, too late as he now has to take a course and will be out of the country for six months and will be too busy to sign.  All money will be refunded. These things must be done with expediency as these people have busy lives.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but no one is sorrier than Dave, who just bought 40 photos and shelled out the cash for those out of his pocket.  To James A, I will find SOMETHING to replace the Bonfils I was gonna get for you, I promise.  Freebies: 2 new promo cards from Jimmy Neutron.


05/19/03 Added Robert Patrick (702) (Star Wars Documentary) and Michael Franti (703) (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons).


Robert Patrick Never responded to me c/o agency; site is newer; not sure if email will work; no guarantees!




05/17/03 Convention Purchase: Lawrence Makoare (LOTR Lurtz). Mail success: JD Wiker (701) (Star Wars author).


Lawrence Makoare I don't know if he signs anymore by mail since he does conventions, so no guarantees

c/o Robert Bruce Ugly Agency
218 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn, Auckland 1002
New Zealand



J D Wiker



05/16/03 Mail success: Michael Ellsworth (LOTR Bookkeeper, Elf and Ian McKellan's Double Per Mr. Ellsworth)


05/15/03 News:  I just received a threatening email from someone who said I have their phone number on a page on the site instead of Marvel comics.  Since he didn't ask me nicely to remove it, it STAYS.  I do NOT take kindly to threats!  Remember, to get what you want, play nice (I most certainly would've removed it and apologized!). Mail success: Prince Albert of Monaco (Prince of Monaco) Convention Purchases:  Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy Harry Potter) and Devon Murray (Seamus Finnegan Harry Potter) and Bruce Hopkins (LOTR Gamling)  and Sala Baker (LOTR Lurtz).  Via a friend: Tim Dry (Tanus Spijek/J'Quille) Exchange:  Lily Nyamwasa (Stass Allie -Jedi) (698), Sadie Eden (Star Wars Regeesk), Marc Thorpe (699) (Star Wars Crew) and Godric Cole (700) (Star Wars crew),


Bruce Hopkins He doesn't sign by mail anymore; you have to buy, but has stuff available on his site and appearance schedule



Sala Baker He doesn't sign by mail anymore; you have to get his signature by convention but he will have a  site shortly in which to buy items




Tom Felton He does conventions; not sure if he can sign by mail but here's his site



Devon Murray He does conventions; not sure if he can sign by mail but here's his site and address anyway

P.0. Box 814

Co. Kildare



Tim Dry




05/13/03 I got a phone call from Disney's rep and I'm glad I offered NOT to get people sigs. Mike Quinn replaced Joel Edgerton. The signers will only sign 1 item per person and be there for 1 hour each day (each will be there 3 days). I'll agree to pick up pins/poster for anyone wanting one.  But as far as sigs, even for someone as bold and eager as me barely has a shot.  RTS:  Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy) c/o Melanie Green Mgmt 8721 Sunset Blvd.  Penthouse  1 Los Angeles, CA 90069.  No reason checked.  Someone asked me why I publish RTS's. Because that's one you can put on your list and strikethrough so to you won't waste time and money. Even if you don't plan to try it, you should put it on your list in case someone asks you about it.  Keep the RTS addresses; they're useful. 


05/12/03 Trades:  Tamzine Hanks (696) (Star Wars Crew) and TyRuben Ellingston (697) (Star Wars crew). Trade: Robin Williams (Actor/Comedian). Via a friend: Anton Desi (LOTR Stunts)


Robin Williams Haven't tried this myself so cannot guarantee success.

Blue Wolf Productions

725 Arizona Ave., Suite 202

Santa Monica, CA 90401  


05/11/03  GREAT concert!  Eagles, with original Band Members started their very first show on the Tour and we went!  Not impressed with my seats for the price we paid (and getting them before they went on sale to general public). I was cramped, sweating and stuck next to a drunk girl who kept breathing heavy on me. The songs were GREAT.  They played for 3 hours! They sang my favorite Joe Walsh song (Life's been Good) and Hotel California and most of their early hits, so I was happy. Impossible to get photos/autographs.  The buses were where I was, but well guarded.  FIVE custom  buses!  GREAT items today from Grand Master Ewok Hunter Jay who convinced both to sign after they refused me: Harrell Parker (694) (Star Wars Ewok) and Matt Roloff (695) (Star Wars Ewok).  Mail success:  David Weatherly (LOTR Bartender at Prancing Pony). 


05/08/03 Mail success: Martin Sanderson (LOTR Bree Gatekeeper).  Yeah, gonna see the Eagles reunion Tour!


05/07/03 Mail success: Jonathan Penner (693) (Star Wars Radio Dramas)


05/05/03 Thanks James and Anna!  Anna got to meet and get an autograph for me: Julie Walters (Harry Potter Mrs. Weasley). James was able to get me a couple great sigs at the Pittsburg Comic con. Signatures: Terry Austin (683) (Star Wars Artist) Adam Hughes (684) (Star Wars Artist), Dave Hoover (Star Wars Artist), and Beau Smith (Star Wars Author) (685)  Exchange: Michael Reeves (686) (Star Wars author), Harley Jessup (687) (Star Wars Ewok cartoons), Pat Paris (688) (Star Wars Illustrator), Joyce Patti (689) (Star Wars Illustrator), Roger Kastel (690) (Star Wars artist), Mark Haigh-Hutchinson (691) (Star Wars Video Games), Marc Sasso (692) (Star Wars card artist).


Julie Walters


76 Oxford Street

London, W1N 3HN



Adam Hughes  Email form on site



Joyce Patti




Mark Haigh-Hutchinson



Marc Sasso




05/03/03 Purchase: Bob Balaban (actor).


Bob Balaban I did not try this so cannot verify it'll work

c/o Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401


05/02/03 CII items today via purchase:  Kenny Baker (Star Wars R2-D2), Alan Ruscoe (Star Wars Plo Koon x2), John Hollis (Lobot), Peter Diamond x2 (Star Wars Biker Scout, Stormtrooper, Stunts etc), Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars Boba Fett), Warwick Davis (Star Wars Wicket), Julian Glover (Star Wars General Veers) and Garrick Hagon (Star Wars Biggs Darklighter).  I am missing 6 signatures...if you can help, let me know.  Jerome Blake (3), Dave Prowse (2) and Michonne (pose 1).  News:  Peter Diamond passed away in 2004. News: John Hollis passed away in 2005.


Warwick Davis

151 Main Street


Jeremy Bulloch
10 Birchwood Road
SW17 9BQ
United Kingdom


Julian Glover

19 Ullswater Road

London SW13 


Kenny Baker 
51 Mulgrave Avenue
Ashton Preston
Lancashire PR2 1HJ


05/01/03 News: Celebration II items people ordered are on their way out today for those who ordered. Over 50 items were ordered. News: The Khan Bonfils signing Price:  is 23.00 which includes shipping.  News: Fraser Diamond told me: A collector ripped him off he says by asking for multiples (the collector has them for sale privately and on Ebay) and so now he'll never sign again. 


04/30/03 Mail success: David Sexton (682) (Star Wars Royal Guard).


04/29/03 Mail Successes: Franki Anderson (Bubo Star Wars), Monica Kulling (679) (Star Wars author), and David Ackroyd (Star Wars Radio Dramas).  Mail success: Cindi Knapton (680) (Star Wars crew) and Carol Read (681) (Star Wars Ewok)  responded to two requests. News: My PC processor and my drive died. News:  Carol Read passed away in 2005.


04/27/03 News: Khan Bonfils signing.  Tentative price is $15 (to be confirmed) plus shipping. We will not wait for payments; payments must be received before Mr. Bonfils will sign. We will limit this to no more than 40 and so far have confirmation of about 30 so far.  I apologize, but the Koo Stark possible signing is not possible at this time.  Ms. Stark has taken ill and is hospitalized. We were told to contact again maybe in a few months. 


04/22/03 Mail success Delores Fuller (678) (Star Wars documentary).


04/20/03 Mail success: Christopher Golden (Star Wars children's books) (677). 


Christopher Golden




04/19/03 Mail successes Peter Schweighofer (675) (Star Wars author) and Philippa Day (676) (Star Wars Ep 1 & II crew). 


04/18/03 Mail successes: Ian Andrewartha (661) (Star Wars Ep II and III crew and Dave Mattingly (662) (Star Wars artist). Exchanges: Jason Hall (663) (Star Wars author, Cory Herndon (664) (Star Wars Author), David Miller (665) (Star Wars Artist), Beverly Dunn (Star Wars Ep II crew) (666), Tom Mandrake (667) (Star Wars Comics), Daran Norris (668) (Star Wars Video Games), David Michelinie (669) (Star Wars Author), Deborah Calvin Borgo (670) (Star Wars artist), Walden Wong (671) (Star Wars comics), Bob Layton (672) (Star Wars artist), Chopper Bernet (673) (Star Wars video games) and Bill Hughes (674) (Star Wars Artist).


Jason Hall




Tom Mandrake




Deborah Calvin Borgo

1695 Quince Ave.
Boulder, CO 80304
Walden Wong
Bob Layton


Chopper Biernat

c/o Stars Agency

23 Grant, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108


04/17/03 Mail success: Robert Moxham (660) (Star Wars Ep II crew).


04/16/03 Purchase: animation cel to the collection. Star Wars is up for three MTV Movie awards. Nominations include: BEST VIRTUAL PERFORMER: YODA BEST FIGHT: YODA VS. DOOKU  (this no doubt will have to win or fans will revolt!) BEST ACTION SEQUENCE: JEDI ARENA Mail success: W Hayden Blackman (659).


04/12/03 Our wishes for Chuck, our brother-in-law stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk, be safe and thanks. News: Some of you are bidding on Bubble-N-Squeak auctions... FAKE FAKE FAKE I can't say it enough.  They've been turned into Ebay, FBI is investigating and all their Star Wars items are FAKE.   


04/11/03 Mail success: Taborah Johnson (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) (658). After many emails, letters and attempts to contact her through an array of people, she said my diligence paid off and she signed, so the tip of the day is for some, don't give up!


04/09/03 Mail success: Nonnie Griffin (657) (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons). I am the first to ask for her sig. 


04/08/03 I actually got an email where someone tried to sell me a phone number!  For the record, I do not purchase information; I don't need to. 


04/07/03 Purchase: Warwick Davis (Star Wars Wicket) (Celebration II photo).


Warwick Davis

151 Main Street


04/05/03 Purchase Jeremy Bulloch CII (Star Wars Boba Fett CII signed photo).  Through private signing Margo Apostolos (655) (Star Wars Ewok). News: I got Boston Tickets! News: Tom St. Amand states he never was in the actual films.  Doug Beswick maybe, but not Tom. He'll not sign those photos you send of the Cantina scene. Mail success: Chris Barton (656) (Star Wars crew). RTS: Drew Campbell  (Star Wars RPG Book artist) 2716 Joseph Avenue #4 Campbell, CA 95008.  "Attempted Not known"  My Temp job ended.


Jeremy Bulloch
10 Birchwood Road
SW17 9BQ
United Kingdom


04/04/03 Mail successes: Paul Engelen (653) (Star Wars crew) and Russell Horton (654) (Radio Dramas). 


04/03/03 RTS: Drew Campbell (Star Wars Author).  Via a friend: Chris Newman (651) (Star Wars Crew) and Peter Walpole (652) (Star Wars Crew).


04/02/03  RTS: Anthony Forrest (Fixer/Stormtrooper).  Forwarding time expired. Mail success: Clayton Watson (actor is rumored to be in Ep III, but he tells me NO, he was in Matrix, but he'll NOT be in Ep III). 


04/01/03 News: A Marton Csokas sig on Ebay that looks good is a forgery. I've spoken in length several times with the seller who gave me a line that sounded pretty convincing.  After examination of the sigs, follow up on her story (my aunt works for Peter Jackson's company) and the description and examination of all her items, I've come to the conclusion she takes legitimate sigs for use of forging.  Don't bid on the Csokas item or any under her ID Jakesmom (she adds numbers etc after and changes the ID)  She peddles mostly Lord of the Rings items.


03/31/03 Purchase: Greg Keyes (650) (Star Wars Author) signed book. 


Greg Keyes



03/30/03 Mail success: Randy Emberlin (649) (Star Wars Artist).


Randy Emberlin
PO Box 91122
Portland, OR 97291


03/29/03 News: Remember that letter I got from Fox Studios?  Letterhead says JAK, but that's the production offices. It means all mail to cast and crew at Fox Studios Australia.  So don't send there. News: Taborah Johnson is no longer with Fusion, so don't send requests there.  


03/28/03 Purchase: Kansas (Rock Group) Personal signing: Dan Frishman (648) (Star Wars Ewok).  I want to thank Dan for his graciousness.


03/27/03 Mr. Frishman's autographs have arrived and I'll email everyone no later than Saturday to tell them if they still owe and if their autograph has been mailed. Thanks for your patience and I would appreciate you all emailing me to let me know when they have arrived. 


03/26/03 Purchases: two documentaries: "The Stars of Star Wars" and "The Unauthorized Star Wars Story".


03/24/03 Mail success: Howard Swindell (647) (Star Wars crew, Toonbuck Toora/Swokes Swokes)Reject: Do NOT send mail to Fox Studios in Australia.  I tested the waters and they will not honor autograph requests.  My request to Mr. Peter Russell was rejected along with a note that others would be as well, as they are too busy. News: Star Wars did NOT win the one award it was up against last night at the academy awards. 


03/23/03 Purchases: Tim Conway signed photo and Chocolat script (Academy Award submitted-see other site). Exchanges: Darren Scott (644) (Star Wars Video Games) and Greg Hajdu (645) (Star Wars crew).  Thanks to Philippe for showing me I have Shane Dix's (646) autograph and never realized it. Sean Williams got it for me on the bookplate and index!  


Tim Conway Never tried this...so cannot guarantee

PO Box 17047

Encino, CA 91416


03/20/03 Mail success: Michael Gough (643) (Video Game Voice Artist/Batman's Butler Alfred). Purchase: Leonard Whiting (Actor)


Michael Gough

Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London, WC2B 5HA



03/17/03 Mail success: Richard Armitage (642) (Star Wars Pilot), I am counting him as part of my Star Wars collection, I cannot count him as verified as really in SW.  He has been a pilot he says, but it's unsure if he was a voice artist, in a cut scene, or just the game . . . I asked but did not receive an answer. 


Richard Armitage

c/o PFD

Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London, WC2B 5HA



03/16/03  Via a friend: Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings Hobbit), Celia Imrie (Star Wars Bravo 5), John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings Gimli), Ian McKellan (Lord of the Rings Gendalf), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings Gollum/Sméagol) and George Clooney (Nice guy/Actor)!  WOW! Thanks Lee.


Billy Boyd

c/o Brunskill Management

Suite 8a 169 Queensgate

London SW7 5HE



Celia Imrie

c/o Apt #9

47 Courtfield Road

London SW7 4DB



John Rhys Davies Mr Davies never responded to my mail; though others said they got a success after...

c/o Emptage Hallett

24 Poland Street

London WV1 3DD



Ian McKellan I have not tried this so cannot guarantee anything

ICM Limited

76 Oxford Street

London W1N 0AX



Andy Serkis Haven't seen any mail successes in 2005 and beyond, so can't say this will still work

c/o Lou Coulson

37 Berwick Street, 1 Floor

London, W1F 8RS



George Clooney

c/o CAA

9830 Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


03/15/03 RTS: P Kevin Scott (Star Was and Harry Potter crew)


03/13/03 Purchases: Mark Schultz (641) (Star Wars Artist), and: mannequin for my elf suit. News: Purchased concert tickets for Eagles (internet presale), but  to do that, I had to join their fan club for $60!  And then thinking I'd get primo tickets for my $334, all I got was first level, sort of in the back. Don't join fan clubs thinking you'll get great seats.   


03/12/03 Mail success: Paul Weston (Stunts and Vedain Sand Skiff Pilot).


03/08/03 Mail success: Robert Bell (639) (Star Wars Ewok) and Pat Bell (640) (Star Wars Ewok). It was a chore and a half to find them. 


03/06/03 Researching info on Windy from the Cut scenes.  Anyone know who had that part?  One site says Warren Berlinger. Anyone out there have more info? Mail success: Barbara Alfonso (638) (Star Wars Modelmaker).  Trade: Sean Astin (Sam LOTR). 


Sean Astin I have not tried this so cannot guarantee anything

PO Box 57858

Sherman Oaks, CA 91413


03/05/03 Mail success: Pablo Helman (637) (Star Wars crew) 


03/04/03 PurchaseBrian Daley (636), (Star Wars Author; deceased). 


03/03/03 Purchase: Ian McKellan (Gandalf LOTR).  I know I wasn't gonna purchase, but three playbills for $5 was too hard to pass up. Mail semi-success:  Daphne Zuniga PREPRINTED photo with a note that said "sorry, we cannot supply you with a real signature".


Ian McKellan I have not tried this so cannot guarantee anything

ICM Limited

76 Oxford Street

London W1N 0AX



Daphne Zuniga

c/o Diverse Talent Group

1875 Century Park E., suite 2250

Los Angeles, CA, 90067


02/28/03  RTS: Michael Ralph (Star Wars Video Games) c/o Rolf Kruger 12 Glouster Place, London W1H 3PJ England.  "Addressee has gone away" and "Walk to Endorse".  Anyone know what this means? Via a friend: John Rhys Davies (Gimli LOTR) and Sean Bean (Boromir LOTR).  Mail success: Callum MacFarlane (635) (Ep II crew).   


John Rhys Davies Mr Davies never responded to my mail; though others said they got a success after...

c/o Emptage Hallett

24 Poland Street

London WV1 3DD



Sean Bean I have not tried this so cannot guarantee anything

 c/o ICM

Oxford House

76 Oxford Street

London, W1D 1SB



02/23/03  Purchase: Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars Boba Fett) CII photo, and JM J. Bullock (634) (Spaceballs).  Via a friend: movie pin (thanks Martin!) (Malcolm X).


Jeremy Bulloch
10 Birchwood Road
SW17 9BQ
United Kingdom


02/22/03 Mail successes: Jeanne Reynolds (632) (Star Wars Cartoons) and Paul Chato (633) (Star Wars Cartoons).   


02/21/03 Mail success: Richard Dreyfuss (628) (Actor/Star Wars Documentary).  Exchanges: Aron Kincaid (629) (Star Wars Video Game), Corey Sandler (630) (Star Wars Author) and David R. Detrick (631) (Star Wars Artist) 


Richard Dreyfuss

International Creative Management
8942 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, Ca 90211


02/20/03 Mail Success: George Buza (627) (Star Wars Cartoons). I obtained mine c/o an organization that didn't want to receive his mail but here's another:


George Buza

303- 228 East 4th Ave.

Vancouver B.C. V5T 1G5



02/18/03 Mail success: Hugo Weaving (Elrond LOTR); obtained via a play venue in New Zealand; long gone sorry.


02/17/03 Purchase: "Tom Sawyer" animation cel signed by David Kaufman, (Voice of Tom; and who I got it from). 


02/16/03 News: Academy Award nods: Art Direction "LOTR: Two Towers" Art Direction: Grant Major Set Decoration: Dan Hennah and Alan Lee, Film Editing "LOTR: Two Towers" Michael Horton Best motion picture of the year "LOTR: Two Towers" Sound "LOTR: Two Towers" Christopher Boyes, Michael Semanick, Michael Hedges and Hammond Peek, Sound Editing "LOTR:  Two Towers" Ethan Van der Ryn and Michael Hopkins, Visual Effects "LOTR: Two Towers" Jim Rygiel, Joe Letteri, Randall William Cook and Alex Funke, "Star Wars Ep II Attack of the Clones" Rob Coleman, Pablo Helman, John Knoll and Ben Snow


02/14/03 Mail success: Lesley Vanderwalt (626) (Makeup Supervisor). The signing for Dan Frishman ends today.


02/12/03 Exchanges: Gibb Sutherland (623) (Star Wars Ree Yees) and another Gerald Staddon (Star Wars Ewok). Mail success: Victor Raider-Wexler (Star Wars Video Game) (624). RTS: Simon Rose (Star Wars Makeup/Young Greedo).  Email/Mail/Purchase success: Dee Booher (625) (Spaceballs/Wrestler/Roller Derby/Actress). 


Victor Raider-Wexler

c/o Stoner Manners

6500 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 550

Los Angeles, CA, 90048


Dee Booher aka Queen Kong

queena@earthlink.net Email her for prices as she charges


Gibb Sutherland

Oakhurst 22 Springfield Road


Surrey SM6 0BB



02/11/03  Mr. Frishman will do a signing for me/us. He was Deej the Ewok. There are 2 photos available; both will be glossy 8x10.  I am not charging shipping; I would ask you send a self-addresses stamped envelope.  Please use three US stamps. If you want insurance, it's 1.80 for US mailings. Cash (own risk), Check (needs to clear), money order, Pay Pal (have to pay the fee though).  Overseas people, please send at least two IRC's, or enclose an extra $3 US.  If you want insurance, email me.  Send me an email with the following info: how many photos you want, which pose(s), and how you'll pay, your name, address and email address. I have limited this to 40 photos. 


02/08/03 Attended Jerry Seinfeld's show last night in Norfolk with guest Mario Joyner.  Didn't have the chance for Mario's sig (had nothing for him to sign because no one knew he was gonna be there), but hung out after the show.  There were a handful of people waiting and we did manage to get a sig, but as the crowd was forming, Jerry left (freezing cold).  I only got one but in person, Jerry Seinfeld (Comedian/Actor)!  Mail success:  James McTeigue (622) (Star Wars Ep II 1st Assistant Director).   


Jerry Seinfeld I have never tried this, so cannot say if he'll respond

c/o CAA

9830 Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


02/07/03 Purchases: Joe Quesada (620) (Star Was Artist) signed Galaxy Card, and Jeremy Sinden (621) (Star Wars Gold 2: Tiree; Deceased). 


Joe Quesada (You'll have to try to see if he'll sign by emailing)



02/06/03 Mail successes: Michael Ralph (618) (Star Wars Video Games) and Jeff Brewer (619) (Star Wars Model Maker Ep II crew). 


Michael Ralph

c/o Marsh Entertainment

12444 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 203

Studio City, CA, 91604


Jeff Brewer

43 Alconbury Way
Novato, CA 94949


02/05/03 RTS: Geoff Sleight (Star Wars extra) (wrong Geoff Sleight). Who'd of thought there'd be two...c/o Very Much so Productions 141 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZA England. Trade: Chris Columbus (Harry Potter Director)!  News: Kale Brown (Radio Dramas) turned out to be a PP and I'll have to remove Kale Browne off my list. I'll be asking for a refund as the girl said she attended the event and they were "signed in person". Mail success: Avril Vorsay (617) (Star Wars Ep II Nightclub Patron).


Chris Columbus
c/o 1492 Pictures
4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 139 Rm. 118
Burbank, CA 91522


02/03/03 Freebies: Movie Promo Cards of Jimmy Neutron. Purchase: Brian Johnson (616) (Star Wars Special Visual Effects Crew).


02/02/03 Purchases: Kale Brown (Star Wars Radio Dramas), Denise Gallup (614) (Spaceballs) and Dian Gallup (615), (Spaceballs and Doublemint twins) (Kale Brown not counted because turned out to be a preprint.


Kale Brown (My letter went unanswered, so can't guarantee he'll sign)

Caron Feldman Management

P.O. Box 2969

Beverly Hills, CA, 90213


02/01/03 Purchase: Alex McCrindle (613) (General Dodonna; deceased) and with it was a bonus autograph: John Mann (Actor).


01/29/03  UACC Purchases: Peter Tork (Monkees), Elijah Wood (LOTR Frodo) and Edd Byrnes (Actor). News: Official message from Viggo Mortensen: Someone is saying they've done a private signing with Viggo.  He has denied that occurred.  He says he will always sign in person for fans.  He can no longer sign ttm due to demand, but will be cordial and sign if asked on the street. He doesn't plan to ever sell his autograph and won't be doing any signings. BEWARE of those who claim so!  


Peter Tork (Don't think he will sign ttm)

Peter Tork 524 Anselmo Ave

#102 San Anselmo, CA 94960


Elijah Wood (He doesn't sign through the mail)

c/o Nicole David William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Drive

Beverly Hills, California 90212


Edd Byrnes (This is NOT the Star Wars actor)

PO Box 1623

Beverly Hills, CA 90213


01/28/03 Trade: Vic Armstrong (Stunts). News: Barbara Alfonso: "we aren't allowed to send out production photos".  I didn't ask for one, so don't know why she said that.


Vic Armstrong

c/o Equity Guild House
Upper Saint Martins Lane

United Kingdom


01/27/03 Purchases: Alan Parsons (611) (Country Singer/Star Wars Documentary), Katie Lucas (612) (Star Wars Ep II: Nightclub Patron) and Marton Csokas Costume Card (Poggle the Lesser) is nearly impossible to get, so I purchased the next best thing.


Marton Csokas  (I have tried Marton at least 8 times at various addys and NO LUCK; if you mail off, send two and I'll help you in return somehow...thanks!)

c/o Creative Artists
Agency 9830 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-1825


01/26/03 RTS's: Kale Brown (Star Wars Radio Dramas)  "no longer with Company" c/o One Life to Live , ABC-TV, 77 W. 66th  St., New York, NY 10023 and  One Life to Live (07/01/02), 56 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023.   Mail success: John Pielmeier (610) (Star Wars Radio Dramas). 


John Pielmeier

c/o Writers Agency

19 W. 44th Street Suite 1000

New York, NY


01/25/03 Purchases: Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue LOTR) convention photo, and Zac Jensen (Star Wars Kit Fisto) and Jesse Jensen (607) (Star Wars Saesse Tiin). Mail success: Lisa Tomasetti (Star Wars crew) Via a gallery exhibit no longer valid. (608). Purchase: Paul Hecht (609) (Star Wars Radio Drama) signed playbill.  


Brad Dourif (Charge at conventions; most likely will NOT sign ttm and definitely not free)

c/o Innovative Artists

1505 10th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90404


01/24/03  Purchase Peter Mayhew (Star Wars Chewbacca) CII photo.


Peter Mayhew (He charges $20 each)

PO Box 5348

Granbury, TX 76049


01/23/02  RTS: Rick Ducommun (Spaceballs) "Not at this Address" 11684 Ventura Blvd. #724 Studio City, CA 91604. And Chris Nunn (Star Wars Ewok) returned my photos UNSIGNED and my letter too, with no explanation. Mail successes: Sean Williams (600) (Star Wars author) and Stuart Russell (601) (Star Wars Ep II creature designer). Exchanges: Mark Harrison (602) (Star Wars artist), Peggy Roberts (603) (Star Wars Video game), Stella Bogh (604) (Star Wars Digital effects Ep I and Ep II), Vanessa Marshall (605) (Star Wars Video game voice artist) and Peter Exton (606) (Star Wars Ep II Crew: Construction ).


Sean Williams

PO Box 6600

Halifax St PO

Adelaide  SA  5000



Mark Harrison

mch@arenastudios.clara.co.uk  email for contact information.


Peggy Roberts (Hope)

c/o Stars Agency
23 Grant, 4th Fl.
San Francisco, CA 94108


Vanessa Marshall

c/o Cunningham Escott Dipene
10635 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90025


01/20/03 Not able to obtain signatures last night at the Admirals hockey game.  Scott thought we'd be next to the players but in fact he picked seats EXACT opposite There's a page devoted to them on my family site. http://dahoov2.topcities.com


01/19/03 Trade: Kiera Wingate (598) (Star Wars Ryoo Naberrie) Mail success: Derek Tong (599) (Star Wars Crew/Extra)  


Derek Tong

c/o Lucas Theatrical Management Australia

3-9 Metro Arts, 109 Edward Street
Brisbane , 4000


01/18/03 I have a new job starting Monday for about 5 weeks. Mail success Verne Langdon (597) (Star Wars Holiday Special)


Verne Langdon

c/o Dejavu Records

PO Box 1602

Studio City, California 91614


01/17/03 RTS: Sam McMurray (Star Wars Radio Dramas) 4728 1/2 Forman Lane, North Hollywood, CA 91602: Return to Sender:  Undeliverable as addressed; No forwarding order.


01/16/03 Mail success John Mollo (596) (Star Wars Costume Designer) 


01/15/03  Mail success: Tony Xeros (595) (Star Wars set designer Ep II)   News: I received a response from Steve Sansweet. I complained to him about Star Wars disappearing and all exhibits disappearing (Art of Star Fighter, Magic of Myth, Big cons, and Star Wars Weekends at Disney). He sent me this statement:


    Thanks for your note. We are always looking into activities that are fun and help support a strong sense of community among Star Wars fans.

    There are other projects and events that we are working on for this year and next two years along those lines, but we are still ironing out the details.  You'll know it's   

    happening when it's posted on starwars.com.



    Steve Sansweet
    Director of Content Management & Fan Relations


01/14/03 News: "Phil Brown, the actor who Star Wars fans remember for his role as the gruff-talking Uncle Owen, and who has met thousands of fans at autograph signings around the world in recent years, is ill but would welcome hearing from fans. He isn't able to sign autographs at this point, but just a nice note would cheer him up, according to his agent Doug Murray. You can send Phil a letter in care of his wife Ginny."

Phil Brown c/o Ginny Brown
#305 the Villa
23388 Mulholland Drive
Woodland Hills, CA 91364


RTS: Peter Friedman (Star Wars Radio Dramas) c/o J Michael Bloom,  233 Park Avenue S.  #1000, New York, NY 10003."Not deliverable as addressed", and RTS: Jeff MacGregor (Spaceballs).  Can't read the address as it's lined out in black marker, but see El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.  "Not at this agency" also, handwritten NAC.  I don't know what that means. Mail successes. Lori Tritel (593) (voice Star Wars Clone Wars video game) and Don McManus (594) (Ewoks cartoon) who says the request is very old because where I wrote to he worked at a LONG time ago and my letter had been forwarded a few times!


Lori Tritel

c/o CED Voices

10635 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Suites 130/135,
Los Angeles, CA 90025


01/11/03  News: 2 February is the very last day the Magic of Myth exhibit will be seen in Australia and Imax will be ending soon for Attack of the Clones.  News: An Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science will open "Science of Star Wars" Oct, 2005 Mail: Star Wars Fan Club Package arrived.
Mail successes:
Fred Roos (591) (Producer 5-25-77) and Henry Kaiser (592) (Spaceballs/musician extraordinaire).


01/06/03 Purchase: David Dukes (590) (Star Wars Radio Dramas).


01/04/03 Free via store: Star Wars Video Display to my collection.


01/02/03 Purchase via convention: Sally Sinclair (588) (Brindy Truchong, Mos Eisley Denizen) Michael Eisner (Star Tours) and George Wyner (589) (Spaceballs). Mail success: Nash Edgerton (Star Wars Stunt Double for Ewan McGregor).


Mr. Michael Eisner (Mr. Eisner will be leaving Disney in 2005)
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4873


George Wyner

c/o Gage group agency 14724
Ventura Blvd., Ste. 505

Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403