12/31/02 YEAR IN REVIEW: I started with 297 autographs last year and ended up at 587 different names.  About a 50% return give or take a couple percentage points.    My style of collecting changed this year with a lot of new expanded universe autographs added. Celebration II was cool even though I was sick. Ep II was highly anticipated and it seems more fans liked it better than Ep I.  Lord of the Rings came out and may replace Star Wars as the series of choice...  Alas, Disney weekends stopped and so did the Myth of Magic tour. Coming to an end is the Art of the Starfighter exhibit.  There is a decline in the hobby.  The Starwarsautographcollecting.com board that was started seems to have fizzled. Mark from the Belgium Star Wars fan club and the Tatooine trips...has developed a great service for everyone.  He's pretty much made a niche for signings, tours to Tunisia and has a great looking newsletter. Starwars.com fan club is not on my favorite list right now as it's turning pay. May the Force be with you in 2003 and if Hobbits invade your life, don't forget about the other creatures in the universe who seemed to inspire many of the newer sci-fi epics. Happy New Year!  Please Don't drink and drive. 


12/28/02  Exchanges: Nash Edgerton (579) (Star Wars Stunts), Joey Robinson (580) (Star Wars Video Games), Deborah Eastwood (581) (Star Wars Crew Ep I), Amy Provonost (582) (Star Wars Artist). Marc Cass (583) (Star Wars Ep I Stunts), Andre Sogliuzzo (584) (Star Wars Video Games), and Super "G" (585), (Star Woids). Via a friend: Cate Blanchette (Lord of the Rings) and Ian Holm (Lord of the Rings)!  RTS: Frank Scantori: (Star Wars Stunts/Stormtrooper) said "Missort" and RTS for Simon Rose 5 Sherwood Street in London. Purchases: Jack Riley (586) (Spaceballs) and Michael Eisner (587) (Star Tours/Disney Head).  


12/30/02 Purchase: From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga video


12/26/02  I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  I got a nice new printer and the Lord of the Rings DVD set (yeah, the one with the bookends and the extra DVD, free ticket and cards inside; and 5 DVDS!)  Also Gendalf ornament and the Slave I Hallmark ornament.  Purchases: Lorene Yarnell (575) (Spaceballs), Gary Busey (576) (Star Wars Documentary) and Ronny Graham (577) (Spaceballs-deceased). Mail successes: Ronnie Taylor (Camera Star Wars) who kept my photos and sent back one inscribed signed index card and Andrew Herd (578) (Star Wars Ewok).


12/24/02 Via sister in law Tracy: Star Wars slivers puzzle News: It appears that my Blackhawks signatures (all couldn't be deciphered), but seem to be legit and include these names: Ed Balfour (Hockey), Stu Grimson (Hockey), Chris Chilios (Hockey), Mike Keenan (Hockey), Jeremy Roenick (Hockey) and John Candy (Spaceballs)!  There were two other names not deciphered. 


12/22/02 RTS Sally Sinclair (Bindy Truchong Star Wars) Suite 501 International House Regent Street London W1R 8QD England:" Return to Sender: Not at this address: No Forward Contact. Also RTS for Gilda Cohen (Star Wars Little Aunt Beru); Insufficient address. I can't see which address it was because stickers are covering it all and when peeled, took off the wording... Mail success: Doug Wheatley (574) (Star Wars Comic artist). News:  Gilda Cohen passed away a LONG time ago.  Many years.


12/20/02 Mail success: Peter Dennis (Star Wars Radio Dramas). I didn't get a response in a long time, so I wrote a second time and the items from the second time were signed.  But Mr. Dennis found my original letter while cleaning and has signed the items from my first request now!  Also, Christmas card and signed bookplate from Kevin Anderson (Author Star Wars and Dune).


12/18/02  Purchase: Don Scardino (573) (Radio Dramas)


12/17/02  Purchase Jerry Hardin (569) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) RTS: Richard Oldfield (Star Wars Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian-Rogue Four) "Wrong guy". Mail successes: Paul Brincat (570) (Star Wars production mixer EP II), Steve Arnold (571) (Star Wars Additional camera Ep II) and Arturo Gil (572) (Spaceballs) Please join the campaign to have Mr. Gil's part expanded write to Passions and to Mr. Gil separately if you want and autograph; 


Arturo Gil


CBS Radford Studios

4024 Radford Avenue

Studio City, CA 91604


12/16/02 Purchases: Lucille Bliss (567) (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) which came with more signatures: Nellie Alard (Actress), Richard Kavanaugh (Actor), Jim Dale (Actor, Pete Henderson (Actor), John Agar (Actor), George Ross (Actor), Frances Heflin (Actress) and George Gaynes (Actor). Also, Christopher Lloyd (568) (Star Wars documentary) on a signed playbill with these names as well: Julie Hagerty (Actress), Frances Sternhagen (Actor), Piper Laurie (Actor), Buck Henry (Actor), Elizabeth Franz (Actress), William Biff Maguire (Actor), Estelle Parsons (Actress).


12/15/02 Via a friend:  Phil Herbert (Star Wars Hermi Oodle), Veronica Secura (Star Wars Corde), Ian McDiarmid (Star Wars Palpentine) and Christopher Lee (Star Wars Dooku and Saruman LOTR).  Mail successes from Scott McLean (565) (Jango stunt double) and Lisa Umbarger (566) (Ewok).   


12/13/02 Purchases: Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship), Paul Kanter (559) (Jefferson Starship-Star Wars Holiday Special); which is also signed by Marty Balen (Jefferson Starship) and Grace Slick (Jefferson Starship). Also, John Candy (Spaceballs) (560) (Deceased) signed Hockey program with many signatures I've yet to identify, Steven Tobolowsky (561) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) on a playbill with several other signatures: William Biff McGuire (Actor), Elizabeth Franz (Actress), Julie Hagerty (Actress), Frances Sternhagen (Actress) and Oscar Winner Estelle Parsons (Actress). Also: Natalia Nogulich (562) (Radio Dramas) photo and David Ackroyd (563) (Radio Dramas). Mail Successes :Gerald Staddon (564) (Ewok) and Barrie Holland (Star Wars You Rebel Scum officer) but he asked we not post the items so I won't. Very interesting guy and hope I get to meet him one day (your on for some blueberry pie). 


12/10/02 Purchase: Tiffany Brissette (558) (Star Wars Ewok film). 


12/09/02 I am back from a weekend in Washington.  Saw the Jefferson Memorial which we always pass as we are leaving and we took a shot passing the Whitehouse again and the National tree.  Saw Jeremy and the Georgetown Mall where he works.  Beautiful mall!  Sad to see homeless people in the streets in our Nation's Capital.  Mail success: Michael Gilden (557) (Star Wars Ewok).


12/06/02 Mail success: Trisha Biggar (556) (Star Wars Costume Design SW). She only signed one item.


12/05/02  News: Via a friend about Alan Ruscoe (Plo Koon): "I talked a little bit with him, also especially about addresses for requests and he told me that he had to stop signing via mail at all, because of the amount of requests. He also said that the Felix de Wolf address is his old agency which he left. However he WON'T sign through mail anyway."   Also thanks to Nick, who went far beyond niceness to get my letter to Ms. Umbarger. Purchases: Keene Curtis (554) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) (Deceased) and a bookmark.  Mail success: Tony Dyson (555) (Star Wars Maker of R2-D2). RTS: Richard Oldfield (Star Wars Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian-Rogue Four).


12/04/02 Purchase: Jesse Jensen (553) (Star Wars Jedi AOTC) Topps Widevision autograph card. 


12/03/02 Mail success: Peter Dennis (552) (Star Wars Radio Dramas). 


Peter Dennis

c/o Acme Talent

4727 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 333

Los Angeles, CA 90010


12/02/02 Mail success: Joe Letteri (551) (Visual Effects Star Wars/Lord of the Rings) Purchase: AOTC DVD 


11/30/02 Purchase Bodie Taylor (550) (Star Wars Clone Trooper) card. 


11/29/02 Purchase: antiquities: medical instrument from the Renaissance, and US artifacts including: Civil War Bullet, Native American arrowhead from the 1500's and clay pipe from the Colonial era (1700's).  I have several other antiquities on my family site


11/26/02 News: Download free star wars wallpaper here.  Mail success: Barrie Holland (Star Wars "You Rebel Scum" officer) signed but kept our photos (Private signing). 


11/25/02 Purchase: 6 signed drawings of Disney Star Tours Ewok Village trash receptacles.  


11/24/02  RTS (My Bad!): David Rasche (Star Wars Radio Dramas) "insufficient address" and for once, they are right!  I left out the street address. 


11/23/02  Purchase: Jay Laga'aia (549) (Star Wars Captain Typho) AOTC card


Jay Laga'aia (He didn't respond to my letter and no one else that I know; but here's his agency anyway)

P. O. Box 446

Auckland 1

New Zealand


11/22/02 One ttm success for Gillian Stratham (548) (Star Wars Stunts: Padmé).   


11/21/02 Mail successes:  Peter Van Hoof (546) (Star Wars C3PO in Droids Cartoons) and Derek Thompson (547) (Star Wars Concept Art AOTC).     


11/20/02 Mail success: Steve Barnes (545) (Star Wars Author).


Steve Barnes (Email for inforamtion)




11/19/02 From a Friend: Sean Crawford (543) (Star Wars Yakface).  Mail success: Mike Savva (544) (Star Wars crew and "foot soldier"). My mail had a sticker on it that said "Redirected Oxford Int. Mail Dept." and he alluded that he got my forwarded letter; so I don't have the address sorry. 


11/18/02 Mail success N. D. Knowland (542) (Cinematographer Star Wars Ep I) signed one of my two items.


11/16/02  Julie Eccles (541) (Star Wars Video Games) 


Julie Eccles

c/o J E Talent

323 Geary Street #302

San Francisco, CA  94102


11/14/02 Trades: Geoffrey Pierson (537) (Star Wars Radio Dramas), Julianne Buescher (538) (Star Wars Gamer), Ashley Wood (539) (Star Wars Artist), John McCrea (540) (Star Wars Artist).  Purchase: Elf suit from Santa Clause 2


Geoffrey Pierson

c/o Stone Manners

6500 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 550

Los Angeles, CA, 90048


Julianne Buescher

c/o CED Voice Overs

10635 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Suites 130/135,
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Ashley Wood (Email for inforamtion)




John McCrea (Email for inforamtion)




11/13/02 Purchase: Kevin Pollak (536) (Star Wars Ewok Films),  Mike Love (Beach Boys) signed Beach Boys album and REO Speedwagon (Rock and Roll group) signed album. Hal Rayle (Ewok Cartoons) RTS: Attempted Not Known:  Arlene Thorton And Associates, 12001 Ventura Place, Ste. 201 Studio City, CA 91604.


Kevin Pollak

c/o ICM

8942 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-1934


REO Speedwagon (I doubt they'd sign by mail)

Creative Artist's Agency

9830 Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills, California 90212


11/12/02  Mail success: Craig Chaquico (535) (Star Wars Holiday Special and from Jefferson Starship) signed and sent some guitar picks.


Craig Chaquico (There is a list of contacts on his site; probably sent to the management address; It's not the same one I used though)



11/11/02 Mail successes: Peter Burroughs (Star wars Ewok) and Todd Boekelheide (534) (Assistant Editor Star Wars); signed one item and kept my other. 


Peter Burroughs

c/o Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


11/10/02 Went to  the Yorktown Battlefield and took photos/did write up to look at if interested. Saw my first Woodchuck! Photos of it online. WARNING!!!!    Joeybearpa@aol.com Seller ID on Ebay, is selling blatant fakes.  UACC says he is NOT a member as he claims.  His name is Joe or Joseph Ranoia from Nottingham, PA.  I also saw on other sites others who got ripped off by him.  He's got private feedback, private bidders etc.  Don't bid on someone whose feedback or auctions are private. What would be the reason to have private feedback?  There is none.  If you bid, retract your bid before it's too late. I have reported him to Ebay.


11/09/02 Mail successes: Laura Ivill (532) (Star Wars Stunts). I was asked not to give out contact info.  Walter John Williams (533), (Author of The New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way). He signed one item and sent the other back unsigned. 


Walter John Williams (email him for information after deciphering the email link!)



11/08/02   A new collector Brendon wants to start a collecting group (Group defunct as of mid 2004).   He's asked me to get it off the ground with him which seems to be working.  Welcome to all who joined (it's a good start it appears), and if anyone else is interested that wasn't invited, feel free to email me. Purchase:  William Shatner (531) (Star Wars Documentary) and CII photo of Richard LeParmentier (Star Wars Capt Needa).  


Richard LeParmentier

c/o Lou Coulson Agency
37 Berwick St.
London W1 v 3LR


William Shatner (He won't sign; he goes to conventions and charges a lot for a signed photo)

c/o Talentworks

3500 West Olive Ave., Ste. 1400

Burbank, CA, 91505


11/06/02 Private signing:  Prices have been negotiated for a Zac Jensen signing.  Prices will be 26.00 if 30 are ordered and $31.00 each if less. Email.   


11/05/02  RTS: Tomlinson Holman (Sound Engineer Star Wars Return of the Jedi).  No explanations to why...just two small "Return to Sender" stamps.  TMH Corporation 746 West Adams Blvd. Lost Angeles, CA 90089 Purchase: Daphne Zuniga (529) (Spaceballs) and a prop from Scorpion King.  Mail success: Shannon Kenny (530) (photo double; Battle for Endor) 


Daphne Zuniga

c/o  Diverse Talent

1875 Century Park E., suite 2250

Los Angeles, CA, 90067


Shannon Kenny

c/o The Burstein Company
Company 15304 Sunset Blvd. Suite 208

Pacific Palisades, California 90272


11/04/02 Purchases: Alan Rosenberg (523) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) and Joe Pantoliano (524) (Star Wars documentary: 5-25-77).  The Rosenberg item was a multi-signed poster of Lost in Yonkers; other sigs on it include: Rosemary Harris (Actress), Jane Kaczmarek (Actress), Jamie Marsh (Actor), Lauren Klein (Actress), Benny Grant (Actor), David Chandler (Actor). News: Rick Cimino passed away some 12 years ago.  I just got an email from his brother - sadly, my letter went out yesterday.  My deepest apologies to his family. Via a friend: 2 bookmarks.  I have 103 now.  Trades:  Steve John Shepard (525) (Star Wars Naboo lieutenant) and Martin Bou Mansour (526) (Star Wars Naboo Guard) Now that Mr. Juritzen's (527) name is out, I'll put it on my site. Since no information was published on the web and the photos/info came from me, and I know how it got out. With this done, also I am putting online Barrie Holland (528) ("You rebel scum" officer) both of which I had for quite a while.    


Alan Rosenberg (He did not answer my letter, so I can't guarantee he'll sign)

c/o The Gersh Agency

232 North Canon Dr.

Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


Joe Pantoliano

c/o United Talent Agency

9560 Wilshire
Blvd. #516 Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Rosemary Harris

c/o International Creative Mgmt

76 Oxford Street

London W1N 0AX



Jane Kaczmarek

c/o Malcolm in the Middle.

4024 Radford Ave.

Studio City. CA 91604-2101


Jamie Marsh

c/o MKS and Associates

8675 West Washington Blvd., Ste. 203

Culver City, CA, 90232


11/02/02 News: Gee, only had 20 kids last night.  Down from last year.  Mail success: Tony Cox (522) signed items arrived today! 


10/31/02 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Have a safe evening and as a famous Vampier once said "safety in the darkness".


10/29/02 News: I got a phone call last night from Tony Cox.  I sounded stupid I know, but it's not every day I get phone calls from someone I've been hoping to find!  I was thrilled and just so everyone knows, Mr. Cox is current working on a film due out in 2003 called Bad Santa.  Also, if you've not rented Me, Myself and Irene, do that too it's a great one and Mr. Cox has a hilarious part in it.


10/26/02 Mail success: Kevin Thompson (521) (Ewok) I believe this was via a play in the UK which is long over; sorry. 


10/25/02 Trades: Ellen Poon (518) (Star Wars Ep I VFX) and Christopher Neame (519) (Star Wars Video Games).  Mail success: Howie Hammerman (520) (Star Wars sounds; Jabba's burp) I gave him a couple questions and to my delight, he answered them...here's the info for you:  Mr. Hammerman did a series of "burps", that combined with P38 Mustang (planes) and some bear cub growls that made up E. T.'s voice!  Not only that, but in ESB when Jabba eats the frog?  That's Howie's burp too!!


Christopher Neame

c/o Vox Inc

5670 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #820

Los Angeles, CA  90036


10/24/02 Trade: Dave Saunders (517) (model maker Star Wars).   


10/23/02  RTS: John Van Vliet (Star Wars Crew) "No Longer at this Address: Forwarding Order Expired". 1125 S Flower Street Burbank, CA 91502


10/22/02 Mail success: Nathan Hamill (516) (Star Wars Pod race spectator/Naboo palace guard). 


10/21/02 Star Wars Insider Freebie: Luke Skywalker card. Mail successes: Stan Winston (512) (Star Wars Holiday Special Costumes) He did not sign my two items, but did send one NICE photo, Eric Swenson (513) (Star Wars crew).  Success or not? I have part of a sig.  He had never had an autograph request before mine.  He did NOT sign my items.  I appreciate he answered my questions about motion control vs. other camerawork; Mr. Swenson doesn't want to sign or be bothered.  He said yes, he did do something (he won't say what) but he's not comfortable signing and his work there was 'nothing'.  He's obviously not proud for some reason and that's his choice.  Please respect him. Charles Edwards (CUE) (514) (Star Wars Rebel commander extra and Naboo citizen - Jedi), Hal Hickel (515) (Lead Animator Star Wars)


Stan Winston

c/o Stan Winston Studios

7032 Valjean Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91406


10/20/02 A page online for Colonial Downs (horse racing).  So if you want to learn the very very basics about betting etc, visit!


10/19/02 Purchase: Bill Pullman (511) (Spaceballs), which came with three other sigs: Mercedes Ruehl, Jeffrey Carlson and Sally Field.. Mail success: Michael Kube-McDowell (Star Wars author) who signed my bookplate, index and who sent one of his own. 


Bill Pullman (this was purchase; can't guarantee he'll sign)

c/o One Entertainment

9220 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 306

Los Angeles, CA, 90069


Mercedes Ruehl (this was purchase; can't guarantee she'll sign)

c/o William Morris Agency

One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Sally Field  (this was purchase; can't guarantee she'll sign)

c/o Creative Artists Agency

9830 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90212  


Michael P. Kube-McDowell
P.O. Box 22066
Lansing, MI 48909-2066


10/17/02 Purchase Gabriel Dell (510) (deceased; Star Wars Holiday Special voice).  Mail success: Peter Jackson (LOTR).  What a nice man.  He's so busy yet he finds times for the fans.  He signed both my cards and enclosed a wonderful letter and two gorgeous photos.           


Peter Jackson (I think he's busy with King Kong now, and doesn't sign at the moment)

WingNut Films

Box 15-208



New Zealand


10/15/02 Mail successes: Styx (all five of them) obtained via venue (no longer valid sorry), Alan Roderick Jones (507) (Star Wars crew), Mike Baron (508) (Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (Dark Horse Collection Star Wars: The Last Command, Star Wars: Dark Force Rising). He signed a comic too!  and one that won't be helpful to anyone: Iain McFadyen (509). Mr. McFadyen doesn't wish to be contacted. He also wishes to express that his name is constantly spelled wrong.  So please respect his wishes and don't contact him.  I don't know why he doesn't want fan mail, but that's what he asked so... please be respectful of those wishes.


10/13/02 Trade: 3 bookmarks Purchase: Kate Capshaw (506). I was told the item was signed a couple years ago at the Toronto Film Festival in person.  Purchase: Ewok/Droids unused video display


Kate Capshaw (I got mine through purchase and can't guarantee she'll sign, sorry)

PO Box 869

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


10/12/02 In Persons: Amanda Bynes of "Big Fat Liar" and "All That" and Apolo Anton Ohno, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Speed Skater.  He was really nice but you had to lean in to take the photo and the hair is in my face!  I did get a pic with him, but I didn't get Amanda's.


Amanda Bynes (I got mine in person so don't know if she'll sign ttm; sorry)

c/o United Talent Agency

9560 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Apolo Anton Ohno (I got mine in person so don't know if he'll sign ttm; sorry)
US Olympic Training Center
One Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909


10/10/02 Mail successes: Tim Mancusi (504) (Star Wars matte artist ROJ) and Warren Duxbury (Dark Redemption). Purchase: David Alan Grier (505) (Spaceballs).


David Alan Grier (he didn't answer my letter, so I can't say if he'll sign)

Endeavor Talent Agency  
9701 Wilshire Blvd. 3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


10/09/02 RTS: Michael Wood (Princeton) who said it was the wrong Michael Wood.  He told me to try the BBC; looking for the Historian... 


10/07/02 Mail success: John Hurt (Spaceballs). Purchase: Enron item arrived wrapped in Enron tissue paper and sent with Enron postage...surely a collectible? 


John Hurt

c/o United Talent Agency

9560 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor

Beverly Hills, CA, 90212


10/06/02 News: Another collector emailed me with an article about Mr. Elphick being in SW.  He tells me the source the information came from it Equity, the actor themselves, or the agent/representative for the star. Apparently the clipping comes from the UK actor's guide of the 200th century. I now count him as a SW cast member and giving him the credit due. 


10/05/02 I am back and the house is sadly empty.  You think you are prepared to be kidless but you never are.  Jeremy was nervous though didn't show it much (mom's know).  Classes start Monday.  Purchase: Michael Elphick (499) (Star Wars unproven...deceased). Trades:  Steve Thomas ("This Old House"), John Considine (Star Wars Radio Dramas), John Hurt (Spaceballs) (500), Scott Allie (Star Wars author comics) (501), Rich Barba (Star Wars author) (502), and Paul Topolous (Star Wars Crew) (503).  Purchase: Luke and Vader Ornaments from 2002 Hallmark and Screening tickets for Star Wars (SE) and Empire Strikes Back (SE)


Steve Thomas (Steve never answered my letter so I can't guarantee he'll sign; sorry)

This Old House Television
1185 Avenue of the Americas, 27th floor
New York, NY 10036


John Considine

10100 Santa Monica Blvd. #2490

Los Angeles, CA 90067


John Hurt

c/o United Talent Agency

9560 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor

Beverly Hills, CA, 90212


Scott Allie

c/o Dark Horse Comics

10956 SE Main St.
Milwaukie, OR   97222


10/01/02 Mail success: Don Maitz (498) (Star Wars artist) who tells me he only did one big project for Lucasfilm, the cover of Time Magazine with R2-D2 on the cover. I'll be gone for a couple of days . . .  Jeremy is now off to college!   RTS Yesterday for one of the officers that's unknown.  I have found out he's moved.  Next, I found out finally where that signed four signature fake was from: the company sent a flyer and my benefactor recognized it as the place:  it's called Deja Vu Enterprises, Inc.  They operate out of LA and they have a website:  www.dejavugallery.com   They sell fakes!!!!  They will NOT refund despite their I have done my duty by warning you all. 


Don Maitz

5824 Bee Ridge Road, PMB 106

Sarasota, FL 34233


09/30/02  Mail successes: Four Tops (music group)!  This was obtained via venue and Matt Sloan (497) (Star Wars Plo Koon). This was a LONG time ago personal signing I arranged and all items will be shipped to those who asked for one.  Thanks for your patience. 


09/29/02 RTS: David McCue (Star Wars Crew) c/o VCE Inc. 133 Ralston Avenue Sulmar, CA 94129 "Attempted Not Known" and RTS John Goodman (Star Wars Crew) C/O Rhythm and Hues 4404 Jandy Place Los Angeles, CA 90066.  "Undeliverable as Addressed", and RTS's (Dani Biernat Star Wars Stunts) c/o BAE and Ray De-Haan c/o BAE. Purchases:  Sandi Finlay (490) (Star Wars Sly Moore) and Harry Shearer (491) (Spaceballs). Exchanges/Trades:  Orli Shoshan (Star Wars Shaak Ti Ep II) , Alan Harris (Stand-in/Double Star Wars films) Chris Parsons (Star Wars 4-LOM/K-3PO/Stormtrooper), Zuraya Hamilton (Star Wars Onaconda Farr), Burnell Tucker (Star Wars Wyron Serper), Brian Blessed (Star Wars Boss Nass), Colin Skeaping (Star Wars Stunts SW), Temeura Morrison (Star Wars Jango Fett)/Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars Boba Fett), Richard LeParmentier (Motti Star Wars) personal effect, Warren Duxbury (492) (Star Wars Dark Redemption) and April Perkins (493) (Star Wars Ewok). Mail successes:  Sean Barton (494) (Star Wars Editor Jedi), Terrance Masson (495) (Star Wars Special Effects ESB, ROJ, EP I) and Josephine Alessio (496) (Star Wars Ep II aide).  


Harry Shearer

119 Ocean Park Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90405


Brian Blessed

c/o AIM

Nederlander House

7 Great Russell Street

London WC1B 3NH



Temuera Morrison

c/o Abrams Agency

9200 Sunset Blvd., 11th Floor

Los Angeles, CA, 90069


Jeremy Bulloch

10 Birchwood Road

 London SW17 9BQ



Richard LeParmentier

c/o Lou Coulson Agency
37 Berwick St.
London W1 v 3LR


09/27/02  News: Robin Scobey has been located and a recent phone conversation yielded he does NOT want to be bothered by us collectors. He was rude, crude and just plain old nasty (not to mention he was cussing). Nothing you can try will change his mind.... it's been done.  This is the worst response I've ever known and thank the Lord the others are beautiful people (most of them)   Personal News: My sadness today for the loss of a guy who I used to work with.  He was our repo guy and one heck of a nice guy and got a lot of cars for me; I remember that signature series Anniversary Mustang...and that Allen Iverson car.... we'll miss you Brent!  You were a great repo man and one heck of a nice guy.


09/25/02 News: Some wanted to know where I got the info on Mr. Elphick. Here's the link: http://www.infinitematrix.net/columns/langford/langford43.html

They obviously erred because we know it was Richard LeParmentier in that role and the other was Needa. According to the person with the poster, they just had him sign the poster and went on the word he was in Star Wars - they weren't sure.


09/24/02 Mail success: Patricia R. Duigan (489) (Crew Star Wars/ROJ/Caravan of Courage). News:  Star Wars Insider/Fan Club prices going up. It was 19.95 for a year for and you got 6 issues ($3.33 and issue) of the Star Wars Insider and supposed discounts on exclusive items.  It used to be they'd forward fan mail on for you but don't now.  Now the price is  $28.95 for 8 issues.  That's $3.62 and issue. If you want to subscribe,  contact www.paizopublishing.com, call 1-800-692-3836, or email swinsider@pcspublink.com News: Michael Elphick passed away about a week ago. I saw his name on a Star Wars poster but when I emailed the seller on Ebay to ask about it and get a scan, the seller sold the item to another collector before the auction ended.  Anyway, I received a newspaper article via email from a friend confirming his death that very day.  Was Michael Elphick in Star Wars?  I have found NOTHING to substantiate this claim except this: R.I.P. Michael Elphick (1946-2002), the UK actor who died on 8 September aged 55, did little genre work but is known to Star Wars fans as 'the Empire officer Darth Vader choked with The Force.'  Regardless, I've added Mr. Elphik's signature to my collection.   


09/23/02 Mail successes: Nicholas Reeves (archeologist/Egyptologist) and Curt Schulkey (486) (Dialog Editor Star Wars). Said one comment which was "disturbing", but that's ok, he just doesn't understand our enthusiasm. He sort of mocked me wanting signatures of lesser crew; but he did sign I guess... and Bruce Logan (487) (photography; Mini and optical Star Wars). RTS:  Bruce Nicholson (Star Wars crew) 2741 Tenth Street, Berkeley, CA 94110 "Return to Sender: No longer at this address".  And RTS: Gerry Cooney (boxer), though I think they didn't send it and it just came back to me. Only postmark on it is VA and no stamps, messages or other marks!  22501 Linden Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11411. Via a friend: Silas Carson and Ayesha Dharker (488). 


09/21/02 Mail success Stephen Buchanan (485) (Stormtrooper Star Wars)!     


09/20/02 Mail success: Brenda Strong (484) (Spaceballs).


Brenda Strong

c/o Liberman/Zerman Management

252 N. Larchmont Blvd #200

Los Angeles, CA 90004


09/19/02 Mail successes: Joan Rivers (481) (Spaceballs) and Dick Durock (482) (Ewok films) sent two signed photos.  You need to purchase photos from him on his site, but at $10-$15 each, they are quality images and he signs beautifully and will inscribe.  He doesn't have any Ewok photos, but I think if you sent a generic photo with Marauders in it and $5, he'd sign (don't forget the SASE).  Purchase: Ken Olfson (483) (Spaceballs - deceased).  Signature verified by his brother Lewy who noted me bidding on it on Ebay. News:  The Radko company verified that the Radko items I had listed on the site were in fact, ALL that were ever made.


Joan Rivers
PO Box 49774
Los Angeles, CA 90049-077


Dick Durock (He charges $10-$15 and you can pick a photo from his site-he will ONLY take money orders or cashiers checks/no personal checks/cash)

1125 Lindero Canyon Rd #127
Westlake Village,  CA 91362

www.dickdurock.com (pick photos here)


09/18/02  Purchase: Hallmark ornament. The Star Wars Insider magazine, contained a free Topps Widevision card.  It's a preview of the autographed series coming out   


09/16/02 Purchase: Rick Moranis (Spaceballs) (479) and John Glenn (Astronaut/Senator signed book). RTS: Dan Coates (music Star Wars Ep I) 5100 North Miller Road, #19, Scottsdale, AZ   85250 Not the same guy! Mail success: Zuraya Hamilton (480) (Rodian Senator in Ep II and a character in the Visual Dictionary) News:  Emails from Lewy Olfson who confirmed his brother's signature for me.


Rick Moranis  (I don't think Mr. Moranis signs; but here's the address anyway)

c/o William Morris Agency

One William Morris Place

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Senator John Glenn

The John Glenn Institute
The Ohio State University
304 Page Hall
1810 College Road
Columbus, OH 43210


09/14/02 Mail success: Wendy Leech (478) (C3PO Stunt Double)


09/13/02 Chris Macht, the person who ripped me off a while back has sent me a check. It's not what he owed me (I sent him two other autographs because he made me feel guilty plus had to foot postage twice).  After being ripped off a lot more than what he sent, I'd never deal with him again and would encourage others not to as well.

Mail successes: Paul Davids (476) (Star Wars Author) and Hollace Davids (477) (Star Wars Author). 


09/12/02 News: Monopoly questions resolved!  After an email from the Vice President of Tourism, I have been told that Illinois Avenue has indeed been renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  It may be that I did in fact see a sign that was inadvertently left up!  Also, Marvin Gardens is NOT part of Atlantic City! It's in neighboring Margate and Ventnor, which are suburbs of Atlantic City.  There is no Marvin Gardens really, but it's the area connecting the two 'burbs',  and what's more is It's spelled incorrectly!  Seems it should be Marven Gardens which is a combination of names for MARgate and VENtnor.  A move was made to change the name years ago but in 1972 a movie was made called "The King of Marvin Gardens" and because of the reference and popularity, the name change was vetoed by Parker Brothers. Parker Brothers, now Hasbro, didn't comment on the Marven/Marvin Gardens question, but they did answer my other question as to if they'd change the game according to reality as it exists today.  According to Ms Ouellette of the consumer affairs Dept at Hasbro, "There are no plans to update the classic Monopoly game."  As for the elusive St. Charles Place, "it no longer exists", says Ms. Rhodes of the Atlantic City tourism office.  She and the gracious staff checked several old maps and it seems that St. Charles Place was at the location of the now named, Showboat Casino.  If I go back, I'll finish up with the board and try to find the Waterworks and Electric Companies as well. 


09/11/02 Mail success: Antonio Hoyas (475). He was tough to find!  His wife tells me it went five places before she got my letter!   This was obtained via venue and he's moved to another state since then... I don't have a new address, sorry.


09/10/02 Mail successes: Jerry Maren (Wizard of Oz/Spaceballs) and Gary Ciccarellli (474) (Illustrator: The Making of Star Wars 1977, Adventure in Beggar’s Canyon: Little Golden Book and Star Wars: A New Hope)


Jerry Maren (Mr. Maren charges $10 per item you send.  Email for details)



09/09/02 Mail success:  Phil Tippett (Visual Effects Star Wars). RTS: Bark Farkas 427 Thorndale Road, Calgary AB T2K3C6, Alberta, Canada. "unknown at this address". Purchase: Yeardley Smith (473) (Actress known as the voice of Lisa Simpson, Star Wars Radio Dramas). 


Phil Tippett

c/o Tippett Studio
2741 10th Street
Berkeley, Ca. 94710


Yeardley Smith (can't guarantee she'll sign; she never answered my letter)

c/o Twentieth Television

PO Box 900

Beverly Hills CA 90213


09/07/02  The Styx and Kansas concert was great last night and I snuck a few photos not using a flash; they suck but are online anyway.  With the lights only on stage and the Nazi guards 5-10 feet from us, there was not much I could do except go REAL fast.  No chances for graphs with the guards.


09/06/02 Purchases: Tim Russ (470) (Spaceballs) and Ron Howard (471) (Star Wars documentary) Mail success: Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti Star Wars Ep II) (472) .


Tim Russ

c/o Stone Manners

6500 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 550
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Ron Howard (He did not answer my letter to a film production location so I can't guarantee he'll sign)

c/o Creative Artists Agency

9465 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Fl.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


09/05/02 We are headed out for a concert (Styxx and Kansas). Want to go to Tatooine? http://www.jedimaster.tk/  I hear the trip is very reasonable! Purchase: Michael Winslow's (469) (Spaceballs) but it came with these extras: Paul Rogers (actor), Walt Willey (actor Jackson Montgomery from all My Children, comedian and cartoonist/artist), Richard Ramor (actor), Gene Raymond (actor) (deceased), Barton Randall (actor), Ford Rainey (actor), Clayton Rohner (actor), John P Ryan (actor), and Steven Wright (comedian).


Michael Winslow (he did not respond to my letter so I can't guarantee he'll sign)

Blake Agency 415 N. Camden Dr.
#121 Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Walt Willey

c/o All My Children

77 West 66th Street

New York, New York 10023


Clayton Rohner

c/o Diverse Talent Group

1875 Century Park E., suite 2250
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Steven Wright

c/o United Talent Agency

9560 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


09/04/02 News: We went to Atlantic City, which was awful in some ways as it rained within an hour after we got there and stopped about an hour after we left!  I've written about our Monopoly quest and a write up and photos and more is online as well. As for Star Wars, the only thing there was a "Starabilia" store in Trump's Taj Mahal.  I saw a couple Ford posters and one GIANT display matted (about 6' wide x 4' high).  There was also a Ray Park item, but at $250 it was overpriced ten fold. I almost convinced Scott to by me an Aerosmith signed drumhead/display or a Bon Jovi item, but we quickly lost the $350.00 we were ahead, and decided not to go to far in the hole.  We saw Martin Short in a comedy act, but did not get his signature as we were stupid and didn't get there early enough and had to sit in the back. Mail success: Dan Gregoire (468) (Star Wars crew). Purchase: Shannon Baksa (Star Wars Mara Jade) signed CII photo.


Shannon Baksa McRandle (Charges; make check or money order out to Shannon in the amount of $15)

c/o Baksa Co.
9536 Donnan Castle Court
Laurel, MD   20723

http://www.shannonmcrandle.com/autographs.htm  (pick photo choice from here)

08/29/02 Mail success: Sandy Helberg (467) (Spaceballs).  


08/28/02 RTS: Bob Eggleton (Star Wars Artist), W Shore Road, Warwick, RI 02886 "Return to Sender, Not Forwardable as Addressed- Unable to Forward".  Trades: Geoff Campbell (459) (Modeler Star Wars Ep II), Stephen Martiniere (460) (Star Wars concept design Ep II), Peter Romano (461) (Star Wars cameraman ROJ), Carol Rach-Y-Rita (462) (Voice Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds), Alvin Miller (463) (Star Wars cameraman ANH) and Adam Savage (464) (Star Wars Modelmaker Ep II).  Purchase:  Francis Ford Coppola (465) (Star Wars Documentary) signed catalog (obtained at an awards ceremony by a photographer).  Mail success: Jeanne Cavelos (466) (Author of The Science of Star Wars: An Astrophysicist's Independent Examination of Space Travel, Aliens, Planets, and Robots As Portrayed in Start Wars Film).


Carol Bach Y Rita

c/o William Morris Agency

151 El Camino Drive

Beverly Hills, CA  90212


Francis Ford Coppola (I bought mine, so can't guarantee he'll sign sorry)

8942 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA, 90211-1934


Jeanne Cavelos (email Jeanne for address inforamtion)




08/25/02 Purchase: Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker Star Wars) (this one comes with an additional sig): Eric Johnson (458) (Star Wars comic author). RTS: Marton Csokas (Poggle the Lesser Star Wars Ep II) Karen Kay Management 56-62 Chandos Street Ste 21-22 St. Leonards NSW 2011 (can't read zip, may be 2611-was marked over) Australia "Not at this address".


Mark Hamill  (most likely he will not sign as of 2003)

PO Box 124

Malibu, California 90265


08/23/02 Mail successes: Mike Pniewski (456) (Spaceballs) and Steve Waddington (457) (Marauders Star Wars Battle for Endor).


Steve Waddington (email him for different address than what's on his site)




08/21/02 Mail success: Marianne Horine (455) (Ewok movie: Battle for Endor).  


08/20/02 Trade:  Michael Carter (Star Wars Bib Fortuna) and Kenny Baker (Star Wars R2-D2) CII autographs. RTS: Marty Hudgins (Don't know why this is now) c/o BAE Guild House Upper St. Martins Lane London, England "No Record of"  Mail success: Mark Jonathon Davis (454) (Parody Star Wars Song)


Kenny Baker

c/o 51 Mulgrave Avenue.

Preston PR2 1HJ



Michael Carter (Nobody has been getting successes since the old Star Wars fan club disbanded; I don't think he'll sign anymore; sorry)

c/o Emptage Hallett Management

24 Poland Street
London, W1F 8QL UK 


Mark Jonathan Davis  (You will have to email him for contact information)




08/18/02  Went to Botanical Gardens.  Purchase: Poster signed by Long John Baldry (448) (Star Wars cartoons).  This sig comes with a bunch more sig: Paul Jones, Mike D'abo, Tom McGuinness, McGuinness Flint, Mike Hugg, Rob Townsend, Marcus Cliffe, Simon Currie, Chris Farlowe, and Colin Blunstone.  Mail successes: Sue Cornwell (449) (author The Official Price Guide to Star Trek and Star Wars Collectibles), Dom DeLuise (450) (Spaceballs), Scott Matthews (451) (Hardware Wars), Ernie Fosselius (452) (Hardware Wars) sent DVD as well and Walt Kraemer (453) (Hardware Wars).


Dom DeLuise

c/o Artist Group LTD

10100 Santa Monica Blvd. #2490

Los Angeles, CA 90067


08/16/02 RTS: Richard Schickel (Star Wars documentaries) C/o Director's Guild 7920 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046  "Attempted Not known" and "Not Forwardable".


08/15/02 Mail successes: Rudy DeLuca (447) (Spaceballs) and Dr. Stephen Covey, (Author of "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" signed a bookplate) and I got his newer book entitled "7 Habits of Highly Effective Families" I wrote to him because of the two children's books Stephen R. Covey wrote, according to his assistant, Dr. Covey didn't do any Star Wars related material or any children's books. Where is the other author??? 


Dr. Stephen Covey

2200 West Parkway Blvd.

Salt Lake City, UT 84119-2099


08/13/02 Purchases: 5 Tales of the Jedi Comics, one is signed by Michael Barreiro (445) (Star Wars Artist) and Bob Hoskins (446) (Star Wars documentary).  


Bob Hoskins (I bought mine, so can't guarantee he'll sign; sorry)

200 Fulham Road

London SW10 9PN

United Kingdom  


08/12/02 RTS: JM J Bullock (Spaceballs) 11617 Laurelwood Drive Studio City, CA 91604-3818 "Not deliverable as addressed-Unable to Forward"  Undeliverable as addressed?  Looks like a complete address to me!  Mail success: Kevin Baillie (443) (Star Wars crew) and Sherman Howard (444) (voices Star Wars ROJ Radio Dramas)


08/10/02 Via a friend: Joss Gower and Billy Boyd. Mail successes: Lawrence Kasdan (438), (Star Wars Writer) Ross King (439) (voice for Star Wars Jedi Starfighter), Martin Jarvis (440) (Star Wars ROJ Radio Dramas), Jerry Maren (441) (the Wizard of Oz Lollipop Guild and Spaceballs) he charges even for your items), RTS for Tim Russ (Spaceballs/Star Trek Voyager) c/o Paramount, 5555 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038-3197 and this RTS came back in a "We Care" postal bag meaning they shredded it...good thing it was an RTS and not a success! And finally, Dick Van Patten (442) (Spaceballs; Eight is Enough). News: I got a letter from Stephen Covey's assistant telling me it's the wrong Stephen Covey (SW Golden Books).  This Stephen Covey wrote "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" which I just happen to have a copy of! So I am asking for an autograph! 


Joss Gower (you will have to email him for information)



Billy Boyd

c/o Brunskill Management

169 Queens Gate Suite 8a

London SW7 5HE

United Kingdom


Ross King

The Gage Group

315 West 57th Street, Suite 4H

New York, NY  10019


Martin Jarvis

International Creative Management
8942 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-1934


Jerry Maren Mr. Maren charges; email him for information



Dick Van Patten

The Artists Agency
10000 Santa Monica Blvd.
#305 Los Angeles, CA 90067


08/09/02 Mail success; Rhonda Shear (437) (Spaceballs).  RTS; Tommy Swerdlow (Spaceballs) c/o Writer's Guild:  430 Edgware Road, London W2 1 EH.  They were kind enough to give me a contact number to check to see if he's a member of WGA. 


Rhonda Shear

PO Box 2488

Beverly Hills, CA 90213


08/08/02 I sent the wrong image to Kevin Pollak!  I sent the Ewok movie image rather than the Radio Drama Image.  So I got a note back that said, "Thanks, but Kevin wasn't in Star Wars". Obviously they didn't read the whole letter.  I did mention the radio dramas but just sent the wrong pic.  Never did get my item from Chris Macht.  I hate to mention it again, but the guy is just a rip off artist!  Amazing people have no conscience.


08/07/02 Purchase: James Cameron (436) (Director/Star Wars Documentary). Confusing mail success.  Marty Balin!  Now, what was up I don't know because I wrote to him November of 2001 and got a non-signature success the following month.  He had sent a bunch of laser prints, a pin, a CD etc but NOTHING was signed.  I thought it greedy to try again because he sent the CD, so I just bought a photo.  Well today, I got my two signed pics back.  However, he did NOT sign my Holiday Special item.  So if you write, that could be a hint... It doesn't add another name to the collection, but it's a nice one because he's still one the the best rock stars of our time. 


James Cameron (I bought mine and cannot guarantee Mr. Cameron will sign; sorry)

Lightstorm Entertainment
919 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Mary Balin

436 Belvedere
San Francisco CA 94117


08/05/02 RTS: Mike Pniewski (Spaceballs) that looks like some part of my address may be missing.  Notes include: INS 921?  Unit? Addressee Unknown-Undeliverable. 878 Peach Tree Lane, Atlanta, GA 30309.  Email success: from Jon Kroll (435) (Writer/director From Star Wars to Star Wars). 


Jon Kroll

http://www.jonkroll.com/  Please email Mr. Kroll for information.



08/04/02 News: I've had a brief contact with Barry Copping's nephew who assures me Mr. Copping WAS in Star Wars.  I had been told by a couple fans that Mr. Copping wasn't in the film.  He's uncredited, but is now credited as Wioslea (aka Grasshopper).  Mail success: Ray Harryhausen (434) (Stop Motion/SFX genius/founding father)! Purchase: Spaceballs DVD. Visited Washington DC (Dept of Justice, National Archives, Scott and Arts Institute) and More Washington DC photos of National Gallery, Sculpture Garden and the Pentagon.


Ray Harryhausen

2 Ilchester Place

West Kensington

London, W14 8AA


08/02/02 RTS: Howard Swindell (Star Wars Actor) 52 Broadway New Market, Auckland, NZ "Gone-No Address".  


07/29/02  Purchase: Mel Brooks (432) (Spaceballs). Via a friend: April Perkins (433) (Star Wars Ewok).


Mel Brooks (though I can't say he'll sign)

9336 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


07/28/02 Purchases: Meshach Taylor (430) (Star Wars Radio Dramas) and Melanie Taylor Kent (431) (Star Wars Artist); Ms. Taylor will not sign unless you buy something worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.  If you want to spend that much, email me and I'll dig up an address or email for you. News: Beware of Ebay and Pay Pal emails!  NEVER hit "reply" to any emails from these two companies.  If you have a strange email requesting updated information, problems with your account or anything remotely like that, please email if you'd like to go about finding out if legit.


Meshach Taylor  (I am not sure that Mr. Taylor will sign; it's up to you to try, but be aware I've not seen any successes)

c/o Gilbertson Kincaid

1330 4th St.

Santa Monica, CA, 90401


07/27/02 Trades: Richard Edlund (ANH, ESB, ROJ Camera/Visual Effects) (422), Tom Dreesen (423) (Spaceballs) signed both items and sent extra card, Ken Ralston (ANH and ROJ camera/Special effects) (424), Josh Ling (Star Wars Author) (425), Morgan Johnson (Star Wars Ep I Stunts) (426), Joe Alasky (SW EP I: TPM VG) (427), Andy Robinson (Star Wars Artist WOTC rule book) (428) and Harvey Jason (Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds VG) (429). 


Richard Edlund

Sandra Marsh Management
9150 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 220
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Tom Dreesen

14570 Benefit St #201

Sherman Oaks CA 91403


Ken Ralston

c/o ICM

8942 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-1934


Morgan Johnson

The Spotlight
7 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7RJ


Joe Alaskey

c/o Vox, Inc.

5670 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #820
Los Angeles, CA 90036


07/26/02  Mail success: Michael Potter  (420) (Holiday Special) and Elaine Cunningham  (421) (Star Wars author). 


Elaine Cunningham

c/o Donald Maass Literary Agency

160 West 95th Street
Suite 1B
New York, NY 10025


07/23/02  Mail success: Rob Paulsen (Thumb Wars). I've gotten an email from Anthony in Australia who feels I don't give out enough addresses.  So here are two addresses for you today:


Rob Paulsen

145 S. Fairfax Ave. #310
Los Angeles, CA 30036


Miss Rena Owen

c/o Shanahan Mgmt

PO Box 478

Kings Cross NSW 2011



Rena Owen

c/o Greene & Associates

526 N. Larchmont Blvd. Suite 201

Los Angeles, CA 90004


Rena Owen
PO Box 105 657

Auckland Central
New Zealand

James Earl Jones

P.O. Box 810

Pawling, NY 12564


07/22/02 RTS: Sergio Aragones (Star Wars Artist) c/o Mad Magazine 485 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022 "Forwarding Order Expired" 


07/20/02 Via cereal box: 2 promo cards RTS: Adam Arkin (Actor/ Star Wars Radio Dramas) 1999 Ave of Stars Suite 2850, L A, CA 90067 "No Longer atAddress" 


07/18/02 Purchases: Jeff Goldblum (416) (Actor/Star Wars Documentary), David Paymer (417) (Actor/Radio Dramas) and Hugh Hefner (418) (Playboy/Star Wars Documentary). RTS: Alice Alfonsi (Star Wars author) c/o Alice Orr Agency, 305 Madison Avenue Suite 1166,New York, NY 10165 "Return to Sender, Not Deliverable as Addressed, Unable to Forward, Do not us this wrapper again"; "moved".  Next, RTS: Jay Sanders (Star Wars Radio Dramas) c/o Don Buchwald, 6500 Wilshire Blvd #2200, Los Angeles, CA 90048.  "Return to Sender-Moved No Forwarding".  And finally, RTS: Hal Rayle (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) c/o William Morris Agency, 1325 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019. "Return to Sender No Longer and Employee - Moved".  Mail success: Lee J Ames (419) (author of the series "Draw 50's How to Draw Star Wars Heroes, Creatures, Space-Ships, and Other Fantastic Things").  Message of the day: An RTS is much better than no response at all because:

   A) You get to reuse your SASE and items inside and it only cost you a stamp to mail it  B) You know where they are NOT and can look elsewhere and  C) You have hope that at least they MAY sign and not just throwing your mail away.


Jeff Goldblum (not sure if he'll sign, but here is his agency)

United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


David Paymer  (not sure if he'll sign, but here is his agency)

c/o Susan Smith

121A N. San Vicente Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA, 90211


Hugh Hefner (I don't think he signs anymore; definitely NOT at the Playboy Mansion but here is one of his offices)

2706 Media Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA. 90065


Lee J Ames (Email Lee for address information)




07/17/02  RTS: Leann Coppen (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) c/o Joyndt Productions, Ajax, Ontario Q107, Canada.  There was another address written on it that was incomplete and that said: Return to Sender Renvoi A L'Espediteur.  Which means reference something ... expired? French is not my forte. Mail successes: Frank Allnutt (414) (Author of The Force of Star Wars) and Cynthia Herman (415) (various voices in  Star Wars Radio Dramas), who tells me about "Prairie Home Companion" on Sat nights on NPR; she was "the female side-kick of the gang in Lucas' original script and radio version but was removed from the film version". Purchase Scooby Doo Animation cel    


Frank Allnutt

www.frankallnutt.com  Email for information



07/16/02 Just got done returning an email from an animator who worked on Star Wars.  I won't be giving out his name because he seems not to be thrilled at being asked for an autograph.  In any event, he was cordial but here is his statement for your consideration:    

    "My advice to you is not to ask for autographs directly from animators or digital artists via email. You'd do far better to approach the publicity departments of each company who handles this sort of thing.

     Our business can be very secretive as studios want to keep their projects out of the public eye until they're ready. Because animators are employees of studios, they are under certain rules about handing out any kind of information, autographs, merchandise, etc. All employees that work at animation or effects companies are bound by non-disclosure agreements, and companies are very sensitive to this. Due to the inventions of on-line auctions like Ebay, it has not been unheard of for people to seek autographs to boost the value of an item and sell it.

     Unfortunately, because of this, autographs are a sensitive thing."

Via Cheerios refund: Star Wars 3 hot wheels cars


07/15/02 Purchase: Cree Summer (412) (Star Wars Ewok Cartoons) signed photo.  RTS: Jonathon Penner (Star Wars Radio Dramas) "Attempted Not Known" c/o Banner Entertainment 8265 W Sunset Blvd #200 Los Angeles, CA 90046. Mail success: Don La Fontaine (413) ("The Making of Star Wars") and tells me he did a lot of voice work on trailers and ads for the films especially the Trilogy release.  He also says he was the second person to purchase a ticket to the original Star Wars film...(the first day of the first showing etc)! News: Still nothing from Chris Macht.  In case he pulls something on someone else, I am posting his address: Chris Macht from Westmont, IL 60559. Keep this address in your address books and ban him from the Star Wars universe by NOT trading or selling anything to him.  Again, he ripped off at least three people...


Cree Summer

The Gersh Agency
232 North Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Don La Fontaine

The Tisherman Agency
6767 Forest Lawn Dr., Ste. 101
Los Angeles, CA 90068


07/14/02 News: Francis Batsoni (Star Wars Imperial Dignitary) passed away in December of 2001. News: Justin emailed me to let me know about the site he works on called World Famous Comics: http://www.wfcomics.com/  Another site which Justin has worked on is: http://www.comicscommunity.com/ . I have searched both these sites and found lots of fantastic information.  He tells me that the Star Wars character based on his likeness and costume design, he will be seen again in POWER OF THE JEDI, an official Star Wars RPG rulebook. News: Email from Paul Moses Jr. who states:" I am the exclusive Agent for Ms. Mary Oyaya AKA Jedi Master Luminara Unduli of Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones. Visit www.maryoyaya.com for more info. If you would like an autographed photo of Ms. Oyaya, you may order one from Mary’s website."


07/13/02 Mail successes: Nia Vardalos (410) (My Big Fat Greek Wedding/Star Wars Radio dramas).  She didn't remember all the roles she did, but she remembered doing a Wookie... and Frank Henson (411) (Star Wars Jedi Stunts/Stormtrooper/Biker Scout kicked off his bike).  Mr. Henson tells me all the roles he did in Jedi.  He doubled John Wayne in "Brannagan", and worked with Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom".  His son doubled Brendan Fraser in the "Mummy" and "Mummy Returns", Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan" and is working on the latest Bond film! 


Nia Vardalos

c/o Oscars, Abram Zimel and Associates

438 Queen St. East


Ontario M5A 1T4



Frank Henson


fhenson@frankhenson.com email Mr. Henson for information


07/12/02 To Chris Macht . . . deepspaceproduction@hotmail.com productions; you tried to make me feel guilty and said you didn't get your items so I sent you another.  Then, I compensated so that you didn't think I was accusing you of something... then you lied and and I've NOT received the trade items.  I will expect either payment for the autographs you got, the items back or what you were supposed to send. To all out there, do NOT trust this guy.  His Ebay ID is Inept533; he will RIP YOU OFF.  As of 12/04, Mr. Macht has not only kept the several items I sent him, he has never made an attempt to pay me or return the items and in addition, ripped off at least two other people I am aware of.  He has MANY Ebay ID's and is a pathological liar.


07/11/02 RTS: John Harkes (Star Wars Radio Dramas) 1265 El Camino Road, Santa Clara, CA 95050-4257; "insufficient address". Mail success: Sayed Najem (409), (Canadian Olympian winner and teacher to Hayden Christensen-swordfight and martial arts.


Sayed Najem

Sayed' Tae Kwon Do Academy Mastery Of the forces Trainer of the Stars
1270-Erie Ave

Ottawa, Canada


07/08/02 Gift from a friend: Soda Ash signed CD.  Please visit their site http://www.scifilullaby.com/.  Speaking of bands, we went last night to the Beach Boys Concert and there was a group called X-Rays preceding them. I was NOT lucky enough to get any autographs.  Mike Love and Bruce Johnston did sign DURING the concert for a guy who had some old 45's. RTS: Rob Paulsen (Star Wars Video Games) c/o Sutton Barth and Vennari, 145 Fairfax Avenue, #316 Los Angeles, CA90036: Said to forward to another address. RTS: Gary Tacon (Star Wars Radio Dramas) 85 South Broadway 2nd Floor Nyack New York, 10960 "Addressee Unknown". Mail successes: Bob Keen (406) (Art Dept. Star Wars, Model maker ESB and Makeup asst-Jabba Crew ROJ and ROJSE), Nicholas Kepros (407) (Star Wars ESB Radio Drama).  I sent somewhere else, but the request came back from Greece; and Ken Grantham (408) (voices in Ewoks: Battle for Endor). RTS: David Healey Not THE David Healey (Syar Wars Ep II Gilramos Libkath - Neimodian Senator) Do NOT send to: Bronx, New York 10463.  I won't put the street out of respect to the other David Healey (he says spelled Healy). 


07/06/02 Purchase: Stephen Spielberg (404) (Director). He doesn't sign ttm sorry.  RTS: Paul Hecht (Star Wars Radio Dramas) 161 Sixth Avenue 14th Fl, New York, NY 10013 "Return to Sender-Attempted Not Known" and RTS: Ross King (Radio Dramas) c/o TGI, 7676 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024 "Return to Sender-Undeliverable as Addressed" Mail success: Josh Fardon (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars ROTJ Radio Drama). Purchase: David West Reynolds (405) (Star Wars Author) signed book. News: Demott Crowley will sign for 22 pounds.  


07/05/02 RTS Winston Rekert 247 S. Beverly Dr. #102, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.  Mail successes: Howard Roffman (402) (Lucasfilm's Vice President of Licensing and various voices of the Rebel Alliance in the ROJ Radio Dramas) and Tom Voegeli (403) (Director Dark Forces Audio #3 Jedi Knight, and Dark Forces—Soldier of the Empire; also sound engineering on all three Star Wars Radio Dramas). Happy Birthday Mom Judy!


07/04/02 Happy Independence Day!


07/03/02 Via purchase; Drew Johnson (398) (Star Wars artist), Ray Snyder (399) (Star Wars artist) and Tony Harris (400) (Star Wars artist) signed infinities card, and Bruce Vilanch (401) (Star Wars Holiday Special) signed photo.


07/02/02  Mail success Jim Cranna (397) (Teebo - Ewok Cartoons). 


James Cranna

c/o J E Talent, Inc.

323 Geary Street #302
San Francisco, CA 92402


07/01/02 Mail success: Norman Reynolds (396) (Star Wars production/art designer). Congrats to Jeremy for his Certificate of Achievement from the Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men, Inc., but I would like to let them know again, that Jeremy is not black.  If the scholarship award is available to Caucasian men, he'll accept it graciously. Also thanks to the Virginia Board of Education for it's award!  Via a friend: Frank Bruno (former WBC Heavyweight Champion).


Frank Bruno
Box 2266



06/27/02  Mail success: Joe Viskocil (Star Wars Crew -pyrotechnics). 


06/26/02  Trade: Michelle Taylor (395) (Star Wars Yarael Proof) and Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Foreign Prime Minister from Denmark).


Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Venstres Landsorganisation
Søllerødvej 30
2840 Holte



06/24/02 Purchase: Scooby Doo animation cel.   


06/23/02  Purchase: two bookmarks and Julian Glover (Star Wars General Veers) CII photo. Mail success: Weird Al Yankovich (Star Wars parody songs).


Julian Glover

19 Ullswater Road

London SW13



Weird Al Yankovich

c/o Close Personal Friends of Al

8033 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90046


06/20/02 Via a friend: Joe Corroney (Star Wars artist) and 'Justin' (394) (prop master/builder, costume designer, and Star Wars Expanded Universe inspired character).


Joe Corroney

PO Box 12172

Columbus, OH 43212-0172




World Famous Comics
2959 Indianola Ave.
Columbus, OH 43202


06/19/02 Mail success: Arve Juritzen (392) (Star Wars Snowtrooper).  Hudson Valley photos will be mailed by Thursday. Postal Rates in the US go up June 30th (37 cents). Help from a friend: Jan Duursema (393) (Star Wars Artist), Mark Austin (Star Wars Boba Fett SE), Phil Brown (Star Wars Uncle Owen) Phil no longer signs; he's very sick. News: Phil Brown passed away in 2006.  and Eric Walker (Star Wars Mace Ewok Films). Purchase: Jack Kirby (artist) 'signed' card came in.  A friend warned me that if it was a Galaxy card, it probably was a facsimile or PP signature on it.  It is indeed a facsimile.  Mr. Kirby is deceased; so you can't write; sorry.


Jan Duursema

PO box 271
Mt. Freedom, NJ 07970


Eric Walker.Net Fan Club  (Charges $10 on your item plus postage or $20 on official licensed photo he provides)

P.O. Box 5444

Sherman Oaks, CA 91413


06/17/02 News: Luis DeJesus, who did an Ewok in ROTJ, died of a heart attack in 1988. Valerie Gale, best know for her role in Elizabeth and her marriage to Kenny Baker, has NOT been in Return of the Jedi as an Ewok as one of the convention sites claims.  News: The Hudson Valley, autographs were cheaper maybe than I offered them. Refunds given. News: Graphingstars reimbursed me for my photo once I started my campaign, but beware:  other people have emailed me about being ripped off.   Purchase: Smurf animation cel.  


06/15/02  Jeremy is A high school Graduate!  Via purchase: Jerome Blake (several characters), Michonne Bourriague (Aurra Sing), Michael Sheard (Admiral Ozzel), Ken Colley (Captianin Piett), and Femi Taylor (Oola) CII photos.  Also signed playbill: Laura Linney (actress) and Liam Neeson (Qui-Gon). Liam Neeson will not sign ttm no matter what you say or do. Sorry.  Proves my other photo is most likely a fake; very sad.  It happens to the best of us.  Thanks to my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law for the surprise package of thee figures: Chewy, Yoda and an ESB guy that could be Major Derlin?   


Michonne Bourriague

c/o Look Talent

166 Geary Street

San Francisco, CA, 94108

Michael Sheard

C/O Incoming Mail

BBC Television Centre

Wood Lane 

London W12 7RJ



Michael Sheard  (Michael Sheard passed away in 2005)

59 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate 

Kent CT11 8JE



Michael Sheard  (Michael Sheard passed away in 2005)

C/O The Narrow Road Co.

21/22 Poland Street

London W1V 3DD



Michael Sheard  (Michael Sheard passed away in 2005)

C/O Summersdale Publishers

46 West St. Chicheste

West Sussex

PO19 1RP



Femi Taylor

c/o Paul Telford Management

23 Noel Street

London W1V 3RD



Laura Linney (I have never tried her ttm, so I don't know if she'll sign sorry)

c/o International Creative Management

8942 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-1934


06/13/02  Mail success: Michele Gruska (Jess in the Jabba Palace and sung the Snootles song on the children's album). Purchase: Paul Blake (Greedo) signed photo.


06/12/02 News: Buyer beware... Ebay seller graphingstars is ripping off people. 


06/11/02 News: I've been in contact with someone related to Des Webb (Wampa) and was given an address to write. I finally got around to sending out the request after many weeks and today this e-mail appeared in my inbox from his family: "Thank you for your kind letter, Unfortunately Mr. Webb has expired. We lost him 3 weeks ago, he had suffered a stroke. Sorry". I won't post the address out of respect.  News: There's a convention in Ohio listing Valerie Gale as being in Jedi.  I was informed Ms. Gale is married/engaged to Kenny Baker.  I've been unable to confirm yet. Purchase: invite to have dinner with George Lucas.  


06/08/02 News: Alan Harris played in Ep I as a Stand-in and Double for Terrance Stamp. Purchase: Star Wars bookplates.


06/07/02  News: Another Scholarship for Jeremy!  A $3,000 Merit Scholarship from his school. STILL not a drop in the bucket; but every bit helps.   


06/06/02 News: Jeremy got a $1,500 scholarship!  Exciting and though not big in the scheme of costs, it's better than nothing!  Purchase: Rick McCallum signed pass. The seller included a bonus charity ticket/passport for the prescreening of AOTC.  I got my own personal invite for the Washington DC one; this one is the Chicago one.


Rick McCallum  In 2004, Lucasfilm stopped accepting fan mail....and Mr. McCallum was not signing at that time anyway due to work load.

c/o Lucasfilm

PO Box 2009

San Raphael, CA 94912


06/05/02  Purchase: Halina (389) (Photo editor at Lucasfilm to the previous photo editor Barb Lakin) signed Christmas card. I am not sure if she's still at Lucasfilm sorry.

06/03/02 Mail success: Rob Cowan (390) (Ewok Cartoons). Trade: Rowley Irlam (391) (Crew-Stunts AOTC). News: Mr. Irlam does not wish to sign autographs and agreed to do so for me as long as I didn't post it and that I tell everyone he doesn't want to sign further. Sorry.   


Rob Cowan

c/o Fusion Artists

401 Richmond St. West, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario, M5V3A8

06/02/02 Purchases: Ian Liston (Wes Jansen) and Peter Diamond (Biker Scout) CII photos (sorry, Mr. Diamond passed away in 2004).  Photos from Blackbeard Festival on family site: http://dahoov2.topcities.com Via munchie bag: Frito Lay piece.

Ian Liston  I don't think Ian signs anymore; so can't guarantee a success; no reports of signing mid to late 2003.

c/o The Hiss & Boo Company
1 Nyes Hill

Wineham Lane


West Sussex, RH17 5SD

05/31/02  Trades: Haley Mooy (387) (Pooja Naberrie) and Adrian Dunbar (Bail Organa Ep I deleted) and a Clone trooper Frito Lay Piece! Purchase: Phil Brown Celebration II photo. Mail success:  Franki Anderson (388) signed index card. 


05/29/02 Mail success: Rob Paulsen (386) (video gamer).  Purchases: Warwick Davis (Wicket/Paploo/Grimy Man) Celebration photo and bookmark.  Via friend at Texas convention: Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett) signed photo. 


Rob Paulsen

Contemporary Talent Partners

1800 Century Park East, Ste. 600
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Warwick Davis

c/o Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


Temuera Morrison  Mr.  Morrison wasn't signing for a while as he does conventions.  I can't guarantee he'll answer your letter.

Abrams Artists Agency
9200 Sunset Blvd., 11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069


05/28/02 News: We have a new addition to the family; Thumper!


05/26/02 Mail came WAY late yesterday, so mail posted today. Thanks to my friend who sent me a lovely birthday gift: Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) signed photo and some collectible passes!  Trade:  Sue Love (384) (AOTC hairdresser) and David Bubb (385) (construction manager) signed his AOTC cast crew screening ticket. 


Anthony Daniels

www.anthonydaniels.com Mr. Daniels will not sign through the mail.  Not even for a fee.


05/24/02 Via a friend: Alexi Kaye Campbell (381) (Naboo Communications Officer Ep I cut scene) via a play in person, Bronagh Gallagher (Pilot Ep I) (382) will not sign ttm and Clarence Smith-(383) (Naboo Fighter Pilot Ep I). 


05/23/02 Trade: Yûichi Sugiyama (379) (Holiday Special) Mail success: Tara McGinnis (380) (costumes for ROJ) sent me the most beautiful drawing/watercolor with a swatch of fabric from the play "Dangerous Liaisons"!  It's a wonderful piece of art and beautiful!  I LOVE this and make me appreciate the whole hobby more. 


05/22/02 Mail success: Brian Henson (Henson Productions). Jeremy's got a little brag page online (see family site: http://dahoov2.topcities.com).  News (quoted exacted from showbiz-Ireland): Irish actor Liam Neeson has revealed how he hates everything that goes with the fame game in Hollywood. Speaking this week the star revealed that he even refuses to sign autographs. "I love acting. I love the rehearsal process. I love everything between action and cut in a film and I also still like 7.30am till 10.30pm on stage. But, everything else associated with it I find I have no patience for. When it comes to the interviews I think what's it going to prove? After all its the work that counts. But, the fact is you have to go out and sell your product." He continued, "I really want to protect my children. I have a policy if I am with my children I always say no to autograph hunters. I'm not rude I just don't want them to see me being treated special."


Brian Henson

c/o The Jim Henson Co.
P.O. Box 20726
New York, NY 10023-1488


05/21/02 Via a friend: Daniel Logan (378) (Young Boba Fett).


05/20/02 Trade and from CIII I forgot: Star Wars Frito Lay pieces added to the collection. 


05/19/02 Purchase: New bookmark News: Jeremy is getting an Art Award! 


05/17/02 Mail success: Gordon Gould (376) (Radio Dramas) who was kind enough to send me a newspaper clipping about SW Magic of Myth. thanks!  Posters from Celebration  added to the collection and some a friend gave me as well as the remaining items I had. I have sent funds to cover the cost of the lost poster.  I've apologized profusely and still do; I have tried to end it amicably and I'd like this matter closed as it's caused me enough stress. I only consider it 1/4 my fault. Varying parties has a responsibility.  Not EVEN including the person who stole it.  To that person, your dishonesty caused four people to stress out and a friendship was lost.  I hope you're happy with yourself.  Movie pins online courtesy of a nice friend who sent me a mega batch! 54 new ones online so far!  RTS: George Roubicek 6 Stockwell Park Crescent LondonW1N OAX  England "Insufficient address".  Mail success: Dan Hennessy (377) (Ewok Cartoons).  A semi-mail success:  Cree Summer (Ewok Cartoons) who did not sign, but I got two prints signed by Mel Blanc and many Hanna Barbera voice artists.  At first, I was excited, almost jumping up and down and then I realized it's just one heck of a good preprint; the odd part is her signature isn't even preprinted on there!  So don't bother with sending to: Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc., 15301 Ventura Blvd. Bldg. E Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 (unless preprints thrill you).   


Dan Hennessey

c/o Edna Talent Agency

318 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M5T 1G5


Cree Summer

c/o William Morris Agency

151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 32767


05/16/02  Online: CII Photos of me with collectors and celebs and promo items at Celebration added to the collection, but have been removed from being online.  News: Marvin Goldhar, known for his voice work in the Ewoks cartoons has passed away the day before my letter arrived. 


05/15/02  RTS: Joel Edgerton c/o Alan Wilson Management Level 5 15-19 Boundry Street, Ruscutter's Bay, Australia "Left Address".  Autographs obtained at Celebration are online: Mary Oyaya (373) (Luminara Unduli), Nailini Kirshan (374) (Barriss Offee), Amy Allen (375) (Aayla Secura), Bonnie Piesse (Young Beru), Bruce Boa (General Carlist Rieekan), Angus MacInnes (Gold Leader), Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissean), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar/Salacious Crumb); Tim no longer signs ttm, Mike Quinn (Nien Nunb/Ree-Yees/Sy Snootles/Yoda/Wol Cabbashite), Mike Edmonds (Logray the Ewok), Alan Ruscoe (Plo Koon/Lott Dodd) and Rusty Goffe (Kabe/Jawa/GONK Droid). Online: CII ads and the program.  


Mary Oyaya


mary@maryoyaya.com  Email Mary; she may be charging for autographs though.


Nailini Krishan


nk_wanstromassoc@hotmail.com Email for information; charges or won't answer at all most likely though. So be aware of that.


Amy Allen

Amy Allen
P.O. Box 8081
Calabasas, CA 91372-8081  Please note Amy Allen does not sign free ttm; she charges...but you can purchase products officially from her from:



Rusty Goffe


rusty.goffe@virgin.net  Email for information; may be charging


Mike Edmonds


mike@mikeedmonds.com  Email Mike for information, but may charge or not answer emails.


Billy Dee Williams

http://bdwworldart.com/  Will not sign ttm, but you can order an expensive photo online.


Peter Mayhew

PO Box 5348

Granbury, TX 76049

http://www.petermayhew.com/  Will not sign free ttm; but you can get his sign by sending him something to sign and enclosing 20.00 per item PLUS return postage.


Mike Quinn


mike@quinnzone.com Please note Mike hasn't been signing ttm and hardly ever responds to email.


Carrie Fisher

1700 Coldwater Canyon

Beverly Hills, CA 90210 

http://www.carriefisher.com/home/home.php Ms. Fisher doesn't sign herself; if you get anything at all, it'll be a secretarial.  IF you are lucky to get a response at all.


05/14/02  It's my Birthday!  Online from CIII: in person artist signatures Hans Jensen (367), Jeff Carlisle (368), Randy Martinez (369), Sonia Hillios (370), Brandon McKinney (371), Matt Busch, Joe Corroney and Howard Shum (372). Also online: Celebration Diary entry, which is a minute by minute commentary on my time there. Purchase: Ep I signed book by Kenny Baker (R2-D2). Thanks to Lars for: Promo money, Thanks Gerald for: Widevision card, Steve for two promo pins, which are all viewable on the on my family site in the movie collectibles area: http://dahoov2.topcities.com. Thanks to Beverly and Glenn for Jeremy's Graduation card.   Thanks Martin for: Howard Shum (artist) drawing; we were able to obtain Mr. Shum's signature in person at Celebration as well. 


Jeff Carlisle


JEFF6273@aol.com Email Jeff for address information


Randy Martinez


randy@randymartinez.net Email Randy for address information


Sonia Hillios

Time Line Studio
P.O. Box 90
Southampton, MA 01073



Matt Busch


paul@pmkane.com  Email Matt's assistant for address information


Joe Corroney

PO Box 12172

Columbus, OH 43212-0172



Howard Shum


howard_shum@yahoo.com  Email Howard for address information


Kenny Baker

c/o 51 Mulgrave Avenue


Preston PR2 1HJ




05/13/02  Family photos online from our Illinois trip on the family site: http://dahoov2.topcities.com Miscellaneous photos online from Celebration (people dressed up, crowd shots and some of the giant Legos). We have ordered our Ep II tickets. RTS: Andreas Petrides c/o Stunt Guild 72 Pembroke Road London N8 6NX England.


05/12/02  Celebration II celebrity photos online Mail item: invitation to Charity event in Washington DC for today to see the screening of Ep II!  But alas, I don't want to get ill again and don't want to drive 3 hours there and 3 hours back.... so I am passing.  But another nice addition to my collectibles area. Another mail item from Anna: British Magazine and Newspaper about Ep II!


05/11/02 Hi all! I am back!  Celebration was huge.  I have much to tell and won't get into it all today.  I still am recovering...  Apparently, I have walking pneumonia and didn't know it.  I was ill the whole time at celebration and appeared the freak.  I couldn't speak well (laryngitis) and was pale, then flushed and sweating. I heard a number as high as 98 thousand attended, but they were including repeat visitors.  There was no way to count.  Let's just say a number of people were there to get Carrie Fisher's autograph and pretty much that's all they did after a 7.5 hour wait.  Some waiting in line that long and left the event without seeing Carrie, obtaining her sig and seeing pretty much nothing!  If it weren't for someone special, I'd not have gotten Carrie's sig myself.  Because even getting in line at 5 am or so meant I was about 4,000 in line just to get in the door.  Half of those were were for Carrie.  In any event, I'll be putting some stuff on here all week. Except for one mishap with a poster that was lost and getting Silas Carson's sig (he didn't show) and one Carrie sig (I was only allowed a couple total, sorry), I did manage to get everything else and will be offering a few photos for sale/trade.  I managed to get the exclusive figure and the person who bought one from me already has theirs in the mail.  For everyone else, I am sorry for the delay and will be mailing everything Monday.  If by chance I am as ill as yesterday or today, I'll get someone to do it for me, so never fear.  As for mail whilst I was gone, I just finished opening it all and no ttm successes!  I got two responses which I'll tell you about later and also a couple surprise packages and another item or so.  Oh, I never want to see Pizza Hut again-I left it on the shoulder of the highway!  Oh, the best part of the trip?  To meet a few people I talk to. Now time for bed, but watch for a LOT of stuff to come every day this week from the trip!


05/02/02 News: I'm off to Celebration II and to visit relatives.  For those who sent me items or cash to get stuff from them, I'll try to email from my relatives.  I am sick; started feeling bad today.  See ya soon!


05/01/02 Mail success: John Fensom (366) (TC-14). The address I sent to he said is not good and he's lucky to have gotten the letter, sorry. I don't have an address because he didn't write it on the envelope or note.  


04/30/02 Mail success: Rachel York (actress) and Bruce French (365) (Radio Dramas). News: Tony Starr's not signing now: he's upset by the # of requests he's getting. 

Rachel York I received a response from a play we went to, but you can try at the address below:


Rachel York

Don Buchwald & Associates
6500 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Bruce French

c/o Independent Artists Agency

8022 Sunset Blvd. #805

Los Angeles, CA 90048


04/29/02 Purchase: 12 Star Wars bookmarks


04/27/02 RTS: Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti). Will try again.


04/25/02  Via one of the kids/purchase: Willy Wonka signed photo by all the kids.


04/24/02 Mail success: John Considine (364) (Radio Dramas).


John Considine
24 Ludlow Lane
Westport, CT 06880


04/23/02 Mail successes: Pam Hyatt (360) (Ewok cartoons), Mark Vahanian (361) (ESB Radio Drama), Robert Eiba (362) and Ian Gomez (363) (Radio Dramas)!  You might remember Ian from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Drew Carey, The Norm McDonald show or a number of other films/TV roles. 


Pam Hyatt

c/o Lucas Talent, Inc

100 West Pender St., 7th Floor
Vancouver, BC V6B 1R8


Robert Eiba

Official Star Wars Fan-Club

P.O. Box 11 04 07

86029 Augsburg



Ian Gomez

4526 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90010


04/20/02 New Animation cels: Droopy which is signed by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera and the Smurfs


04/19/02 Mail success: James Smentowski (359) (Crew Ep I). He did a little animatronics, but he says not much.  He also was in couple scenes as an extra. 


Jim Smentowski

PO Box 2332
Rohnert Park, CA 94928


04/18/02 Trades: Ronnie Taylor (357), James Taylor and Eric Chauvin (358). Purchase: Ewok Cartoons video.


Ronnie Taylor

BSC Office
PO BOX 2587
Winsor Road
Gerrards Cross



Eric Chauvin

c/o Blackpool Studios

PO Box 175

Bow, WA 98232


04/17/02 Mail success: Rex Smith (Actor). I am grinning and just sorry I didn't meet him when I had the opportunity. Show this was obtained at was just for a weekend and is now closed; sorry.  But try contacting him through his site or take a chance at the address below:


Rex Smith

Stone Manners Agency
6500 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 550
Los Angeles, CA 90048



04/15/02 RTS: John McLaughlin (Holiday Special) c/o US Stunt Guild, 10660 Riverside Drive Second Floor STE E, Toluca Lake, CA 91602 "Not a member".  Trade: Andreas Petrides (351). Mail successes: Hadley Kay (352) (Ewok/cartoons), Michael Fantini (353) (Ewok/cartoons), Stephen Newman (354) (Radio Dramas), Bernard Behrens (355) (Radio Dramas) who writes a fantastic letter and mentions Mark Hamill and John Madden..., Jack Angel (voice of Teddy in A. I.) signed my photos and wrote the coolest letter! In it he tells me Robin Williams said what I did...that his voice was shocking for Teddy.  He tells me Steven Spielberg wanted him because of that! After listening to 100 plus tapes, Mr. Spielberg said "That's him!"; a great Hollywood moment; and  R. K. Post (356) (artist) signed..


Hadley Kay

Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Michael Fantini

c/o Edna Talent

318 Dundas Street West

Toronto, Ontario  M5T 1G5



Bernard Behrens

c/o Oscars, Abrams and Zimel and Associates

438 Queen Street East

Toronto, Ontario  M5A 1T4



Jack Angel

c/o Arlene Thorton and Associates

12711 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 490
Studio City, CA 32767


R K Post



Email R K Post for address information

04/14/02 Attended a show yesterday afternoon:  "Kiss Me Kate".  News: John Stocker, the voice of Widdle in Ewoks cartoons, says: " Yes, I was 'Widdle' in Ewoks. Though the names of the specific characters escape me,  I did several additional guest roles on that series. Plus, I was in virtually every episode of 'Droids' as a different character."


04/13/02 Mail success: John Stocker (350) (voices for Ewoks and Droids cartoons). Via a friend via Comic Con: Al Lewis (Actor) signed Munsters photo News: Al Lewis passed away in 2006.


John Stocker

L'Agence Mensour Agency Ltd.
61A York Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 5T2 Canada 

04/12/02  RTS: Esther Scott (Ewok Cartoons) c/o Abrams agency, 9200 Sunset Blvd. #407, Los Angeles, CA 90069.  A label was overtop with this address:  2716 3r Street Santa Monica, CA 90405.  But there was a stamp over the top of that and looks like it was cancelled twice "Moved Left No Address".  What I might do is send to this address again, hoping they forward.  Because even if she wasn't at that address, I don't think they'd forward three times anyway. A success though from Jim Henshaw (349) (Voice of Wicket in the cartoons).


Jim Henshaw

Kazarian, Spencer & Associates

1969 Ventura Blvd. 3rd Floor

Studio City, CA, 91604


04/11/02 Via a friend: Pip Miller (347) and Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings - My very first LOTR one).  Mail success: Colin Kitchens (348) (Film editor and Cantina voices).


Billy Boyd

Brunskill Management

Suite 8a

169 Queensgate

London SW7 5HE



Colin Michael Kitchens
P.O. Box 1301

Sausalito, CA 94965


04/10/02  Through a friend: Michael Kube-McDowell (344) (Author) and Jim Steranko (345) (Artists); Mail successes:  David Birney (radio dramas) and Alyson Court (346) (Ewok Cartoons). 


Michael P. Kube-McDowell
P.O. Box 22066
Lansing, MI 48909-2066


Jim Steranko


Sign up for the newsletter/then email for address to send the request


David Birney

Bret Adams Limited
448 West 44th St.
New York, NY 10036 USA 

Alyson Court

Newton-Landry Management
19 Isabella Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1M7 Canada 


04/09/02  RTS: Tim Dry (J'Qille/Mon Calamari) 25 Oxford Street London W1R 1RF England "Addressee Has gone away".  Trade: Phoebe Yiamkiati (343) (Young Jedi hopeful Mari Amithest) arrived late with a note from the post office that said "Damaged on route; please accept our sincerest apologies". Packaged well thankfully.


04/08/02 Mail successes: Graham Haley (341) (Droids Cartoons), and Don Francks (342) (Droids and Ewok Cartoons). 


Don Francks


Email Mr. Francks for where to send a request.


04/06/02  RTS: Marton Csokas (Poggle the Lesser) Melbourne Film Studios 117 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 Australia "Left Address"   Mail successes: Stuart Fell (339) (snow trooper) signed a CCG and two photos, and Tony Starr (340) (Gamorean Guard).  News: I got an Email from N1 Newsagency (after I threatened to make a site telling people they rip people off and upload it to every engine I could find...and after I tried emailing them nicely three times previously), said that they have begun getting over 50 orders a day from overseas.  They said all of a sudden this has happened and it was unexpected and apparently it was because of my post here).  They went on further to say 75% of these orders have resulted in chargebacks because their credit cards are not good.  He was not flattered by my threats and did say he was alone in doing the chargebacks and weeding out the good from the bad. In the meantime, do not order stamps from them till this is cleared up!  He also said that the business was not set up for individual orders.  It was set up for mass business. 


04/05/02 Purchase: Droids tape RTS: Jack Angel (Voice Artist) c/o Arlene Thorton & Associates, 12001 Venture Place Suite 201 Studio City, CA 91604   "Attempted Not Known" "Left Address". He was the voice of Teddy in A. I.  Mail success: Tak Fujimoto (338) (Photographer). 


Tak Fujimoto

c/o Skouras Agency

1149 3rd St, 3rd Floor
Santa Monica, California 90403


04/04/02 Purchase: Animation Cel.. RTS: Deep Roy (Droopy McCool) Stunt Guild, 72 Pembroke Road London N8 6NX, England.  Purchase: Weird Al Yankovich signed CD (336) (Parody Songwriter/artist). Though this was a purchase, he does sign and address below. Mail Success: Michael Frandy (337) (Imperial Shuttle Mechanic) signed photos. 


Weird Al Yankovich

Personal Friends of Al

8033 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90046


04/02/02  RTS:  Euisung Lee (Animatics Artist)  c/o Persistence of Vision Digital Entertainment, PO Box 170453 San Francisco, CA 94117 "Box Closed-No Forwarding order on File-unable to Forward". And RTS: R. K. Post (Artist) 19205 78th Street East, Bonny Lake, WA 98390 "Forwarding time Expired"


04/01/02 Happy April Fool's day! RTS: Stan Winston (Special Effects Makeup) c/o Stan Winston Studio 7904 Van Nuys Blvd. Ste. 501 Van Nuys, CA 91406 "moved, left no forwarding address" .  And RTS: Ian Gomez (Actor/Radio Dramas) C/O Stone Manners Agency, 8436 W 3rd St #740, Los Angeles, CA 90048 "no longer a client of Stone Manners". Mail success: Ann Sachs (335) (Princess Leia Radio Dramas). News: Do NOT buy stamps from the N1 Newsagency. I bought Aussie stamps from there and have NOT received them after 3 weeks.  I've emailed them to make sure they mailed them to me, and the company has NOT returned my emails. 


03/31/02 Happy Easter. Purchase: Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) comic book signed in blue sharpie


Mark Hamill

PO Box 124

Malibu, CA 90265


03/30/02  Purchase Brock Peters (334) (Actor/Radio Dramas) signed index. News: Brock Peters passed away in 2005


Brock Peters (did not answer my letter; so cannot say if he'll sign for you sorry)

1420 Rising Glen Rd

Los Angeles, CA 90069


03/29/02  Trade: Nick Maley (333) (Makeup Artist) signed CCG thanks Gerald. Purchase: She-Ra Cel. Note: Mr. Maley was offering his signature for 10.00. To get Mr. Maley's sig, you should visit his site and email from there.  Please note you can stay at his home in Antigua for a reasonable amount too!  Not only that, but you get to meet him and have dinner or drinks with him and hear some stories of over the 50 films he's worked on.  Great stuff.  Wish I could go.  Anyway, here's his site:


Nick Maley: http://1001resources.com/hosting/users/cinesecrets/cfMovieFrameFrames2.html


03/27/02 Purchase: Diahann Carroll (331) (Actress/Singer/Holiday Special) signed photo  Mail success: Michael Sorich (332) (Video Games). News: Salo Gardener said he was not in Star Wars; sorry guys. 


Michael Sorich

c/o Kazarian and Spencer

11365 Ventura Blvd. #100

Studio City, CA  91604


03/26/02 Personal signing: Kathy's Smee (Yoda Puppeteer). Thanks to Jeff and Dave Smee for their help and thanks to Kathy too! Several friends were included in this free signing; It's a great feeling to be able to give back once in a while. I was given a  Tickle and Patch's (Puppets) sig too. Trades: Ron Goodman (Aerial Cameraman ESB) (329) and Daniel Wallace (Author) (330).


03/25/02 News: Gus Lopez, fellow Star Wars collector (more so a memorabilia collector than an autograph collector) was features on the show Incurable Collector yesterday!  It was fascinating to get a view of his massive collection, which takes up about 7 rooms of his home.  Congrats to Gus. 


03/23/02 Purchase: David Birney (Radio Dramas) (though a purchase; he will sign so address below) (326) signed script. Mail success: Mark Capri (Officer McKae, ESB), signed a couple index cards, Leanna Walsman (327) (Zam Wesell) signed photos and, Jenny Cresswell (328) (Jenny Cut Scene Star Wars) I messed up and put an Ep I pic on her photos. 


David Birney

Artists Agency
448 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036


Leanna Walsman

c/o Brad Lafler Mgmt

9111 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

03/21/02 News: Autographs may be affected very soon for animators located at Disney. As you know, some Ex-Star Wars animators/illustrators work there; but Disney is cutting many jobs according to today's MSN.


03/20/02 Happy 1st Day of Spring!  Happy 21st birthday to my oldest son Jason.  VERY sad day for us:  we lost our beloved cat D.C. who had a tumor in his intestines. Trade: Dick Van Dyke (Actor) signed index. Via a friend: promo cards.  


Dick Van Dyke

c/o William Morris Agency

One William Morris Place

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


03/19/02 Trade: Michaela Cottrell (Even Piell). Purchase: She-Ra cel.  The cel is signed by Lou Scheimer (Producer), Creator of He Man and the Masters of the Universe


3/18/02 Mail success: Ian Watkin (325) (COO-2180). He wrote that he just got word his part was left on the cutting room floor!  He said Lucas apologized and said they might have him back for Episode III. I obtained Ian Watkins' signature via a play in Sydney Australia that is no longer valid, sorry.


03/17/02  Happy St Patrick's Day!  News: I've received an email from John Stocker (Ewok Cartoons) who told me he did voice work in both Ewoks & Droids cartoons. 


03/16/02 Via a friend: Michaela Cottrell (323) (Even Piell) and Peter Burroughs (324) (Ewok) 


03/14/02 News: Arno reports Christopher Malcolm's (Zev Senesca) address listed here may no longer be valid as he got a "gone away" RTS.  Sorry folks! 


03/13/02 News: Isaac Grand (Gammorean Guard/Cantina Patron), has passed away in January. I was wondering why I'd not heard back from him. He was a kind man. Mr. Grand had been ill for some time. 


03/11/02 Via a friend: John Altman (Rebel Pilot) signed/dedicated photo


John Altman

c/o East Enders

c/o BBC
Elstree Centre
Clarendon Road


03/09/02   Star Wars Celebration passes arrived; hotel arrangements made and trip routing completed.  Purchase: Medieval Arrow Tips to my artifact collection. Trade: Paul Weston (322) (Stunts Jedi). Purchase: ticket for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Screening of Return of the Jedi #595. News: Phil Eason's (Yaddle) (Yaddle) package came back to me RTS.  I must've sent it to his old address or he moved.  I can't check at I don't have his email address anymore!  Wiped out when my PC had a virus. Apologies to the two people who were forgotten or wanted Evolution cards on the first signing.  I'll try to contact Phil and try again and arrange a second signing.  For those not included in the first signing, e-mail me and let me know and I'll see what I can do. This all has taken more than 9 months already! If Mr. Eason reads this, I DID send you a whole bunch of cards for your own use as a thank you . . . they just came back!  News: The Force.Net reports that Claire Davenport (Yarna, Jabba's Dancer)  passed away March 4th. News: Greg Proops (Beed Annodue) will no longer sign autographs according to an official statement on his website.  


03/02/02  Mail success: David Dozoretz (Previsualization Effects Supervisor) two signed photos. Via Personal Signing: Deep Roy (320) (Droopy McCool), Trade item: George Roubicek (321) (Commander Praji - Imperial Officer #2 on rebel ship) signed trading card.

03/01/02  Purchase: Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) signed photo from the Hollywood Collector's show.


Carrie Fisher

1700 Coldwater Canyon

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


02/28/02  Mail success: Michonne Bourriague (Aurra Sing) signed three Evolution cards. Michonne only does conventions now and doesn't sign free ttm.  Also, it was c/o an Agency she no longer is a client of anyway.


02/27/02 Mail semi-success: Ray Armstrong (Actor) NOT the one from Star Wars.  It was another actor who signed my cards though. For NON-Star Wars Ray, write:


Ray Armstrong

Kremer Associates

Cameo House

11 Bear Street

London WC2H 7AS


02/25/02 Purchase: Droids cel. I got a letter from Pat Welsh (Author; not E. T. Voice) signed cards (even though I thought a different Pat Welsh who did E. T.). If you want the Pat Welsh who is the Gardening book author, write here:


Pat Welsh

PO Box 2509

Del Mar, CA 92014


02/24/02 Happy Dance: Paid my last car payment.  Purchases: Don Henley (Rock star) signed CD, Stephen Collins (Actor) signed photo and Charlton Heston (Actor) signed photo. 


Stephen Collins

9255 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 300

Los Angeles, CA, 90069


Charlton Heston

8942 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA, 90211-1934


02/19/02 Mail success: David Bowers (319) (Mas Amedda) Apparently, I was the first one to ask him for his autograph!   


02/18/02 Went to an antique store and purchased: Shirley Temple (Actress/Ambassador) first Edition "Child Star" autobiography.  For only $35.  When I got to the register, it was 20% off!  Purchase: He-Man cel  


02/16/02 Happy Birthday Scott! Mail success: Rino Romano (Video Game Voice Artist) (318). 


Rino Romano
c/o Sutton, Barth, & Vennari
145 S. Fairfax Avenue   #310
Los Angeles, CA   90036  


02/15/02  Mail success: Daniel Frischman (Actor "Head of the Class"). I thought he was Dan Frishman who was an Ewok. Dan signed for me anyway. For NON Ewok Dan, write here:


Dan Frischman

c/o Schiowitz, Clay, Ankrum & Ross

1680 North Vine St., Ste. 1016

Hollywood, CA, 90028


02/14/02  Happy Valentine's Day! Via a friend: Alan Harris (Bossk/Leia's Escort/Palpatine stand-in) item and Jerome Blake (Rune Haako/Mas Amedda/Oppo Rancisis/Orn Free Taa/Horox Ryder) item.


02/13/02  News: Carrie Fisher photos from Autograph Central:  Several have emailed asking about them.  I am not Autograph Central or affiliated with them after my own problems with them. Email Gary Price at gary@autographcentral.com. I've been told by some of you that some of the emails are not answered and many items not delivered for many months, or he's rude. There is nothing I can do though; sorry. Trade: Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) signed card. The card is a gift for someone who was very kind to me and her husband is a Fett fan. 


Jeremy Bulloch

10 Birchwood Road
London SW17 9BQ



02/11/02 Purchases: Ken Kelly (Artist) (317) signed comic and Care Bears animation cel.  Trades: Ailsa Berk (Amanaman) signed index card and Harrison Ford (Han Solo) preprint.  Mr. Ford's (along with Mr. Neeson) signature is the most forged signature in the SW listings on Ebay.  I've met only one person who got Mr. Ford's signature in person.  Mr. Ford doesn't sign ttm and even the PP's are not given out anymore. PP's serve as a good source of signature comparison.  Mail success: Donald Austen (Actor). I got the wrong Don Austen, but he signed my cards. He says his Equity name is James Austen but stage name is Donald Austen. For the NON Star Wars Don Austen write:


Donald Austen or James Austen

c/o British Actor's Equity

Guild House

Upper St. Martin’s Lane

London WC2H 9EG


Ailsa Berk

Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA


02/09/02 Mail successes: Jean Rabe (Author SW short story) (316) signed Dragon Lance book cover and Dragon Lance Silver Stair promo card, and Lev Mailer (317) (Holiday Special) signed cards.


Jean Rabe

Email Jean Rabe to get her address: jeanr@sff.net


02/08/02 Mail success: Rena Owen (Taun We/Nightclub patron) was a gracious signer. I had sent 5 requests and I apologize.  Apparently, most of my letters reached her.  I thought she was unreachable so kept sending to various addresses.  But she was just busy and is answering all your requests. Trade: Mark Siegel (314) (Pit Droid Operator) and Scott McNamara (Pitt Droid Operator) (315) . Gift from actor: Skywalker ranch item added to the collection: a calendar.   


Rena Owen

C/o Show Off New Zealand Ltd.

PO Box 2001


New Zealand


C/o Shanahan Mgmt

PO Box 478

Kings Cross NSW 2011



C/o Greene & Associates

526 N. Larchmont Blvd. Suite 201

Los Angeles, CA 90004


02/06/02 RTS: Jamison Jones (Video Game Voice Artist) 2110 Tavern Trail Los Angeles, CA 90046.    


02/04/02 News: Patriot's Win!  Not since the '85 Bowl have fans been this riled.  Now if the Sox could get over that curse...


02/03/02 News: Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow; 6 more weeks of winter. RTS: Tony Cox (Ewok) US Stunt Guild 10660 Riverside Drive 2nd Floor Ste. E Toluca Lake, CA 91602.  A visitor here tells us that his post office just got in another batch or IRC's and when post offices say they are doing away with IRC's, they may mean the old ones (and will be making new ones that cost more). 


01/28/02 Via a friend: Phil Fondacaro (313) (Ewok) index card.


Phil Fondacaro

Fonolli Management

1218 Osborne St.

Lakeview Terrace, CA, 91342


Phil Fondacaro

c/o Cunningham, Escott, Dipene

10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 130

Los Angeles, CA, 90025,


01/25/02 Mail success: Neil Ross (312) (Video Game Voice Artist).  


Neil Ross

C/O Cunningham-Escott-Dipene
10635 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90025


01/24/02 Trade: Jetsons buttons.  Viewable on my movie collectibles area on my family site: http://dahoov2.topcities.com 


01/23/02 News: Another report of a post office (this time in the USA) doing away with IRC's.  


01/21/02 News: Golden Globes a bust.  None of the SW people won. Harrison Ford got the Cecil B. De Mille Award. Hayden Christensen (Life as a House), John Williams (I forget which score), and Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge) were non-winners.  Ewan, deserved that award; I mean if Nicole Kidman won, he deserved it more!


01/19/02  Purchase: Dilbert cel.  Trade: Gene Wilder (Actor) signed index card and photo signed by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).  Mail success: Oliver Maguire (311) (Imperial Officer Lieutenant Cabbel) 2 index cards. 


Gene Wilder

c/o David Shapira and Associates

15821 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 235

Encino, CA 91436


Mark Hamill

PO Box 124

Malibu, CA 90265


01/18/02  Mail success: Nick Jameson (Video Game Voice Artist). Forwarded to second address that was illegible. On the back he wrote "sorry for the delay, my agent's merged with 2 other agencies and things got behind-including my mail."  


Nick Jameson

c/o Angel City Talent

4741 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #101

Valley Village, CA, 91607


01/16/02 Mail successes: Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar/Salacious Crumb/Sy Snootles) Mr. Rose said "Please don't tell your friends about me as I don't think I can keep up with requests" and David Greenway (310) (Puppeteer) who says he has moved to "greener pastures", and says, "I still smile to know that I was once 'the eyes of Yoda'".


01/14/02  Purchase: Warwick Davis (Wicket) signed Evolution card. Mail success: Nilos Rodis-Jamero (309) (Costume Designer).    


Nilos Rodis-Jamero

C/O Jacob and Cole Agency

6715 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 216

Los Angeles, CA, 90028


01/12/02 Trade: James Earl Jones (Voice of Darth Vader) card. Purchase: Michael Culver (Captain Needa) Evolution card. Mail successes: Jonathon Oliver (Stardestroyer Controller #2) and Jack Rader (308) (Holiday Special). Mr. Oliver said he admired my tenacity & detective work. A compliment? Never thought I was tenacious!


01/10/02 RTS for Franki Anderson (Bubo).  The Spotlight 7 Leicester Place- London -WC2H 7RJ England "Not the same Franki Anderson".  Mail successes: Nick Read (Ewok) (see below for address) and  Patty Maloney (Lumpy in Holiday Special). 

01/09/02  News: Beware of several fakes on Ebay including Evolution cards.  Seller: Bubble-N-Squeak. Next, RTS: Jamison Jones (Video Game Voice Artist) - Henderson Hogan Talent Agency, 274 South Beverly Drive #102 Beverly Hills, CA 90210.  There's a forwarding address but looks like they forwarded it and it came back "Attempted not known". I'll resend to that address to make sure. Mail successes: Jay Benedict (Deak in cut scenes) and  Nick Read (307) (Ewok) signed my photos and confirmed Carol is his mom. Said he's been busy and had some problems and is way behind in his mail.  He seems to intend to answer all mail.  So anyone who has requests out, hang in there!

Nick Read

C/O Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street

01/08/02 Trade items: John Betancourt (304) (Author), Marina Fitch (305) (Co-author of short story in Jabba's Palace), Mark Budz (306) (Co-author story in Jabba's palace) and Mail success: Jack Thompson (Clegg Lars) signed index. 


Marina Fitch

Email her for her address: mym@cruzio.com


Mark Budz

Email him for his address: mark@markbudz.com

01/07/02 Purchase: Adam Arkin (300) (Radio Dramas) signed index. RTS: Rob Paulsen (Video Game Voice Artist) c/o Sutton Barth & Vennari - 1455 Fairfax Avenue #310 - Los Angeles, CA  90036.  There's another address on the envelope I'll try.  Mail successes: Grey De Lisle (301) (SW games but known as country singer/model/actress) signed 3 items and sent a CD, Trevor Jones (302) (Ewok) and Alan Bennett (303) (Ewok).


Grey De Lisle

C/o Sandie Schnarr Talent

8500 Melrose #212

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Trevor Jones

C/O Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


Alan Bennett

C/O Willow Personal Management

151 Main Street


01/06/02 News: American Film Institute had it's first award show last night and sadly, Dennis Muren didn't win for SFX.  Not only that, but when Lord of the Rings won best picture of the year, the producer thanked all major cast members save one:  Christopher Lee!  Shame on you! 


01/05/02  RTS: Nick Jameson (Video Game Voice Artist); C/O Angel City Talent 1680 Vine Street #716 Los Angeles, CA 90028.  Mail successes: Joe Corroney (298) (Artist) who signed tiny pics and drew Fett for Jeremy, and John Pedrick (299) (Ewok) - item obtained via venue and no longer valid, sorry. 


Joe Corroney

PO Box 12172

Columbus, OH 43212-0172

01/04/02  Mail success: John Ghavin (297) (Ewok) - item obtained via venue; address no longer valid sorry.  Purchase: Colin Powell (Military/Political) signed book.  


01/02/02  Trade: Friday Wilson (296) (Eirtaé) signed 8x10