12/31/01 RTS: Paul Kanter (Jefferson Starship) 2051 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94107. "Please forward"  5421 Anza Street; the zip was x'd .  Don't know if they forwarded. 


12/29/01 News:  Decipher lost their license with Lucasfilm.  Decipher won't be making CCG for Star Wars anymore. Here's an email to complain to:  consumer_support@hasbro.com and the Lucasfilm Director of Domestic Licensing: casey.collins@lucasfilm.com.  You can write to:   


Lucas Licensing Ltd.
Casey Collins/Director of Domestic Licensing
Address: P.O. Box 2009
San Rafael, CA 94912
Phone: 415-662-1566

If you've questions about Star Wars licenses, contact: Howard Roffman howard.roffman@lucasfilm.com or Kerry Phelan kerry.phelan@lucasfilm.com


12/27/01 Trades: John Lithgow (291) (Actor Radio Dramas) signed photo, Ed Begley Jr (292) (Actor Radio Dramas) signed index, Hilton McRae (293) (Arvel Crynynd -Green Leader) signed photo, Rick McCallum (294) (Stromtrooper Producer) signed photo and Temuera Morrison (295) (Jango Fett) signed index. Purchase: George Stephanopoulos (Political Analyst) signed book.


12/26/01 News: According to Mr. St. Amand, the 1st time he worked on Star Wars was for "Empire Strikes Back",  where he helped build the AT-AT's and Taun Tauns. He also worked on "Return of the Jedi",  where he worked on creatures and scout walkers. Many think Mr. St. Amand was a creature in the Cantina scenes but he says no. 


12/24/01 Trades: Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and Bob Anderson (289) (Stunts/Imperial Officer/Vader SE) signed photos.  Via friends: Jack Thompson (290) (Clegg Lars) signed index and Oliver Ford Davies (Sio Bibble) signed card.  


12/22/01 Mail success: Gary Martinez (Video Game Voice Artist) signed photos. 


Gary Martinez

6212 B Buena Vista Drive
Newark, CA 94560


12/21/01 Purchase: Gene Autry (Singer/Actor) signed magazine photo. RTS's: Andy Cunningham (Elephant Mon) Upper Mealines 20 - Harlow, Essex CM187AH -England "Not Known at this Address"  And RTS: Jane Busby (Chief Chirpa) RR #1 Box 76-A - Milen, GA 30442.  Note said, "We were the ones in baseball"


12/21/01  RTS Margarita Fernandez (Ewok) and Kevin Thompson (Ewok). "Not members of the US Stunt Guild":10660 Riverside Drive 2nd Floor Suite E Toluca Lake, CA 91602.  Mail success: Tony McVey (288) (Concept Sculptor) who says: "I designed many characters in ROJ, the translation from drawing to working puppet or costume often required changes to make the creatures work properly for the camera. So I, along with several others on the team, had a hand in re-designing many of the creatures seen in Jabba's Sail barge sequence. However, the 1 character I did from start to finish was Salacious Crumb. For Ep I, I worked on various sea monsters, Gungan warriors & the animals they used as transportation, and Jar Jar Binks, although I did not design the final look of his head. Ep 2, I was asked to re-sculpt Yoda plus one other winged insect alien."


12/20/01 Christmas card signed by: Kevin Anderson (Author), Rebecca Moesta (Author) and Deb Ray.  Mail success: Michael Leader (287) (Stormtrooper) signed photos (not sure if still at East Enders; that is where my success came from I think).


12/18/01 Purchase: Dave Barclay (286) (Jabba Puppeteer) signed CCG


12/15/01 Trade: Patty Maloney (285) (Lumpy Holiday Special) signed card. Purchase: Patrick McNee (Actor) signed photo.  News: This is when I backtracked and started counting my graphs.  I started here with the numbering system


12/13/01 RTS: Alan Ruscoe (Plo Koon) 1 Southampton Street-London WC2R 0LR - England. Mail successes: Stephen Calcutt (Vader/Chewy stand in) signed 2 photos and 1 Evolution card. He tells me he signed on to do a cantina alien but they made it animated.  Under contract, they decided to ask him to be a Chewy/Vader stand-in since he's tall. He's in the new Harry Potter film as a Wizard, and Hugh Spight (Puppeteer) kept my cards but sent a signed Dark Crystal photo.  


Stephen Calcutt

Ugly Enterprises Ltd. agencies
Tigris House

256 Edgware Rd

London W2 1DS


12/12/01 Trade item: Oliver Walpole (Seek) signed card. Friend sent me a the best gift: Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) and George Lucas (Writer/Director/Producer) Inscribed index cards he got in person.


12/10/01 Purchases: Caroline Blakiston (Mon Mothma), Dermott Crowley (General Crix Madine) and Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar; Salacious Crumb) Evolution Cards. Mail successes: semi-success from Marty Balin (Rock musician/Holiday Special) sent several sheets of paper printed off the PC with his image and other things, but all the signatures are printed; not real, but he sent a CD!  He didn't return the photos I made.  The second success is odd. Ian McCaig (Concept Artist) signed 1 index card. Here's why it's odd:  I sent 2 requests.  One in 2000 to ILM but that was an RTS.  Then one to his studio in CA, but I got a success from that in April. I never sent a 3rd request!  The return envelope is from Canada and it's not my envelope. I'm confused as to why he signed again and don't know what address this would've come from.


12/04/01 News: George Miller (suspected Gammorean Guard), will not answer fan mail.  His son said the father can't sign anymore. News: Someone told me Harrison Ellenshaw went by PS Ellenshaw but then became confused with his Dad.  So he reverted to Harrison. 


12/01/01 Mail success  Aaron Allston (Author) index cards and bookplate.


Aaron Allston

Email Aaron for his address: allston@AaronAllston.com


11/30/01 Mail success Tim Dry (J'Quille/Mon Calamari, Tanus Dry, Spijek, Whiphid and Captain Verrack) signed index card


Tim Dry

Email Tim Dry for his address: tim@timdry.co.uk


11/28/01 Purchases: Michonne Bourriague (Aurra Sing) Evolution Autograph card and Steve Perry (Ex Lead singer of Journey) signed photo. Via a friend James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) dual signed postcard.  


11/26/01 Private signing: Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks) signed photo.    


11/20/01 Mail success:  Matt Doran (Elan Sleazebaggano) signed two index cards


11/19/01 Mail success: Isaac Grand (Gamorrean Guard) signed two cards. News: Mr. Grand is still recuperating so please don't bother him right now. News: Mr. Grand passed away in 2003 


11/18/01 Mail successes: Warwick Davis (Wicket the Ewok) inscribed Evolution card, Alan Harris (Rebel Tech Mechanic, double for 33PO, Bossk and Terrence Stamp) signed photo and Michael Henbury Balen (Ewok) signed photo. Purchase: Olivia Hussey (Actress) index card/mounted with photo. 


Warwick Davis

151 Main Street


11/16/01  News: A friend went to Flat Earth productions as talked about on 11/14/01. Turns out it's a Mail Boxes Etc. Address still viable according to a source, but it's not the physical address. 


11/15/01  Purchase: Ken Colley (Captain Piett) Evolution card. 


11/14/01 Mail success: Rena Owen


Rena Owen

c/o Greene and Associates  

7080 Hollywood Blvd. Ste. 1017

Hollywood, CA, 90028  


11/14/01 Note: Doug Beswick (Stop Motion/Animation):  A friend got an RTS from the address I got a success from.  I am thinking that Flat Earth moved down the street about the time I sent my request. He got an RTS with this address handwritten on it:


Doug Beswick

Flat Earth Productions Inc.
10061 Riverside Dr. # 779
Toluca Lake, CA 91602-2560


The address I had given him was "x'd" out. Mine was probably forwarded or received before the move and his returned. Might have been a matter of days. He went to the address I gave him and saw they moved. He's checking out the new addy in person. News: Barry Copping never did Star Wars. He was under contract for it, but backed out of his contract and never did it. 


11/13/01 Purchase: Femi Taylor (Jabba's Dancer Oola) and Michael Sheard (Admiral Ozzel) Evolution cards. Mail successes: Harrison Ellenshaw (Matte Painting Spvsr) and Peter Ellenshaw (Matte Painter) each signed an index card and photos.


11/09/01 Purchase: Maurice Sendak (Author) signed Nutcracker book. Personal signing (with help of friend and Kathy's dad):  Kathy Smee (Puppeteer). She did a private signing for me and select friends.


11/08/01  Trades: Greg Proops (Beed Annodue) signed Evolution card and Paul Gleason (Jeremitt Towani Ewok movie) signed CCG.


11/07/01  Note: A big discrepancy in the signatures from the trade item I got and what I got today through the mail today: Doug Beswick  Trade was from a trusted friend.  He'd not lie.  He said he got his success from ILM.  More ILM madness? Today's success came from this address:


C/O Flatearth Productions

4405 Riverside Drive Suite 205

Burbank, California 91505


He got his success quickly.  It took 10 months to get mine.  I've no idea which is correct or if Mr. Beswick's signature has changed drastically. ILM has had problems before. Phil Eason, Paul Martin Smith, George Lucas and C Andrew Nelson's signatures have all been shown not to be right (coming from ILM) at varying times. Yet those getting signatures have proven to me with envelopes showing postmarks to be coming from San Rafael. It's my opinion that ILM signatures are suspect. Don't send requests to ILM.  They have put out an announcement that fan mail will not be opened anyway due to the Anthrax scares.  For now, I'll keep both signatures on my site for reference.     


11/06/01 Mail successes: Christopher Truswell (Commerce Guild President Shu Mai/IG Banking Clan Chairman San Hill/Foreman Wat Tambor/RIC-920/Lt. Sun Fac/Lt. Sun Rit), Jay Benedict (Deak Cut scenes) and Graeme Hattrick (Mime Artist). RTS: Anthony Forrest (Fixer Cut Scenes) C/O Graysphere Entertainment Group PO Box 41144 Pasadena, CA 91114-8144 "Box Closed-No Order"


11/05/01 Trade items: Stephen Calcutt (Stand in for Chewbacca and Darth Vader) and Jonathon Oliver (Stardestroyer Controller #2). Mail success: Hugh Quarshie (Captain Panaka) signed photos and Cy Town (Stormtrooper) signed photo card, CCG cards and Widevision card. Purchases: Burl Ives (Folk Singer/Ewok films) signed calling card and Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) photo.  Note: I wrote to Hugh somewhere else but can't give that out so gave you another; hope it's still valid.


Cy Town

c/o Ugly and Rage

Tigris House

256 Edgeware Rd.

London W2 1DS



Hugh Quarshie

c/o Holby City
5th Floor Production Office
Neptune House
BBC Elstree
Clarendon Road


11/02/01  Purchase: Phil Brown (Uncle Owen) Evolution card. Trade item: Terry McGovern (Stormtrooper/Voices) trading card. Note: Phil Brown is ill and can no longer sign and good luck with Mr. McGovern; wasn't nice to me.  He rudely told me no.  I guess he was having a bad day!


11/01/01  RTS: Robert Denham (Hrchek Kal Fas-Crocker #1)  609 W. Jasmine Las Cruces, NM 88005. 


10/30/01  Trade item: Joel Edgerton (Uncle Owen) signed printout. 


10/29/01  Mail success: Brian Wheeler (Ewok), signed my cards and sent a nice photo. Trade items: Phil Tippett signed index card, Brigitte Kahn signed inscribed index card, Cy Town photo signed, and Rob Coleman signed Watto card.  Purchases: Lewis MacLeod and Mercedes N'Goh Evolution cards and Marty Balen signed photo. 


Brian Wheeler

c/o Willow  Personally Management

151 Main Street


10/28/01  News: ILM is no longer accepting fan mail. 


10/27/01 Mail success: Tom St. Amand 


10/24/01 Purchase: Little River Band (Rock Band we saw them last summer) signed photo. Mail success: James Luceno (Author)


James Luceno

c/o c/o "Del Rey" Publicity
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019


10/23/01 Mail successes: Ann Margaret (Actress) signed two photos via venue which is now closed (sorry), Alan Harris signed four Evolution cards (for my friends), Mark Jones signed 4 index cards and sent two photos and Phil Eason signed several cards in a signing for my friends and sent a photo and invitation. Note: Ann Margaret was via a play venue in Norfolk, VA no longer valid. As stated below, Phil Eason I no longer have an address for; I saved the wrong one accidentally.  


10/22/01 Purchase: Mike Quinn (Nien Nunb) Evolution card.  RTS: Marton Csokas (Poggle the Lesser) "Garage Days" Mystery Clock Cinema 27 Renny Street Paddington, NSW 2021 Australia.  Handwritten note said Please forward to:  43 Ealington Avenue Lidcombe, Australia. Stamped "unclaimed".   


10/20/01 Michael Henbury Balen (Ewok) through a friend in person. News: Gersh Agency - no longer accepting fan mail and is directly related to "anthrax scare" via phone call.  International Creative Management - depends on the client.


10/19/01 News: James Earl Jones (Voice of Darth Vader) refusing mail due to Anthrax scare.  Do not send requests to the William Morris Agency. 


10/18/01 RTS: Graeme Hattrick (Mime Artist) c/o Director's guild of Great Britain Acorn House 2nd Floor 314-320 Gray's Inn Road London WC1X 8DD. 

10/16/01 RTS: Mark Roper (PK-4) "No such Street"-Cavalier& Associates 27 22nd Street Suite 200 Burbank, CA 91506 and RTS from Maury Chaykin 8809 Beverly Blvd. #709 Los Angeles, CA 90048.  Through the mail success: John Dicks (Imperial Officer Captain Lennox).  Via trade: Thomas Isley (Ponda Baba/Deceased) inscribed signed index card. News: Thomas Isley is deceased.

10/11/01 Purchases: Paul Blake (Greedo) and Dalyn Chew (Lyn Me) Evolution cards.  Trades: Doug Beswick, Rose Byrne and Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Author). 

Kristin Kathryn Rusch

P.O. Box 479

Lincoln City, OR  97367


10/10/01 Purchase: Michael Pennington (Moff Jerjerrod) Evolution card.   

10/05/01 A friend got in person for me: Rick Baker (Makeup) signed index card. 

10/04/01 Mail success: Veronica Segura  (Corde) sent a photo (she sent this extra; I didn't rewrite). Note: Veronica moved twice since my success; I don't know where she's at now, sorry. 

10/02/01 Purchase: Grace Slick (Rock Star/Jefferson Starship) signed index card.   

09/25/01 Mail success: Kiran Shah (Ewok) signed index cards. 


Kiran Shah

c/o Willow  Personally Management

151 Main Street


09/24/01 Trade items: Koo Stark (Camie cut scenes) and Ben Burtt (Sound master). Mail successes: RA Salvatore (Author) signed 2 index cards, Khan Bonfils signed cards and Geoffrey Pomeroy signed two index cards.  He explains the character of General Ceel in Episode I was not really cut, but combined with Captain Tarpals.  Sometimes you see Steven Spiers and sometimes you are seeing him; in the parade sequence where Gungans get off the Kaadus and go up stairs, there is Jar Jar, Boss Nass and him.


RA Salvatore has E-signings on his site: Buy items and he'll autograph them here: http://www.rasalvatore.com/default.aspx or you can TRY writing here:

c/o Book Publishing
Wizards of the Coast
P O Box 707
Renton, WA 98055-0707


09/21/01 Mail success: Mark Austin.  (This was c/o Disney, but I am not sure with the cutbacks, if he made the cut and is still there sorry).


09/17/01 Mail success Eric Walker (Ewok Films).  You probably should go to his website and see how much he's charging now before writing.


Eric Walker

5632 Van Nuys Blvd.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91401


09/15/01 Purchase: Kevin Costner (Actor) from a friend got it by mail, but it's probably secretarial. Trade: Dalyn Chew (Jabba's Dancer Lyn Me) Evolution card.  


09/14/01 Purchase: Kato Kaelin (Notorious OJ Simpson Houseguest) signed book. 


09/13/01 Mail success: Bonnie Piesse (Aunt Beru) (she said it was her very first fan letter-I am her especially after meeting her!)


09/12/01 RTS: Olivia Hussey (Video Game Voice Artist/Actress), PO Box 2131 Crestline, CA 92325-2131 "Forwarding order expired"  and, RTS: Gerald Home (Tessek/Mon Calamari) c/o Karen Kay Management P.O. Box 446 Auckland 1 New Zealand. Mail success: Lightening Bear (Stormtrooper/Stunts) and Swim Lee (Puppeteer) signed two index cards and some special items. News: Mr. Lee does not wish to receive fan mail and asked to be left alone.


09/11/01 On this sad day and Jeremy's 18th Birthday, Mail success: Tracey Eddon (C-3PO double/stunts) signed two index cards. 


09/10/01 Private signing: Hugh Quarshie (Captain Panaka) signed photo. 


Hugh Quarshie

c/o Holby City

BBC Bristol
PO Box 2183



09/08/01 Purchase: Donald Trump (Business) signed book and Steve Sansweet (Extra/Fan Relations ILM) signed promo card.  Mail success: Veronica Segura (Corde).  


Veronica moves a lot... email her at: artemisaelf@yahoo.com to ask for information.


09/07/01  RTS: Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) c/o Christensen Communications 414 St. Germain Street Toronto, Ontario MSM 1W7 Canada. Mail successes: Christopher Malcolm (Zev Senesca) two index cards, Vic Armstrong (Stunts) two index cards, Gerald Home (Squid Head/Mon Calamari) two index cards and Harvey Korman (Actor/Comedian) signed a photo inscribed to me. One of the great ones.... 


Vic Armstrong

he Stunt Register
c/o Equity
Guild House
Upper Saint Martins Lane

United Kingdom


Gerald Home

Vincent Shaw Associates Ltd
51 Byron Road
E17 4SN


09/03/01 RTS: Val Kilmer (Actor) P.O. Box 362 Tesque, NM 87574-0362 "Forwarding order Expired".  Mail successes: Timothy Zahn (Author) bookplate, index card and a couple of his own; Colin Skeaping (Stunts/Double for Mark Hamill) signed two index cards and Michael Carter (Bib Fortuna) signed two index cards. I believe my success for Michael Carter was care of the Star Wars Fan Club which no longer forwards mail.  Sorry.


09/02/01 Saw Survivor (Rock band) and REO Speedwagon (Rock band) in concert in Virginia Beach. 


09/01/01 Saw Kansas (Rock band) and Wild Kingdom (Rock band) last night in Virginia Beach. Something I had for a long time and just re-found: In person: Chuck McElroy (pitcher for the San Diego Padres).  When we got the signature, he was a Chicago Cubs relief pitcher.


08/29/01  Mail success: Phil Eason (Yaddle). Trade: Tracey Eddon or Eden (C-3PO double/stunts). Mail/email success: Earl Charles Spencer (Princess Diana's brother) signed three books I purchased.  I messed up and saved the wrong address for Mr. Eason so I no longer have current information...


08/28/01 Mail success: Andy Mangels (Author) signed bookplate and index card with Fett drawn on it. 


Andy Mangels

P.O. Box. 3226

Portland, OR  97208-3226


08/27/01 Purchases: Connie Stevens (Actress), Lauren Becall (Actress), Ernest Borgnine (Actor) and Mike Douglas (Talk Show Host) Walk of fame cards.  Mail success: Malcolm Tierney (Lt. Shann Childsen). 


Malcolm Tierney

Gavin Barker Associates
2d Wimpole Street
London W1G 0EB



08/25/01 Mail success:  Simon Williamson (Max Rebo) signed two cards.


08/24/01 Mail semi-success: Mark Hamill (rubber-stamped)  Thank you gift from friend: Lightning Bear (Stormtrooper/Stunts) signed card.  


Mark Hamill

PO Box 124

Malibu, CA 90265


08/21/01 Note: I've been told the Phil Eason (Yaddle) signed card is fake (by Mr. Eason).  The person I traded with says it was an ILM success from Feb-March of this year.  So here we go again with the ILM problems!  Mr. Eason has generously offered to sign a replacement card for me. 


08/19/01 Mail success: Kiera Knightly (Sabé) signed a Widevision and index card.  News: Kiera stopped signing in 2004


Kiera Knightley

C/O Lindy King

Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London WC2B-5HA



08/17/01 RTS: Irvin Kershner (Director) c/o BBC Television Centre Wood Lane London W12 7RJ England.  "Address Unknown, Please Return to Sender".  


08/13/01 RTS: Joel Edgerton (Owen Lars) c/o Two Planks and a Passion1 Carrington Street Balmain NSW 2041 Australia.  "Incomplete Address" and handwritten:  51 Wolseley Street Drummoyne 2047 Australia. This too was an RTS.  News: More ILM madness. My letter to Michelle Taylor, c/o ILM was sent to Wizards of the Coast.  Wizards sent me another letter stating I need to join the fan club.  Well for the zillionth time, I AM a member and will NOT pay another $40 to join so they can turn around and forward my mail to the same place I mailed it to in the FIRST place. 


08/12/01 We saw the Chorus Line. Our tickets said Row EE Orchestra 5 seats 19 and 20 and I thought I'd be off to the side 5-10 rows back on the end... but we were in the VERY 1st Row exactly in the center.  The BEST seats in the house!  


08/11/01 Mail success: Howard Gersh (Digital Effects).


Howard Gersh

c/o ILM

PO Box 2459

San Rafael, CA 94912


08/09/01 Trade item: Ryan Stiles (Comedian) 


08/07/01  Toby Philpott (Jabba Puppeteer) signing complete.  I got a couple signed trading cards and signed photo.


Visit Toby's site and get information from there: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/toby.p/


08/06/01  Via a friend: Denny Delk (Stormtrooper voice/ADR/Cartoon voices) signed CCG cards.


Denny Delk

Music Annex Recording

69 Green Street 

San Francisco, CA 94111

08/03/01 Mail success: Jim Bloom (co/Associate Producer).  Trade item: Colin Mocherie (Comedian). 


Jim Bloom

Tippett Studio
2741 10th Street
Berkeley, Ca. 94710


08/02/01 Trade item: Shane Rimmer (Rebel Tech) CCG.


08/01/01 Via purchase: Star Wars Galaxy card signed by Michael Allred (Artist). 


07/31/01 Mail success:  Richard Chew (Editor) signed index cards.


Richard Chew

c/o Motion Picture Editor's Guild

7715 Sunset Blvd. Suite 200
Hollywood, CA 90046


07/28/01 News: Nothing today except a disturbing email from Paul Martin Smith, editor of Phantom Menace.  Mr. Smith told me the signatures I have are NOT his. I mailed my request off to him early this year and got a 'success'  Feb 2001.  I sent my request off to: Lucasfilm P.O. Box 2009 San Rafael, CA 94912. I got the index cards back with my SASE, postmarked San Rafael, CA.  This is cause for concern.  I sent the letter off and it was returned signed. If he didn't sign them, WHO did?Some weird happenings at ILM still.  


07/27/01  E-mail success  from Steve Smith (ex-drummer of Journey) signed photo. 


For information about Steve, visit his website: http://www.vitalinformation.com


07/26/01 Mail success: Cam Kennedy (Artist) signed drawing on index card. 


Cam Kennedy

PO Box 17270

Encino, CA 91416


07/23/01 Mail success: Andy Secombe (Watto) signed Evolution card 3 index cards and signed promo card: Mike Quinn (Nein Nunb).  Via purchase: Heath Ledger (Actor) signed index card.  


Andy Secombe

Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA


Mike Quinn

Email Mike for address: mike@quinnzone.com


07/20/01  E-mail success: Norm Abrams signed 8x10 photo. Mail successes: Adrian Dunbar (Bail Antilles/cut) and Jason Baird


Norm Abrams

The New Yankee Workshop
P.O. Box 9345

South Burlington, VT, 05407-9345


07/17/01 Mail success: Guy Boyd who signed only one of two cards. 

Guy Boyd

6500 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 550

Los Angeles, CA, 90048


07/16/01 Mail semi-success: Scott Bakula (Actor) preprinted postcard.  Scott was rumored to be an officer in ESB, but it was Mark Jones, who looks like Mr. Bakula.   

Scott Bakula

15300 Ventura Blvd. #315

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-3139


07/11/01 Mail successes: Adrian Dunbar  (Bail Antilles/cut) signed index cards and Trisha Noble (Jobal Naberrie) signed index cards.


Trisha Noble

c/o Lee Leslie Management

72 Glebe Point Road

Glebe, NSW 2037



07/09/01 Via a friend: Kelvin Pike (Camera Operator) signed Star Wars Galaxy card. Mail successes: Tom Sylla (Stormtrooper/Cantina Voices) who talks about how the sounds were made etc. Apparently he had a few lines, donned a Stormtrooper costume and had a line in ROJ as well. Also, Karol Cristina da Silva (Rabe) and Shane Rimmer (Rebel Tech).

Kelvin Pike

c/o British Society of Cinematographers Office
11 Croft Road
Chalfont St Peter
Gerrards Cross


Karol Cristina Da Silva

c/o Michelle Braidman

3rd Floor Suite

10/11 Lower John Street

London, W1F 9EB



07/08/01 Went to the Monkee's concert last night. "The Natural" played first. No autographs obtained/

07/07/01 RTS: Trevor Jones (Ewok) Billy Marsh Associates 174-178 North Gower Street London NW12NB England "Wrong Trevor Jones".  And RTS: Hugh Quarshie (Captain Panaka); P.O. Box 20092 London NW2 6FJ England "Gone Away". 

07/06/01 Purchase: Celia Imrie (Fighter Pilot Bravo 5).

07/04/01 We went to a free concert and saw the Four Tops (I believe three are original) and Starship. Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa) signed photo via purchase.

07/03/01 I got an email from Steve Smith (ex Journey drummer)! Mail success: Ronald Falk (Dexter Jettster).  RTS: Christopher Malcolm (Zev Senesca) C/O Apt. 6 7 Courtfield Road London SW7 4DB England. I was mailed Tatooine Sand from my friend. I obtained Ronald Falk's signature via a play in Australia.  He does theatre constantly, so try looking for him via that avenue.

07/02/01  RTS for Ray Armstrong (Ewok), KREMER ASSOCIATES Cameo House 11 Bear Street London WC2H 7AS England.  Mail success: Sadie Corre (Ewok) (Sorry, due to the nature of how I obtained Ms. Corre's signature, I cannot help; it was through a third party who knows her).

06/30/01 Purchase: Sofia Coppola (Sache) signed photo.

06/29/01 Via purchase: a signed set of drumsticks from Journey's Dean Castronovo (Journey Drummer); turns out they're PRINTED ...not his actual sig.

06/28/01 Went to the Journey, Frampton and John Waite concert and autographs from: Journey (Rock Group), Peter Frampton (Rock Star) and John Waite (Rock Star) signatures from all of them except Steve Augeri... Journey's includes: Neal Schon (Journey), Jonathon Cain (Journey), Ross Valory (Journey).  We were like 10 feet away at times. I got in-persons from Jeff (Deejay) and MC (Deejay) of the FOX 106.9 FM as well. 


06/27/01I ordered via email free Barry Watson (Actor) and Rob Lowe (Actor) 'autographed' photos and they sent a third of Vince Vaughn (Actor) but as suspected, all were preprints. SFM

Studio Fan Mail (some major celebs use this and you get only preprinted items; not legitimate autographs)

1122 South Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


06/26/01 RTS: Alan Bennett (Ewok) c/o PFD Drury House 34-43 Russell Street London WC2B 5HA England "Wrong Alan Bennett".


06/25/01  RTS: Michael McCormick (Puppeteer) C/O Lucas Learning P.O. Box 10667 San Rafael, CA 94912 "Return to Sender No Longer At This Address". Mail successes: Christopher Lee (Count Dooku) singed an index,  Adam Bareham (Stardestroyer Controller #1) signed two index cards and a photo, Sadie Eddon (Reegesk) signed 2 index cards (sorry, the address used for Sadie Eddon was a stunt agency that will no longer pass on mail to their clients). Lastly, Malcolm Tierney (Lt Shann Childsen) signed two b/w photos and one inscribed index card.

Christopher Lee

c/o Jean Diamond London Management

2-4 Noel St. London WLV 3RB

United Kingdom


Malcolm Tierney

c/o Gavin Barker Associates
2d Wimpole Street


06/22/01 We went to Jamestown (1st settlement in US ) and I picked up a souvenir: two pieces of brick that were just barely sticking out the ground!  This brick was made as early as 1607! Jamestown was founded on my birthday, May 14th, 1607.

06/21/01 Mail success: Wilford Brimley (Noa Battle for Endor) Ewok movie signed index card, Paul Huston (model maker), Paul Blake (Greedo) and Claudia Karvan (Sola Naberrie) Ep II!

Wilford Brimley

415 N Camden Dr Suite 121

Beverly Hills CA 90210


Paul Huston

c/o ILM

PO Box 2459

San Rafael, CA 94912


Claudia Karvan

c/o R.G.M

Suite 202, 64-66 Kippax St

Surry Hills




06/20/01 RTS: Christopher Malcolm (Zev Senesca) C/O Incoming Mail BBC Television Wood Lane London W12 7RJ England and another RTS for Deep Roy (Droopy McCool)  C/O Bookings 1736 N MacCadden Place Hollywood, CA 90028.

06/19/01 Mail successes: Peter Suschitzky (Director of Photography), signed two index cards and James Taylor (Rune Haako) of Episode I (not the singer) signed two index cards.  


Peter Suschitzky

Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA


06/17/01 Trade items: Mark Silk (Aks Moe) signed CC, Carel Struycken (King Terak Battle for Endor) signed photo and Dan Madsen (Kaadu Handler) signed photo. Eric Walker of the Ewok movies emailed me; you can purchase a signed photo by sending $10 or you can have your items signed for $5 by sending to:


Eric Walker

5632 Van Nuys Blvd.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91401


Mail success for Christopher Lee (Count Dooku) signed two index cards and isn't allowed to sign Ep II stuff until after the film comes out. RTS for Ray Parks (Darth Maul) I sent to an address for Ray and somehow, Wizards of the Coast ended up with the letter....I can't explain it; it's more fan club madness.  News: Christopher Lee stopped signing in 2003 and then started charging, then sent a few "rubber stamps" and then stopped again.  A few here and there "successes" but it's not known the status as of 2006.


Christopher Lee

c/o Jean Diamond London Management

2-4 Noel St. London WLV 3RB

United Kingdom


06/16/01  Mail successes: Sal Fondacaro (Ewok).  Signed one index card. 


06/15/01  I found Scott's Bill Clinton (Ex-President of the US) signature. Most likely autopen. Obtained via inter-office hand down..


06/14/01 RTS: Dermott Crowley (General Crix Madine) C/O BBC Television Centre Wood Lane London W12 7RJ England. Multi-signed item purchase: Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissean), Mike Quinn (Nien Nunb/Ree-Yees/Sy Snootles/Yoda/Wol Cabbashite), Joe Viskocil (Special Effects), Maria de Aragon (Greedo) and Shannon Baksa (Mara Jade Skywalker). 


06/13/01 Mail success: Chris Saunders (Daultay Dofine) signed index cards and one Young Jedi card signed on the back. 


06/11/01 Trade item: Mark Capri (Officer M'kae) signed CCG. Mail successes: Matt Rowan (Senator Orn Free Taa) signed 2 index cards and Alethea McGrath (Jocasta Nu) signed 2 index cards and small signed b/w photo. Ms. McGrath was via a play in Australia that is no longer valid, sorry. 


06/09/01 RTS: Harrison Ellenshaw (Matte Painting Supervisor) c/o Buena Vista Visual Effects The Walt Disney Company 500 South Buena Vista Street  Burbank, CA 91521. Trade item: Stuart Freeborn (Makeup/Creature Design) signed CCG.  Also a gift: James Luceno (Author) signed index. 


06/08/01 Purchase: Ravenwood (Artist) Star Wars Episode I hardcover comic signed/numbered 229 of 750.  


06/07/01 Mail success: Sally Ride (Astronaut). To get her autograph, please send a check or money order for $15 to her charity. Mail success: Susie Porter (Waitress Hermione Bagwa).  


Dr. Sally Ride (Director)
California Space Institute
University of California at San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093


Susie Porter

c/o Robyn Gardner Management

Suite 202, 64-66 Kippax St

Surry Hills




06/05/01 Mail success: Howard Kazanjian (Producer). He did sign my index cards and sent an awesome photo.  Don't send multiple requests as he's made it clear that is NOT cool.  He's not fond of index cards either.


06/04/01  RTS: Greg Proops (Announcer Beed Annodue) C/O Richard Stone Partnership 25 Whitehall London SW1 A2BS England.  Mail successes: Benedict Taylor (Fighter Pilot Bravo II) signed two index cards. Anthony Phelan (Kaminoan Prime Minster Lama Su) signed both index cards and Fionnula Flanagan (Catarine Towani Ewok Adventure) who signed my card and asked me to give this message:

 "Some people have written to me requesting autographs and signed photographs.  Some years ago, when attending a summer street fair, I happened to come across an autographed photograph of myself which was for sale! I was so stunned and turned off by the fact that someone was actually trading my name and likeness for money and without my permission, that I adopted the following policy with regard to all the autographs and all autographed pictures:

                                Anyone who wants my autograph on a plain bordered card (which we supply) can have it if they send me a stamped self-addressed envelope and enclose and addition 50 cents  in unused stamps for each autograph requested.  Those who want a signed photograph should send a self-addressed stamped 8x10 envelope and enclose $1 (one dollar) per signed photograph in unused stamps. All proceeds from these simple collections are donated by me to UNICEF-the United Nation's Children's Fund. 

                              Now, I have no desire to be in the business of "selling" my autograph or pictures, nor will I give permission for anyone else to do so.  Policing the ranks of collectors to ensure  that one is not simply being used for gain is impossible.  Yet I know there are many autograph collectors out there who are genuine in their personal collections.  The police I have come up with seems fair in that it ensures that sincere collectors will get what they seek at a minimal charge, I will not feel used or abused, and a worthy cause benefits at the same time."


Benedict Taylor

Haymarket House

28-29 Haymarket

London, SW1Y 4SP



Fionnula Flanagan (read above before sending)

c/o IFA Talent Agency

8730 Sunset Blvd. #490

Los Angeles, CA 90069


06/02/01 RTS: John Hollis (Lobot)  C/O CCA  7 St. George's Square London, WI England.  Says, "Not known"  and  RTS: Celia Imrie  19 Sydney Mews London SW3 6HL England.  Mail success: Caroline Blakiston (Mon Mothma) sent small b/w photo and signed two index cards. Note: Ms. Blakiston is constantly in theatre in the UK/London area; look for her there. The CDA and the Fan Club addresses are no longer valid for Caroline Blakiston.

06/01/01  News: I got a letter from Mr. Howard Kazanjian's people suggesting that all of a sudden, four people sent each 2 index cards to be signed in two days.  They want to know why I and others would send cards of this sort.

05/30/01 Mail success from Joss Gower (Stunts) signed index/printout.

0525/01 RTS: Jon Berg (Model Maker) "Wrong Jon Berg" 7030 Rosado Drive El Dorado Hills, CA 95762.  

05/24/01 RTS: Tom Kennedy (Visual Effects Producer), C/O ILM P.O. Box 2459 San Rafael, CA 94912. "Return to Sender" and "Refused-Not Here".  Mail success: Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) Note: Not sure if it was the address below I got a success from or c/o the filming; I know it wasn't ICM. News:  As of 2004, Sam Jackson's signature is said to be secretarial.

Samuel L. Jackson

c/o Addis-Weschler & Associates
5 South Carillo #300
Los Angeles, CA 90048


05/21/01 Purchases: Christine Hewitt (Brea Tonnika) signed photo and Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut) autographed book. Trades: Andy Mangles (Author), David Jeremiah (Video Game Voice Artist), Evan Pontoriero (Previsualization), David Dozoretz (Previsualization Visual Effects Supervisor) and photo of Tim Rose (Salacious Crumb/Admiral Ackbar) with Salacious Crumb. Mail success: Oliver Danker (Citizen extra/German fan club president) sent color photo-didn't sign my items. 


05/19/01 Trades: John Dykstra (Visual Effects Supervisor) signed index and Pernilla August (Shmi Skywalker) signed index.  


Pernilla August

46 Albemarle Street

London W1S 4DF



05/17/01  RTS: Joe Johnston (Art Director; Visual Effects) C/O ILM P.O. Box 2459 San Rafael, CA 94912. "Refused-Not Here Return To Sender"

05/16/01 Mail successes: Gil Taylor (Cinematographer) signed index cards and John Dykstra (Special Photographic Effects: Academy Award Winner) signed index cards. Note: I obtained Mr. Dykstra's signature during the filming of Spiderman 2 and the address is no longer valid, sorry.

Gil Taylor

C/O British Society of Cinematographers Office

11 Croft Road

Chalfon St. Peter

Gerrards Cross

Bucks, SL9 9AE



05/15/01 RTS: Michael Pangrazio (Matte Artist) C/O Matte World Digital 24 Digital Drive #6 Novato, CA 94949-5725.  "Return to Sender" handwritten, stamped Refused and handwritten Refused #48 KS." 


05/14/01 Mail successes: Sian Phillips (Ewok Films) signed b/w photo and index card. Matt Busch (Artist) signed index card/drawing, and Hassani Shapi (Eth Koth) signed two index cards and sent two signed Young Jedi cards.  Purchase: Bruce Jenner (Olympian) signed Olympic card.

Sian Phillips

c/o PFD

Drury House

34-43 Russell Street

London WC2B 5HA



Matt Busch

20254 Ramblewood Drive
Macomb Twp., MI 48044


Bruce Jenner (I did not send here; so cannot say he will definitely sign)

PO Box 655

Malibu, CA 90265


05/12/01  Mail successes: Tom Martinek (Digital Effects Artist) and Ralph McQuarrie (Artist), Note: Mr. McQuarrie signed, but says he's retired now and doesn't wish to sign autographs; he's also ill. 

05/11/01 Mail success: Gary S. Martinez (Video Game Voice Artist). 


Gary S Martinez
6212 B Buena Vista Drive
Newark, CA 94560


05/09/01  Mail success:  Jerome Blake (Rune Haako/Mas Amedda/Oppo Rancisis/Orn Free Taa).   


05/07/01 Mail semi-success: Carrie Fisher (Secretarial); also, Bea Arthur (Holiday Special), Donald Glut (Author) and John Sylla (Cantina Voices). Mr. Sylla tells me he was NOT a Stromtrooper as IMDB reports.

He did voices in the Cantina Scene because Ben Burtt knew he'd like to contribute somehow.  He goes on to say that his brother Tom Sylla also did voices for the Cantina scene and said a phrase "Red 5 Standing by" in the battle scene. Tom also said, "All pilots to your stations....all pilots to your stations" in the rebel hanger. and he provided Cantina background voices. Tom went on to do the Empire Strikes Back; He says, "We will lower the shield when we have transmission of your correct security code" and did one of the battle robots "roger-roger's" in Episode I.     


Bea Arthur

2000 Old Ranch Road

Los Angeles, CA 90049


Carrie Fisher
C/O Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Donald Glut

Email Don for his address: pres@frontlinefilms.com


News: John Sylla says in his letter that IMDB has credited him wrongly.  He wasn't a stormtrooper.  He did voices in the Cantina Scene. He goes on to say that his brother Tom also did voices for the Cantina scene and said the phrase "Red 5 Standing by" in the battle scene. Tom also said, "All pilots to your stations....all pilots to your stations" in the rebel hanger.  He says it was his friend from high school who was added in the re-release as a stormtrooper in the desert scene. Ted, he says, worked at ILM after high school. Tom, Ted and John were added to IMDB after a story in Premiere Magazine came out.  Tom, did the stuff I mentioned and was mentioned in the credits as post production supervisor and went on to do Empire Strikes Back as an air traffic controller.  He says, "We will lower the shield when we have transmission of your correct security code" and did one of the battle robots "roger-roger's" in Episode I.  


05/04/01 Kevin J. Anderson (Author) Fan Club packet arrived. Included more autographs, photo, signed page from manuscript and newsletter.


Kevin J Anderson/Rebecca Moesta Fan Club

PO Box 767
Monument, CO 80132-0767

05/03/01 Purchase: Irving Stone (Author) signed book and Joe Viskocil (Special Effects-pyrotechnics) signed photo

05/01/01 RTS: Richard Edlund (Visual Effects) 5 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064. Someone wrote on the envelope 501 W Olympic Blvd. (adding the '01') and changed the zip code to 90015.  Apparently, he's not at either place. Via a friend: Ian Liston (Wes Janson) and Julian Glover (General Veers) dual signed CCG. 

04/27/01 Mail success: Iain McCaig (Concept Artist) signed two index cards and Christian Simpson (Bravo 6) signed an index card and Topps Widevision card.

Iain McCaig

PO Box 2459

San Rafael, CA 94912


04/25/01 Purchase: $2.50 for a Joseph Wambaugh (Author) signed Choirboys hardback inscribed "To another Choirboy, Joe Wambaugh, 1975"  

04/21/01 Trade: Phil Eason (Yaddle) signed index card (later proven to be secretarial or fake). 

Phil Eason

PO Box 2459

San Rafael, CA 94912


04/19/01 Mail success: James Cukr (Artist) two signed index cards, a Topps-like promo card and a poster (signed and numbered 47 of 500)   

04/17/01 RTS: Gregg Berger (Video Game Voice Artist) C/O Cunningham, Escott & Dipene 10635 Santa Monica Blvd. #130 Los Angeles, CA 90025 The post office forwarded to 532 Calle Arroyo Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 and that was returned as "Attempted Not Known".  And RTS for Nick Jameson (Video Game Voice Artist) C/O Cunningham, Escott & Dipene 10635 Santa Monica Blvd. #130 Los Angeles, CA 90025 The post office forwarded to: 1125 Rosario Drive Topanga Canyon, CA 90290  and that is not good either. Mail semi-success: Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) signed secretarial index cards. News: Carrie Fisher's signature is said to be secretarial


Carrie Fisher

1700 Coldwater Canyon 

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

04/14/01 Mail successes: Ed Asner (Radio Dramas) signed index card, Greg Proops (Beed Annodue) signed index card, Nick Gillard (Stunts) signed index cards, Howie Weed (Wampa) signed index cards 


Greg Proops  (Mr.. Proops no longer accepting fan mail as of 2003)

C/O Messina/Baker Entertainment

ATTN: Melanie Truhett

955 Carillo Drive Suite #100

Los Angeles, CA 90048

Nick Gillard

C/O Guild of Stunt and Action Coordinators

72 Pembroke Road

London N8 6NX



Ed Asner

3556 Mound View Ave.
Studio City, CA 91604


Howie Weed


P.O. Box 2459

San Rafael, CA 94912


04/14/01 Mail success: John Ratzenberger (Major Derlin) didn't return my items but sent great photo


John Ratzenberger

C/O Stone Manners Agency

8436 West 3rd Street #740

Los Angeles, CA 90048

04/13/01 RTS: Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissean) C/O David Shapira & Associates 15301 Ventura Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91403.  That's 5 RTS's of 7 for him. 

04/10/01 RTS: Jim Ward (Video Game Voice Artist) 12001 Ventura Place #201 Studio City, CA 91604. "Not deliverable as addressed" "Return to Sender". 


04/06/01 RTS: Cam Kennedy (Artist) at Dark Horse Comics 10956 S.E. Main Street Milwaukie, OR 97222. With this statement, "Sorry, but we are unable to get an autograph for you". "Thank you for your interest in our comics.  While we appreciate your support, unfortunately we are unable to grant your autograph request.  We hope you will continue to enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy telling them to you.  Thank you and have a nice day." Mail success: John  Altman (Pilot).  Mr. Altman was c/o a TV show in the UK and I am not sure he's still there as when I went to the site, his name is removed from the cast list; sorry.


04/03/01  Mail success: Kathryn Mullen (puppeteer) signed card


Kathryn Mullen

c/o The Muppets

P.O. Box 20750

New York, NY 10023-1488

03/17/01 Purchase: Ursula K. LeGuinn (Author) and Susan Seddon Boulet (Artist; deceased) signed book.. Trades: Bea Arthur (Actress/Holiday Special), Perry King (Actor/Radio Dramas), Andy Secombe (Watto), Ed Asner (Actor/Radio Dramas), Don Bies (Barquin D’an, the Bith musician Special Edition/Fett Special Edition/Model maker, creatures, troopers etc) Art Carney (Actor/Holiday Special) (Mr. Carney no longer signs; is ill). Mail success: John Coppinger (Animatronics/Model designer) large color laser prints signed and two index cards and Nick Dudman (Makeup)  


Nick Dudman

Pigs Might Fly, Ltd.

The Butchers Arms/The Old Shambles

Kendal, Cumbria LA94TA


Ursula K. Le Guin
P.O. Box 10541
Portland OR 97296-0541  (Do
NOT send books!  Only a Self-addressed STAMPED envelope and your name as a bookplate will be inscribed to you)


Bea Arthur

2000 Old Ranch Road

Los Angeles, CA 90049


Ed Asner

12400 Ventura Blvd. #371

Studio City, CA 91604


John Coppinger


john.coppinger@virgin.net  Please email Mr. Coppinger for information.


03/16/01 Mail success: Alan Dean Foster (Author) signed bookplate.


Alan Dean Foster 

C/O Del-Ray Books

201 E. 50th Street

New York, NY 10022

03/12/01 Purchase of  Shane Rimmer (Rebel Tech) and Phil Brown (Uncle Owen Lars) dual signed photo.  Mail success: Terry Brooks (Author) signed index card, bookplate and signed promo card


Terry Brooks
C/O Del Rey Books
201 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022


03/10/01 Purchase of a Deed of Declaration for Highclere Castle signed by the widow Lady Canarvon (British Aristocracy/Archeology) after the death of Lord Canarvon. Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter, archeologist, were the finders of King Tut's tomb.  Mail success: Drewe Henley (Red Leader) signed two cards

03/09/01  RTS: Richard Edlund 1335 Maxella Avenue Marina Del Rey, CA 90290-1034.

03/07/01 RTS: Carrie Fisher C/O Kaufman Eisenberg 1201 Alta Loma Road West Hollywood, CA 90069. Mail success: Alan Hume (Cinematographer) 2 cards, photo


Alan Hume

C/O British Society of Cinematographers Office

11 Croft Road

Chalfont St. Peter

Gerrards Cross

Bucks, SL9 9AE


03/06/01  Mail successes: Margaret Towner (Jira) signed cards, Steve Perry (Author) signed card, bookplate and Del Rey Sticker and Hal Wamsley (Jawa 'Datcha'). 


Steve Perry

14575 SW Village

Beaverton, OR 97007

Hal Wamsley (this address is purchases only; I can't give out his home address; signed 3 photos and 2 index cards)

909 S. Wilbur Avenue

Walla Walla, WA 99362


03/04/01 Trade: Chris Sanders signed card/photo. Mail success: Tom Mannion. This was via a Shakespearian Play in London that is no longer valid; sorry. RTS for Paul Hirsch, oh he's there alright, but will not sign autographs. Mr. Hirsch C/O the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild 7715 Sunset Blvd. Suite 200 Hollywood, CA 90046  

03/01/01 Purchase: Greg Proops (Beed Annodue) signed index. Mail success: Jack Klaff News: Due to Mr. Klaff's request for privacy, we are not publishing his address. News: Greg Proops no longer accepting fan mail as of 2003 according to his site).

Greg Proops

http://www.gregproops.com/  No longer accepting fan mail sorry...but posted this as half people question me about it.


02/27/01  RTS's  Nick Gillard (Stunts), Ian McCaig (Concept Artist) and Terryl Whitlach (Concept Artist) . . . all Industrial Light and Magic P.O. Box 2459 San Rafael, CA 94912.  Lest I heard, all were at ILM.  I've emailed people at ILM to find out what's possibly going on.  My feeling is they've begun refusing fan mail 

02/26/01 RTS" George Stephanopoulos (Political Analyst) C/O ABC News 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY. Refused, Return to Sender, Unable to Locate and then Return to Sender, Attempted not known, New York, NY and a big red "x" in case I didn't get it from the other stamps and markings!  Mail Success: John Chapman (Red 12: Drifter)


John Chapman   

C/O Robert Smith Agency 

The Court Yard, Whitechurch
Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6DA 


John Chapman   
88 Bartholomew Street
RG14 5EE
United Kingdom

02/24/01 In person: Nichelle Nichol's (Actress Star Trek) signed photos at VA Air and Space Museum. Mail success: Jez Harris (Jabba Animatronics) signed two index cards; one inscribed. Although I got in person, here is Nichelle's info (though she charge for signatures, you can buy them on her site)


Nichelle Nichols

http://www.uhura.com/uhura.htm buy autographs here.


Jez  Harris

Unit 22/23 Rabans Close

Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8RS


02/21/01 Mail success: C Andrew Nelson (Darth Vader Special Edition)


C. Andrew Nelson 

C/O Industrial Light and Magic 

P.O. Box 2459

San Rafael, CA 94912

C. Andrew Nelson

2226 A Westborough Blvd. #247 

South San Francisco, CA 94080


02/15/01 Mail success: Scott Capurro (voice of Fode Annodue) signed one of the two index cards I sent


Scott Capurro

International Artists Management

Mezzanine Floor

235 Regent Street




02/11/01 Mail successes: Kevin J Anderson (Author) signed index cards; small bookplates and Rebecca Moesta (Author) signed Bookplate


Kevin J Anderson  

C/O AnderZone 

P.O. Box 767

Monument, CO 80132-0767


Rebecca Moesta

C/O AnderZone

P.O. Box 767

Monument, CO 80132-0767

02/10/01  Saw "Fosse" last night. Mail successes: Celia Fuschille Burke (Greeata: Jabba's Dancer) signed two index cards Gavin Bocquet (Draftsman) 2 signed index cards and Matt Lauer (News) didn't sign my index card; sent signed 8x10 color photo. News:  Matt Lauer is my first celebrity outside of Star Wars I wrote to.


Gavin Bocquet


P.O. Box 2459

San Raphael, CA 94912


Matt Lauer


30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 

02/09/01  RTS: Jim Bloom Associate Producer ROJ C/O Tippett Studios 741 10th Street Berkeley, CA 94710. Mail successes: Dave Dorman (Author) signed index card; drew Fett on it, bookplate and sent his own card and Michael A. Stackpole (Author) signed index card and bookplate


Dave Dorman

C/O Rolling Thunder Graphics

P.O. Box 15

Shalimar, FL 32579

Michael A. Stackpole

P.O. Box 60333

Phoenix, AZ 85082-0333


02/07/01 Mail successes: Rusty Goffe (Kabe/Gonk Droid/Jawa) signed two index cards. Contact him via his website for address and Steve Sansweet (Naboo Courrier and Fan Relation) two signed index cards.


Rusty Goffe


rusty.goffe@virgin.net Email him for information; may charge.


Steve Sansweet

C/O Lucasfilm

P.O. Box 2009

San Rafael, CA 94912

02/06/01 RTS: Irvin Kershner Wrong Address Box 232  Rt. 7N Kent, CT 06757. Mail successes: Paul Martin Smith (Editor) one inscribed index and Kathy Tyres (Author) signed bookplates News:  Paul Martin Smith will not sign; he claims he did not sign this request...


Paul Martin Smith 

C/O Lucasfilm

P.O. Box 2009

San Rafael, CA 94912

Kathy Tyres 

P.O. Box 8185

Bozeman, Mt 59773-8185


02/03/01 Mail successes: Danny Wagner (Mawhonic/model maker/sculptor) two signed index cards and Katie Purvis (Ewok) two signed index cards


Danny  Wagner 

Industrial Light and Magic

P.O. Box 2459

San Raphael, CA 94912


Katie Purvis

C/O John Chapman

88 Bartholomew Street



RG14 5EE

United Kingdom

02/02/01 Mail success: Denny Delk (Stormtrooper voice/ADR/Cartoon voices) two index cards and Ann C. Crispin (Author) signed index card and bookplate


Denny Delk

Music Annex Recording

69 Green Street 

San Francisco, CA 94111

Ann C. Crispin
P.O. Box 522
Bryantown, MD 20617

02/01/01 Mail success: Lewis Macleod (Sebulba) signed two index cards.

01/30/01 Mail success: Doug Chiang (Concept Designer) two index cards signed; one with drawing


Doug Chiang

Industrial Light and Magic P.O. Box 2459

San Raphael, CA 94912

01/29/01 Mail successes: Lindsay Duncan (Voice TC-14) signed two index cards, Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter) signed index card and photo, Lorne Peterson (Massassi Base Rebel Scout and model maker) signed two inscribed index cards.


Lindsay Duncan

C/O The BBC 

C/O Artist Mail

BBC Information

P.O. Box 1116

Belfast BT 27AJ

Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

Lindsay Duncan

C/O McReddie Limited 

91 Regent Street

London W1R 7TB



Garrick Hagon

C/O Incoming Mail

BBC Television Centre

Wood Lane 

London W12



Garrick Hagon

C/O Conway-Van Gelder-Robinson 

18/21 Jermyn Street #300


Sw1Y 6 HP


Lorne Peterson

Industrial Light and Magic

P.O. Box 2459

San Raphael, CA 94912


01/27/01 Purchase/book signing: Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) signed book. Mail success: Burnell Tucker (Del Goren) 2 signed index cards.

01/26/01 RTS Tom Veitch P.O. Box 479 Lincoln City, OR 97367. Mail success: Drew Struzan (artist) signed index/drawing. 


Drew Struzan

C/O Gerald & Cullen Rapp, Inc.

108 East 35th Street

New York, New York 10016

01/24/01 Mail successes: Jason Wingreen (Boba Fett's voice) signed index and Ralph Brown (Pilot Ric Olie) signed photo.   


Ralph Brown

C/O Oxford House

76 Oxford Street

London W1N OAX


01/23/01 Mail successes: John Knoll (Visual Effects Supervisor) will only sign one index card. Michael Lynch (C-3PO Puppeteer) and Ted Gagliano (Stormtrooper/Post Production Supervisor).  RTS for Brian Blessed,:  Hard Times the Musical Haymarket Theatre – Stage Door Haymarket , London SW1Y 4HT England  the note said "Show Finished some months ago". 


John Knoll

Industrial Light and Magic

P.O. Box 2459

San Raphael, CA 94912

Michael Lynch

Industrial Light and Magic

P.O. Box 2459

San Raphael, CA 94912

Ted Gagliano

Industrial Light and Magic

P.O. Box 2459

San Raphael, CA 94912

01/16/01  Trade: Margaret Towner (Jira) signed photo.  

01/06/01  Purchase: Alan Harris (Bossk) and Norman Mailer (Author)