All photos are from the episodes in which they appeared and they are listed in order of appearance.


Season One


Gordon Jump:


Gordon Jump and Shirley Jones: Season 1 Episode 1: "What? And get out of show business?" He was credited as 'man'. 


Gordon Jump: best known for roles in; Growing Pains as Mr. Ed Malone, Soap as Chief of Police Tinker, Lou Grant as the National Editor, and WKRP in Cincinnati as Arthur "big guy" Carlson.  He had multiple (three or more) guest appearances on Love Boat, Green Acres, The New Dick Van Dyke Show, That's My Mama, McMillan and Wife, Love American Style and the Partridge Family.  He played a child molester for two episodes on "Different Stokes", which at the time cause a big uproar at the time because of the subject matter... for the 70's, this was breakthrough. Besides these roles, later in life, he was the "Maytag Repairman" and people will always remember him for that.  He appeared in three episodes of the Partridge Family (see photos above for season and episode Number) 


Johnny Cash:


Johnny Cash: Season 1 Episode I: "What? And get out of show business?" He was uncredited but was the announcer for the Partridge's first singing appearance in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace.


Johnny Cash was a country music icon mostly in the 60's and early 70's.  Amongst his biggest hit records was "I Walk the Line", "Ring of Fire" and "A Boy Named Sue".  He died in 2003 but his widow, June Carter Cash, and others went on with the film based on his life.  The film was entitled "Walk the Line" and Reese Witherspoon, who played Mrs. Cash, went on to win an academy Award in 2006 for her performance.


Farrah Fawcett:


Farrah Fawcett: Season 1 Episode 2: "The Sound of Money"  She is credited as "Pretty Girl"


This was one of Farrah's first acting roles.  Later she appeared in several episodes of "Harry O" as Sue Ingham and several episodes of "The Six Million Dollar Man" playing several characters.  But it was in 1976 when she landed the role of Jill Monroe in Charlie's Angels, that she became the dream of men everywhere and the hair idol of women.  Everyone wanted the Farrah do.  Movies followed like Cannonball Run and the infamous "Burning Bed", a TV movie that brought her critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination.  Her career dipped a bit but she was back in 2001 when she did several episodes of the TV hit "Spin City", in which she played Judge Claire Simmons and another show in 2002 called "The Guardian", in which she played Mary Gressler and earned her third Emmy nomination (second was for a TV movie of the week entitled "Small Scarifies".   Again, a few years went by and she desperately needed a comeback, so in 2005, she did a reality TV show that flopped, called "Chasing Farrah".  The past few years have been tragic for her, with the death of her mother, the beating she took after she spurned a marriage proposal from James Orr, she ended a long term relationship with Ryan O'Neal (who had been diagnosed with Leukemia) and she learned she had cancer.  She is now cancer free and trying to reviver her career at age 60.


Harry Morgan


Harry Morgan  Season 1: Episode 2: "The Sound of Money".  He is credited as "Willie Larkin"


Harry Morgan is a beloved actor who starred in many shows including his most famous role, that of Colonel Potter in M. A. S. H.  It's difficult to star in two long running acclaimed shows, but Harry Morgan did it with "Dragnet" in which he was the show's star, 'Joe Gannon'.  Earlier in his career, he appeared for several episodes in a show entitled "December Bride", playing a character called Peter Porter, and then revised that character in a spin-off show called "Peter and Gladys". He also appeared regularly in "The Richard Boone Show", playing varying characters. He played two separate characters in two episode of the "Partridge Family".  The photos, episodes and characters are shown in the above photos.  "Gunsmoke" was another show in which he did several episodes, again, playing different characters.  Kids might know him from the beloved "Apple Dumpling Gang", both on film and TV, playing more than one character, but being remembered as Major Gaskill.  Though famous and busy with M. A. S. H. in the 1970's he found himself not too busy to continue to appear on several episodes of the "Love Boat". Nominated for 10 Emmy's, Harry only one one (for M. A. S. H.); 9 of the Emmy Nominations were for M. A. S. H., and the other was for "December Bride".


Rosemary De Camp and Ray Bolger


Ray Bolger and Rosemary De Camp:  Season 1 Episode 3 "Whatever Happened to the Old Songs?"  Ray is 'Grandpa' and Rosemary is 'Grandma'



Rosemary De Camp appeared in may TV shows and films from the 1940's to the 1980's.  She had a recurring role as the Grandma in the Partridge family, but many fans might remember her from "Days of Our Lives" in which she played Mother Superior for many episodes or her roles in "That Girl" in which she played Helen Marie for at least 10 episodes, or her role as Aunt Helen in "Petticoat Junction". In her earlier days, she had a recurring role on a show called "The Bob Cummings Show" in which she played Margaret MacDonald and won an Emmy for.  With all her success, her role as the mother in "Yankee Doodle Dandy" is her most well-known role. 


Ray Bolger everyone knows (and he could never rid himself for being remembered for it) was best known for his role as the Lion in "The Wizard of Oz".  He never made it bigger than "The Wizard of Oz" but was known for a show called "Where's Raymond" in which he played Ray Wallace. He hosted the "Bell Telephone Hour" in the 1960's, and had a recurring role as 'Grandpa' on "The Partridge Family" He was nominated for an Emmy for "The Stranger" but did not win.  Though the public knows him best from film and Television, the acting community long regarded in high esteem his talents on Broadway and in Vaudeville.  He was a song and dance man at heart.  He died in 1987.


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