Lost in Space (TV) Autographs


Angela Cartwright - Penny Robinson

Mark Goddard - Major Don West

Jonathon Harris - Dr. Zachary Smith

June Lockhart - Maureen Robinson 

Marta Kristen - Judy Robinson

Bob May - The Robot

Billy Mumy - Will Robinson

Dick Tufeld - Voice of the Robot



Dick Durock - Stunt Double Guy Williams

John Williams - Music



Michael Ansara - "Ruler" in episode: "The Challenge"

John Crawford - Dr Chronos in "The Time Merchant"

Kevin Hagen - "The Master" in "His Majesty Smith"

Dee Hartford - "Nancy" in "Space Beauty", "Verda" in "Revolt of the Androids", "Verda" in "The Android Machine"

Sherry Jackson - "Effra" in "The Space Croppers"

Arte JohnsonFedor in "Princess in Space"

Al Lewis - Zaito the Magician in "Rocket to Earth"

Don Matheson - "IDAK Alpha 12" in "Revolt of the Androids and Retho" in "The Sky Is Falling"  

Sheila Mathews Allen - Aunt Gamma in "Princess of Space", Brynhilde in "Vikings from Space" and Ruth Templeton in "Return from Outer Space"

Vitina Marcus - "Lorelei" in "Wild Adventure" and "Athena" in "The Girl From the Green Dimension"

Michael J Pollard - "Alien Boy" in "Magic Mirror"

Ford Rainey - President "Reluctant Stowaway"

Leonard Stone - "Farnum" in "Space Beauty" & "Farnum" in "A Day at the Zoo"

Malachi Throne - Thief in "Thief from Outer Space"

Daniel J Travanti - Space Hippie in "Collision of the Planets"

Lyle Waggoner - Mechanical Man in "Deadliest of the Species"

Francine York - "Niolani" in "The Colonists"


Lumar Lundy - Giant "There Were Giants on the Earth"

Kym Karath - The Little Princess "The Lost Civilization"


Ted Cassidy - Slave "Thief from Outer Space" D

Wally Cox Tiabo - "The Forbidden World" D

Werner Klemperer - Bolix "All that Glitters" D

Kurt Russell - "Quano" "The Challenge"

Larry Ward - Ohan "All that Glitters" D

Guy Williams - Professor John Robinson D