*** = Requests out





Mark Addy - Roland

Roger Ashton-Griffiths - Old Bishop

Bérénice Bejo - Christiana*** NEW

Paul Bettany - Geoffrey Chaucer

Nick Brimble - Sir Ector

Christopher Cazenove - John Thatcher

Laura Fraser - Kate the Ferrier

Scott Handy - Germaine

Berwick Kaler - Man in Stocks

Noel le Bon - French Squire

Heath Ledger - William Thatcher/Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein

James Purefoy - Sir Thomas Colville/Edward; Black Prince

David Schneider - Relic Seller

Rufus Sewell - Count Adhemar of Anjou

Shannyn Sossamon - Lady Jocelyn

David Sterne - Retired Knight

Alan Tudyk - Wat Falhurst

Olivia Williams - Phillipa Chaucer (DVD outtakes)




Paul Weston - Stunt Coordinator




Scott Bellefeville - French Squire

Alice Connor - Lone Girl in Cheapside

Leagh Conwell - Young William Thatcher***

Karel Dobry -Flanders King of Arms

David Fisher - London King of Arms

Václav Krejcí - Smithee

Rudolf Kubík - Paris Master of Arms

Jan Kuzelka - Smithee

Howie Lotker - Lagny Master of Arms

Vladimir Kulhavy - Fenc

Philip Lenkowsky - Rouen King of Arms

Petr Meissel - Sword Official

Matthew Mills - Colville's Herald***

Miroslav Mokos - French Squire

Jan Nemejovsky - Smithee

Steve O'Donnell - Simon, the Summoner of Rouen***

Daniel Rous - Local Earl Lagny***

Jakob Schwarz - Blackbird Knight (uncredited)

Jonathan Slinger - Peter, the Pardoner of Rouen***

Alice Veselá - Spy